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Mexico in Mazatlán Set on a beautiful Pacific cove, the incomparable city of Maztlán beckons visitors from around the world. Here, fantastic seafood, bustling marketplaces and miles of sandy beaches unite to create a vacation paradise. Colonial Mazatlán was the cradle of culture on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The region has maintained the rich and colorful charm of a bygone era and showcases some of the most spectacular sunsets to be seen anywhere. After dark, Mazatlán still shines with a variety of nightlife that appeals to all. The perfect union of earth, sea and sky awaits you in this Mexican paradise where pleasure and relaxation are a way of live.

letter from the publisher Gina Hansen, CTC, ECC

What makes Mazatlán unique? When I first arrived in Mazatlán I could sense that this resort destination was different. Mazatlán is a fascinating city and embraces tourism with a zest, but Mazatlán is more than just a resort destination. Mazatlán could survive without tourism. The tourism industry in Mazatlán, while important, is not necessarily the most important item on this city’s agenda. And it is for this reason that the city possesses a more kicked back attitude toward tourism and why I immediately fell in love with the place. This can be a big plus for tourists. Much of the hype and constant pressure from timeshare companies and other tourist sectors in general for the tourist dollar is much more sedate here. This equates to a more relaxed vacation to the average tourist and why I would recommend you plan your next Mexican vacation in Mazatlán. When I first heard that Mazatlán is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” I was disappointed to find out that there are no pearls there but is a nickname given to it because of its beautiful beaches and its abundant marine life. It is a gracious compliment to this very friendly Pacific resort. Mazatlán is home to the Pacifico brewery, which makes one of Mexico’s most popular beers. The local shrimp fleet is the largest in Mexico, there is a large commercial fishing fleet as well and Mazatlán

is also home to numerous other industries. If you stay where most tourists stay, Zona Dorada, you would never know Mazatlán was such an industrious city. So Mazatlán is a little different than most resorts. Mazatlán is also a city with an incredible history. When you visit Mazatlán, you should prepare yourself for an active vacation. Mazatlán has great beaches, many attractions, a variety of interesting historical sites and many interesting monuments spread out all over the city. Just visiting the monuments and statues could take up an entire day. Of course, if all you want to do is enjoy the surf and sun, this is OK too. The beach and the water activities associated with resort vacations is what vacations are all about for many travelers. Mazatlán offers you many different choices for your vacation, kicked back - full relaxation, active - adventurous, ecological - exploratory. You may come to Mazatlán to relax but the lure of exploration is a constant possibility if you happen to venture very far away from your hotel. Mazatlán has been known for years to big game fisherman worldwide for the excellent sport fishing here, as evidenced by the number of sport fishing fleets. Mazatlán is also a base for nearby freshwater bass fishing tours. Excellent Dove, Duck and Quail hunting is readily available in the outlying areas. Mazatlán is home to one of the worlds greatest parties, Carnival. Mazatlán during Carnival is an unforgettable experience. Carnival is a 100 year old Mazatlán tradition and it

captures the seaside city and holds it hostage for five days and nights. The expertise that goes into the planning of this event is evident everywhere during Carnival. This is truly one of the great celebrations in the world. If you wish to visit Mazatlán during Carnival you should make your reservations well in advance as this giant party is no secret among the Mexicans and savvy travelers.

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History: The first settlers in Mazatlan were nomadic Amerindian tribes that traded with the Aztecs at some point. The Aztecs were the one who gave the place its name Mazatl, meaning place of deer. The Spanish settled some years after the conquest and founded a port from where trading ships were dispatched to and from Asia and Europe. The 19th century brought German and French immigrants attracted by the gold fever in the California’s. After the Mexican Revolution the port activity grew and it wasn’t till the early 60s when the tourist activity started.

What to see: Mazatlan’s historic downtown is a unique destination with unique narrow streets and colonial architecture. It’s really safe and many tours can be taken in order to get to know every point of interest. Another option is to get to know the historic downtown by yourselves riding the traditional “pulmonias” or taxis. Some of the most interesting and popular places to visit are the famous Pino Suarez Market as well s the Angela Peralta Theatre and the Plazuela Machado to where many artists, musicians and art craft sellers arrive to offer their art when it comes to music and art crafts. Most of the buildings from the historic downtown have a neoclassical colonial architecture and are from the XIX century.


Population: 438,434 (City) 489,987 (Municipality) 2010 census Second largest city in the State after the Capital, Culiacán. Location:

Located on the west coast of Mexico in the southern State of Sinaloa, 132 mi, southeast from the State Capital Culiacán.

Best time to visit: Mazatlán has great warm weather year round with an average temperature of 77°F.

Mazatlán’s Mardi Gras is the 3rd largest Carnival in the world, after Rio and New Orleans, with celebrations going for each year for over a century. Thousands of costumed revellers throng the streets and beaches while visitors and locals scream, sing, shout and dance amid confetti and ribbons. This year the event took place from February 7-12 and included Samba dancers from Brazil. Mazatlán’s Carnival is a week long, multi-event affair with parades, floats, fancy dress balls, live music, folklore, dance, entertainment and costumes depicting indigenous traditions, where people of all ages gather to join in celebration. The first recorded Carnival in town was in 1848 but it wasn’t until 50

years later that the event took its present form and the first Carnival Queen was crowned. Mazatlán knows how to party. It’s a wonderful paradox that, five days before Lent, in a time of meditation and religious ceremonies when the pleasures of the flesh are put on hold, people literally fill the streets, letting their hair down in a non-stop party that ends the day before Ash Wednesday. This year’s Carnival drew record tourist numbers exceeding 350,000, demonstrating that Mazatlán continues to diversity and strengthen its tourism product and offerings far beyond its world-class beaches to its strong cultural portfolio. 6

Time in Mazatlán “Canadians continue to favor Mazatlán as their favorite Mexico destination with over 4000 now living as permanent or part-time residents,” said Carlos Berdegue, president and CEO of El Cid Resorts and vice president of the Mazatlán Hotel Association. “On Feb. 28Th, Mazatlan will host the NAFTA Golf Tournament for the second consecutive year welcoming more than 150 professional and amateur golfers from U.S., Canada and Mexico with Canada making up 30% of total golfers.

About Mazatlan

Mazatlan is a thriving cultural destination in southwest Mexico known to many as “the Pearl of the Pacific.” Set at the foot of the Sierra Madre Moun7

tains on a peninsula that extends into the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlan is one of the Mexican Riviera’s premier resort areas and has become a popular retreat for the national and international community of 440,000 inhabitants. Named Travelocity’s “Best Family Beach in Mexico” amongst fierce competition, the city of Mazatlan is divided into two main areas: Old Mazatlan, or Centro Historico, and the Zona Dorada connected by a 7-mile Malecon along the Beach. Recognized for its world-class beaches, golfing, gastronomy and cultural offering, Mazatlan is an ideal vacation getaway for all ages on the Mexican Riviera: you can see The Lighthouse

(El Faro), the second-tallest natural light house in the world; you can experience the famous Angela Peralta Theater nearby; and you can taste the exquisite gastronomy, whether a local pastry shop in Old Mazatlan or the world-famous seafood at The Shrimp Bucket. Mazatlan still remains one of the most affordable destination in Mexico compared to other popular beach destinations. So, come try it all yourself. Go Mazatlán!

Mazatlan knows how to party!

Mazatlán, Pearl of the Pacific  

Read why Mazatlán, is one of the best beach destinations.

Mazatlán, Pearl of the Pacific  

Read why Mazatlán, is one of the best beach destinations.