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Loughborough Design School - Degree Show 2012

Designed and Delivered by Loughborough Students.

The 2012

Degree Show Committee

Back Row: Scott Allen, Tom Sykes, Craig Thurston, Mark Wafforne, Simon Heapy, Vikki Goodridge, Tom Jarvis, Jamie Snook, Daniel Salisbury.

Front Row: Nick Schneider, Ellie Woolf, Filippa Vajda, Shivalee Vichhi, Kirath Ahdan, Kevin Au-Yeung, Justin Bramwell, Nicola Marti, Sophia Godfrey, Lucy Cook, Tom Good, Vicki Peill, Alex Roper, Nick Jolliffe.

The committee would also like to thank Nabil Harb (not shown above) and Steve Summerskill and Rhodes Trimingham for their support.


Degree show book


Degree Show Committee Index of Students Design School Message from Professor Tracy Bhamra The 2012 Finalists Final Year Modules Final Year Design Practice Industrial Design Studies Mechanics & Electronics Dissertation Design Week CAMM Computer Aided Ergonomics Entrepreneurship Interaction Design Universal Design Notable Second Year Modules Student Portfolios A-Z

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2012 Finalists 18

Kirath Ahdan 26

Edward Barrett


Scott Allen 27

Amelia Baxter


Matthew Allen

Kevin Au-Yeung



Jocelyn Bell




Lucy Bromwich

William Brown

Antony Buonaiuto




Jamie Dave 51

Lucy Frinton 59

Matthew Gray 69

Mark Hunt


Steve De-Boos 52

Adam Frost 60

Ishan Gupta



Pantila Debhakam 53

Lok Sze Fung 61


Sam Bennett

Nell Bennett 38


Fergus Carroll

Sarah Dickins 54

Louisa Gallimore 64

Nabil Harb

Becca Dingle


Louise Bradley

Justin Bramwell

Caroline Brierley





Thomas Duvall

Anneke Glasius

Sophia Godfrey






Thomas Jarvis

Robert Jeeves

James Johnston

Nicholas Jolliffe

Fiona Barker




Liz Barbor



Max Harries



Tom Banham

Nadeem Choudhury Mary Christie 47


James Hancock

Lucy Bamber


Edward Harrison 74

Nick Jolliffe

Stephen Clarke

Lucy Cook 50


Joseph Elliot

Dan Fiddis 58


Tom Good 67

Simon Heapy 75

Jason Jones

Vikki Goodridge 68

Christopher Hoyle 76

Chris Joy




Joe Knighting

Nerica Kuguru

James Laurie




Jack McCulloch

Nicholas Milne



Ashley Niven 105


James Sargeant 121

Laura Starr 131

David Village 139

Paweena Wongmahacharoen


Lauren Page 106

Victoria Peill 107

Joel Rech

Natalie Raven

Daniel Milner


Edward Reszka 115

Nick Schnieder 124

Emily Seagrove 125

Phillip Stone 132

Thomas Sykes 133

Vikram Vishwanath

Mark Wafforne


Jason Lee 90

Kyung Yoon Min 98

Rebecca Penfold 108


Oliver Lincoln-Davis 91

Jayan Mistry 99

Tom Puchalla 109

Gregory Richardson Alexander Roper 116

Andrew Shiels 126

Craig Thurston 134

William Warr


Lawrence Smith 127

Jessica Turberville 135


Elaine Low 92

Thomas Moore 100

Charlotte Pyatt 110

Graham Sabine 118

George Smart 128

Tom Turner 136

Christopher Weir Benjamin Wholley


Sam Lowery 93

Sarah New 101

Jonathan Pybus 111

Daniel Salisbury 119

James Snook 129

Filippa Vajda 137

Rowan Williams


Nicola Marti 94

Sarah Ng 104

Mike Rapicano 112

Jonny Salmon 120

Matthew Standing 130

Shivalee Vichhi 138

Jake Wise



Ellie Woolf

Tom Zierer


Degree Show 2012

Design Delivered. “From problematic briefs to innovative results, we teach our students the skills they need to design, test and manufacture industry standard solutions. Only at Loughborough Design School is Design Delivered�


A Message from the Dean of Loughborough Design School

Professor Tracy Bhamra

“Welcome to this annual celebration of our final year Industrial Design and Product Design students”.

Loughborough Design School boasts students who demonstrate a wide range of talents – from developing creative and innovative concepts through to the building and evaluating of their design prototypes. Loughborough has become recognised for this high level of creativity and innovation, which has arisen from the unique way we are able to blend design with functional and engineering expertise. Enterprise is also a key part of our School’s activities, providing context and purpose to our student’s work. During their time here students have a number of opportunities to interact with industry collaborators. Many of the final years work with industry partners for their final projects. Additionally, throughout the programmes, our students take part in different industry

led projects, where they work intensively on industrial briefs. Across all of our programmes industrial research commonly informs our teaching practice giving students access to our cutting edge development work. Our programmes have developed over many years and are internationally recognised as fit for purpose in today’s challenging workplace, and lead to a very high proportion of our graduates gaining employment in design. We also offer our students the option of an industrial placement. This adds terrific value to an already renowned programme. Students who have selected this option are denoted in this book by +DPS on their individual page.

Professor Tracy Bhamra

ABOUT THE PROGRAMMES THAT WE OFFER The BA in Industrial Design has a bias towards product innovation through the integration of user needs, aspirations and product appearance. Whilst still retaining a focus on designing great looking products, the BSc in Product Design and Technology also develops capability in the underlying principles on which products operate by studying and applying mechanics, electronics and materials science throughout the course.

I hope you enjoy this showcase of our student’s work and recognise the skill and dedication that it embodies.


Loughborough Design School 2012



Final Year Modules


Final year students undertake a range of modules which enable them to develop their skills in a variety of design disciplines. Loughborough Design School is well known for its Final Year Design Practice module, in which students take a project from conception to the prototype stage. The following pages give a brief insight into the various modules undertaken by students, illustrating some of the outcomes of those modules.


Final Year Module

Final Year Design Practice “This module allows students to take a design idea from the initial research phase right through to a fully defined, prototyped and working final design.�

From user research and concept generation to design for manufacture, CAD, electronics and prototyping, this module is the culmination of all skills gained throughout university studies and work placements. The modules focus is the design and development of a product to meet either a self-generated or 12

company sponsored brief. The initial stages draw on the students’ abilities to empathise with users, utilise new technologies and problem solve to create a range of different solutions. Refining these solutions requires the practical skills of the students in areas such as ergonomics, mechanics and manufacturing

to evaluate concepts for both innovation and feasibility. Detailed design for manufacture is undertaken with consideration of materials, processes and costs. Finally, by applying their skills of model making, students create a range of aesthetic and functional prototypes that can then be used as the basis for user evaluation.

“IDS lets us be creative and really explore the latest technology trends in relation to a professional brief.”

Final Year Module

Industrial Design Studies

The final year IDS module follows briefs set by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and gives students the ability to diversify their current skills and explore industry standard briefs. The IDS module is undertaken by all final year BA students, and runs from the beginning of the year and throughout semester one. This years briefs were: • Mobile medicine • The good journey • Tomorrow’s workplace • Something for everyone • Mine for life All the briefs required in-depth primary research, design ideation, development and the production of a final design. At the end of the module, students have the opportunity to submit their work to the RSA competition, and this year two undergraduate students have been short listed.

Final Year Module

Mechanics & Electronics “A great module to show off students’ technical knowledge, it really encourages consideration of feasibility in conjunction with creativity” This module is undertaken by BSc students and is designed to put into practice the skills learnt in the previous two years of study. It brings together skills in both mechanics and electronics in two methods of assessment: a group design analysis & manufacturing project and an individual exam. The group project allowed students to combine their

knowledge of programming, circuit design, mechanical analysis and manufacturing skills to produce a fully automated prototype. In teams of 3 over the period of 12 weeks, students were required to design, analyse, manufacture and evaluate an electromechanical can crushing device to meet individual mechanics and electronics specifications.


Final Year Module

Dissertation “Students undertake an indepth study on a design topic of their choice through primary and secondary research.” This module allows students the scope to extend their knowledge on a design related subject of their choosing. Some students pick topics related to their major project and use the findings to feed into it, whereas others pick areas of particular interest to them. It allows students to undertake in-depth research which they normally wouldn’t have time to do in other modules. It extends their investigative, project management and writing capabilities.

Final Year Module

Design Week “Students get to choose from a variety of live briefs and have a week to develop their concept into a fully defined design.“ Design Week allows finalist students to select a brief from a range provided by a number of international companies and design consultancies. This allows students to have input into live commercial projects, generating both innovative and feasible design proposals within the tight deadline of a week long project. The


initial stages of the project require the student to define a design direction for the selected brief by performing user research and insight generation. Appropriate and innovative solutions are generated, refined and developed leading to a final proposal where professional presentation is key.

Optional Module


“In this module students focus on advanced 3D modelling techniques as well as the role CAD plays in industry and manufacture.”

CAMM stands for Computer Aided Modelling and Manufacture and is the module of choice for students who wish to develop their CAD abilities and learn advanced surface modelling. The core of the module involves the reverse engineering of an existing complex product in Creo with integrated adaptations for rapid prototyping. Students then use this model to produce high quality renderings. Further to this, there is an exam which extends student’s understanding of concepts such as virtual and rapid prototyping, advanced computer simulations, product lifecycle management and CNC machining.

Optional Module

Computer Aided Ergonomics

“Computer Aided Ergonomics involves applying task analysis and user observation to support the simulation of workstation design in digital human modelling software.”

The module is comprised of a series of lectures, workshops and user observations that allow students to explore the concepts of varying human proportions and the effect these have on user interactions. This information is then applied to the evaluation of occupant accommodation and control layout within a car’s interior. With all research being independently driven, students find themselves observing driver behaviour, analysing the frequency and importance of tasks and evaluating such tasks in the digital human modelling environment. After this thorough evaluation, students are then able to make informed design proposals based on the information found.

15 15

Optional Modules

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“Here students learn about entrepreneurship in the context of novel design and technical innovation. ” This module provides content on a range of issues surrounding entrepreneurship and its influence on the development of successful novel designs and technical innovation. Through exciting and engaging lectures alongside multiple guest speakers, this module presents a range of topics; from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurial abilities and proper business structure. Students gain insight into how a small simple concept or idea can grow into a global organisation and innovative success.

Optional Modules

Interaction Design “It’s about creating great user experiences” Interaction Design provides students with insight into how to design useful and engaging digital products. Students are required to conduct research on targeted user groups, monitoring the users’ activities and recording the outcomes. From this, mind maps are developed to highlight key insights and opportunities, depicting information gathered such as, relevant task, perceptions, experience goals, photos and demographics. Interactive prototypes of concept designs are then created using Flash to demonstrate the usability and flow of the design. 16 16

Optional Modules

Universal Design “This module develops student’s understanding of design principals for the elderly and disabled in mainstream population.”

The Universal design module provides students with a range of skills to help them better design for older people and those with living with disabilities. Students undertake empathic modelling and learn how to do interviews, observation and task analysis alongside co-designing and other design methods to produce assistive technology product designs. This year students worked with a special

Notable Year Two Modules “Building the skill sets required for the final year.”

educational school and worked with staff and pupils to produce concept designs that were judged within a ‘dragon’s den’ presentation at the School. This involved three visits to the School, with the pupils returning to the Design School to gain experience of using the industry grade facilities.

Design & Manufacture Technology In this module, students design a widget which is to be injection moulded in the design school’s own machine. In groups, they machine their mould tools using a combination of manual and CNC machining. The final step is to use an injection moulding machine to create a number of widgets which are displayed on a point of sale unit.

Design Practice Design Practice helps prepare students for the Final Year Design Project. Throughout the module, students will have the opportunity to practice prototyping and manual modelling skills. Students create their own handheld device through the use of manual processes to make a visual prototype which communicates what the final manufactured design would look like.

Design Communication The focus of design communication is to help enhance the industrial design modelling, communication and presentation techniques of students. Using a combination of Creo, Photoshop and Illustrator, a number of projects are completed including the creation of a design portfolio, various CAD models, renders and display boards.

Sustainability & Design Sustainable design introduces students to issues associated with the subject. Students examine current sustainable design practice and are introduced to current tools and techniques used for successful sustainable design. They also have the opportunity to work on live briefs which have a focus on sustainability.

17 17

Kirath Ahdan

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7841398215


Major Project


Mirage enhances the loudspeaker experience through visual effects created by combining Lighting and FerroFluid. The FerroFluid and Lighting creates a visual display inside the speaker, creating a ‘soundscape’. The form is designed to draw the user’s attention to the core of the oval and experience high quality sound and visuals with the ease of bluetooth connectivity.

How high-end products are percieved with quality and what effect this has on the design process and the brand identity.

Experience 2010/11 j-me, Junior Designer 2011 Altwood Properties, Freelance Interior Designer

1 Final Year Design Practice

2 RSA Development Sketches

3 RSA Design Competition

Music is a language that can be understood by all cultures. Mirage combines Sound & Visuals for the modern home.

The Image demonstrates quick concept development through the use of hand sketches, Sketchbook-Pro & Photoshop rendering.

Olympia is an executive journey planner for business people that travel via the London Underground frequently.

Scott Allen

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7742692937

Major Project A body-powered prosthesis designed to promote individuality, increase social acceptance and provide physical aid through a mechanical thumb.

Dissertation To what extent do intended brand perceptions mirror actual perceptions of consumers, within the UK kitchen appliance market.

Personal Statement Design helps me to express my ideas and improve the world around me in a huge array of design sectors. My placement year in Italy gave me an invaluable skill set, plus a foreign language.

Experience 2010/11 io, Industrial Design Intern 2011 Aardman Animations 2011/12 Freelance Graphic Designer

Awards 2011 POPAI Bronze Award

1 SaladBud Salad Spinner

2 Elevate Chopping Board

3 Scand Prosthetic Hand

A compact salad spinner with a squeeze mechanisim. Add dressings mid-cycle for an even coverage.

Slice, grate, chop & slide your foods straight onto your plate with this simple elevated design.

A customisable prosthesis built from a 3D scan.


Matthew Allen

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 1481246448

Major Project An earpiece device which records a competitive swimmers heart rate whilst training and allows the coach to communicate with the swimmer.

Dissertation A study of how developing technology has changed competitive swimming between London’s 1948 and 2012 Olympics.


1 Final Year Design Practice

2 Luxury Chair

Coaches training aid to record times and lap splits.

A combination of elegance and comfort.

3T  emperature Regulating Blender A blender that heats or cools your favourite soup or smoothie.

4 Earpiece Earpiece attached to swimmers goggles.

Kevin Au-Yeung

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS

Major Project


ARK – A frequent traveller’s luggage, designed to improve the “live out of a suitcase” experience. Internal shelvings help organise the user’s belongings and the tilting mechanism helps to reduce the load on the user.

2010/11 Cressall Resistor, Design Engineer

Dissertation Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: An Enquiry into Science-Fiction’s influence on Product Design.

1 Final Year Design Practice

2 FYDP Concept Generation

3 Photoshop Sketches

Render image of ARK.

Concept sketches and development for ARK.

Design an oil bottle for the given car manufacturing brand.


Lucy Bamber

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7809827503

Major Project


A product service system to encourage young children to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home, whilst being supported by their school and local garden centre, to promote a healthy lifestyle

Can an emotional attachment to a product withstand the competing factors of a consumer society?

Experience 2012 CIPRB, Freelance Illustrator.


1 Final Year Design Practice

2 Family Energy Monitor

3 Injection Moulding Project

Veggie: A product service system to encourage young children to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home.

An electronic organiser that monitors each family member’s energy usage and provides feedback through the actions of personalised avatars.

Toast tongs designed as a promotional giveaway for Hovis.

Tom Banham

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7791150958

Major Project


Innovative Modular Lighting for Flexible Home Needs.

2011 Student Associate Scheme 2012 RSA Student Mentor

Dissertation Are we limiting design, creativity and innovation at A-level? Teaching design or teaching for results in coursework?

1 Lumos

2 Reverse Engineered Mouse

3 Torch

Final Year Major Project - users create their own lighting with individual modular units (Background - sketch development).

Wireless Mouse, reverse engineered and altered for Additive Manufacture.

Design Week project - uses LED technology and moving parts to aid tap use.


Liz Barbor

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7805 387169

Major Project An inclusive, electronic reaching aid which assists those with weak grip and limited movement, enabling independent living.

Dissertation Is integrating technology into vehicles increasing their security or making them more vulnerable to theft?

Experience 2010/2011 MERU, Design Engineer.



1 An inclusive reaching aid.

2 CAD model of a corkscrew.

3 Injection moulding project

A reaching aid driven by electronics, which includes a multi-pivoting jaw and telescopic tubes. This enables the user to grab objects out of range.

A CAD model with advanced surfacing and includes simulation of the mechanical movement.

An injection moulding tool that produces a promotional ice lolly holder.

Fiona Barker

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7921 865913

Major Project Soap dispenser to encourage young children (3-5 year olds) to wash their hands properly, within a home bathroom environment.

Dissertation Luxury or Necessity - How are internet enabled phones changing the way British teenagers (12 - 15 years old) communicate?

Personal Statement My enthusiasm for design stems from my passion for seeing the development of a project from concept to consumer; I am motivated towards creating detailed and realistic design solutions. An inquisitive nature allows me to approach design challenges from different perspectives to produce original product proposals.

Experience 2010/11 Cressall, Industrial Design Intern.

Awards 2012 Employability Award, Loughborough University

1 RSA:Mobile Medicine

2 Major Project: Ollie the Octopus

3 Major Project:Ollie the Octopus

Easy Wheezy is a polyurethane sports wristband which contains an emergency supply of inhaler medication.

Ollie the Octopus is a rollable soap dispenser and hand scrubber.

Child with Ollie the Octopus.


Edward Barrett

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7763408893

Major Project An inhaler designed for life that can be customised by the user to suit their style. The inhaler uses replaceable cartridges to ensure maximum reliability.

Dissertation An investigation into the possibility of home additive manufacture machines being used by the average consumer in their home.

Experience 2010/11 Medel UK Ltd, Industrial Design Intern.


1 Inhaler for life

2 Inhaler for life concept sketches

3 Bristan Tap

An example of the customisability of the inhaler along with the inhaler in operation.

Concept sketches exploring form and functionality of the inhaler.

The flexible design allows the user to position the tap head as necessary, allowing easy filling and rinsing.

Amelia Baxter

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7814329580

Major Project To prolong the life of cut flowers in the home and industry, through sustainable storage within a point of sale display for commerial environments.

Dissertation Does the branding of a product effect the consumer’s decision to purchase over the product functionality when purchasing home appliances?

Personal Statement Design; an inspiring, captivating and innovative market. Through the study of Industrial Design I have been able to be inspired, educated and taught to both innovate and create. I now desire to follow on to develop my skills as an Interior Designer.

Experience M & C Saatchi, Work Experience.

Awards 2007/09 Art Exhibition, Workshop College.

1 Final Year Design Practice

2 Re-design of the Kitchen Tap.

3 Handheld Gadget.

Ceramic technology has been used with in a innovative and intriging point of sale display to prolong the shelf life of cut flowers.

A kitchen tap that works to improve safety within the home for all the family through the use of lighting to create a temperature warning system.

Allows travellers around the world to have access to touch screen maps, tourist information and blogs through the use of WIFI anywhere in the world.


Jocelyn Bell

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7834807914

Major Project


Single users living on their own tend not to have a full load of washing. The limited clothes washer allows 1-2 items of clothing to be washed seperately saving the users money by reducing water and energy used.

Does the term ‘innovation’ need to be redefined for product design?


Experience 2010/11 Plane and Simple Ltd, Industrial Design Intern.

2012 Creative Student Award


1 Limited Clothes Washer

2 Sketching

3 Motorvation

The asethetic model, demonstrating what the product will look like if commercially produced.

Development sketches from the Limited Clothes Washer.

A hand held electronic device to aid Learner Drivers to help organise and educate beginners when they start to drive.

Samuel Bennett

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7590 848434

Major Project A portable wireless ironing solution, that replaces the need for a conventional ironing board with a compact ‘roll-out’ alternative

Dissertation The impact of ergonomics to handheld products and how its use has changed over the past sixty years.

Personal Statement Drawing on experience managing projects in industry, I deliver creative design solutions from ‘post-it’ ideation and concept generation, through development, to the polished article. Using a combination of artistic skills and technical appreciation, I relish opportunities to innovate with others and create products that test the norm

Experience 2010/2011 Kinneir Dufort 2009 Pavegen Systems

Awards 2012 James Dyson Foundation Bursary

1 Compact Ironing Solution

2 “Iron but not an iron” development

3 Electromechanical Can-crusher

A neat gas powered steam iron, accompanied by the rigidised inflatable ironing board.

Energetic ideation, concept generation and development of the compact gas iron solution.

The application of the mechanical and electronic skills developed throughout the course, resulting in a robust ‘C’ programmed can crusher.


Nell Bennett

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7542 753470

Major Project An Electronic Trumpet to expand performance capabilities, moving the trumpet into new genres, giving audiences and musicians a new extraordinary experience.

Dissertation Design-for-Development. Is the global design community creating a more conscientious and prepared design generation to tackle developing world issues?

Personal Statement I have worked in diverse cultures all over the globe, mainly in experimental design with emerging technologies. I now want to pursue a more innovative route to find new ways to bring new solutions to new markets especially in developing societies. I hope for a career in design in social and environmental responsibility

Experience 2010/2011 SIMTech 2009 Blue Ventures, Creative Volunteer 2006 Adams Creative

Awards 2012 The Creative Student Award



1 Major Project - Electronic Trumpet

2 Manufacturing - Glass Trumpet Bell

3 Sketching - Brand Recognition

CAD visual showing the aesthetic of the bell, exploring unconventional materials and unique finishes. The removable mouthpiece shows internal electronics.

I wanted the trumpet to look extraordinary whilst retaining the value of craftsmanship found in traditional instruments.

Analysing the forms found in SAAB cars throughout their heritage enabled me to identify the most iconic aspects to promote consumers’ brand familiarity.

Louise Bradley

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7809 297199

Major Project A new twist on drying hair. Enhancing the user experience by delivering a more ergonomic grip, dual airflow, automated heat control and a fun, new look.

Dissertation An investiagtion into the role of commercially available technology on the sleeping patterns and subsequent health of young people.

Personal Statement Providing the opportunity to combine unique visual form with functional innovation, industrial design plays to my character, strengths and abilities. I’m continually excited by the chance to create beautiful, well-engineered products that bring enjoyment and excitement to their user.

Experience 2010/2011 Factorydesign, London

Awards 2006 Arkwright Scholarship for Design & Engineering

1 Dri hair dryer

2 Sketchwork for oil bottle

3 Reverse engineered PC mouse

Major project render.

Sketches generated during concept development for a Mini Cooper-styled oil bottle.

Reproduction using Creo. Rendered in Keyshot.


Justin Bramwell

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7986 565121

Major Project Fidget -a handheld digital music player that aims to enhance emotional connections in portable music listening

Dissertation Borrowing the Past: An exploration of nostalgia in the design of product aesthetics

Experience 2012 Nemaura Pharma, Loughborough 2010/2011 The Technology Partnership, Product Engineer

Awards 2012 Creative Student Award 2006 Arkwright Scholarship for Design and Technology



1 CAD/CAMM - Whirl


3 NP1

4 Major Project - Fidget

Reverse engineered hairdryer: redesigned and improved for additive manufacturing techniques.

Platform Assisstance/ Advertisement Lighting. Installation for the London Underground.

Wrist-mounted continuous glucose monitoring device.

Handheld digital music player utilising tactile inputs for an analogue experience.

Caroline Brierley

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44(0) 7720 383517

Major Project


Multipurpose contact lens container designed to hold, clean and monitor length of wear and encourages healthy wear of soft lenses.

2011 Boots UK, Packaging Technologist 2010 Sorcit Ltd

Dissertation An investigation into the portrayal of women’s role in society through cosmetic packaging design

1 Major Project - iCare. CAD rendering of the product


3 Sketch work

Reverse Engineered Ice Cream Scoop in Creo.

Final Major Project initial sketches, rendered in Photoshop.


Lucy Bromwich

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7922 522465

Major Project


CITY SHOP: A trolley-hire service for Londoners without a car. Enables users to pack their shopping in store and transport it home with ease. Key features: weightless handle, ball bearing flexi wheels, two pod sizes

2010/11 Path Ltd., Packaging Designer

Dissertation A study on how the colour of food packaging impacts upon consumer’s purchasing decisions


Awards 2011 Employability Award 2010 Enter-prize “design it, pitch it, win it” 2007 3D Product Design and Graphic Design: Most Innovative Winner 2006 3D Product Design and Graphic Design: Resistant Materials Winner

1 Major Project

2 Development sketches

3 Student Stacker Fridge

CITY SHOP: Trolley hire service, allowing user to choose pods to suit their ‘big’ or ‘little’ shop.

CITY SHOP: Concept and development sketch work, with photoshop finish showing how pods attach to frame.

A central hub for the student household which keeps housemates connected and also notifies them of any perished food.

William Brown

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7854 011691

Major Project


A pill dispenser for elderly users (65+) who have limited hand dexterity (Arthritis) and a visual impairment (Glaucoma, Cataracts)

2010 Boots PLC: Packaging Technologist 2010 Student Associate Scheme (SAS) 2007 Magellan Aerospace Fabrications 2006 Mako Creative Solutions

Dissertation How packaging design within the beauty and personal care market influences customers to buy products

1 Major Project


3 GPS Navigation device

A universal pill dispenser for elderly users (aged 65+).

A desk storage unit to dry cycling clothes throughout the day for people who cycle to work.

Development sketches of a GPS device for Mountain Bikers.


Antony Buonaiuto

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44(0) 7926 308075

Major Project An induction-charged Poker card shoe, retaining protection while not reducing independence or suggesting distrust

Dissertation An investigation into mobility aids, analysing both the public perception of amputee athletes & the impact prostheses development has had on disability sports

Experience 2011 U.K Alliance Boots, Nottingham



1 Uni Board

2 Chef Able

3 Turn-Ease Tap Turner

4 Real Dealer Card Shoe

Improving mundane cooking using a pop out strainer, manually powered output for blenders and dish stacker base.

Helps remove Cerebral Palsy user’s trepidation towards independent tasks & allow creative food preparation.

A stylistic improvement on existing tap turners, using a simple Ratchet to ease tap head rotation.

With a gravity-fed deal, verifying deck number and luminous cards to prevent cheating.

Fergus Carroll

BA Industrial Design & Technology

Major Project


Notebook computer lapstand designed to allow ergonomic computer use in travel environments, with a particular focus on the user experience within airports.

How communications technology has affected society from 1990-2012

1 Ergonomic lapstand concept sketches

2 Variable temperature kettle

3 Mouse redesign

Concept sketches of final year design project, created with photoshop.

Kettle designed to create a positive user experience for tea enthusiasts.

Popular commercial mouse, reverse engineered and redesigned for additive manufacture.


Nadeem Choudhury

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7786 967798

Major Project


An Alarm Clock that detects the user in bed, preventing over-sleeping after the desired time of waking

2011 Otobi Ltd, Bangladesh, Furniture Designer 2009 Denelli Italia, UK, Design Intern

Dissertation The influence of mobile devices and apps on product design


1 Alarm Clock Base

2 Desktop Air Cooler

3 Automatic Engineering Micrometer

The alarm clock base includes a sunrise alarm clock in addition to an iPhone dock, which acts as the screen and interface.

An evaporative air cooler, with an ability to distribute air around 360 degrees. The cooler can provide 8 hours of cool air with 650ml of water.

Hand sketch of a single button operated engineering micrometer which improves on the ergonomic issues surrounding coventional designs.

Mary Christie

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7875 526661

Major Project A visual communication device for children with autism to enable easier, faster everyday communication

Dissertation How can the skills and knowledge acquired from Design and Technology be used across the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum?

Experience 2011 Student Associate Scheme (SAS)

1 Major Project

2 Injection Moulding Project

A visual communication device for children with autism designed to be customised by the user.

Spaghetti portion measurer designed as a promotional giveaway.

3 Outdoor Food Preparation Device Enable hikers and campers to cook freeze-dried food pouches quickly and easily.

4 Major Project A visual communication device for children with autism using sticker symbols to express needs and feelings.


Stephen Clarke

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7887 516193


Major Project


A motorcycle helmet with a ‘handsfree visor control system’ which allows the user to safely operate the helmet visor without removing a hand from the handlebars. This means the user can prioritise other tasks that are evidently more important such as braking or changing gear

The use of rapid prototyping within Industrial Design and the effects it has had since its introduction

Awards 2007 Arkwright Scholarship

1 Major Project

2 Outdoor cooking device

3 Reverse Engineering

The ‘handsfree’ visor control system concept. The user changes the angle of their wrist causing the visor to open.

An intuitive cooking device allowing the user to create a luxury dining experience, all whilst exposed to the great outdoors.

A computer mouse modelled using Pro Engineer and rendered using Keyshot 3.

Lucy Cook

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7762 219958

Major Project Medical Emergency Alert: A unisex bracelet designed to attract attention to the wearer in an emergency, decreasing time taken to receive treatment.

Dissertation An investigation into how the consumers’ relationship with mobile technology is influencing other product areas and consumer lifestyle.

Awards The Creative Student Award 2012

Experience 2010/2011, Puma, Germany



1 Garlic Crusher

2 Concept Generation

3 Major Project

Initial CAD render of a garlic crusher for a professional environment, using wires instead of plates to decrease waste.

Concept sketching for new toothpaste tube. Exploring form and function to encourage families to brush twice a day.

A unisex bracelet designed to attract attention to the user in a medical emergency & decrease time to get treatment.

Jamie Dave

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7837955768

Major Project


A powered shopping trolley for the elderly (65+) who don’t want to be perceived as ‘old’.

2010/2011 Design & Technology Instructor at Ravens Wood School 2009/2010 Student Associate Scheme (SAS)

Dissertation A study into how creativity is taught in D&T at key stage 3 and 4 and whether the design activities undertaken allow for the student to be creative.

1 Final Year DP CAD Rendering

2 Final Year DP Sketching

3 CAD Mobile Phone Rendering

A powered shopping trolley for the elderly.

Concepts of the form of the shopping trolley looking at features and the aesthetics of the product.

CAD rendering of a flip phone.


Steve de Boos

BA Industrial Design & Technology +DPS +44 (0) 7809868684

Major Project


A mobile infusion stand for ambulatory patients to provide them with support when walking during rehabilitation. The design possesses increased mobility, safety and is more desirable to interact with over existing designs.

The relationship between industrial design & interaction design. To what extent are modern day industrial designers required to tackle interaction/ user experience design challenges as a result.

Experience 2010/11 Origin Live Ltd., Industrial Designer


1 Major Project

2 RSA Award

3 Major Project

The design is highly mobile, stable & simple to navigate, allowing the patient to place their full capacity of trust in the product.

A new underground train seating complex to persuade & incentivise commuters to move down the carriage.

Early development sketches of the infusion drip stand.

Pantila Debhakam

BSc Product Design & Technology +66812790834

Major Project


Smoothe. A personal smoothie system that utilises fruit capsules, minimising smoothie preparation time.

How culinary equipment and cultures have changed around the world.


Experience 2012 New Product Bank Loans Investments at Bangkok 2010 JWT, Advertisement and Graphics Design, Bangkok 2009 Cerebrum Design Consultancy, Designer’s Assistant, Bangkok

2009 Runner-Up for Thailand Young Artists Award, ROSL Arts 2008 1st Runner-Up for The Raffles Design Institute, Thailand

1 Raffles Design Award

2 Smoothe

3 Fruit Capsules

4 Major Project

A lightweight multi-use convertible flat pack table and chair.

A sleek kitchen appliance for convenience and users with an eye for design.

Different fruit flavoured capsules. Making any fruits available all year round.

User’s selection of Fruit Capsules are inserted for the smoothie flavour desired.


Sarah Dickins

BA Industrial Design & Technology +DPS +44 (0)7840798959

Personal Statement An explorer at heart, I prefer to get lost whilst cycling than take directions, experiment with cooking than follow a recipe and keep sketching to discover a more perfect solution. Having got a taste for consultancy work on placement, I really look forward to getting back into the real world of design.

Major Project An intuitive redesign of the sewing machine for beginners, with tactile fingertip speed control and vintage/contemporary styling.

Dissertation Brand Church: An exploration of brand strategy within the context of the Church

Experience 2010/2011, Smallfry 2011/2012, Seminars at Warwick University

Awards 2008/2009 Loughborough University Trust Prize for an Outstanding Design Technology student 2008/2009 Harry Crook Prize for Enterprise and Innovation


1 Enleve

2 Alto

3 Alto - styling

A discrete dispenser for eczema emollient cream which cools the skin for instant relief and reminds sufferers to moisturise throughout the day.

Born out of user frustrations with sewing machines, Alto guides thread from reel to needle and is controlled simply by pressing down on the fabric.

Red oak and leather lend Alto an heirloom quality, using texture and elegant form to resonate with the creative aspirations of the target market.

Becca Dingle

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7835590137

Major Project The design of a new process for sustainably and elegantly creating new hot beverage experiences in the home environment.

Dissertation A report explaining the key brand and consumer benefits of augmented reality, possible uses, and the future applications of this fast moving technology.

Awards 2012, The Creative Student Award

Experience 2010/2011, Kraft Foods 2009/2010, Selex Galileo 2009, Microlock Design for Retail 2008, The OU- Perspectives on Leonardo da Vinci

1 Fresh. Elegant. Beautiful.Tactile.

2 Coffee Shop Experience at Home.

3 Premium. Crafted. Natural. Simple.

A hot beverage machine providing quick and easy drinks; celebrating presentation, becoming a ‘snacking occasion’ and encouraging social interaction.

A fresh and innovative patent-pending solution for enabling consumers to make a variety of different drink types from one machine.

Enhancing the experience of making hot drinks at home, with a range of accessories and a sustainably designed system from purchase to end of life.


Thomas Duvall

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7845 074 082

Personal Statement Insights into humans factor problems drive my design thinking. Understanding the core issues within any environment or task, creates a platform to explore out from. Creativity and idea generation can then really focus on solving those problems, and creating remarkable design solutions.

Major Project Smart Cleaning Aid - exploring general purpose cleaning in the kitchen, in order to achieve a better user experience.

Dissertation What are the characteristics of individuals that make them likely to adopt new innovation at an early stage?

Experience 2010/2011 John Ewans Design, Product Designer

Awards 2012 James Dyson Foundation Award



1 Major Project - Smart Cleaning Aid

2 Major Project - Concept Generation

3 Multi-Sensory Portable Media Player

Utilising sonic oscillations to cut through dirt and make the process of cleaning easier - self-cleaning, chemical free, and ergonomically designed.

Exploration and visual communication are important to discuss, choose directions, and develop projects forward.

Mobile devices have become more dependent on sight and sliding fingers across glass. We have over 10 senses, so lets use them! Bring back intuitive products.

Joseph Elliott

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7500774792

Personal Statement As a young designer I have a wide range of design interests, though my main focusses are product and graphic design. Technology is also a passion for me and the integration of innovative design ideas & new technologies is hugely important in all of my work.

Major Project A temporary solution to delivering clean drinking water to isolated communities during humanitarian crises.

Dissertation Exploring the attitudes and understanding of ergonomics amongst consumers in 2012.

Experience 2008, Studio Six Graphic Design (Short Term) 2008/2012, Graphic & Web Design

1 Development Sketching

2 PAQ Water Filtration Device

3 Workstation 2020

Development sketches from a redesign of a chip and pin device.

Major Project - Water filtration unit in a backpack form. Designed to provide aid during humanitarian crises.

Workstation of the near future, integrating new technologies such as gesture control systems.


Dan Fiddis

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7900 827394

Major Project Sparki: An emotional energy monitor and toy that changes colour and emotion depending on the level of electricity usage in a house hold.

Dissertation The history and future of car exterior styling: an investigation into styling trends and iconic designs throughout history and predictions for the future.

Experience 2007, Jaguar, Engineering Dept. 2007, Coventry University Automotive Design Dept.

Awards 2011, Winner of the Philips UK Design Award



1 MP3/Drinks Bottle

2 Single-Passenger Taxi

3 Car Concepts

4 X-Blade

A drinks bottle which features a MP3 player, GPS and timer for endurance training.

A more relevant, efficient and relaxing mode of transport for city travel.

A collection of car designs and styling exercises.

A wrist strapped electronic device to provide information such as weather and resort maps for skiers.

Lucy Frinton

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7943957817

Major Project


An educational writing tablet that encourages learning though the use of a complete multisensory experience.

2011, TDA Student Associate Scheme

Dissertation A sustainable future: will ‘fast fashion’ fizzle out?

1Major Project: Sense and Learn

2 Design Practice: Explore

3 Design Practice: Just-right

An educational writing tablet that encourages learning through the use of textured overlays, leading to increased memory retention.

An electronic travel guide allowing users to download maps, information and track fellow traveller’s locations without requiring internet connection.

A baby bottle that uses thermocromic colour pigment to indicate whether the milk is either too cold; too hot or the ideal temperature.


Adam Frost

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7766111674


Major Project


LiLi is an interactive night-light that makes bedtime easier for parents and fun for their children, by encouraging imagination with physical interaction. By shaking the product a new image appears on the screen, to provide the subject of a bedtime story, stimulating the child’s mind and helping them to relax before going to sleep.

An investigation into the roles of innovation and sustainable design within the packaging industry.

Experience 2010/2011 - Tin Horse Design Ltd., Junior Designer

1 LiLi Rendered Proposal

2 LiLi Concept Development

3 Citroen Oil Bottle

The aesthetics of the proposed product are very clean and simple, with each part being designed with mass manufacture in mind, as well as easy disassembly.

This collection of Photoshop rendered sketches shows the concept developments made for the major project, in order to visually communicate the idea.

The brief of this project was to capture the essence of a particular car brand in the aesthetical design of a 1-litre oil bottle.

Lok Sze Fung

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7786042989 or +85264915428

Major Project


This project is based on how one can preserve and serve a square watermelon. The product offers users a whole new eating experience as well as presenting this as a luxury icon, by providing a cooling system to chill a square watermelon for perseveration and the photosynthesis LED to enhance the nutritional value of the fruit.

Research on how user experiences are affected by different smart phone user interface design.

Experience 2007 Project Circle Limited 2011 Rhythm China

1 Major project

2 3D project

3 IDS project

A set of storage unit that provides all the needs and equipment to enjoy a new experience of eating a square watermelon.

An ergonomically designed whisker body with controls conveniently place on the top, the whisker is not only stylish but easy to use.

The Vcook keeps food warm and cooks slowly without over cooking to preserve flavour and freshness.


Louisa Gallimore

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7756 178343

Major Project Adjustable bike trailer for cycle touring.

Dissertation Are the new assistive technologies in sport breaking down the barriers of disability into ability? What is assistive and what is increasing the potential of the athlete, beyond individual ability?

Experience 2010/11 Origin Live, Southampton.

Awards 2008 Runner-up Crest Technology Project at Gold Level (National)



1 Childs Scooter Concept

2 Sketching examples

3 Adjustable bike trailer for touring

A scooter concept developed into a working design.

Including bike lights, computer mouse, shoe design and Major Project development images.

Final Year Project - A single wheel bike trailer design modified for manufacture, with Design School facilities in mind.

Anneke Glasius

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS

Personal Statement A focused and passionate individual with a broad skill set in design. Demonstrating a confident and professional attitude to work, with a thirst for challenging projects in a fast paced environment.

Major Project Cair- A device to remind nurses to distribute medication outside drug round hours. Using pneumatics, Cair can adapt to different sized users.

Dissertation An investigation into mobile marketing, and how QR codes have affected consumer behaviour.

Experience 2010/11 Nokia, Farnborough.

Awards James Dyson Foundation Bursary 2012

1 Major project

2 Design Week

3 Injection Moulding Project

Pneumatic armband for nurses.

Clover - an intuitive food steamer.

A plastic widget for sauce scraping.


Sophia Godfrey

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7706 631617

Major Project


The LifeLine IV stand looks to address the problems of stability and space conservation caused by conventional IV drip stands. While the integral counterweight improves stability, a folding circular base increases usable bedside space.

2010/11 eg technology, Cambridge, Industrial design intern. 2007 Daziel and Pow, London.

Dissertation An investigation into the impact of energy storing polymers on the future design of mobile phones.


Awards Philips Award for Sustainable Concepts within the Hospitality Sector. James Dyson Foundation Bursary 2012.

1 Major Project

2 RSA Mobile Medicine Brief

3 Sketching

Re-design of an IV Drip Stand to improve usability, aesthetics and stability.

Neque. A home and portable pill dispenser that helps young adult CF sufferers sustain medication adherence, whilst also maintaining independence.

Concept sketching for the RSA brief.

Tom Good

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7952 524248

Personal Statement My passion for design has led me to explore several different areas in addition to the standard sketching and CAD learnt through University. These include graphic design, presentation design (Silver POPAI Student Award 2010), digital communication, brand media and advertising. This broad range of interests has required me to push myself to learn several new skills and ultimately has developed my ability to work individually, as well as contribute greatly to group discussions.

Major Project Targeted advertising - Developing a community funded modern advertising display system to help combat the decline of local high street shops. Utilising facial recognition and Bluetooth to personalise adverts to user tastes.

Dissertation Exploring how wine bottle branding design influences UK consumer buying behaviour.

Experience 2010/11 ONE, London, Junior designer.

1 UK Train Ticket Redesign (IDS)

2 Adeon Functional Prototype (FYDP)

3 Adeon Final Design & Sketches

To reduce commuter frustration and confusion, the classic UK train ticket was redesigned to provide clarity, further information and improved sustainability.

Face tracking technology and a couple of servos, coupled with a friendly and trustworthy form produce a highly interactive product design.

This final design aims to take digital displays to the next level, whilst providing a system that is sustainable to a declining local market.


Vikki Goodridge

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7814 380559

Major Project


Re-design a rabbit hutch so to make it more user Investigation into the way colour is used to promote friendly for both the Rabbit (focus on improving life brand identity in the hutch, greater comfort and space allocation) and Human Carer (focusing clean-ability and hutch Awards durability) whilst also creating a garden WOW factor The Creative Student Award 2012 through clever industrial design.


2010/11 Whitbread Wilkinson/W2 Products Ltd.


1 Hutch

2 ChopBlock

3 Link UP

Design Led Rabbit Hutch, with large removable trays, plywood interior and marine ply exterior.

Multi purpose knife block using Colour appropriate chopping boards to conceal knives from view; detracting interest from young kitchen users.

An interactive service using App & NFC technology, that helps commuters manage unexpected train disruptions through a improved communication network.

Matthew Gray

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7835 567941

Personal Statement From designing my first badges and pencil holders at school, all the way through to my final year design project, I have always had I great passion and work ethic in design. Having experienced a fast paced brand consultancy, I’m excited to progress and use the skills that I learnt to be successful in product development and project management.

Major Project Scribble, a product to aid handwriting development and develop children’s motor skills. Fun, durable, educational, with measurable results and feedback.

Dissertation An investigation into the user perception and selection of highly involved equipment in sport. Focusing on tennis rackets and skis.

Experiance 2010/11 Endpoint Ltd - Brand Implementation, Project Assistant.

1 Promotional Crisp Packet Clip

2 Sketching and Marker Rendering

3 Scribble

CNC mould, used to produce a injection moulded crisp packet clip. The clip was successfully moulded and used to reseal the bags to keep the crisps fresh.

Sketching, marker and CAD rendering used in the product development of Scribble.

Two Scribble graphics tablets connected to the hub. The hub is lit with fibre optics and connected to the teachers computer or interface display.


Ishan Gupta

BSc Product Design & Technology

Major Project A home security hub featuring active monitoring and remote notification of suspicious activities and/or events.

Dissertation Investigation into the relationship between form of products and intuitive usage behaviour.

Personal Statement I aim to provide thoughtful product design solutions sensitive to user needs and environmental constraints with an emphasis on simplicity and manufacturability.

Experiance Foley Designs, Product Design Intern, India Fastrack, Wrist-watch Designer, India


1 USB Flash Memory

2 Room Cooler Device

3 Modular Wrist-Watch

USB flash memory aesthetic inspired by the Dodge Challenger.

Room cooling device to provide moist cool air for rooms during especially dry Mediterranean summers.

A modular wrist-watch concept with interchangeable moulded rubber straps.

James Hancock

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7545 333502

Major Project PowerPro: a power tool battery charger, featuring a 12V power outlet allowing the user to charge batteries from their vehicle. The device also has a 240V socket, enabling the user to plug in and operate a power tool from it.

Dissertation How has lithium-ion battery technology changed the performance and market of cordless power tools?

Experiance 2010/11 Woodpecker Joinery UK Ltd.

1 CAD steam iron

2 Final year project: PowerPro 

3 Sustainability project:The Hub

A complex product assembly reverse engineered using surface modelling techniques in Creo and rendered in KeyShot.  

Development sketches and elevations of the battery pack and charging unit rendered in Photoshop.

The Hub monitors energy usage within a hotel room, intervening when the user exceeds a predefined energy consumption target.


Nabil I. Harb

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7816 819670

Major Project The complete touring experience, HydroRack allows cyclists to have a refill free touring experience providing a 5 litre hydration unit stored in the rear pannier rack, delivering hydration while riding.

Dissertation An Investigation into why digital cameras have similar form to analogue cameras, when their form is no longer constrained by film rolls.

Awards Philips Sustainable design module competition.



1 Model Prototype

2 Kappi

3 HydroRack

4 HydroRack

Presentation model of a handheld device for tallying prices when grocery shopping.

Injection moulded lens cap holder for digital SLR cameras; keeps lens caps clean when not in use.

Handle bar mounted hand syphon to pump air into the bladder pressurizing it for easy drinking.

Why be the camel, when you can ride the camel?

Max Harries

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7742 159797

Major Project Adjustable women’s core protector, supporting the rising number of women participating in extreme sports with a gender specific bespoke fit.

Dissertation An investigation into the role of science fiction as a driver for innovation and emerging technologies in industrial design.

Experience 2010/11 Stimwell Services, web/graphic designer. 2011 Fracture Technologies, web/graphic designer.

1 CAD: Reverse Engineered Headphones

2 Graphic Design: Major Project Folio cover, created in

Second year ProE surfacing assignment.

Adobe Illustrator & InDesign.

3 Sketch: ‘Chelle’ - Exploded

4 Sketch: RSA project

Exploded sketch illustrating the key components of the major project.

HUD device, designed to deter drivers from manually interacting with their mobile phones en route.


Ed Harrison

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 75302 009853

Major Project Raspberry Pi project: Creating a starter pack for new programmers who pick up their controller, plug in their Pi, and instantly start programming with a starter guide on Pygame.

Dissertation Is Design & Technology important in education, and how can it be improved? The report looks into how D&T lessons perform in schools, and investigates whether D&T needs to be improved.

Experience 2011 SAS (student associate scheme) S.T.E.M. ambassador Student Mentor Design Day at RSA Academy.



1 Trek – Design Week Project

2 Student Lighting Awards Sketches

3 Final Year Design Project

Travellers portable electronic guide, aimed to enhance the travelling experience of the user, and provide information on each country visited.

Sketches of Blume; lighting using LEDs inspired by nature, with light ‘leaves’ which can be adjusted to alter the lighting in a room.

Raspberry Pi programming starter pack, consisting of a Pi case, controller, screen lid and base to store the components inside.

Simon Heapy

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7913 270103

Major Project Interactive lamps with induction charging base.

Dissertation Is the Term “Post-modern� Still Relevant to Design Today?

Personal Statement I have a passion for applying contemporary styling and sensitive use of materials to insight driven projects and am experienced in generating new design concepts, as well as implementing engineering changes in the latter stages of product development.

Experience 2010 Exhibition Design experience at DJB Exhibitions. 2010/11 Industrial Placement at Bristan Group Ltd.

1 Major Project

2 Ceramic Kettle

3 GPS Device for Cyclists

Interactive lighting that encourages collective nurturing from users by fading out unless played with.

Utilising ceramic technology to ensure water remains warm for longer.

Concept sketches for device that displays downloaded routes and allows users to upload times to compare with others.


Christopher Hoyle

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7957 921540

Major Project


Designing an ambulatory infusion pump to improve the user experience for patients and healthcare professionals.

2010/2011 Inventive Consultants

Dissertation An investigation into whether the hospital environment affects in-patient recovery rates.


1 Ambulatory Infusion

2 Call centre workstation

3 A bookmark and mould block

The ambulatory infusion pump utilises new technology to decrease weight and size to give the patient a better user experience.

An emergency services call centre workstaion. The workstation applies new technology such as voice recognition and control.

The mould block was manufactured at the Loughborough Design School, and a limited number of bookmarks were injection moulded.

Mark Hunt

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7428 203111

Major Project


A reaction training aid for sprint athletes; a body mounted device that assists the training of sprint starts through the use of on body sensors, providing feedback on reaction time and step frequency.

An investigation into the design of contemporary running and sprint shoe soloutions.

1 Major Project

2 Outdoor Cooking Station

3 Electronic gym diary

Body mounted reaction training aid for sprint starts.

A cooking station that allows for easy food preparation and aims on creating a luxurious and social cooking experience.

Sketch development work.


Thomas Jarvis

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7951 737131

Major Project


Custom fitted Snow Sports helmet featuring hot swappable graphics and fully customisable interior pads

2007-2008 Web Editor, Rolls-Royce Plc 2010-2011 Designer, Timberline Ltd 2008-2012 Web Designer, Albion Bathrooms Ltd 2011 Present Freelance Designer

Dissertation What effect does Intellectual Property have on Modern Industrial Design and Business?


1 Major Project – Final Design

2 Redesign of The Kitchen Tap

3 RSA Entry - Epi-Swiss

Custom Snow Sports Helmet featuring swappable graphic. The helmet offers improved fit through custom padding inserts.

A kitchen tap featuring a warm water rinse mode, to save gas and electricity. It pivots at the base to allow maximum control.

An Epi-Pen Case styled specifically for men. It encourages men to carry their Epi-Pen, reducing anxiety and risk.

Robert Jeeves

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7515 283446

Major Project A portable gas powered caulking gun designed as a lightweight and ergonomic alternative to electric counterparts.

Dissertation An investigation into how advancements in Science and Technology have directly influenced the industrial design process over the past twenty years.

Personal Statement I am a work orientated individual and extremely self motivated. I approach each brief with an equal amount of enthusiasm and strive to create the most effective design solution to delight and fulfil the user. My strengths lie within design for manufacture CAD modelling and photorealistic rendering, however, I enjoy all aspects of design.

Experience 2011/2010 Junior Designer - Innovate Product Design

Awards 2008 winner of the Young Designers competition

1 Caulco - Major Project

2 Concept Sketc hes

3 Reverse Engineering Assignment

Caulco prototype, modelled in Solidworks and rendered using Luxology Modo 601

A selection of hand rendered sketches from the development of Caulco

A cordless screwdriver modelled in PTC Creo and rendered using Luxology Modo 601


James Johnston

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7981 664196

Major Project Public sun cream dispenser. A product for the Australian market powered entirely by solar energy.

Dissertation An investigation into the importance of DesignDriven innovation in relation to how it can assist UK based SMEs in their business strategies.


1 Major Project

2 Corkscrew

3 Design Week Project

Public sun cream dispenser

Pro Engineer model and Hypershot render

Collapsible Chopping Board

Nicholas Jolliffe

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7595 670132

Major Project


Transforming passive bike lights into an active and reactive system that gives the rider a newfound awareness and control of the road and its users.

2010/2011 Treves UK, Process Engineer with projects team.

Dissertation An investigation into whether innovative design can improve safety levels for cyclists.

1 Major Project

2 Design Practice - Plub

3 CAD Surfacing

4 Major Project

Early testing of a prototype lens design.

A pub and club guide to help assist with deciding where to go out. Modeled using Prolab and vacum forming.

Dremel redesign for additive manufacture. Class A surfaces, Creo ISDX tool and Keyshot 2 were used.

Render of the rear bike light which forms half of the active lighting system.


Nick Jolliffe

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7985 555456

Major Project


U-Brush is an interactive manual toothbrush that Innovative & Creative thinking within group activity: helps parents establish independent dental hygiene Education vs. Industry. for their child through constructive play. The character interface indicates to the child where to Experience brush whilst the brush calculates strokes completed. 2010/2011 Artform International Development Designer


1 Major Project: U-Brush

2 U-Brush sketching & Development

3 Pay & Go:Travel wristband

An interactive product that enhances the dental experience for children aged 5-7 through constructive play.

Explorative sketch work developing form and colour with component assembly.

A travel wristband service that stores pre ordered journeys eliminating the stress of buying a ticket before a journey.

Jason Jones

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7856 701603

Major Project Redesign of Ultratones facial muscle stimulator. Improving the ergonomics & styling with the addition of Chromotherapy to create a better user experience.

Dissertation Can colour be used as an effective treatment to create feelings of well being and relaxation?

Personal Statement I am a designer with a passion for creativity and innovation with a thorough technical understanding that enables me to turn good ideas into a reality.

Experience 2011 Design Engineer at Ultratone Scientific Instruments Ltd 2011 CAD modeller for C.Scope Metal Detectors 2010 Designer at Crown Plastics

1 Facial Muscle Stimulator

2 Automotive Diagnostic Device

3 Design Week: Bluetooth Kettle

Muscle Simulator for professionals leading a hectic life who want to take the experience of visiting a spa into their own home.

Design inspired by high performance vehicles, image showing the appearance model being used in context.

Kettle designed to be remotely operated via a smartphone to avoid the need for boiling the kettle multiple times.


Chris Joy

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS


Major Project


In an age where many of our memories are posted online, what will we have to pass on to future generations? The Digital Heirloom is more than just a harddrive; it creates a nostalgic experience and uses the latest solid state technology, and E-Ink screen to help ensure these memories will be accessible in many years to come.

An evaluation of product attacment design strategies to aid appropriate design decisions.

Experience Urbis Lighting Ltd.

1 2020 Control Room Workstation

2 Major Project -Digital Heirloom

3 Colourful Sound – DAB Radio

A control room workstation for implementation in 2020. Project given by CCD design consultancy focused on new technologies for sharing information.

A device to store and display digital memories for future generations. Designed to age gracefully and built to last.

A fun and vibrant design for teenagers and young at heart. The radio would be made in a range of colours.

Joe Knighting

BA Industrial Design & Technology

Major Project


A versatile modular mounting system for the Apple iPad; designed to improve comfort during use and enhance the rich media experience that the device offers.

How did the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs take a failing company and turn it iconic? Was good design responsible for the success?

Experience 2010 Viogem Ltd.

1 Tap Design

2 Headphone Widget

3 Apple Dock Re-Design

4 Major Project

A modular boiling water tap design for an ultra modern kitchen with functionality and practicality in mind.

A small rubber product for Bose headphones to wrap the cable around. Mould tools designed.

Re-design of Apple Universal dock to allow all iDevices to be docked securely with or without a case.

Modular iPad docking system, shown docked to the speaker base. Allowing ergonomic long term use.


Nerica Kuguru

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7530 368887

Major Project


Oobi: a mobile communication device within a product service system, users place their valuables in storage and use Oobi to record their festival experience.

2010/2011 Studio Cerebrum (Bangkok, Thailand) Placement Central Glass Industries (CGI) (Thika, Kenya)

Awards Dissertation The role of design in poverty alleviation and profit generation within low income communities in less industrialised countries.


Loughborough University ‘Enter-prize: Design it, Pitch it, Win it’ Winner April 2010

1 Oobi.

2 CAD - Rhiono

3 Java

Development of Oobi.

A styling exercise to design a mobile phone and model it using Rhino.

Go Java is a coffee machine that enables the user to make a quick cup of coffee using the interactive touch screen or a mobile app.

James Laurie

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7951292586

Major Project Mantle is a heat therapy for people with Arthritis or Raynauds disease in the hands. It has an outer membrane that offers a unique sensory user experience.

Dissertation Apps as Design Practice Tools: A discovery into how smart device apps could be used for design practice activities.

Personal Statement I am a young Industrial Designer who loves welldesigned things. The areas of design that interest me the most are user experience, packaging and FMCG. I am however open to applying my skills to all areas of design. I am easy to get along with and I’m still available for employment in 2012 so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Experience 2010/11 Unilever, Deodorants R&D; Junior designer for the brands Lynx, Dove and Sure. 2010/11 Unilever, Disruptive Innovation; Working on innovation projects, developing products that incorperate emerging technnologies.

1 Mantle: Hand Heat Therapy

2 Reverse Engineering Exercise

3 RSA: Perch Office Furniture

Mantle is inductively heated at its core and has variable heat control. As the device heats up, it will glow brighter, revealing a unique structure design.

Using a reference sketch to create class-A surfaces (G3) of an existing product in Siemans NX.

Perch is furniture for office coffee areas. Not quite a stool, not quite a chair, Perch acts as a ‘rest’ to make people more social in that environment.


Jason Lee

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7772031067

Major Project A product and systems design solution to the problem of online shoppers needing to be at home when a parcel delivery arrives.

Dissertation An investigation into how iconography can be used to improve usability - specifically within car dashboard design.

Experience 2010/11 Sagentia Ltd, Student Product Designer.


1 Comida

2 Major Project

3 Major Project

A mobile phone app controlled slow cooker which gives users added control when leaving it to cook whilst away.

The elements which collectively form the solution to the well-known parcel delivery annoyances.

Barcode reader element of the parcel delivery system.

Oliver Lincoln-Davis

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7804898907

Major Project


Nimbus – A collapsible, automated clothes steamer targeted at users with limited access to laundry facilities. The product kills bacteria alleviating odours increasing the longevity of clothes and time between wash cycles. Designed with storage in mind, Nimbus fully collapses inside the main shell reducing the product’s impact on spatially restricted environments.

A study of the progression toward brand loyalty and contributing antecedent factors.

Experience 2010/11 Heineken International, Design Intern. 2010 Factory Design, Design Intern.

1 Reverse Engineered CAD Model

2 Final Year Major Project

3 Injection Moulded Widget

Modelled in ProEngineer and rendered in Keyshot, this chopper incorporates all the standard components found in bike design and bespoke components.

CAD model in ProEngineer and render in Keyshot of Nimbus showing the two different states of the product.

A bottle carrier designed to be injection moulded in a two-shot mould as a prototype for mass manufacture.


Elaine Low

BSc Product Design & Technology +852 25645813

Major Project


Airway - A sleek and innovative product that will enable the visually impaired to independently navigate in the airport. It uses a robotic ball to lead the user.

2012 Asia Pacific Energy Technology Ltd, Design Engineering Intern.

Awards 2012 The Creative Student Award.

Dissertation An investigation into how design for cosmetic packaging is influenced by consumer demands and innovation.


1 Major Project

2 Luxury Watch

3 Design Week Project

Airway - An innovative device that leads the user to their desired destination i.e gate, immigration. This method is straightforward and easy to use.

Photoshop image of a luxury watch, showing three different perspectives.

Pure - An innovative portable water bottle that allows users to filter and boil water in one single container. It uses induction to heat the water.

Sam Lowery

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7980902756

Major Project


An external luminaire that finds the aesthetic and functional balance between decorative and urban amenity lighting.

2010/11 ACDC Lighting Ltd. 2008 Antelope Design Ltd.

Dissertation An analysis of cutting edge lighting technology and its effects on future architectural lighting design.

1 Water monitoring tap A tap with integrated water monitoring technology and a multi flow system to help reduce water usage.

2 Track Pump Surface modelling Surface Modelling exercise of a Track pump.

Awards Azeta Range designed on placement at ACDC Lighting Ltd shortlisted for the Lighting Design Awards and the Lux Lighting Awards.

3 Maglite Torch clip

4 Major Project

Promotional give away hands free torch clip.

An external luminaire which provides both a quality aesthetic and a high level of adjustability.


Nicola Marti

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7539225729


Major Project


Although it has been suggested that helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85% there are still a significant number of UK commuter cyclists choosing to not wear one. Morph aims to change this through its customisable design; incorporating adaptable components selected for seasonal changes, personal preferences and fashion trends.

An investigation into changing the attitudes and stigmas associated with cycling helmets.

Experience 2010-2011 Staverton, Assistant Designer.

1 Morph - Cycling Helmet

2 Steam:me - Electronic Steamer

3 Phat - Electronic Piste Map

Morph aims to encourage helmet use, inspiring cyclists to create a personalised helmet based on their style, environment and preferences.

A food steamer that blends traditional materials with modern technology to increase the amount of food steamed in the average British home.

A hand modelled prototype of an interactive electronic piste map, incorporating a GPS buddy tracking network.

Jack McCulloch

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7928629823

Major Project


SecO: The intuitive and eco-friendly indoor clothes dryer.

2010/11 Sound Ideas UK, junior design assistant.

Personal Statement Dissertation Entrepreneurship and the Product Designer: whether the entrepreneurial attitudes of design students have an influence on their approach to design work.

I am organised and hardworking with the ability to learn from and adapt to new situations. I am always committed to achieving the best possible result.

1SecO clothes dryer:

2 SecO clothes dryer:

3 Egg cracker for the disabled:

SecO bridges the gap between airers and tumble dryers to speed up the drying of clothes indoors using eco and efficient processes.

Hand drawn development sketches with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop enhacement renders.

This contempory egg cracker allows impaired users to crack the perfect egg, requiring just one hand to operate.


Nicholas Milne

BA Industrial Design & Technology

Major Project Development of an intuitive, safer solution to box cutters with focus on comfort and user interaction to enhance operation.

Dissertation “Is creativity taught and encouraged in the classroom, or is education dictated by ticking boxes?� A discussion of the factors that affect student creativity.

Personal Statement With a keen interest to inspire and motivate the next generation of designers and guide them through advances in technology, it is my ambition to pursue a career in education. Previous voluntary work and the Student Associate Scheme have given me opportunities to inspire young designers and be a positive role model.

1Palm Peeler 88


A skin-collecting vegetable peeler that is ergonomically styled, allows for simple cleaning with its one-piece shell, and fits a range of blades for different applications.

2 Redesign of an ambient plug in air freshener An eco-redesign that requires fewer components and materials whilst allowing for more efficient recycling.

3 Alle-Gen allergy alert A wrist worn digital device that allows bar codes to be scanned which then alerts the user if an ingredient is present that they are allergic to.

Daniel Milner

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7950787466

Major Project ARC: A fully adjustable racing wheelchair to promote and encourage participation in sport at a grass roots entry level market.

Dissertation An investigation into how running shoe design has evolved to improve performance within club runners.

Awards 2012 James Dyson Design Bursary 2010 Sport England Research and Development Bursary .

1 Krescendo

2 Zephyr

3 ARC: Adjustable Racing Chair

A socially engaging chopping board that shares the task of food preparation in a creative environment.

A portable high pressured nebuliser to give users the confidence to engage in spontaneous behaviour and simplify long distance travelling.

An insight into the design development process. Designed to cater for a wide range of users aged 14+.


Kyung Yoon Min

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7955578707

Major Project


A shoe cleaning machine for industrial use. Compressed air, special detergent and ionised air allows cleaning of dirt and refreshing of shoes within minutes.

How smart materials could innovate and transform kitchen appliances.

Experience 2010/11 Unilever, Packaging design and design in Disruptive Innovation. 2009 Corallo Design Consultant, design internship.


1 Reshu

2 Reshu

3 Medio

A shoe cleaning machine for industrial use such as a sports club.

Sketch of design development by hand and Photoshop.

Medio is a medicine dispensing system for visually impaired people. Medio uses a gear mechanism to allow dispensing of only the amount that is needed.

Jayan Mistry

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7912627680

Major Project

Personal Statement

Outdoor cooking made easier for those with small spaces.

Design and Technology has been a great passion of mine from an early age. The hours of tearing apart products through fascination of how they worked has always driven me to create something new and innovative. Alongside sketching and modelling, my skills extend to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Creo.

Dissertation An investigation into the future of sustainable power generation for the UK.

Experience 2010/11 Hodges & Drake, Leicester.

1 Major Project

2 Sketches

3 Oil Bottle

Easy to use bbq’s for small households that provides the user with an option to choose which fuel they want to cook with.

A selection of initial ideas and development sketches for my major project.

Oil bottle styled in the form of a well known french automotive brand.


Thomas Moore

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7934 450461

Major Project


Vision-Air: A personal, auto-tracking sports camera for urban and extreme sports.

2011/12 - Hodges & Drake Design, Junior Designer

Dissertation An investigation into collecting, and the key characteristics that help to create a collectible product.


1 Vision-Air Final Design

2 Sketch Development

3 Camera Detail

Visualisation of final design.

Concept development for major project.

Detail of the Vision-Air camera.

Sarah New

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7854 621934

Major Project Emergency first aid point for rural areas. When an ambulance cannot arrive on scene in the specified time, this unit provides the necessary equipment and contact with first responders to deal with emergencies.

Dissertation “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.� An investigation into the change in technologies used for waterproofing over the last 40 years.

Experience 2010/11 - Diam International, Updates Assistant 2010 - Creative Direction, Packaging Design

1 Major Project Sketchwork

2 RSA Award

3 Sustainable Design

4 Major Project

Examples of sketch development for Emergency First Aid Point.

Carriage re-design to make a usable space for cyclists, thus creating a comfortable commuting environment for all.

Air cooling device for a room in a temperate climate, also functions as a table and focal point.

Emergency First Aid unit in rural areas equipped for when an ambulance is needed but outside a 15min distance.


Sarah Ng

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44(0)7900 441270 or +852 95577094

Major Project


Laptop table integrated with cooling fan and sockets for use in bed.

2007 - Inc Dot printing Company 2010 - Ming Ho Trading Company

Dissertation An investigation into cultural differences and how this affects customers view of products: A comparison of eastern and western countries.


1 Laptop Table

2 Traveller Reading Light

3 Sleek Design Speaker

Ergonomically designed product for using a laptop in bed with integrated cooling fan and sockets.

A handy reading light for clipping onto books that allows users to read comfortably during their journey.

Sketches and photoshop renderings

Ashley Niven

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7813 588576

Major Project Inclusive automobile pedal extenders that improves inclusivity between users who require the product and users who do not.

Dissertation Evolution of the football boot. Considering design implications on player performance and injury prevention and making recommendations towards future shoes.

Experience 2010 - We Brand It, Artwork Designer

Personal Statement Experienced Adobe software user including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. I have a keen interest in Interaction and Universal (Inclusive) design.

1 Design Week

2 RSA Award

3 Oil Bottle

4 Major Project

Motion technology tap allowing users to simulate the turning of a tap handle to start and stop the water flow.

Re-designed NHS orthopaedic shoe, improving foot support with improved aesthetics and sustainability.

CAD model of an oil bottle in the style of Renault.

Automobile pedal extenders.


Lauren Page

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7986 603689

Major Project Progressive physiotherapy aid for stroke patients. The device will provide force feedback to guide the user through varying movement patterns for their arm and shoulder. Different levels of activity can be set depending on the ability of the patient.

Dissertation An investigation into the influence of branding on consumers forming an emotional attachment to football boots.

Experience 2010/11 – Unilever, Global Packaging Design Group, Packaging Designer. 2010 – Maxim World, Design Intern.

Awards 2012 – James Dyson Foundation Bursary



1 Chip and Pin Machine


3 Stroke Physiotherapy Aid

Re-design of a chip and pin machine to improve security during the process of entering a pin number.

Re-design of a USB stick to demonstrate surface modelling using Creo.

The patient follows the activity on screen whilst moving the device with their hand to complete the activity.

Victoria Peill

BA Industrial Design & Techonology +44(0) 7849 776793

Major Project


A telescopic reaching aid to optimise grip and manipulation for those who suffer from Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis. The precision grip jaw allows users to pick up large items such as tins or smaller ones like coins whilst the dual handle tops relieve the user from maintaining their grip and further damaging their joints.

An investigation into the influences affecting people’s decision-making and behavioural attitudes towards purchasing a new pair of running shoes.

Awards 2006 - Work published in Design & Make it Product Design KS4, Nelson Thornes

1 Major Project

2 RSA Award

3 Fold-away Nutritional Scales

Telescopic Reaching Aid for users with limited grip and manipulation, allowing users to pick up large items like tins to smaller ones like coins.

A system that integrates waiting and boarding the train, allowing commuters to make better use of their travelling time.

Digital scales that enable preparation of healthy balanced meals and correct portion sizes for individuals, couples or groups.


Rebecca Penfold

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7980 213086



Major Project


A temperature regulating, innovative baby carrier for infants aged 0 - 8 months.

An Investigation into how consumer perceptions can influence the positive impact of innovative baby carriers, on parents of young infant’s under the age of one.



2010/11 - SIMTech, Product Innovation and Development Department, Singapore

2012 - James Dyson Foundation Bursary Award

1 Major Project

2 Design Week

3 Mechanical Headphones

4 Major Project

Sketch work development for the early stages of my Final year Design Project.

A method of water delivery for the kitchen.

Headphones modelled in 3D CAD software, with pins and slides.

Final prototype of baby carrier.

Tom Puchalla

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0)7534 275080

Major Project Safe social networking device for children aged 7 to 12. Interchangeable RFID tags use a webcam to display augmented reality creatures on screen.

Dissertation Emerging technologies and their impact on mobile devices and their applications

Experience 2010/11 - Mathmos Design, London

1 Major Project

2 Major Project

3 Universe

4 Major Project

Development sketchwork and form exploration.

Collectable tags are colour-coded with a set of augmented reality creatures.

Styling and model making project; digital note-taking device for students to organise e-documents.

Fingerprint identification enables online interaction for children who have connected in the physical world.


Charlotte Pyatt

BA Industrial Design & Technology

Major Project


Euphoria: An intimate massager which dispenses massage oils and lubricants to promote intimacy between couples through massage and exploration.

Do industrial designers have entrepreneurial attitudes?


Experience EPSRC Research Bursary: Wheelchair racing gloves redesign.


2012 - Shortlisted for RSA Award.

1 Major Project

2 RSA Award

3 Design Week

Euphoria: An intimate massager for couples that dispenses massage oils and lubricants.

Medicine dispenser for children with cystic fibrosis designed to improve the experience of delivering Creon out of the home.

Wings: A device which allows wireless interaction between electronic products in the home.

Jonathan Pybus

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0)7969 457042

Major Project


A portable sports hydration system which provides variable nutrition delivery with increased flexebility and comfort.

How design and form effect nutrition

Experience 2010 - Freelance design work 2011 - Seafresh Desalinators, Design Engineer

Awards 2008 Barton Peveril College - Award for best designer in the college. 2006 Mountbatten School - Trophy for top product designer of the year

1 Major Project

2 Major Project

3 RSA Award

Hydration system casing development.

Three way valve and buckle development.

Re-design of inhaler with expanding volumizer.


Mike Rapicano

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7904 922521

Major Project A system that improves road safety; providing two-way feedback between cyclists and HGV drivers

Dissertation An investigation into encouraging sustainable transportation in major UK cities

Experience 2010 - Numatic International (DPS) 2011 - Waterloo Air Products



1 Sketchwork

2 Xplore

3 Hemisphere

4 Sensei

Sketches from a range of projects.

Hand-made digital mountain navigation device.

Design week project: Hemisphere is an induction heated kettle which can be converted into a small pot.

The cyclist feedback device shown securely attached to bicycles handlebars.

Natalie Raven

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7842 272332

Major Project


Emergency response wheelchair for third world countries after a natural disaster. It compacts for transport and adjusts to suit different sized people.

2010/2011 RGK Wheelchairs, Assistant Design Engineer 2010 Student Associate Scheme


Personal Statement

How do Industrial Design students percieve success in their industry? The origins of these perceptions are explored and their views compared to reality.

On my placement I saw designs from start to end with one of my products currently on sale. My design week project is also currently being considered for development by the company that set the brief.

1 Major Project

2 RSA Entry - mi째

3 Major Project

Emergency response wheelchair for third world countries - proposal and prototyping.

A navigation tool of London for tourists featuring 14 maps for a zoom feel without smart technology.

Concept and development sketchwork from throughout the project.


Joel Rech

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7941 594103

Personal Statement A competent and passionate designer with a broad range of design skills gained from a professional and disciplined environment; good interpersonal skills; keen to utilise the skills, discipline and enthusiasm for design in the commercial world.

Major Project A rucksack and hip belt that redistributes changeable loads to the centre of gravity of the body, enhancing efficiency and support whilst running with a load.

Dissertation The effects of technology in sport and its influences on professional and amateur participants

Experience 2008 Ford Motor Company, Research and Prototyping Facility



1 RSA Award

2 Major Project

3 Design Week

4 Major Project

A portable medication management and communication device for the elderly.

Exploring shapes and forms to merge the rucksack and hip belt as one.

An innovative, widely applicable and accurate system of delivering water in the home.

Internal structure of the semi rigid frame that suspends and distributes the modular 1kg loads.

Edward Reszka

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7837 198505

Personal Statement Throughout my time at Loughborough I have learnt many things on how to become a better Industrial designer. Due to this I was able to complete an extraordinary placement year where I got to participate in all aspects of industrial design from concept design to R.P. The experience gained there was invaluable in terms of preparation for final year.

Major Project My product is a small wearable health advisor which keeps track of multiple aspects of the users health, eg; calories, hydration levels and excersice.

Dissertation My dissertation explores how CAD is used in all areas of design and why CAD software plays an important role in today’s design process.

Experience 2010/2011 Keyox

1 Health Advisor

2 One armed Corkscrew Design

3 Next step for Mobile Phones

The product is small in size and clips to clothing and will be worn by users throughout the day so that they can keep track of their fitness and health.

The aim of this project was to introduce me to NX before my placement year. The design is fully functional (inc mechanism) and ready to be mass manufactured.

This phone design includes 2 screens (5.3” and 3”). The smaller screen is detached from the main unit to become a phone only device.


Gregory Richardson

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0)7506 749074

Personal Statement A BSc product design student who is very passionate in styling and computer aided design. Aim is to make innovative products that solve problems in the real world. Due to such projects as the electro-mechanical can crusher, a good understanding in mechanics and electronics, in both theoretical and practical applications, has been achieved.

Major Project A device to make public toilets more hygienic; the innovative seat design facilitates a spray system which sanitises the seat for the next user.

Dissertation How can product design improve hygiene in public toilets within the UK?

Experience 2011 Gadgets Yard Ltd (China)



1 The Car

2 Toi

3 Dual

Designed and surface modelled car in Creo elements CAD package.

New toilet design to make public toilets more hygienic, and give people more confidence in using them.

Design week project where a kettle was redesigned for increased safety and convenience.

Alexander Roper

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7933 002704

Major Project Sonas is an inclusive audio device designed to bridge the gap between assistive technology and high end audio products. Desirability, performance and clarity.

Dissertation Industrial Designer’s within a Recession: Employment & Economy Growth

Experience 2011 Product Development Technologies 2010/2011 Origin Live Ltd (DPS) 2010 Sport England - Tactile Second Sight 2009 CEDOS Motorcycles

1 Major Project

2 Design Week


4 Major Project

Final Design Development: Wireless Ear Pieces.

Quo - Bistable Flexible Cutlery.

Microsoft Mouse - Reversed Engineered for Additive Manufacture.

Sonas - Interactive Pod/Case.


Graham Sabine

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7545 243040

Major Project


A bicycle trailer for landscape management. When not in use as a trailer it functions as a wheelbarrow for use with the integrated tools.

2010/2011 Broxap Ltd. Trainee Draughtsman

Awards 2012 - 1st Place for CCD Design Week Brief

Dissertation An investigation into developments in design and technology in mountaineering since 1950 to see whether they have improved safety within the sport.


1 Control Room of the Future

2 Major Project

3 MediTemp

A redesign of an emergency control room using emerging technology to improve efficacy and usability.

A bicycle trailer for landscape management.

A temperature moitoring medication container for travellers and adventurers.

Daniel Salisbury

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7714 501666

Major Project


A new type of football shin pad offering greater protection and comfort as well as an innovative player tracking system for training and coaching purposes.

Concept Development Designer at Diageo from June 2010 to July 2011. I worked on brands including Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Guinness with some of my designs going into production. One of these inluded a Smirnoff cocktail dispense font which is currently in thousands of bars across Europe.


How the perception of colour can be used to further Freelance Designer from 2010 to Present. Work reinforce product semantics in Industrial Design. includes 2D and 3D visuals, photography and graphics for a variety of clients.

1 Major Project Final Design

2 Sketchwork

Final design of Invictus; the all-new shin pad. The protective elements of the pad are mounted to a compression sock and cover vulnerable areas of the leg.

Assortment of concept and development sketchwork completed on a graphics tablet during the course of my major project.

3 Xbox 360 Controller Final render of my reverse engineered Xbox controller which was modelling using class-A surface geometry and relationships.


Jonny Salmon

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7591 423675

Major Project Sirius - Hairdryer with reduced energy consumption. Sirius creates a laminar flow that allows the air to be heated more efficiently.

Dissertation A Study of Creativity within Loughborough Design School - Investigating the thoughts of students on established creative methods.

Experience 2010-2011 Centerprise International, Placement Student

Awards Employability Award 2012



1 Sirius - External Form

2 Sirius - Holding Position

3 Discover-e

4 Sirius - Internal Form

Sirius has two inlet points and creates a bladeless arrangement in the barrel.

The dryer features a grip that positions the users hand away from the air inlets and allows control over movement.

The classically styled e-book encourages more users to engage with the technology.

Air is warmed by the ceramic heating element before being fed into the barrel. Air is drawn in through the back.

James Sargeant

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44(0) 7921 860273

Major Project


A high-end hydroponic indoor gardening product and lighting unit that grows chilli plants and other fresh ingredients to be used in home cooked recipes.

Is sustainability a priority within the Electronic and Electronic Equipment (EEE) industry?

Awards Supreme Creations University Competition Winner

1 Major Project

2 Table Top Teaching Aid

3 Drill Concept Ideation

A high-end hydroponic indoor gardening product and lighting unit.

Allows teachers to cover table surface with chosen topic material, speeding up the learning process by increasing child’s exsposure to subject content.

Hand drawn renderings of various drill concepts.


Nick Schneider

BSc Product Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7969 771506

Major Project


An interactive relaxation aid utilising EEG brain activity monitoring. The user controls the device by entering into a relaxed and focussed state of mind.

2011/2012 Brain activity data capture project with JCB 2010/2011 AP Valves, Research & Development



Hampton School Design & Technology prize 2005

An investigation into the emerging use of brain activity monitoring in product design.


1 Zen

2 Zen Design Development

3 CAD Reverse Engineering

Mind controlled relaxation device.

Developing the devices aesthetic through sketch investigation.

Creo Elements Pro & Keyshot.

Emily Kate Seagrove

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7894 008171

Major Project I.C.E : Emergency Response First Aid Kit for Beach Lifeguards

Dissertation Have smartphones fundamentally changed the way students communicate and if so why?

Experience 2010/2011 The Extreme Sports Company

1 I.C.E


3 RSA Award

4 Major Project

Emergency Response First Aid Kit designed specifically for beach lifeguards to improve performance.

Headphones reverse engineered using Pro Engineer.

Ecobooth: An environmentally friendly adaptable work space for shared offices.

Sketches from the design development stages.


Andrew Shiels

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7799 368364

Personal Statement A passionate, talented and versatile young designer with an acute eye for styling and external aesthetic. Through my education and experiences so far I have gained a good grounding in various disciplines of design. My skill set reflects this having a blend of both creative and technical elements.

Major Project An adjustable all-in-one furniture structure that transforms between armchair, sofa and table.

Dissertation Exploring the impact of digital consumer behaviour on the management of branding in the consumer electronics industry.

Experience 2009/12 Creative Freelance - Global Clients 2010/11 Designer - Reckitt Benckiser 2010/11 Designer - Little Lou London

Awards 2011 BGA Design Award 2010 Maximum Exposure Award 2009 Ergonomics Design Prize



1 Major Project

2 Freehand Sketching

3 Rendering

Saving space and adding convenience, adapt accounts for every situation.

A series of development drawings and sketches from my Major Project.

A photoshop render of a custom Nike trainer.

Lawrence Skeen-Smith

BA Industrial Design & Technology

Major Project

Personal Statement

A different approach to sun shade design which utilises a customisable natural form which is stable, portable and durable.

I am a focused and well-motivated individual, with good observational and analytical skills. I draw my inspiration from simplistic and intuitive design and I have an admiration for designs that rediscover established products and reinvent them in new, reduced and elegant ways.

Dissertation An investigation into the UK domestic garden, looking at current and future product design opportunities and the benefits these bring to garden users.

1 RSA Project

2 Design Week Project


An interactive sign-in board for Construction Sites.

An intuitive and accessible kitchen faucet design to aid the elderly and more infirm.

Steam Iron reverse engineered using ProEngineer, including parts suitable for Additive Manufacturing.


George Smart

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS georgesmartdesigns +44 (0)7870 282672


Major Project


An adaptable children’s bicycle that aims to eliminate the need for multiple products when learning to ride at a young age. Numerous stages at which the frame can be secured allow the bike to be adapted to suit the child’s height and ability, making it a more comfortable learning experience, whilst saving money and reducing waste.

An investigation into how global furniture companies can help small to medium sized UK based manufacturers become more sustainable with their wood waste.

Experience 2010/11 deVOL Kitchens Ltd

1 Adaptable children’s bicycle

2 Caddi golf guide

3 ProGlow wristband

Render shows the product progress from balance bike through to full pedal bike by adjusting the frame and adding cranks.

Concept sketches for a handheld device to help golfers track distances on each hole, familiarise themselves with new courses and improve their game.

This wrist worn product is designed to make commuters feel safer when walking alone in the dark by acting as a convenient personal alarm.

Jamie Snook

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0)7927 564444

Major Project


The Voyage : A vintage styled product that aims to revitalise the traditional wet shaving experience for the established gentleman, providing the necessary elements to allow a therapeutic, enjoyable shave. The product provides a personal face towel steamer and automatic shaving foam dispenser.

An Investigation into how consumer perceptions of products differ as a result of aesthetics, and the effect gender has upon those perceptions.

Experience 2010/11 Alliance Boots, Packaging Technologist Freelance Designer

1 The Voyage

2 RSA Competition - BrekFlask

3 DAB Radio

Made from rich hardwoods and Corian. Provides a hot steamed towel and automatic shaving foam dispenser.

A product and service that tackles the lack of nutrition consumed by early morning commuters on the London Underground.

Consumer product styled on the Bugatti Veyron.


Matthew Standing

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0)7588 025464


Major Project


Scuba Diving Hydration Device: The aim of this project was to deliver a product that would allow scuba divers to hydrate themselves while submerged without any risk to themselves, and to provide the option of a heated drink. A key aim was to create an easy to use product to minimise risk to new and experienced divers alike.

How can playing computer games affect people’s performance in academia, with focus on design and other creative areas.

1 Design Week Gaming Phone

2 FYDP Sketches

3 3D Modelling

A CAD render of a gaming phone designed for those who want more from their gaming phones displaying it’s ‘gaming’ and ‘discrete’ mode.

Quick sketches done in the early stages of the final year design project created with graphic pen and quickly applied marker.

A prototype model of a hand-held electronic recipe book, fabricated by hand using a variety of tools and materials.

Laura Starr

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0)7961 266026

Major Project

Future Plans

SlinkieSpuds | A novel children’s kitchen appliance used to prepare spiral cut crisps. A sweet potato, powered by a motor is cut into a spiral shape whilst oil is dispensed onto it.

From September I will be working within a Product Technology Graduate Scheme under the role of an Assistant Technologist. I am interested in the process after concept generation and am very excited to be able to transfer this enthusiasm into a large establishment.

Dissertation If a product begins life as a fad is it doomed? Reflecting on the ‘Rubik’s Cube®’ brand.

1 SlinkieSpuds

2 Blood Donation Unit

3 Injection Moulded Widget

A novel children’s kitchen appliance used to prepare healthy, spiral cut crisps.

Ergonomic re-design of a Mobile Blood Donation Unit working closely with the Welsh Blood Service.

A wire tidy, intended for use as a promotional product for a leading energy company.


Phillip Stone

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7756 817108


Major Project


A stylish and automated amphibious vivarium for beginner pet owners that minimises maintenance and increases desirability through a modern and sleek style.

An investigation into the legitimacy of the use of bioplastics as a replacement for petrochemical based plastics.

1 Major Project

2 Nemaura Pharma proposal

3 Design Practice Second Year

A rendering of the amphibious vivarium along with some development sketches.

A glucose monitoring watch for diabetics.

Presentation sketches of a handheld survivalist guide.

Tom Sykes

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7869 459080

Major Project Interactive Dance Trainer: Utilising accelerometer technology urban dance is taught in an interactive experience through a smartphone.

Dissertation Design for better health and well-being: mobile and entertainment technology. In a market saturated by health products, which deliver the goods?

Experience 2010/11 Junior Designer, Toout Industrial Design, China.

Awards James Dyson Foundation Bursary Award 2012

1 Major Project

2 Major Project: Development Sketches

3 Bristan Tap Concept

High quality render to aid user research in assessing stylings suitability. Illustration made using Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Exploration of fixing mechanism and assembly process with enhanced illustrations using CAD models.

Innovative design featuring an optional automatic off system making saving water and hygienic food preparation easier.


Craig Thurston

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7966 706478

Major Project


A children’s introductory cooking aid aimed at 8-12 year olds, focusing on safe and intuitive interaction.

Can additive manufacturing enable the mass customisation of consumer products?

Experience Personal Statement Over the last four years at university I have developed a wide range of skills and a passion for design. In the future I would like to work within a development role within a design team to broaden my skills further.



2010/11 - Redd Europe Ltd. Junior Designer

1 Design Week

2 Major Project


4 Major Project

Induction heated kettle utilizes visual cues to form an ‘outstanding’ user experience.

Development sketch work.

Reverse engineered iron optimised for additive manufacture.

A children’s cooking aid aimed at developing cooking skills through safe interaction.

Jessica Turberville

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7778 37439

Major Project Glo: Using research into how light affects human sleep cycles Glo was developed to encourage more beneficial sleep patterns.

Dissertation An analysis into how men and women perceive colour and its application in product placement.

1 Aqua

2 Crayon

3 Shop and Share

4 Glo

A look into how taps can be designed to aid the elderly around the sink and kitchen.

A discrete method of medicating children and young adults with eczema to discourage bullying and shaming.

A mobile phone app that was developed to enable easier sharing of shopping bills between univeristy students.

Providing ambient lighting in the home to improve sleep cycles.


Student Tom Turner Name

Degree BA Industrial Title +Design BA or&BSC Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7706 208 734


Major Project


A product Testius volest, which officae provides comniamus, clean water quosam for small re, ulparchicae groups of people corepudis in developing serias autcountries, haris cumquam via ut volupta dolorit distillation. Theaturias product aut provides faceatur? the Et quiandi inctior stakeholder with the aliqui means sustem to purify explatiTusda a range volupta tassimin of water with conectatium the knowledge et essitas thatpelesseque it will be nulpari con eatum clean enough ilisto conem. drink Ut once experiorum it has passed natur abo. Tis through the stages contained within the product. voluptassim

The effects Final Year Project of household description waterquamus, treatment officient. in Ipsum que dem developing nations. di inullent ommodit ectibus dem dolection perupta.

Experience 2010/11 Dura, Design Intern. Awards Popai Silver Award 2010 Red dot Award 2012

1 Major Project

2 Major Project

3 Auto-Injector

A water distiller for developing countries.

A water distiller for developing countries. Side elevation.

Redesign of an Auto-Injector to help users tackle the everyday issues surrounding its use.

Student FilippaName Vajda

BA Industrial Design Degree & Technology Title + BA or + DPS BSC +44 (0) 7540 555043

Major Major Project Project

A men’svolest, hairdryer incorporating technology Testius officae comniamus,FIR quosam re, aimed at 18-30 year olds. It makes hairdrying for ut ulparchicae corepudis serias aut haris cumquam men less intrusive into their daily routine whilst volupta dolorit aturias aut faceatur? eliminating any stigma to male grooming Et quiandi inctior aliquiattached sustem explatiTusda volupta through design styling aimed exclusively at nulpari men. tassimin conectatium et essitas pelesseque The FIR technology stimulates hair growth con eatum ilis conem. Ut experiorum naturwhich abo. Tis is a huge concern amongst today’s young male voluptassim population.

Dissertation Dissertation

To what hasdescription masculine quamus, product design styling Final Yearextent Project officient. been affected by perceptions of masculinity between Ipsum que dem di inullent ommodit ectibus dem 1950 and today? dolection perupta.

Awards Awards

2010/201 1 Artform International, Design Developer Popai Silver Award 2010 2010 Cambridge Industrial Design Red dot Award 2012

1 Major Project - ‘Headcase’

2 ‘MoneyMate’

3 ‘NeuroProd’

The Far Infrared hairdryer aimed specifically at men and the emerging male grooming market.

A phone app to assist the user in budgeting. A ‘Sobriety Test’ prevents unintentional overspending, allowing further spending only if the test is passed.

Brain monitoring technology used in office environments to make users aware of high & low productivity points during the day encouraging efficient breaking.


Shivalee Vichhi

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7976 047190

Personal Statement In every walk of life, the influence of good design abounds; it persuades consumers likes or dislikes and determines purchasing decisions. It is my desire to be part of such a vibrant industry where I can have the tremendous potential to contribute products that are both practical and aesthetically appealing.

Major Project Zanzi was inspired by the idea of creating homemade, fresh and personal Masala blends that would infuse and flavour daily cooking. The product uses drying and grinding methods to produce a unique and tasty spice blend each and every time.

Dissertation How has the influence of culinary trends developed the design of household kitchen appliancs to meet consumer needs?

Experience 2010/11 Locomocean Ltd, Junior Designer



1 Major Project - Zanzi

2 Photoshop Renders

3 RSA - Commuter Concierge

A creative kitchen appliance designed to dehydrate and grind fresh herbs or spices to enhance the flavour and experience of everyday cooking.

Various views of the Zanzi spice blender & internal detailing.

C2 is a portable tablet PC for the executive commuter. It is designed to eliminate boredom and keep people informed during their daily journey.

David Village

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7788 421298

Personal Statement It is my ambition to move into the field of toy design and create fun and compelling products for younger users. I maintain an active lifestyle and I have recently achieved a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Acting as the media secretary on my Taekwondo clubs committee I have experience advertising for the club and maintaining its website.

Major Project Identifi encourages kids to explore local natural environments by equipping them with the means to observe, study and record natural species.

Dissertation A study into Emotional Product Design and how it affects consumer buying trends in today’s modern market.

Experience 2010/11 Princess Yachts International PLC, Plymouth, Devon, Junior Designer

Awards 2007/08 Coventry University - Foundation Art and Design - Distinction

1 Identifi - Rendered CAD Model

2 Final Year Design Sketch Work

3 Solo Trex

A wrist mounted interactive ecological database to enable children to identify, study and record British species of plants and insects.

Concept development sketches for the form of Identifi which takes inspiration from the exoskeletons of insects.

Aesthetic prototype model of an electronic guidebook for backpackers travelling abroad.


Vikram Vishwanath

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7593 024526

Personal Statement As an Industrial Designer my aim has always been to conceptualize and produce inspirational products that lure the users in with their aesthetic beauty, functional relevance and their ability to solve a problem or satisfy a need with finesse and professionalism. I approach all challenging projects with tenacity and diligence, with an adaptive and versatile perspective. I possess the metal and physical stamina required to endure long and demanding hours of work.

Major Project Redesigning the Laptop Cooler. A clever dock that protects and cools high end laptops increasing their life and performance.

Dissertation A look at Apple’s influence on consumer behaviour and product design trends.

Experience 2010/11 Jaguar Land Rover, Jaguar Cars Advanced Design Intern 2011/12 Archibald Optics, Lead Brand Designer



1 Sketch Practice

2 Final Year Project

3 Kenwood Mobile Kitchen Project

Product concept sketches.

Environment anticipating Laptop Cooler.

Mobile cooking station to entertain guests anywhere.

Mark Wafforne

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7875 595156

Major Project


An adjustable modular interface for the attachment of sports equipment on a specified range of wheelchairs.

2010/11 Industrial Placement at Dignity Beds, London 2011 Student Bursary at Loughborough University 2010 Tactile Sports Design Team at Loughborough University

Dissertation The Technological Developments of the Paralympic Games.

Awards POPAI Student Design Award 2010- Bronze POPAI Student Design Award 2011 - Gold

1 Major Design Project

2 Design Week – ‘Whiskee’ Whisk

3 Major Design Project Sketchwork

Main visual of the Hand-Cycle attachment on a standard wheelchair. Created in Pro/Engineer Creo and rendered using Keyshot 2.

An engaging whisk that allows you to select the right whisk head for the right job. The silicone heads are semi flexible making it easier to clean.

Compilation of sketches for major project development. A mixture of pencil, marker and 2D tablet based sketches.


William Warr

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7817 980286

Major Project A filming aid for extreme sports videographers designed to help steady video footage with the use of cords.

Dissertation Social Media: It’s format, Use and Application in Successful Product Promotion and Development.

Experience 2010/11 Creative Designer at 5or6, Loughborough Internship with Digit, London Freelance Photographer

Awards Design and Technology Prize at Bloxham School



1 Bag Lock for Commuters

2 GPS for Mountain Bikers

3 Silicone Pouring Aid

4 CAD Rendering

A tamper-proof personal locking device for commuters, armed with an alarm and pulsing light to deter theives.

A prototype for a touch screen handheld GPS unit for extreme sports goers.

An appliance to aid preparation of fresh, homemade soups with an inbuilt heating element.

Pro Engineer Creo / Keyshot 3 rendering of final year project.

Christopher Weir

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7769 900142

Major Project


Beekeeping is on the decline, with one of the reasons being that beekeeping is seen as an old fashioned countryside activity. The Urb overcomes these stereotypes by providing a more attractive, modern and less daunting solution for a novice. The addition of technology makes the Urb suitable for educational and social uses.

Is the use of innovative design important in healthcare, especially during patient rehabilitation?

Experience 2012 Electrolux DesignLab Logo Competition Finalist 2010/11 Student Designer at Benson Group 2009 Junior Designer at Born Solutions

1 Major Project – The URB

2 Major Project – Sketches

3 Design Week - Tap Design

Final renders of the Urb, showing the scale of the product as well as an exploded view where the individual modular parts are visible.

A collection of concept and development sketches which led to the final design of the Urb.

Final renders of the Mirage, a kitchen tap concept.


Benjamin Wholley

BSc Product Design & Technology +44 (0) 7921 833888


Major Project


The Like Vinyl Deck maintains the feel of real vinyl and functions the same as a turntable, keeping the art of DJing alive. Its appearance is much the same as a turntable without the need for a tone arm, thus removing the issue of needles skipping. This gives vinyl DJs an alternative deck to use and also means they won’t have to carry their vinyl’s with them.

An evaluation of the development of DJ equipment and the addition of new features, which allows different styles of mixing and new techniques.

1 Like Vinyl Deck

2 Heating Handle

3 The Beatle

A turntable that uses digital media; when playing, the tracks can be manipulated the same way as on a vinyl turntable, maintaining the art of turntablism.

A handle that will heat up the interchangeable head in place, thus making arduous tasks like scooping ice cream or cutting butter much easier.

A touch screen device with a rear-view camera. It can record live sets whilst filming the crowd and scan vinyls to gather relevant track information.

Rowan Williams

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7411 979210

Major Project


An inclusive food preparation system that aids with gripping and stability for individuals (aged 1830) who are rehabilitating from hemiplegia due to a stroke.

An investigation into the successes, failings and consumer recognition and perception of consumer electronic brands between 1990 to 2012.



2010/11 Vax Ltd 2007/10 Thornhill Eco Design Ltd.

June 2012 Design Innovation in Plastics Finalist August 2011 Keyshot® Customer of the Month

1 CAD/CAMM - Pro/E

2 RSA Award - TheHub

3 Design Week - tourné

4 Major Project - pego

A Pro Engineer surface model of a D-SLR camera, rendered in Keyshot® and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Improving communication systems within local communities to encourage intergenerational activity.

A development on the ebook that resonates with the users aspirations through improved experience and interaction.

The stabilising and gripping of foodstuff through an innovative product that aids individuals with hemiplegia.


Jake Wise

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7512 595324

Personal Statement


I have always been passionate about design for as long I can remember. I have always loved being able to create things, spurred on by that feeling you get when your happy with the final creation.

The real cost of young pedestrians using personal electronic devices and whether design can facilitate change.


Major Project

2011/12 Freelance Graphic/Designer Enginears: An interestingly functional pair of 2010/11 Protean Design, Junior Designer headphones that aims to promote social interaction, while creating a perfectly, unobtrusive user experience.


1 Major Project Enginears

2 The Universal Table

3 Roto Tap

Enginears has a built in MP3 player and two screens for social and personal use. An adjustable slider plugs the gap, providing the music.

A table designed for muscular dystrophy sufferers, to aid standing up from a seated position and to fit in with the modern day home.

The design focus of this tap was to promote water conservation through a new method of water delivery.

Paweena Wongmahacharoen

BA Industrial Design & Technology +66 (0) 8688 28819

Major Project THron - A 5 litre beverage dispenser that can chill beverage from room to frozen temperature in 5-10 minutes. It is designed for pubs and beer gardens to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor social gathering. This beverage dispenser can serve frozen drink to 3-4 people at once.

Dissertation A study into consumer behaviour towards domestic brands in trainer shoe industry in Thailand.

Experience 2010/12 Logo and Packaging Freelance Designer

1 THron - Beverage Dispenser

2 DotBook - E-Book for Blind Children

3 DecoServa. Frost. Slice. Serve.

A beverage dispenser that is capable of chilling beverage from room to frozen temperature in 5-10 minutes to serve a group of 4 people at once.

Appearance model for a handheld electronic book designed especially for visually impaired children age 6-8 years.

3-in-1 cake frosting, slicing, and serving tool with slots & locks mechanism to easily assemble for different functions.


Ellie Woolf

BA Industrial Design & Technology + DPS +44 (0) 7895 252592

Major Project


Bambeeno comfortably holds your newborn during feeding then when placed in the cot slowly unfolds to provide a soft, flat surface to sleep on, lessening the chance of your baby waking. It is made from sustainable, soft bamboo fabric.

2010/11 Tesco, Retail Planning and Design Shadowing at Saatchi & Saatchi in Design Team Pulse Design Consultancy

Dissertation Women in Design: Participation and Recognition from University to Industry.


Awards 2012 Creative Student Award 2007 Engineering Education Scheme Bronze Award 2006 Arkwright Scholarship

1 Bambeeno

2 Bambeeno


Major Project Appearance Prototype.

Concept Development.

Sushi kit designed for the western user to make sushi preparation easier and more intuitive.

Tom Zierer

BA Industrial Design & Technology +44 (0) 7952 841801

Major Project


A sustainable alternative to the current sports drink industry. A concentrated gel tab situated in the cap encourages the reuse of bottles and reduces the cost of transportation.

An investigation into how the market perceives Apple products, the brand values and the quality of the design.

1 Major Project

2 Redesign of a Printer

3 Tap Concept Design

Renders of the vending machine and bottle top.

A printer that uses continuous ink supply technology to help reduce costs and waste materials from current cartridges.

Final renders of a concept tap design that uses hand gestures to adjust the temperature and water flow.


Special thanks to

The Degree show Committee, Steve Summerskill & Rhoda Trimingham, for making this book and the degree show possible.

Loughborough Design School Loughborough University Leicestershire UK LE11 3TU +44 (0)1509 226900 Editors: Steve Summerskill & Rhoda Trimingham ISBN: 978 1 907382 57 4

Loughborough Design School Degree Show 2012  

Annual celebration of the work of Loughborough Design School's final year Industrial Design and Technology and Product Design and Technology...

Loughborough Design School Degree Show 2012  

Annual celebration of the work of Loughborough Design School's final year Industrial Design and Technology and Product Design and Technology...