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ABOUT US Fulfilling the fantasy of cheese lovers everywhere, Gooey's American Grille serves made from scratch soups, roasted meats, sandwiches and macaroni dishes in a laidback, family-friendly environment. The diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets of the Gooey's Management team first came together in 2015 as the location in Wake Forest, NC opened.

Howard Udell (GEO) and John Brewer (GOO) built processes, policies, standards, and vibrant menu with a focus on unique gourmet cheesy flavors. Gooey’s has overengineered the model and has much more than is necessary for one location and will leverage its robust training and operational materials in the expansion process. With the knowledge and operational experience gained from the past three years in business, along with the successful backgrounds of the management team, Gooey’s next project is to expand the business via franchising.

SUPPORT When you join Gooey’s team as a franchise owner, you will receive outstanding support in a number of different exciting areas including:


TRAINING As a member of the Gooey’s franchise team, you will receive the following training: Initial TrainingHeld at headquarters, Wake Forest, for two to three weeks, beginning approximately twelve weeks before franchisee is scheduled to open for business. Onsite TrainingHeld at the franchisee’s location for one to two weeks to assist in the commencement of operations. Refresher TrainingFranchisees will be required to attend up to two separate sessions of two days of refresher/update training per year. Ongoing TrainingGooey’s will provide continued support with sales, operations, territory management and compliance.

TERRITORIES An exclusive franchise territory is generally considered a major selling point. Gooey's will be offering exclusive territories to their franchisees as one of the key benefits to early adopters. Exclusive territories can offer a competitive advantage in the franchise sales and marketing environment. As a result, Gooey's will be granting its franchisees an exclusive territory. The territory will include a defined area and will generally be documented as a 50,000 population center or a 3-mile radius from the location, whichever is less. Territories will be mapped based on the individual market circumstances fir each unit sold. We will map out an area based on market research and the most recent available census data to come to territory modeling conclusions.

COST The fee for one franchise is $35,000. Minimal start-up costs can be as low as $213,000, depending on a number of factors. Please see chart below for details.

QUALIFICATIONS Types of qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners include: Strong sales and customer service abilities. Good with organization. High personal standards. Able to meet initial investment requirements. Target experiences may include: Existing business owner. Restaurant professionals. Businesses involved in the food-service business. Entrepreneurs/ investors/ believers in the brand.

INTERESTED? Fill out the evaluation form Send form into Arrange for initial phone consultation Arrange for discovery day Review franchise agreement Join the team!

CONTACT US Call us: (919) 335-6183 Email us:

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Gooey's Franchise With Us Brochure  

Gooey's American Grille serves super delicious scratch soups, roasted meats, sandwiches and macaroni dishes for food lovers in North Carolin...

Gooey's Franchise With Us Brochure  

Gooey's American Grille serves super delicious scratch soups, roasted meats, sandwiches and macaroni dishes for food lovers in North Carolin...