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Jump for Joy SUMMER /AU T UMN 201 9

Jump for Joy


Jagdhof 2019


e m o c l e W

Ready for your Jump for Joy?

We’ll you get fit – for holiday joy! Having added several strings to our bow this year, our food front now features the brand new jSPA Cuisine concept as well as delicious barbecues in the rustic Stadel barn. Hungry for more? Try our truly tasty Tyrolean night – a weekly showcase of the best food Tyrol has to offer! In addition to healthy jSPA Cuisine, your fitness joy is assured with our unique activity programme with fitness trainer Julia, as well as guided hikes in the fresh mountain air with Armin Stern. The same can be said of our new !QMS Medicosmetics treatments – carefully chosen by SPA manager Lenka for beautiful, youthful and healthy skin. And then there are our fresh beer sauna ‘Aufguss’ sessions with sauna attendants Klaus & Klaus.... Intrigued? In the following pages we share our Jagdhof life and open up the wonderful Stubai Valley to you – from May to Advent. The first step to holiday joy? Our highly personalised service, friendly hospitality and traditions – the reasons why we were nominated for the Luxury Spa Awards this year, as well as being awarded 3 Falstaff forks and 16 Gault&Millau points. Exceeding your expectations? That’s our passion!

We look forward to welcoming you! The Pfurtscheller family

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

34 – 35 Immerse yourself in jSPA highlights PLUS: The best packages for beauty, wellness and a made-to-measure energy boost.


Top coaching – get summer fit with our activity programme PLUS: In conversation with top coach Julia.

Contents Helping you get fit for summer!


Workout with Julia


Wild waters run deep, and the mountains rise high… The hiker’s passion

18 – 19

1 card – 1,000 possibilities 

We are BIG FAMILY – freedom and time together in Stubai’s BIG Family summer and autumn.

15 16 – 17


18 – 19

The company of friends...

20 – 21

Brand new jSPA Cuisine – your energy boost22

32 – 33

It’s getting hot – tips for the best sauna experience from Klaus & Klaus!

Jagdhof 2019



Truly tasty and Tyrolean!


BBQ in the Stadel barn


Cool at the Jagdhof bar


Our legendary HD Bike Meeting

26 – 27

Driving at its finest – Porsche meet

28 – 29

Laid-back anti-ageing

30 – 31

It’s getting hot!

32 – 33

jSPA highlights

34 – 35

Wine Days 2019.4

36 – 38

The Jagdhof’s wine cellar


10 – 13


Autumn whispers in Stubai

40 – 41

The glacier calls…

42 – 43

Run-up to Christmas

44 – 45

5-star inclusive services


JOY – the perfect gift


Rooms & tariffs Happy Stubai – the home of happiness

48 – 51 51


10 – 17 It’s all flow at the peak of hiking delight – following the

WildeWasserWeg trail to the eternal ice. Guided hikes. The hottest out(door)fits PLUS: One card for 1,001 possibilities.

26 – 27 Thunder in Stubai – the legendary HD Bike Meeting takes place from June 23rd to 30th.

28 – 29

A cult on 4 wheels – the Porsche 911 meeting in September promises zippy drives and hot highlights. Not to be missed!

36 – 38

Vintage luxury – the Jagdhof’s wine year culminates with Wine Days 2019.4. Featuring Cheval Blanc, Château Figeac, Tenuta Guado al Tasso, Matarocchi, Le Montrachet, Chevalier-Montrachet, Bâtard-Montrachet, Domaine Dujac, Marquis d’Angerville, LigerBelair... Presented by the Jagdhof, Rare-BordeauxWeine, Morandell and Kate & Kon.

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

g n i h c a o c p o T Get fit for summer! Summer, we’re coming! On foot, of course. Our fitness instructors motivate you to continue your fitness holiday at home...

Indoor activity programme From aqua gym and Legs, Bums and Tums to Yoga. Discover personal training at the Jagdhof gym with the latest TechnoGym equipment for optimal strength training. Or enjoy our Fit & Fun facilities in the spinning room for effective endurance training. Improved coordination, muscle strength and weight loss with tailor-made exercise programmes!


Jagdhof 2019


Heard about Plate One? Vibration training is quick and effective. It builds muscle, improves coordination and flexibility, increases bone density, reduces cellulite, boosts the release of hormones, improves fat burning, releases tension and relieves pain. This way to a healthy, relaxed bikini body!

Outdoor fans listen up! How about a guided hike with our hiking pro Armin? Or tennis tuition on our tennis courts? Or bike trips, Nordic walking tours, invigorating walks and morning runs in spring? As you wish – step into summer fitness!

#Personal Training #Personal Coaching #Gym #Fitness #Spinning #Plate One #Aqua Gym #Yoga #Legs Bums and Tums #Tennis #Hiking Tours #Bike Trips #Nordic Walking #Summits #Active Programme

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

Fit and healthy

Workout with Julia

Julia is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, as well as a qualified fitness and tennis coach. Guests working out with Julia will all know her motto – variety makes life more fun!

Julia, how do you motivate couch potatoes?

Won’t the sauna do the same thing?

With a smile! (Laughs.) No, being active is what’s

Yes, the sauna increases the skin’s metabolism by about

important. A combination of stamina and strength

40%! The sauna’s high temperatures stimulate blood

training with rest periods is ideal. Variety in training

flow in the cells, which also helps to eliminate toxins.

allows our bodies to work and therefore increases blood

Spa days in the summer pay off too!

pressure – perfect for anyone who feels too lethargic to work out. Exercise is the best way to focus the mind and keep the body healthy. Can exercise make you happy? Working






All about:


Fitness trainer Julia has been

metabolism, it has also been proven to boost the release

motivating guests at the

of endorphins. There’s a good reason why guests jump

SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof since

for joy at the Jagdhof!

2014. She loves working with discerning guests from all

Tell us your summer nutrition tips.

over the world to motivate

Vitamins and phytochemicals are the nuts and bolts

them with workouts that

of healthy eating. Fruits and vegetables are in season

make a noticeable difference.

in summer and autumn, so help yourself whenever you can! Fresh, natural smoothies are ideal – they are refreshing and give you a great vitamin boost. And the secret to the perfect summer complexion? Lots of fresh Tyrolean mountain air! I love outdoor activities – whether it’s on the WildeWasserWeg, at the Stubai waterfalls, on the glacier or in the valley. The outdoors has huge health benefits as well as giving you the perfect rosy complexion.


Available throughout the year

‘Exercise makes you happy and gets your circulation and metabolism going.’


Jagdhof 2019

 3 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 sports massage (40 mins) ●  Fitness programme with sports, exercise classes and Yoga sessions ●  Walks with our guide Armin Stern ● ●

Price per person 3 nights from €633

We a f te l o o k r yo u!


Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy


Jagdhof 2019


g n i t a r o g Invi Stubai


experience Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

flow run deep, and the ’s allwaters tI Wild mountains rise high…

Exploring fascinating waters on the WildeWasserWeg trail A report by Barbara Riesner


I’ve set aside six hours and want to see everything:

Silver arrow – 200m drop

the glacier fields glistening in the sun, the turquoise

My walk divides into three relatively easy stages. Setting

mountain lakes, the little springs that gather, eventually

off on the right bank of the Ruetz, I’m delighted to

forming thundering waterfalls, the meadows, alluvial

discover the first highlight: the Grawa waterfall – it’s the

land and all conceivable forms of water, elixir of life.

widest in the whole of the Eastern Alps and changes

Jagdhof 2019


its appearance depending on the quantity of water that

colourful glacial polishes until I arrive at a glacier lake

runs down it. Stepped cascades, billowing curtains of

below the Peiljoch ridge. This point is where the wild

water, roaring torrents… the spray tickles my skin as I

water bubbles to the surface, beginning its journey into

perceive the water’s power with all my senses. Time to

the valley and marking the end of the walk. Today’s tour

continue to the Sulzenegg and the Sulzenau Alm. What

may sadly be finished, but I’m far from done with this

a place! This idyllic Alpine hut is the perfect spot for a

area – I’ll be back!

snack – cheers! The splendid Grawa waterfall plunges down 200 vertical metres to the green pastureland like

WildeWasserWeg trail

a silver arrow. Amazing! And the second stage will soon

Stage 1: WildeWasserArena – Ruetz cataract –

reach its conclusion at the Sulzenau hut.

Tschangelair Alm – Grawa waterfall/Grawa Alm, 1.5 hours of walking, 120m climb, 3.5km long. The path

Glaciers rediscovered

is pushchair-friendly – wheelchair users can negotiate

The third and final stage! This route seems designed by

the path with assistance.

nature to teach me about glaciers as I make my way

Stage 2: Grawa waterfall – Sulzenau Alm – Sulzenau

to the foot of the Sulzenauferner. I’ve never seen the

hut, 2.5 hours of walking, 660m climb, around 4km

different aspects of a glacier landscape at such close


quarters and in such impressive fashion. Past rugged

Stage 3: Sulzenau hut – Sulzenauferner (glacier),

towers, vast moraine lakes and turquoise mountain

1.5 hours of walking, 400m climb, 3km long.

lakes like the Blaue Lacke, I walk alongside smooth,

Tip: Summer night hikes 16.07 & 06.08.2019, 7.30pm


30.06 – 17.08.2019

Twice a year, the Stubai Valley holds a traditional

Fit f o s um r th e mer

foodie night hike. Visit the local food stalls along the WildeWasserWeg for culinary delights accompanied by the light of the moon, torches and atmospheric music!

 4 or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 intense head, shoulder & neck massage (40 mins) and 1 partial body massage (25 mins) ● S  tubai. Die Berge und das Tal – Heinz Zak’s latest book (1 copy per room) ●  1 Jagdhof water bottle ●  VIP guest admission to Swarovski Crystal Worlds ●  Guided walks as per walking programme ●  Complimentary walking pole and backpack rental ●  Bottled water for your day out ●  Stubai Super Card ● ●

21.07 – 17.08.2019 Price per person

4 nights from €979 7 nights from €1,610

7 nights for the price of 6 or 4 nights for the price of 3!

30.06 – 20.07.2019 Price per person 4 nights from €727 7 nights from €1,316

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

n k fuhiker’s PeaThe passion… Wander far and wide – and high! With the best guides.

For every requirement

the Alpine region perform between arresting rock

Leisurely walker, energetic hiker, dynamic mountaineer

faces and gigantic white glaciers. The fun starts on

or agile climber? Whatever your style, you can look

the preceding evening in Neustift’s village square and

forward to:

surrounding bars.

 109 three-thousanders

 850km of signposted hiking trails

 Numerous via ferratas

 More than 50 mountain huts

 Glacier lakes and summit crosses

 Pushchair and wheelchair-friendly footpaths

 And much more

Jagdhof hiking programme  Family hike with a stop at the hotel’s

own Isse mountain lodge  Guided sunrise hike with breakfast  Guided foodie and adventure walks  Hiking map and tips

Culture tip:

 Complimentary walking equipment hire: backpacks

23rd Stubai Almklang Alpine Music Event: 11.08.2019


and walking poles  Stubai Super Card with free use of the cable cars

Enjoy legendary Alpine singing and traditional brass

music in Pinnistal as 15 folk music groups from across

Jagdhof 2019

 Professional tips and tricks!


Just get it!

1 card – 1,000 possibilities Free for guests at the Jagdhof from 25 May to 20 October 2019: The Stubai Super Card!

 Free use of the Stubai Gletscherbahn cable car,

Serlesbahnen cable cars, Schlick 2000 cable cars and the Elferbahnen cable cars in Neustift: 1 ascent and descent per day  Free travel on Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe buses

running between Mutterberg and Innsbruck, and on the Stubai Valley Railway Fulpmes-Innsbruck-Fulpmes  One 3-hour ticket per week for the new StuBay leisure

centre, plus free admission to the Neustift indoor pool and the Miederer Schwimmbad’l pool  One summer toboggan ride in Mieders per week

Card holders also enjoy a 30% discount on: … ‘The Sightseer’ bus in Innsbruck …R  afting adventures in the Stubai Valley …T  he new AIR-PARC StuBay …S  tubai Glacier Ice Grotto (opens 29 June) …T  axi travel from Neustift to Oberiss …B  ird of prey park in Telfes …A  dditional trips on the summer toboggan run in Mieders …M  ini golf course in Fulpmes …N  ativity crib museum in Fulpmes …B  ergisel Ski Jump Stadium in Innsbruck including gondola and elevator … Combined Innsbruck Museums ticket … Cinema in Fulpmes

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

Shopping tip: You’ll find top outfits and expert advice at Schönherr in Neustift –


Jagdhof 2019


e d i u g e l Sty Out(door)fit

The mountain calls… and we respond – perfectly equipped, of course! Photos: Andre Schönherr – Sport Mode Schönherr

Colourful! Colour your life. With outfits that look cool and make you smile.

Perfect layers... ‘Layering’ is the outdoor professional’s secret weapon. If you want to be prepared for all weathers, rely on the layered look.

Details matter It can get rather chilly at lofty heights, especially early in the mornings and evenings. Don’t forget hat, gloves, a suitable backpack and UV-protective sunglasses!

Walking on sunshine Anyone entering new territory on foot knows that footwear is key. Tip: When purchasing walking boots or shoes, top advice is indispensable – and you may find you also need special insoles or customised footwear.

it’s a sports shop, a boutique, and a cycle and ski hire shop! Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

BIG Family fun Indoor adventure pool. Heated outdoor pool. Treatments for kids and teens. Jagdhof Kitz & Teenagers’ Clubs. And discover the Stubai Valley with a guide. The BIG Family Stubai Summer Card is free for all kids under 15, giving them free admission to swimming pools, the raptor park in Telfes and free transport on the Stubai Valley’s four cable cars for easy and fun family holidays!

! e e r f e r e’ are BIG FAMILY! WWe

Kids have the best time in the Stubai Valley! Whether it’s at the Jagdhof or on super-cool discovery adventures in the forests, on the water or in the air...

Supervised kids’ programme in the Stubai Valley from 24 June to 6 September and from 30 September to 25 October 2019. With super highlights!

BIG Family Summer Club: kids aged 5+ ●

 Forest adventure and games day at the Schlick 2000

 Field games and fun with water at the Serlesbahnen

 Farm visit with pony rides and Hanna the Hen

 Forest adventure with Rudi Rucksack in Klaus Äuele

Mieders cable cars

Jagdhof Kitz Club For kids from 4 to 12 years old. Playground included! Open every day 10am-9pm during school holidays, and in term time Monday to Friday 10am-1pm and 4pm-9pm, Sunday 4pm-9pm and by prior arrangement. Food: afternoon and evening meals at the children’s table! A babysitter can be arranged on request. Chill out at the Jagdhof Teenagers’ Club in the Games Room!


Jagdhof 2019

Kids’ Park ●

 Wendelin the Water Flea’s Tyrolean Stream at the

Grawa Waterfall ●

 And much more!

BIG Family Summer Club: kids a ­ ged 10+ ●

 Wild Water Day

 Summer toboggan run, archery and paragliding

(tandem taster flight) ●

 Fun and challenges in Tyrol’s largest adventure park

 Geocaching and Bike Academy

 Rock climbing and Flying Fox abseiling


Stubai Kids’ tips & news The BIG FAMILY STUBAI SUMMER FESTIVAL takes place on Friday 2 August. Starting at 2pm, enjoy fun and excitement with B.ear and Wendelin the Water Flea, all sorts of games and some tasty treats. Check out the new MAMMOTH playground on the Stubai Glacier (Eisgrat upper terminal): a 6m-tall mammoth to play on, climb and slide down – the wobbly pipe and the sand lift are especially cool!


30.06 – 08.09. & 02.10 – 27.10.2019 Great holiday fun for the whole family that includes wonderful nature walks, a VIP trip to Swarovski Crystal Worlds (plus a glittering surprise!) and fun times in the Kitz Club. Fixed children's rates and discounted SPA treatments for the whole clan.  7 or 14 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Fixed children’s rates in all room categories ●  Daily children's club with full board for children aged 4-15 ●  BIG Family activity programme for children aged 5-10 and 10-15 ●  Guided walks ●  1 Jagdhof water bottle ●  VIP guest admission to Swarovski Crystal Worlds with a glittering surprise ●  15% discount on all SPA treatments before 3pm ● ●

Disc Stubover ai !

BIG SUMMER 30.06 – 20.07 & 18.08 – 08.09.2019 Children under 10 Children 11-15 Price per person 7 nights from €1,253 FREE €315 14 nights from €2,352 FREE €630

21.07 – 17.08.2019 Children under 3 Children 4-10 Children 11-15 Price per person 7 nights from €1,344 FREE €196 €336 14 nights from €2,520 FREE €392 €672

BIG AUTUMN 02.10 – 27.10.2019

Price per person Children under 3 Children 4-10 Children 11-15 7 nights from €1,344 FREE €196 €336 14 nights from €2,520 FREE €392 €672

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

al nvivicompany CoThe of friends...

This year our traditional Regulars’ Week takes place from 1 to 8 September 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you back, to meeting up with old friends and to enjoying activities together. The exciting programme is bursting with fun and action, delicious food, Tyrolean music, games – and of course, hours of bliss in the jSPA!

Mountain breakfast or asphalt curling? Guided sunrise hikes with a mountain breakfast, foodie and adventure excursions, family hikes to the hotel’s own Isse mountain lodge... And not forgetting Christina Pfurtscheller’s traditional asphalt curling, followed by a prize-giving in the



Jagdhof 2019

hotel bar – it’s all go during Regulars’ Week!



01.09 – 08.09.2019

Ge tog te th er

 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Walks with our guide Armin Stern ●  Many more highlights for our regular guests! ● ●

Price per person from €1,246

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

Boris Meyer, Chef de Cuisine – award-winning, rooted in the region, and a healthy eating creator.



We ture? n e v ad ty linar y ot and tas et h f o r cu h e w e r o t th items have s w e e h ean n etite for t Tyrol l app orma your f ’s inf o ! h s d Jag light r y de a n i l cu

y o j f o l u f h ut new jSPA Cuisine – A moBrand your energy boost

Healthy enjoyment – isn’t just part of the Jagdhof’s SPA menu, we also serve it for dinner! Wellbeing from head to toe – and on the palate. Food is central to health – and to feeling good. Our new jSPA Cuisine, created by Alban Pfurtscheller with awardwinning chef Boris Meyer and his team, offers taste bud joy, boosts vitality and encourages healthy living. Dishes focus on natural, seasonal and regional products from local suppliers: ripely picked, fresh fruit and vegetables; fresh herbs from our own garden – bursting with minerals and vitamins (and so much better than salt for flavouring dishes). Gentle cooking


methods for creative, easily digested dishes. The new

HEALTHY EATING: Our new jSPA Cuisine is offered as a

jSPA Cuisine at the Jagdhof: it’s the (healthy) stuff that

half board dinner menu option. And of course, we’ll take

foodie dreams are made of!

any allergies and intolerances into account!

Jagdhof 2019


y t r a e H Truly tasty and Tyrolean! From mountain cheeses and cheese dumplings to Kaiserschmarrn and schnapps – there’s no end to the delights of Tyrolean culinary art! Not necessarily the daintiest – but always the tastiest; which is why this summer, the Jagdhof is dedicating one evening a week to Tyrolean cuisine. Down to earth, strong in character and hearty, the buffet’s stars utilise produce supplied by the region’s farmers and dairies: 100% Tyrolean and made the traditional way, from Speck and pork knuckles to dumplings, Spaetzle and more. Speaking of more, the Jagdhof’s team has been on a foray through the Tyrolean sweet trolley: funnel cake, Tyrolean doughnuts, blueberry pancakes, sweet dumplings and, of course, Kaiserschmarrn... Feeling peckish? Go ahead and tuck in!

Regional & seasonal Water from Tyrolean mountain springs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and game from our own hunting preserve. We expect the highest standards from our producers and suppliers. That’s why the Jagdhof bears the Qualität Tirol (Quality Tyrol) seal of approval.

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

‘Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.’ ANTHONY BOURDAIN

t o h – d e R The BBQ in the Stadel barn What’s hot? What’s new?


The Jagdhof’s BBQ in the Stadel barn! The Jagdhof’s

rustic tables in a companionable ambience. At the BBQ

barbecue masters ensure that things get red-hot at

in the Stadel barn you enjoy a unique culinary event

the weekly BBQ event in the Stadel barn with brilliant

on a warm summer’s evening in Stubai, the sky at your

food, a wide range of (liquid) refreshments and a great

fingertips, in great company and with superb culinary

atmosphere. Plentiful food is shared by guests at huge


Jagdhof 2019


y t i c e h t t in at the Jagdhof bar HoCool Bar Manager Stefan Kolb mixes the best drinks.

My favourite cocktail recipe: MOJITO! Lots of mint (Mojito mint only as it contains less menthol) 25ml fresh lime juice 3 heaped tsp cane sugar 60ml white Cuban rum 125ml soda Top with Angostura – crush the mint with a pestle

Bar talk The best cocktail I’ve ever tasted... Pisco Sour in San Pedro de Atacama My favourite ingredients... top-quality spirits, especially rum The best summer drinks... are fresh, sharp and sparkling The most common mistake... cheap ingredients make bad cocktails! Trending now... drinks based on spirits mixed with fizzy drinks like Dark ’n’ Stormy Insider tip: Very sweet or very strong drinks are not a good idea. You should want to indulge in another or even a couple more afterwards!

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

! i a b u t S Thunder in OUR LEGENDARY HD BIKE MEETING FROM 23 TO 30 JUNE 2019!


Jagdhof 2019



Let ’ s s o m g i ve i t e ga s!

3, 4 or 7 nights – arrivals possible on any day

23.06 – 30.06.2019  3 , 4 or 7 nights with half board ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Five tours* (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) in Tyrol, South Tyrol and Bavaria ●  Lunch and beverages during tours ●  Welcome party and BBQ on Wednesday ●

The 18th HD Bike Meeting is where some of the world’s most attractive and powerful bikes get together. The riders join hosts Armin and Christina Pfurtscheller on rides that take in some of the most gorgeous routes in Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol. And we’ll make some of the finest pitstops too! Back ‘home’ in Stubai, live music and fast-paced events await every evening. Riders can also look forward to an amazing BBQ afternoon at our own Isse Alm mountain lodge!

Blessings & superheroes

Price per person 3 nights €669 4 nights €886 7 nights €1,302

One of the meet’s special events is the traditional

PLEASE NOTE: Exclusion of liability – neither the organisers nor their agents shall be liable for accidents or damages to persons or property incurred by the participants or third parties. *All tours are exclusive of tolls

forget your cape and mask!

blessing of the bikes and their riders. And our superheroes-themed night will be a blast – so don’t

Did you know? In 1907, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William S. Harley and William H. Davidson founded a small company that produced around 50 motorbikes a year. By 1911, 500 employees were manufacturing 6,000 motorbikes per year. The early success of HarleyDavidson motorbikes was due to their robustness and durability – postmen, military personnel and the police all rode Harleys. Later they became more of a hobby vehicle, and with the rise of choppers the Harley turned into a baby-boomer cult object. Today’s HarleyDavidsons have a wide fan base, captivating doctors, lawyers, teachers and bankers as well as die-hard rockers! Details:

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

lt at its finest: CuDriving

The Jagdhof’s 9th Porsche meet from 8 to 15 September.

911 – horsepower, adrenaline and fun!

vastness and beauty of the Alps. Full speed ahead in the

Getting the maximum out of potentialities is a Porsche

Alps – you won’t dare risk a peek at the natural beauty

principle. It’s the same at the Jagdhof: and not just in

around the 7km long Stubai Glacier road – it will be

terms of comfort, cuisine and wellness... Our fabled

closed to all traffic except us for an entire evening!

Porsche meet takes place every September at the foot of the Elfer in the Stubai Valley and packs a punch

From rustic to glamorous

with zippy drives across passes and around sharp

BBQ, traditional asphalt curling with your hostess

bends, ravishing views and highlights, parties and an

Christina Pfurtscheller, a hike to the Isse Alm hut where

unforgettable time spent among like-minded people.

BBQ-maestro Albin awaits with great food and drink, a

Yours alone: the open road!

priest blesses the cars, and then there’s our legendary Casino Night when professional croupiers whisk you

Drives along panoramic passes in Bavaria, Tyrol and

off to the glamorous world of gaming – just for fun and

South Tyrol with thousands of vertical uphill and

with attractive prizes. And lots more!

downhill metres along which 911 fans discover the


A sp in Po r in th e s ch e!

3, 4 or 7 nights – arrivals possible on any day

08.09 – 15.09.2019  3 , 4 or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Lunch and beverages during tours ●  Four tours* (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) ●  Casino Night & programme of events ● ●

Price per person 3 nights €729 4 nights €944 7 nights €1,435 PLEASE NOTE: Exclusion of liability – neither the organisers nor their agents shall be liable for accidents or damages to persons or property incurred by the participants or third parties. *All tours are exclusive of tolls



Jagdhof 2019


‘In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I'd been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.’ FERRY PORSCHE

Jagdhof 2019


Jump for Joy

s p i t y t BeauLaid-back anti-ageing A self-described anti-ageing and skincare junkie, the Jagdhof’s queen of beauty Lenka Pomahačova has managed the jSPA since 2018. Time to take a peek behind the scenes and discover her beauty secrets...

Lenka, tell us your secret to looking so good!

to show a little more skin... And the Revitalizing Lift-O-

(Laughing) I would say !QMS (Quick Magic Skin) is in my

Firm Body contouring cream contains an innovative

genes. I am absolutely the biggest fan of German brand

active ingredient complex featuring bitter orange

Medicosmetics. I discovered !QMS seven years ago after

extract and caffeine to refine body contours and tone

battling with skin problems for almost 20 years. Within

the skin. Essential oils invigorate and refresh the senses

a month, my skin problems had literally vanished.

to give you an unsurpassed glow from within.

How do you look after yourself and your jSPA guests

What’s your advice for a day at the jSPA?

through summer – and the rest of the year?

Only one day?! That’s definitely not enough! (Laughs.) I

We have collaborated with !QMS to provide a new

would maximise my time with head to toe treatments

and extremely effective offer. For anyone suffering

– so long-lasting body treatments like Anti-Cellulite

from a lack of sleep and low energy, I recommend the brand-new Urban Repair Facial – it visibly restores overworked skin and gives it a radiant glow from within. The new EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask provides




care for tired skin, giving it a healthy glow. When used in combination with the EpiGen Daily-Detox Serum,

Contouring with an express facial in

‘Expensive equipment is no replacement for the human touch!’

between are ideal. I also really like our traditional Nuad Thai massage, which includes Yoga stretching poses – it's ‘lazy Yoga’ as our therapist likes to call it, and pure relaxation! Despite the fact that cosmetics equipment has hugely improved in recent years, there’s just no substitute for the human touch!

these innovative and skin enhancing treatments




environmental influences like pollution and UV light.

You are radiant, and not just your skin! What makes you happy in your job? I love my work! There is a fantastic team spirit, but it’s

What do you recommend for cellulite?

the magical combination of beauty, management

Our new Anti-Cellulite Contouring treatment targets

and business that fascinates me. And of course, our

classic problem areas, improves blood flow and

guests! Many guests are regulars and, quite rightly, very

intensively moisturises the skin. Specially developed

discerning. That motivates me to see them look even

products help to eliminate toxins, refine skin structure

more beautiful and relaxed on their next visit!

and tighten body contours, giving you the confidence


Jagdhof 2019



Available throughout the year

You t b e a hf ul & u ti f ul

All about:

 3 nights half board ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 !QMS Neo Tissudermie facial (90 mins) ●  1 honey & salt or jojoba & Pura salt exfoliation with your choice of aromatherapy oil (30 mins) ●

jSPA manager Lenka Pomahačova The Slovakian-born beautician has been rejuvenating, revitalising,

Price per person 3 nights from €741

restoring and relaxing guests at the SPAHOTEL Jagdhof since 2014. In


Available throughout the year

2018, the beauty expert became

Spa w f ri e n i t h ds

 3 nights with half board ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ● Time to relax package Treatments in our jOYFUL wellbeing area: • 1 aromatherapy bath (25 mins) or 1 alkaline bath & self-exfoliation (35 mins) • 1 intense head, shoulder & neck massage or foot reflexology (40 mins) • 1 REN Bespoke facial or !QMS Relax-o-Firm facial (60 mins) ●

Price per person from €753 Price per person for third & fourth guests sharing €420

the jSPA manager. Lenka is not only qualified as a beautician, pedicurist and make-up artist, but is also training as a therapist in Breuss massage, Raindrop Technique, lymphatic drainage, honey massage, Ayurveda (Shirodhara, Mukabhyanga, Abhyanga) and Lomi Nui.

Jagdhof 2019


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s u a l K & s u a l K It's getting hot!

They can tell you which saunas target which pores, they know which products to use to ease muscles and relieve aching joints, and which products are best for cleansing, moisturising and caring for the skin: let’s hear from Klaus & Klaus, the sauna service experts.


Klaus Gerold, you’ve been looking after the Jagdhof’s

but on dermatology. During a few hours in the Vitality

SPA guests for ten years. What makes sauna

World saunas, steam rooms and showers, pores will

experiences here so ‘different’?

open and close repeatedly. Different rooms target

Guests come from far and wide to experience the

different pore zones. We advise guests how, where and

professionally guided sauna sessions at the Jagdhof.

when to flush out toxins, cleanse effectively and care

The focus here is no longer solely on themed infusions,

for the skin. This type of sauna consultation is unique.

Jagdhof 2019


‘Less is more: spend 9-11 minutes in the sauna and then rest for 30 minutes – that’s ideal.’

Can you explain further? We compare a sauna session to a good meal. The starter is like a warm-up in a low-temperature room, followed by a resting period lasting twice as long as the time spent inside. The main course corresponds to a 60-degree or hotter sauna session, followed by a resting period lasting three times as long. Dessert is a cool-down in the steam room or low-temperature


room (6-8 minutes). This, combined with a cleansing salt and/or honey scrub and cooling menthol for the feet and calves, allows all three layers of skin to breathe. Then, after a shower, we like to pamper guests with shea butter, argan oil and other high-quality skincare

What are your tips for sauna fans?

products. And just like a good meal, sauna sessions

The most important tip is that less really is more! The

are about feeling great. Guests leave the Vitality World

longer you stay in the 80-degree sauna, the more

feeling fit, nourished, relaxed and revitalised – this is

energy the body expends, and the layers of skin begin

wellbeing in the truest sense of the word!

to close. A time of 9-11 minutes is ideal, as by 20 minutes the body is approaching physical exhaustion... Klaus Epure, what sauna highlights does the Jagdhof offer, and what new SPA trends have you noticed?

‘Our wheat beer infusion is legendary. We also use menthol and arnica for a cooling effect.’







natural essences like pine, spruce, lavender, juniper and rosemary to fruity citrus and orange – we even have beer infusions too! The most important trend is probably simplicity. In our increasingly high-tech world, people long for clarity and personal service. We are happy that we can play our part in helping guests achieve greater wellbeing!


Jagdhof 2019


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e x u l e d g n i e b l l e W

jSPA highlights

3 ,000sqm of wellbeing ●  2 00sqm indoor and outdoor pools ●  O utdoor Jacuzzi with glacier views ●  2 0 different saunas and steam rooms ●  S PA fountain of youth with hydrotherapy and underwater music ●  j OYFUL wellbeing ●  S PA CHALET ●  Private SPA Suite ● 

100% organic REN Clean Skincare High-tech organics for natural beauty. A synergy of organic highly-effective active ingredients and 100% natural cosmetics regenerate and smooth the skin. This innovative skincare line offers suitable products for all skin types – tailored to particular skin conditions. Natural, free from synthetic ingredients and never tested on

ALPINE SPA BREAK 4 or 7 nights

30.06 – 17.08.2019

animals. Exclusively at the Jagdhof!

SP i n te A nse

 4 or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  jOYFUL SPA voucher worth €120 per person ●  VIP guest admission to Swarovski Crystal Worlds ● ●

21.07 – 17.08.2019 Price per person

4 nights from €979 7 nights from €1,610


Available throughout the year

 3 nights with half board  1 bottle of Jagdhof sparkling wine on arrival ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 anti-stress back massage (50 mins) ●  A Tyrolean shale oil gift just for you ●

7 nights for the price of 6 or 4 nights for the price of 3!

30.06 – 20.07.2019 Price per person


Jagdhof 2019

4 nights from €727 7 nights from €1,316

A lp f itn in e ess

Price per person 3 nights from €663



29.04 – 12.05.2019

Spe c p ri c i a l e

7 nights for the price of 6 or 4 nights for the price of 3!  4 (Sun – Thu) or 7 nights with half board ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  jOYFUL SPA voucher worth €60 or €90


29.04 – 12.05 & 29.05 – 04.07.2019

S ho b re a r t k

2 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 Tyrolean Alpine massage or 1 REN or !QMS facial ●  A personal gift just for you ●

Price per person 4 nights from €652 7 nights from €1,274

Price per person 2 nights from €479

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y r u x u l e g a t n i V

Wine Days 2019.4

The wine lovers’ highlight returns for the 4th time from 19 to 22 September. Single-evening events available too!

19 September

Good neighbours An evening with commentary from Bordeaux expert Elke Drescher of Rare-Bordeaux-Weine

Aperitif with Glacier Mont Blanc & quiche Lorraine Vallée d’Aoste D.O.C. Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle Classic

Price for the evening (incl. aperitif,

Method Extra Brut

quiche, menu, listed wines, water & coffee) per person:

Château Cheval Blanc & Château Figeac

Full glass

Supplied by and with Rare-Bordeaux-Weine

Sharing glass €350

1st flight Cheval Blanc 1959 & 1961

Price incl. overnight accommodation

Figeac 1959 & 1961


2nd flight Cheval Blanc 1983 & 1985 Figeac 1983 & 1985

and breakfast per person:

3rd flight Cheval Blanc 1989 & 1990 Figeac 1989 & 1990

Full glass

4th flight Cheval Blanc 1982 & 2000 Figeac 1982 & 2000

Sharing glass from €525

from €1,275

PLUS: Table wine



by the highly talented Pierre Lurton.

the Cheval Blanc vineyards were part

Château Cheval Blanc: The absolute

Château Figeac is referred to as the

of Château Figeac. In 1853, Cheval

peak of Bordeaux wines, this winery

Médoc wine of Saint-Émilion – an

Blanc was given its name on the

has been owned by the same family

allusion to the grape varieties used.

basis of a 17th century deed in which

since 1852 and is currently managed

Incidentally, until the 18th century,

the parcel of land bore this name.

Jagdhof 2019


Lunch – 20 September Bring along a superb bottle of wine and mingle with an elite crowd! Minimum requirements: participants need to be of legal drinking age and/or eligible to vote in their home countries! Programme and costs will be dependent on our golden autumn’s weather and will be notified the evening before. We might spend the Best Bottle lunch in a rustic mountain hut, cosily in the Jagdhof’s barn or on our Isse Alm under the open sky!

20 September

Guado al Tasso & Matarocchio From and with Peter Morandell, one of Austria’s leading wine merchants.

Aperitif with Spumante, crostini & bruschette

Price for the evening (incl. aperitif, crostini & bruschette, menu, listed wines,

Tenuta Guado al Tasso & Matarocchio 1st flight Guado al Tasso 1997


2nd flight Guado al Tasso 2008 2010 3rd flight Guado al Tasso 2013

water & coffee) per person: €480

2005 2007

Full glass


Sharing glass €150


2014 MAGNUM 2015 2016

Price incl. overnight accommodation

4th flight Matarocchio

2007 2009


and breakfast per person:

5th flight Matarocchio

2012 2013


Full glass

from €655

Sharing glass from €325

PLUS: Table wine


Vermentino, Sangiovese, Cabernet

al Tasso: 100% Cabernet Franc, a

Tenuta Guado al Tasso, located

Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and small

selectively harvested rarity, cultivated

in the Maremma on the Tuscan

quantities of Cabernet Franc across

for 18 months in French barriques.

coast, is known around the world

its 300 hectares of vineyard.

Strong, dense and round with precise

for its ‘Super Tuscans’. It cultivates

Matarocchio by Tenuta Guado

tannins and a lush tartness.

Jagdhof 2019


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21 September

Great Burgundies, Red, White and Red Katharina Wolf of KATE & KON will guide you through the taster menu. She loves to create thrilling wine experiences for connoisseurs and to pass on her passion to new generations.

Aperitif with Champagne & confits

Price for the evening (incl. aperitif, confits, menu, listed wines, water &

1st flight

Le Montrachet

coffee) per person: €690

Grand Cru Domaine Amiot Guy et Fils 2015

Full glass

Grand Cru Domaine Etienne Sauzet 2015

Sharing glass €260

Grand Cru Domaine Vincent Girardin 2015

Price incl. overnight accommodation

2nd flight Chevalier-Montrachet

and breakfast per person:

Grand Cru Domaine Pierre Yves Colin-Morey 2016

Full glass

Grand Cru Domaine Michel Niellon 2016

Sharing glass from €500

from €865

Grand Cru Domaine Etienne Sauzet 2016 3rd flight Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru Domaine Leflaive 2013 Grand Cru Domaine Pierre Yves Colin-Morey 2013 Grand Cru Domaine Etienne Sauzet 2013 4th flight Clos de la Roche by Domaine Dujac Grand Cru Domaine Dujac 2011 2014 2015 5th flight Clos des Ducs Magnums by Marquis d’Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Ducs Monopole 2012 2010 2015 6th flight Vosne Romanée Aux Reignots by Liger-Belair 1er Cru Aux Reignots 2009 2011 2012 2013

TOTAL PRICE For all 3 evenings incl. accommodation with half board, tastings and accompanying food (excl. Best Bottle event)* Full glass from €2,795 Sharing glass from €1,285 *Best Bottle event and local tax are excluded and will be charged separately.

Vins de plaisir


Domaine Dujac is one of

offer. The Clos des Ducs has to be

Le Montrachet, Chevalier-

Burgundy’s most renowned wine

its most concentrated and long-

Montrachet & Bâtard-Montrachet

makers. Founded in 1967, their vines

lasting wine.

are perhaps the best, most famous

are over 45 years old. The company

and most expensive white wine

has been gradually moving over to

Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair:

makers in the world! These Grand

natural cultivation.

These world-class wines with

Cru vines on Burgundy’s Côte


a family tradition of more than

d’Or combine fruit and density,

Marquis Jacques d’Angerville:

200 years draw plaudits for their

balance and freshness, minerality

This estate was brought to life in

ripe fruits and acidity. Natural

and depth, brilliant texture and

the 1920s. Its Volnays are among

masterpieces with a wonderful

immense length.

the best the Côte de Beaune has to

terroir, rich aromas and refined fruits.

Jagdhof 2019


The Jagdhof’s wine cellar Armin and Alban Pfurtscheller with Albin Mayr About us: We are a group of wine experts from the Stubai Valley with an in-depth knowledge of the Austrian wine scene. We have worked together in the food service industry for many years, acquiring a high level of expertise in organising wine events as well as vast experience in buying complete wine cellars. Wine events are two a penny in Austria and most tend to be very similar. They are therefore of little interest to the true wine enthusiast. At the Jagdhof, professional tastings featuring rare and notable wines give us a more distinctive presence. The Jagdhof’s Wine Days continue to be the highlights of our year thanks to our wide network of wine connoisseurs. September 2019’s wine journey takes us and our guests to three worlds, with the guidance of qualified wine experts. We start in traditional St Emilion with the best that Classe A & B have to offer, followed by a visit to Tuscan Guado al Tasso and finally arriving in charming Burgundy. This unique journey was inspired by former participants of our wine events, and we are hugely grateful for their suggestions! Join us – we look forward to sharing this experience with like-minded people! Armin and Alban Pfurtscheller with Albin Mayr

Jagdhof 2019


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m r a w d Cosy an

Autumn whispers in Stubai Golden. Wild. Romantic. Dreams of timeless autumn...

Honeymooning Two hearts on cloud nine in a realm of delight – whether you’ve just fallen in love, are recently married or in a tried and tested relationship...


18.08 – 28.09.2019

Rom a & re n c e lax

 4 or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  jOYFUL SPA voucher worth €120 per person ●  VIP guest admission to Swarovski Crystal Worlds ● ●

Price per person 4 nights from €923 7 nights from €1,512

Cosy SPA Relax in the peaceful warmth of the jSPA. And dive into a realm of the senses...


jOY sh b re a o r t k

01.10 – 10.11.2019  2 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Your choice of a Tyrolean Alpine massage or a REN or !QMS facial ●  A personal gift just for you ● ●

Price per person 2 nights from €479


Jagdhof 2019


Peak romance Walk among 3,000m peaks, recharge in Alpine forests and marvel at all the colours of nature...


18.08 – 28.09.2019

N at

ur al f it l y

 4 or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  1 intense head, shoulder & neck massage (40 mins) and 1 partial body massage (25 mins) ●  Stubai. Die Berge und das Tal – Heinz Zak’s latest book (1 copy per room) ●  1 Jagdhof water bottle ●  VIP guest admission to Swarovski Crystal Worlds ●  Guided walks as per walking programme ●  Complimentary walking pole and backpack rental ●  Bottled water for your day out ●  Stubai Super Card ● ●

Price per person

4 nights from €923 7 nights from €1,512

Culinary artistry Young wine, freshly-made preserves, game from our own hunt – some of autumn’s greatest delights!


7= 4= 6 3

29.09 – 19.12.2019 7 nights for the price of 6 or 4 nights for the price of 3!  4 (Sun-Thu) or 7 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  jOYFUL SPA voucher worth €60 or €90 ● ●

Price per person 4 nights from €692 7 nights from €1,358

Jagdhof 2019


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s t h g i e h g n i glacier calls… DizzyThe (Ice) cold facts ●  4

ski areas: Stubai Glacier, Schlick 2000,

Elferbahnen and Serlesbahnen ●  Guaranteed

snow from October to June

in Austria’s largest glacier ski area at up to 3,210m above sea level ●  Free

ski passes for children under 10

5-star ski hotel Private ski guide, free shuttle service to the glacier cable car’s lower terminus and professional advice at the Neustift Ski School. Let it snow – and have fun!


Jagdhof 2019


Autumn events Stubai autumn highlights: 16.09.2019 A 200m tour through the endless ice, with glacier phenomena and a BBQ with regional delicacies at 2,900m above sea level.

GLACIER OPENING 4 or 7 nights

Snow park opening: 18 – 20.10.2019

E a rl

y sn o b ird w

29.09 – 19.12.2019 Austria’s largest glacier ski area is the top destination for your autumn or winter skiing holiday.  4 or 7 nights with half board ●  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  3½ or 6-day ski pass for the Stubai Glacier ●  Preferential ski hire rates at Intersport Rent Schönherr ●  Complimentary hotel shuttle to and from the Stubai Glacier ●

Price per person 4 nights from €944 7 nights from €1,569

Grand Stubai premiere with test area and a whole host of fringe events. A highlight for anyone keen to test out the latest trends at the park. SportScheck Glacier Testival: 07 – 10.11.2019 The biggest winter sports material test in the Alps. A must for anyone looking for expert advice and wanting to get their hands on the latest products before anyone else. International Weather Summit: 14 – 16.11.2019 Calling all weather reporters! Make the journey to the Stubai Valley and shoot your films against our stunning backdrop. A must for Europe’s weather people! FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai: 20 – 23.11.2019 Stubai Zoo snow park: For the third time, the pro-line provides the perfect stage for the world’s best freeskiers as they kick off the Freeski Slopestyle World Cup season.

Jagdhof 2019


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l a c i g a M Run-up to Christmas It’s never too early… to talk about Advent!

A highlight a day to help you plan your personal Jagdhof Advent calendar. Looking for ideas? We have compiled 23 just for you! And there’s even more in store…

1. Golden Roof: Innsbruck’s landmark, surrounded by a huge Christmas tree and

goodies at the Christmas market in

dozens of festive market stalls

Innsbruck’s market square

2. Delicious biscuits: Particularly at the Jagdhof…

6. A treat for the ears: Christmas carols at the Jagdhof

3. Snowshoeing with a guide

7. Hot-hat dining

4. Christmas shopping: The twinkling lights of

8. Small, but oh my! Peaceful Christmas magic

Maria-Theresien-Strasse, Innsbruck’s boulevard


5. Handicrafts and all manner of nostalgic

Jagdhof 2019

in Wiltener Platzl 9. VIP rates at Intersport Rent Schönherr


10. Glacier delights at altitudes of up to 3,210m 11. Advent delicacies at Innsbruck’s St. Nikolaus Christmas market 12. Build a snowman in the Jagdhof’s 5,000sqm garden 13. SPA voucher to help you truly relax 14. Curling on the hotel’s own curling sheet 15. Eat fondue in Tyrol’s smallest restaurant 16. Go tobogganing by moonlight


17. Book a one-to-one skiing instructor at reception 18. Ride the Hungerburg Funicular and look out over Innsbruck 19. Mountain hut fun in the heart of the Alps 20. Medieval Rattenberg, decorated with beautiful candles 21. Award-winning candlelight dinner 22. Jagdhof vouchers: The best gift! 23. Practise your singing: Silent Night…



01.12 – 19.12.2019 Pay for 4 nights and the 5th is our gift to you!  5 nights with half board  Jagdhof inclusive services ●  Traditional Advent programme ●  jOYFUL SPA voucher worth €50 ● ●

Price per person from €895

Jagdhof 2019


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s u o u t p m Su 5-star inclusive services We take the greatest care of you – from your welcome drink to the nightly turn-down service, from our fitness programme to super kids’ and teens’ facilities, and from the late-risers’ breakfast buffet to live music at the legendary Jagdhof bar. All you need to do is relax and enjoy!

Jagdhof culinary delights

Fitness & exercise

Breakfast & dinner

●  Gym

●  Welcome

●  Programme

drink on arrival

●  Gourmet

breakfast buffet from 7am to 11am

●  Bathrobe

breakfast by the pool with coffee, tea,

yoghurt, fruit and juices ●  jSPA

bar with fruit, water, juice and a variety of teas

●  5 -course

evening meal with choice of dishes; gluten

and/or lactose-free dishes on request ●  A

wide selection of cheeses as well as chutneys and

with TechnoGym equipment of fitness and relaxation classes

Mondays to Fridays ●  Family

hike with a stop at the hotel's own Isse

mountain lodge ●  Guided

sunrise hike with breakfast

●  Guided

foodie and adventure walks

●  Hiking

map and tips

truffle honey Complimentary walking equipment hire Weekly culinary highlights ●  Gala


●  Extensive ●  Regional ●  Superb

appetiser buffet

and international cuisine

salad bar

●  Austrian

strudel specialities

●  Tempting ●  Tyrolean ●  BBQ

dessert buffet

specialities night

in the Stadel barn

Wellness & SPA ●  jOYFUL

wellbeing area with 13 treatment rooms

●  Exclusive ●  Free


use of Vitality World facilities – over 3,000sqm

of bathing, relaxation and sauna adventures ●  Magical ●  Heated

indoor pool outdoor swimming pool with waterfall rocks

●  Romantic ●  SPA

outdoor Jacuzzi

fountain of youth with underwater music and

hydrotherapy ●  Conservatory ●  Vitality

with views of the glacier

World opens daily from 10am to 8pm and

pools are open from 7am to 8pm


Jagdhof 2019

●  Backpacks

and walking poles

Children at the Jagdhof ●  Children

aged 4 to 12 have fun and are cared for

professionally at our Kitz Club (open daily 10am to 9pm during school holidays, and Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 9pm in term time, Sunday 4pm to 9pm and by prior arrangement) ●  The

Jagdhof Games Room with TV, PlayStation and

Nintendo Wii, as well as a dartboard ●  Lunch

and evening meal including soft drinks

Information & service ●  Our

daily newsletter ‘Jagdhöfler am Morgen’

●  Free

Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel

●  Live

music and entertainment at the hotel bar

●  Complimentary

return shuttle to the Stubai Glacier

during the glacier ski season starting in autumn


d e t c e p x Une The gift of joy To say thank you, as an unforgettable surprise or ‘just because’ – a Jagdhof voucher will have them jumping for joy... To purchase your specified value voucher, or vouchers for stays, packages or treatments in our jOYFUL wellbeing area, simply order online and we’ll send your personalised Jagdhof voucher to your home. Vouchers can also be emailed.

Give the gift of holiday joy and wellbeing: Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Jagdhof 2019


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KARTNALL single room, 18sqm

BURGSTALL superior double room, 40sqm

from €181 per person/night

from €197 per person/night

KARTNALL LUXUS deluxe single room, 20sqm

HABICHT superior double room, 40sqm

from €232 per person/night

from €217 per person/night

Tariffs shown are starting prices per person per night and include half board. Tariffs vary by season. Please see our website for complete tariffs by season and room category.


Jagdhof 2019

R O O M S & TA R I F F S 29.04 – 12.05 & 29.05 – 19.12.2019

JUNIOR SUITES ZWÖLFER deluxe double room, 54sqm

SERLES junior suite, 45 – 55sqm

from €227 per person/night

from €248 per person/night

RING deluxe double room, 60sqm

ZUCKERHÜTL romantic junior suite, 50sqm

from €243 per person/night

from €256 per person/night

Jagdhof 2019


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KIRCHDACHL master suite, 94sqm

KESSEL family suite, 85sqm

from €418 per person/night

from €265 per person/night

JAGDHOF suite, 104sqm

GIEBEL family suite, 115sqm

from €418 per person/night

from €326 per person/night

Tariffs shown are starting prices per person per night and include half board. Tariffs vary by season. Please see our website for complete tariffs by season and room category.


Jagdhof 2019

R O O M S & TA R I F F S 29.04 – 12.05 & 29.05 – 19.12.2019

FAMILY APARTMENTS ENZIAN* family apartment, 70sqm

from €187 per person/night


SILBERDISTEL* family apartment, 90sqm

from €197 per person/night


#SMART … offers #CLEVER … prices #BIGFUN … for young families

#ALPINEADVENTURES … outdoor action #COOLINTHEPOOL … time to relax HAPPY STUBAI Wiesenweg 16 | 6167 Neustift | Tyrol | Austria T +43 5226 2611 | *Enzian and Silberdistel family apartments are located in our spacious annexe, a private below ground passageway joins the annexe to the hotel.

#connect with us




MUNICH Achenpass











Stubai Glacier




Brenner Pass





Krössbach Ranalt





Medraz Fulpmes


Telfes Mieders




Pfurtscheller GmbH

Scheibe 44

6167 Neustift




Tel +4 3 5226 2666 • Reser vations +4 3 5226 2666 111 • Fax +4 3 5226 2666 503 • w w

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