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A World of Jewish Experience

Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue

Your Connection to the World of Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda

Purim/Pesach 2020 | 5780

R ENTAL SU ITE S AVAI L AB LE • Independent Senior Living in Toronto • 24-hour concierge and secure underground parking • Street level garden and rooftop terrace, library with computer access, games room & social hall • On-site fitness and recreation programs Sunday to Friday. Outings to special events are also offered • Access to the Baycrest shuttle bus and TTC community bus • Steps from cafés, shops, synagogues and the world-renowned Baycrest Centre

Newly renovated one and two-bedroom Ages apartments

• Short term trial stays available

Two Neptune Drive, Toronto, ON M6A 3E6

For more information and to schedule a tour contact Laurie Banks at LBanks@Baycrest.org or 416-785-2500 ext. 2270.

www.TwoNeptune.ca —2—


Holiday Times and Information

Senior Rabbi Howard Morrison rabbim@beby.org

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Cantor David Guber cantor@beby.org Rabbi Leslie Lipson rabbilipson@beby.org

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Tzedaka and Chesed

Director of Ritual and Next-Gen Community Rabbi David Grundland rabbidavid@beby.org

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Ba’al Koreh Shlomo Wanounou

About Our Members

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KESHER STAFF Copy Editor Barbara Lazar Kesher Coordinator Freda Marcovitch freda@beby.org

We wish to remind you that the meaning of Kesher is “Connection” – our connection to the membership. Our aim is to inform the members of current and future programs via short articles and eye-catching visual displays.

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A happy Purim and Passover to all!

Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue 100 Elder Street, Toronto ON M3H 5G7 Website: www.beby.org General Email: info@beby.org Phone: 416.633.3838 |Fax: 416.633.3153

Exclusive Catering by Apex Kosher Catering m@apexkoshercatering.com

PURIM TIMES AND SERVICES Fast of Esther & Erev Purim Monday, March 9 Mincha/Maariv: 7 pm - Chapel Megillah Reading: 7:30 pm - Sanctuary Purim Play – Megillah Mia! following Megillah reading

Purim Day Tuesday, March 10 Shacharit: 7 am (ONE MINYAN ONLY) with Megillah Reading Mincha: 7:15 pm

The Four Mitzvot Of Purim 1) The Reading

of Megillat Esther – Every word of the Megillah must be read and heard by those present. The commandment applies equally to men and women because the “entire” people were under the threat of annihilation and thus deserve to celebrate the victory. Children, too, are strongly encouraged to listen to the entire Megillah reading.

2) Mishloach Manot – The exchanging

of gifts of food is based on chapter 9:19: “…a holiday and an occasion for sending gifts to one another.” This obligation displays communal solidarity and creates a bond of friendship between fellow Jews.

3) Matanot Le’evyonim – The obligation of gifts to the poor on Purim is based on chapter 9:22: “…an occasion for sending gifts to one another and presents to the poor.” According to Jewish law, it is necessary to give these gifts to at least two people. 4) Seudat Purim – The festive meal is also

based on 9:22: “The same days on which the Jews enjoyed relief from their foes and the same month which had been transformed for them from one of grief and mourning to one of festive joy, they were to observe them as days of feasting and merrymaking…” Inviting the less fortunate to one’s festive meal is of primary importance.

Mishloach Manot For Purim, Beth Emeth is pleased to offer a special card to be given in lieu of Mishloach Manot. Proceeds of this effort support our

Out of the Cold Program.

Cards are available in packages of 10 for $36.00 and state:

In lieu of Mishloach Manot to you this Purim, a donation has been made in your honour to the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue Out of the Cold Fund Our Out of the Cold program was established 16 years ago as a Jewish response to homelessness in our community and in the spirit of “gemillut chasadim”. We open our doors and our hearts to provide food and shelter for eight nights each winter. Your financial contribution to the disadvantaged of the community will assist in this act of Tikkun Olam. To order your cards, please call 416-633-3838 —4—

PASSOVER TIMES AND SERVICES Erev Pesach Wednesday, April 8 First Shacharit Service: 7:15 am with Siyum for Firstborns Second Shacharit Service: 8:15 am (no Siyum) Burning of the chametz: No later than 11:00 am Mincha/Maariv: 7:00 pm Candle Lighting: 7:35 pm First Seder First Day of Yom Tov Thursday, April 9 Sanctuary Service: 8:45 am Mincha/Maariv: 7:30 pm Candle Lighting: 8:48 pm (from a pre-existing flame kindled before the onset of the first day of Pesach) Second Seder

Seventh Day of Pesach (Yom Tov) Wednesday, April 15 Sanctuary Service: 8:45 am Mincha: 7:50 pm Candle Lighting: 8:44 pm (from a pre-existing flame kindled before the onset of the seventh day of Pesach) Eighth Day of Pesach (Yom Tov) Thursday, April 16 Sanctuary Service: 8:45 am (Yizkor is recited) Mincha: 7:50 pm Pesach Concludes: 8:50 pm

Our annual Passover “How To” Guide is included with this edition of the Kesher. Newly revised, find instructions, guidelines and creative ideas from Rabbi Morrison.

Second Day of Yom Tov Friday, April 10 Sanctuary Service: 8:45 am Mincha/Maariv: 7:00 pm Shabbat Candle Lighting: 7:37 pm (from a pre-existing flame kindled before the onset of the second day of Pesach)


Shabbat Chol HaMoed Saturday, April 11 Hashkama Minyan: 7:30 am Sanctuary Service: 8:45 am Mincha: 7:30 pm Havdallah: 8:41 pm


Rabbi Howard Morrison Sunday, March 29 9:00 - 10:30 am

Second Day of Chol HaMoed Sunday, April 12 Shacharit Service: 8:30 am Mincha/Maariv: 7:45 pm

An overview of the seder structure, tips for great seder leading and preparing the home and strategies for involving children and guests

Third Day of Chol HaMoed Monday, April 13 First Shacharit Service 7:00 am Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am Mincha/Maariv: 7:45 pm


Fourth Day of Chol HaMoed | Erev Yom Tov Tuesday, April 14 First Shacharit Service 7:00 am Second Shacharit Service 8:15 am Mincha/Maariv 7:50 pm Candle Lighting 7:42 pm

Once again, Beth Emeth will be participating in our annual Passover Food Drive. We request Kosher non-perishable items be left in the bins located by the Wilmington Street entrance for the collection of jarred, canned and bottled food items. Everyone is encouraged to observe the mitzvah of Tzedaka. —5—

RABBI HOWARD MORRISON Dear Congregational Family,


his winter has marked a rise in antisemitic events worldwide. Sadly, we have grown accustomed to the BDS movement and propaganda on campus. During the couple of weeks surrounding Chanukah, however, we witnessed brutally violent acts of terror perpetrated against fellow Jews time and time again. While many of these acts took place in the New York - New Jersey area, they could have been anywhere. While many of these acts were committed against Hareidi Jews, an attack against one Jew is an attack against all Jews. Both Purim and Pesach harken back to ancient despots, Haman and Pharaoh. For reasons that defy human logic, each came up with baseless reasons to justify and promote hatred against our people. Throughout our history, antisemitism has defied any plausible explanation. In the Haggadah, we read that in every generation, there arise those who wish to eradicate our people. Pharaohs and Hamans appear time and time again.

In the IDF, an incoming combat soldier is presented with two forms of defense, a gun and a Tanach. I saw these with my own son, who served for three years as a lone soldier. This is the case for other brave young men and women from our shul and from around the world. As we prepare to remember Biblical hatreds which ultimately became festivals of freedom, I pray that the uses of our Tanach far outweigh the uses of weaponry. I wish us all a joyous Purim and a Zisen Pesach.

Rabbi Howard Morrison rabbi@beby.org

After a wonderful Shabbat where I was scholar-in-residence for Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue in Toronto, we had a reunion dinner for the two Ramah Israel groups I have guided for the synagogue. 25 of us from the Poland journey in 2015 and the Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal trip a few months ago, gathered despite the freezing rain to relive the memories and reflect on our experiences. A huge thank you to Rabbi Howard Morrison for all he did to ensure this weekend worked as well as it did! - Betsalel Steinhart —6—



ecently, I attended a concert of my favorite band with two of our children. They learned about the Talmudic Sages underlying concerns about Purim, Pesach, redemption, and community. At the concert, which took place in San Francisco, our son and daughter saw a multi-generational community. They saw parents, small children, other teenagers, people in their 70s and all ages in between. They noticed the symbols and that everyone understood the meanings of those symbols, they asked questions including why I carried an extra ticket. My kids pointed out an elderly gentleman with a walker and he had a sign that read “I need a miracle” (code for needing a ticket). Our son and daughter approached the man and told him that we had an extra ticket, and then they waved me over. We exchanged small talk, pleasantries and concerts past. He saw my Kippah and asked if I was Jewish. “Yes”, I responded. He asked if I was a Rabbi. “Yes”, I responded. He asked about the ticket that my kids told him I had. He suggested a number that was more than the face value of the ticket. My kids smiled at me and I shook my head. “No, that’s not the price. That’s too much, nor would that be a miracle.” I suggested a price below the actual ticket value. His smile was overwhelming. As he paid for the ticket; he asked me for a blessing for the upcoming year. So I blessed him and wished him a Happy New Year. Moments later as we stood in line to enter the arena, a jovial 70-year-old man with white hair, white mustache, and white beard saw us, walked up to us, and asked if it was our first show. “No” I replied; then I turned to my children. Sheepishly, they responded that it was their first time. A sweet, kind smile lit up his face; he reached into his satchel, handed each of them a pin and said “Welcome Home”. My children smiled back, said “thank you”, and the man left us looking for other young people to welcome home. They had just learned the most important lessons about community, that successful and vibrant communities are welcoming. They also learned the most sacred communities are those that care for the most vulnerable and encourage the individual to engage in acts of kindness. Underlying the redemptive nature of Purim and Pesach, the Sages struggle with a nagging question. What makes a community worth redeeming? The question is not explicitly asked, however it is implicit in the laws, customs and observance. Yes, we celebrate the fact that Persian Jewry was saved on Purim. Yes, we celebrate the fact that B’nai Yisroel was redeemed from Egyptian Slavery. However a closer look at many of the laws, customs and observances suggest something even more profound than gaining freedom from the evil plans of Haman and the slavery of Egypt. Following redemption and saving, the Sages wonder about the type of community it will become. What kind of

community is worthy of being redeemed? On Purim, there are four fundamental Mitzvot enumerated towards the end of Megillat Esther. Those four Mitzvot (commandments) are: 1. Delivering food to members of the community excluding family members - Mishloach Manot) 2. Giving charity to the needy - Matanot Le’Evyonim 3. Partaking of a festive meal, and 4. Hearing the Megillah recited twice. The first two obligations require community. One Mitzvah focuses on caring for the most vulnerable members of the community (those who otherwise cannot afford to celebrate the holiday) and one focuses upon making people feel welcome or part of the community. Both obligations require the individual (the giver) to engage in a selfless act of kindness that extends into the community. The second two obligations, don’t necessarily require a community. However, hearing the Megillah read and partaking of a festive meal are opportunities for shared common experience as well as presenting the opportunity to make sure that everyone is able to partake in that experience. The Talmudic tractate Pesachim (99b) tells us that even the poorest person was to be outfitted with enough wine for the 4 mandatory cups at the Seder. We are reminded that Matzah is Lechem Oni – the bread of poverty, and the needy must have Matzah at their Seder. Jewish communities throughout the ages had a Maot Chittim Fund so the less fortunate could afford the necessary groceries in order to make the required foods on the Seder plate. We know that the punishment for owning chometz during Pesach is Karet, (the individual’s soul is cut off from the nation). Even the Korbon Pesach cannot be eaten alone. Instead, it requires the entire household. The sages understood that the story of a community or a national redemption doesn’t end once the saved are liberated. For the sages, the story was just beginning. The issue, the opportunity, the question was always what kind of community would be created once saved. What kind of nation would B’nai Yisroel become once liberated? Would we become like Haman’s version of Persia? Would we model our nation after Egypt or Rome? Or would we create a community that was the opposite of those places? For the Rabbis, the answer is clear. A sacred community, is built upon acts of kindness towards strangers. A sacred community, takes care of its most vulnerable. A sacred


community, encourages the curious to investigate and be welcomed and a sacred community creates an atmosphere so that the individual wants to be part of a sacred purpose. The Sages’ question and concern about the community remain as relevant today as they did thousands of years ago. What will we do in order to become a welcoming community? How will we take care of its most vulnerable members of our community? Will our young people find that warmth, that sanctity that sense of kindness in the Jewish community or will they have to go out on the road and follow my favorite band? Have a Freilachen Purim and Chag Kasher V’Sameach.

Rabbi P. Lipson rabbilipson@beby.org



ull disclosure: I am not a fan of costume holidays. I attribute this disaffection to the fact that I was born on Halloween. Unfortunately, Purim has paid the price. Dressing up as Queen Esther and drinking myself silly is just not my thing. A few batches of homemade hamantashen are pretty much the extent of my Purim observance most years. Pesach, on the other hand has always been my favourite holiday (yes, you can call me crazy).I have distinct memories of those childhood trips: dressing up to get on the plane complete with hat and gloves - for the exciting journey to New York. The week was spent in a 2 bedroom apartment with 14 other people and, believe it or not: one bathroom. Memories of those childhood Passovers in Brooklyn with my bubby and zaidi are amongst my happiest; my siblings and cousins would certainly tell you the same. We all fondly recall my bubby in her tiny kitchen up all night cooking for us, her pantry expanded to the fire escape for extra storage.

about all of our journeys: from ignorance to knowledge, from isolation to connection and from complacency to gratitude. Wishing you and yours healthy, happy and meaningful chagim,

Candace Vogel Executive Director candace@beby.org

Over the years, as I lost my grandparents and then my own parents, I struggled to find joy in the holiday - it just wasn’t the same. I had difficulty mustering any enthusiasm for the arduous work of cleaning, schlepping boxes and cooking (and cooking and cooking). But I had young children and high hopes that they would one day feel the same about Pesach as I had. It became clear that there was work to be done. David and I set out to curate a Haggadah that would speak to them, incite their passions and quench our thirst for meaning while still adhering to tradition. It was a tall order but it was also the quest that brought back my love for Pesach. Throughout the year we collect articles and ideas for readings as well as topics for discussion. Each year we tweak the contents to keep it fresh. Everyone participates and where possible, we try to tailor their contribution to their personality. It’s a big job but it reminds me that Pesach isn’t just about the journey from slavery to freedom but

Candace with her predecessor Pearl Grundland at the “Celebrating Pearl” event on Saturday, December 14, 2019. Photos from the event can be viewed on page 25.




s I begin my term as President, I think of the miracles of Chanukah, Purim and Pesach and the relevance that their messages have for all of us today. The Maccabees, the Jews of Persia and the Biblical Israelites were all facing the same hatred, oppression and intolerance, although in slightly different forms. Almost daily, in the CJN, in many online Jewish reports and opinions, in local and world newspapers and on numerous news broadcasts, we read and hear about antisemitism in all of its various forms. There are random and targeted attacks on Jews in many communities and on our University campuses.

I look forward to working with all of you to create a more enriching, engaging and inclusive Beth Emeth community. I wish you all a joyous Purim and Pesach.

Malcolm Weinstein President president@beby.org

I have been thinking about what we as an amazing, resilient and powerful community of Beth Emeth members can do. Who is our Judah Maccabee, our Queen Esther, our Moshe Rabbeinu or the many other leaders who stepped up and made a difference? Each one of us can make a difference in our own unique way. I am asking every Beth Emeth family to consider getting involved in our Synagogue community. There are so many opportunities - come to a continuing education program, a movie night, a musical event, attend one of our many services, do some learning, volunteer the skills you have, and so much more. Take some time to view the website, read our email bulletins and e-blasts and show your support. This makes our kehillah (congregation) strong, relevant and dynamic. Take advantage of our Scholarship Funds to send your children to Jewish overnight camp or to study in Israel. We all need to make a commitment to keep our families connected to the Jewish community and to the Shul. This is an investment in your children’s Jewish future and to the continuity of Beth Emeth. The BEBY Purim play takes place on Sunday March 8th and Monday March 9th. This is a not-to-be-missed event for everyone and is a highlight of our Shul’s activities. Come and experience Megillah Mia as well as our Purim festivities and Megillah reading. This year marks 75 years since the end of the Shoah. Our Shul was founded by Holocaust survivors and sadly there are but a handful remaining. We owe it to the memories of our loved ones to remember and never forget. From May 31 to June 2, 2020, Liberation75 takes place in Toronto. This is the largest international event to mark the 75th anniversary of liberation from the Holocaust. —9—

Malcolm with Kadima Centre program participants.



hen writing an article, I often reflect on my own personal life experience in a given moment. I look at what is going on for me, (both in life and psychologically) and I try to express that dynamic. We all experience life in this multifaceted way: on the one hand we live externally and assuming the roles that we are in at any given moment; on the other hand we have deep internal lives which may be distinct from the external roles we assume. For example, people who suffer from mental illness often put on a face of health and well-being. On an extremely simplified level, this is a response to feeling differently from an implied ideal – whether set by one’s own self or by one’s environment. We mask our true feeling by trying to express the ideal state externally – even if it is in contravention to what we are truly feeling. The unfortunate upshot is that the gap between our true feelings and our ideal feelings only grows, as long as we are wearing the mask. When Purim is approaching – and specifically within the month of Adar, we learn (and sing) mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simchah – from the start of Adar, our joy is increased. That’s a nice sentiment, but what happens if I am feeling sad? Is Torah then implying that I should hide my sadness and put on a mask of joy because it’s Adar? Truly I think it is the opposite. Torah is saying that Purim is a time when I need to act in a way that is in line with my feelings. I remember learning that Purim and Yom Kippur are similar – even to the extent that Yom Kippur is a day that is K’Purim – similar to Purim. The implication is as follows: On both days, we dress up and act differently than normal. On Yom Kippur I act like an angel. I come to shul all day with numerous special tefillot, I wear a white kittel to look my holiest, I have no need to eat or drink, and I dedicate myself entirely to HaShem. I do everything to not be myself, but to be my ideal self. Purim seems to be the opposite. Purim I dress in whatever costume I want, I share food with other people, I am in shul for megillah reading, but nothing special beyond that, and even megillah reading is a balagan that wouldn’t be tolerated on any other day, and I have a se’udah – a lavish feast at which adults are encouraged to drink (responsibly) and to “let go and just be yourself”. Purim is the day to be as much myself as possible and it is through letting down all my walls, I can feel free to dress up and take off my inner masks. This opportunity to be myself, wholly and unapologetically, is the true source of joy on Purim. Purim is thus a day when I can take pride in recognizing and expressing whatever is truly happening internally, and express it externally. It is an opportunity to truly transcend that barrier that exists between who I am and who I want to be. It is a momentary glimpse into what life would be like

without all the situational masks. Purim is followed by Pesach – the holiday of our freedom. The great question is “freedom to… or freedom from?” It seems to me, that the two questions are two sides of the same coin. Pesach teaches us that we must be free to be ourselves. Anything that is holding us back from living up to our inner truth is a Pharaoh in our lives from which we need to be free. Purim is a day; Pesach is a week. On Pesach, we tell the story of our affliction. What am I truly feeling in the world, in spite of how I’ve been presenting myself? When someone is experiencing a mental health struggle, one of the most liberating moments is when he or she is able to share that experience with others. They talk about their Pharaoh and, by expressing that which has been enslaving them, they are free to live more closely to their ideal – not just in costume for a day, but as themselves for the rest of their lives. In Kabbalah, we are taught that the purpose of life is what is called either “the yichud (unification) of Mah and Ben” or “the yichud of kudshah brich hu (the holy One) u’shechintei (and its indwelling presence)”. The basic meaning of the metaphorical language is that the goal of life is to live where our inner and outer lives are unified – where I live according to what I feel, and what I feel is the driving force behind what I do. It is a true life of balance and harmony when one is able to achieve that goal. Indeed, it is the ultimate freedom and peace. Purim and Pesach are two holidays that push us toward that goal. They are each an opportunity to pursue our inner desires and to work toward manifesting them in the world. In the world of BEBY NEXTgen, we have truly been exploring our desires: what is the community we are looking to build. How will we all get involved in a way to grow and invest meaning into our communal life? These are not always easy questions to answer, but I bless us all, personally, professionally, and communally, to take the time to explore what we want to see in the world and then to take the proper and necessary action to achieve those goal.

Rabbi David Director of Ritual and NEXT-Gen Community rabbidavid@beby.org

— 10 —



ne responsibility of the Chairman of our synagogue’s Board of Directors is to submit the Boardroom Banter article in our Kesher.

The elections for the Executive and Board were held in December 2019, so this is the first Kesher article to be submitted since the election. I would like to thank the members of the new Board for the privilege of serving as the Chairman for another term. On behalf of our membership I would like to recognize and thank the members of last year’s Board who decided not to continue on the Board. Thank you to Barry Cutler and Sid Silverberg for serving as Board members, Joan Segal for serving as our Chair of Membership Development and being on the Executive and Board, Stephen Werger for serving as our Treasurer for the past 2 years and being a member of the Executive and Board, Harry Turk for serving as the Va’ad Ha’etza Representative. I enjoyed your insight and depth of experience that you willingly shared at our meetings. A special call out to Pearl Grundland on her retirement as our Executive Director. I would like to congratulate Malcolm Weinstein on becoming President, Allan Snow on moving to the position of Immediate Past President and to welcome Susan Colomby and Lorene Richmond who will be serving along with me as Vice Presidents. Gail Bergman, congratulations on taking on the position of Treasurer. I would also like to congratulate Bernie Schwartz and Max Zive on their election to the Board. On behalf of the Board and the BEBY community, a warm welcome to Candace Vogel as our new Executive Director. We are very fortunate to have dedicated members who are serving on the Board of Directors as well as those who volunteer to work on many of the committees to provide programs and services to the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda community. Their tireless efforts have enriched our souls with music, entertainment and educational programs. We continue to develop and offer family based programs, focused on addressing the needs and interests of all ages. We are also fortunate to offer our members a variety of

programs, too numerous to mention but I would like to call out the music committee’s presentation of “On the Flip Side”, featuring Cantor David Guber, Next Gen and Family Shabbat programs, our continuing Books and Bagels series, BEBY Boomers’ Trivia Night and the upcoming Purim Spiel, Megillah Mia. A special call out to our ongoing commitment to the community by providing meals, help and assistance to others through the Chanukah Food Drive and the Out of the Cold program. We continue to address the education of our children through the youth programs offered and the Aleph Beit Chadash School. I would also like to recognize our House and Special Projects committee for their hard work in the renovations that we have just undergone. Our dedicated volunteers and professional staff work hard to ensure that we have a well run, welcoming synagogue providing our membership a strong sense of community. Through their dedication I can see how we, at the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda fulfill the mitzvahs addressing the overriding themes of Purim and Passover focusing on our relationship with our families, our synagogue and our community at large. As a final note, I encourage everyone to find a committee that interests and motivates you to get involved. It is a very rewarding experience. On behalf of my wife Lori and my family I would like to wish everyone Chag Sameach.

Steven Greenwood Chairman of the Board, GAASC Chairman * Governance and Administration Steering Committee*


President: Malcolm Weinstein

Vice Presidents (by acclamation): Susan Colomby Steven Greenwood Lorene Richmond

Board Members: Gwendolyn Adrian Uri Carnat Perry Davis Cynthia Gasner — 11 —

Ella Jacobs Bernie Schwartz Max Zive



e are now coming to Purim and Passover. Both of these haggim/holidays present opportunities and obligations for looking after the well-being of others.

The Chesed Committee is encouraging food donations all year round to meet the needs of those in our community. We have broadened the program to include adult disposable underwear, feminine products and nutritional supplements, all in unopened packages. Please drop off food and other items to the Wilmington entrance. We acknowledge the ongoing efforts by David Silverman with the food drive. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Beth Emeth’s annual Chanukah Toy Drive organized by Rochelle Kerzner. We acknowledge the devotion and ongoing efforts of our fellow committee and shul members - David and Andrea Kirshenblatt and Marlene White – in offering comfort and support to shul members in difficult times. We have a group of dedicated volunteers who are available to provide much needed support to our members at all ages and stages of life.

Please contact the shul if you would like a member of the Chesed Committee to contact you • • • •

in in in in

times times times times

of of of of

illness bereavement loneliness emotional and social difficulty


Chesed - ‫( חסד‬Noun): The Jewish attribute of grace, kindness or love

You can call the shul office or email us at chesed@beby.org

Sid Silverberg and Helen Katz Marty Keshen Chesed Committee Co-Chairs

— 12 —




t’s hard to believe that the Annual Chanukah Toy Drive, chaired by my mom, Rochelle Kerzner, has been running for 15 years now, and has continued to grow in its success! Over the past fall season, hundreds of toy and monetary donations were contributed by Beth Emeth members, family, and friends. While the collection of toys was a bit lower than previous years, we collected the most monies to date!

Remember you can donate to the Chanukah Toy Drive Fund all year long! Let’s make next year’s Chanukah Toy Drive bigger and better than ever!

Seth Kerzner

With this in mind, we would to thank all of our Beth Emeth members, clergy, office and security staff, along with our partners at Chai Lifeline Canada, for helping out and making our yearly Toy Drive successful once again. The Toy Drive certainly wouldn’t be successful for all these years without YOU! The Toy Drive is really a labour of love for all of us in the Kerzner Family and we look forward to doing this next year and for many years to come! As this year’s Toy Drive comes to an end, we remember my Bubbie Barbara Frances Grimson l”z and my Zaidy Norty Lorne Grimson l”z, who are looking down with smiles on their faces and are very proud of our accomplishments!



e continue to meet every Monday morning at 10:00 AM in the Library to knit, talk and have a coffee together. We are fortunate to have been joined recently by a number of new members including a few from Kensington Place. We want to encourage everyone from the community who is able to come to knit with us. If you do not know how, we can teach you to knit, and we supply our knitters with donated yarn and needles. We even have some patterns to start you off. As always, we have knitted hats that need to be delivered to the IDF. If you are travelling to Jerusalem and can spare some room in your luggage, please contact the office and I will call you back with details about how you can participate in the mitzvah of delivering knitted hats to the soldiers. (See image to the right) In addition, we continue to knit blankets for the Krinkle project, which donates to a variety of emergency shelters across the GTA, and we are so pleased to be able to support the wonderful work initiated by Barb Weisberg.

Eleanor Minuk — 13 —



hat better way to prepare our houses for the Pesach holiday than by thinking of those that are less fortunate.. For the better part of 20 years Beth Emeth Synagogue has participated in the Out Of The Cold Program, starting the beginning of each January For 8 weeks, a large group of tireless volunteers provide food, shelter, clothing, and toiletries to members of the community who are homeless or socially isolated. Our program is the huge success that it is because of the large number of volunteers who help out “behind the scenes” as well as on the days the guests come to our Synagogue. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out this year, far too many to name,

for your dedication and support. The guests appreciate all that we do to make their day a little brighter. Special thanks to our donors for their very generous contributions to this year’s program: Mazon Canada, Apex Catering, Costco (Wilson Ave.), Brands International Corporation Inc., McGregor American Essentials, Just Socks Partner Charity, Scholastic Canada Ltd., Trimfit Co. Ltd, TD Bank, Manulife, Simply Protein/Wellness Foods, Totes Isotoner and North American Buyers (the Davidson family) Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda is looking forward to once again opening its doors to the homeless next January and February. The program provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a hot kosher meal, gently used clothing, a warm bed to sleep in, a bagged lunch and toiletries. The program will run for 8 consecutive Monday nights-Tuesday mornings starting January 2021. This program can only run with your ongoing generous support. We have seen first-hand how far your donations

— 14 —

have gone and the difference you’ve made in people’s lives. We are in need of funding and ask that you please consider this program when making donations commemorating an occasion or when honouring a loved one to ensure our commitment to help those most vulnerable in our community. We are also looking for donations of new and gently used clothing, specifically large and extra large jackets and winter boots, warm winter apparel, and toiletries. We ask that if you are doing a spring-cleaning of your winter clothing to please consider the Out of the Cold program. Furthermore we are encouraging people to take the opportunity to give back to the community and volunteer for this program. There are volunteer positions available on the steering committee. Current openings include: • Donations in kind – volunteers in need of soliciting donations of clothing and food • Night owl – volunteers for the late evening and overnight shifts • Sunday volunteers – needed to sort clothing

and prepare for the guests to arrive on Monday • And more! Please reach out if you are interested in joining this important cause. If you are interested in volunteering for the 2021 program. Please send an email at the end of the summer to bebyoutofthecold@gmail.com. For financial donations, please contact the shul office at 416-633-3838. To donate clothing, please drop it off at the shul office or leave it with the shul security guard. Chag Sameach!

Allan Fleisher and Renee Henry bebyoutofthecold@gmail.com

— 15 —

SPOTLIGHT ON VOLUNTEERS This Spotlight on Volunteers is highlighting Joan Segal

to a few meetings for Continuing Education. But I was still working in Durham Region and it was just too long a day for me to go to evening activities too. So I took a hiatus until I retired. That’s when I became involved with Sisterhood at BEBY and became a member of the Board in 2011. As a Board member I sat on MDSC, chaired the Chesed Committee and Special Events. After a 4-year term on the Board I chose not to run again. I was appointed as representative on the Vaad HaEtza for 2 years then returned to the Board as VP of the MDSC.


How did you originally become involved in volunteering?


s I was growing up, my parents always modeled volunteer work at our synagogue, Goel Tzedec, and later at Beth Tzedec where they were founding members. My father was a politician starting his political career as elected Trustee of the Toronto Board of Education. He then became the first Jew to become Chair of the TBE; this was in 1952. He also volunteered on the Board of Jewish Education. His social activism inspired me to become involved in social issues. My mother volunteered for various Jewish women’s organizations and at Beth Tzedec. Thanks to my parents, I grew up with a strong sense of social justice, of my Judaism and a strong belief in the State of Israel. Another push for me was that I wanted to be a strong role model for my own children just as my parents had been for me. I lived in Oshawa and Whitby from 1973-2003 where I was active in the Jewish community and Beth Zion Synagogue serving as President of Sisterhood, President of Hadassah and on the Synagogue Board. When my husband and I moved back to Toronto, I was still working full-time. We reconnected with Toronto friends who recommended I join them for Rabbi Morrison’s Monday class one evening - and that was my introduction to BEBY. I also knew that I wanted to continue to be involved in the Jewish community so I volunteered at Beth Emeth where I have been able to utilize my organizational and speaking skills from my career as a Public Health nurse.

The world now isn’t the way it was when I grew up. I was born in 1944 when there was a heavy emphasis on the horrors to Jewish people. At that time, for the most part, mothers stayed at home, the synagogue was the centre of the Jewish family, Jews were an immigrant society who clung together, and Jews didn’t belong to non-Jewish organizations, partially because “No dogs or Jews allowed.” Although my immediate family did not lose any family members in the Holocaust, it inspired me to work toward a healthy Jewish community and social justice. When the focus changed from the Holocaust and the Survivors to supporting Russian Jews both politically and tangibly, my family sent packages to Jews in Russia.

Do you have any words of inspiration for potential volunteers?


he world has changed and many people don’t seem to volunteer for a variety of reasons but sometimes they discount the value of volunteering and what they get in return from doing so. However, we need to take small steps and look at time-sensitive projects where we can leave our mark. I have enjoyed working and volunteering and will continue to do so both at Beth Emeth and National Council of Jewish Women. I feel that it is important to put more humanity back into society, that there has been a drain on humanity especially around the world today. Spiritually the shul reinforces my belief that humans can be good and volunteering gives me an opportunity to see the good and give back. It is something, I believe, that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

At BEBY I helped with the Out of the Cold program and went — 16 —

Many thanks to Joan for your continued help and support!



s I have recently taken on the role of Vice-President, MDSC, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information about our Committees.

MDSC has over 25 committees. What this means is that we have many committed people who form wonderful teams of volunteers taking on leadership roles as Chairs/Co-Chairs and members of these unique committees. They work hard to bring you a diverse and interesting selection of programs, something for everyone. I encourage you to keep up to date with the programs offered and register for what interests you. By doing this you support the volunteers, you support Beth Emeth and you give yourself the opportunity to learn, engage with fellow congregants/members of the community and have fun. Why not explore a committee of your interest and volunteer to become a member? Participating as a team member will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment; you contribute to program selection, participate in selecting program topics, support the tasks required to deliver the program and celebrate with the team when the program is presented. I can tell you from personal experience that this is very rewarding. The camaraderie of committee members is something very special. Please contact me to discuss your interests. I look forward to speaking with you. Did you know Rabbi Morrison is celebrating 20 years with Beth Emeth? Well, now you do, so stay tuned! As we celebrate Purim, with Mordechai and Esther saving the Jewish people from Haman and at our seder tables on Passover, revisit our journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land, may the joy of these milestones in our history abound at your tables as we eat Hamantaschen for Purim and Matzoh for Passover. To my Beth Emeth Family, I wish you Chag Purim Sameach and Chag Kasher v’Sameach.

Susan Colomby Vice-President, MDSC

Invitation to all the lovely ladies of BEBY, Judaism is overflowing with beautiful rites of passage and traditions to celebrate our hopes, dreams and good fortunes. However, some of us never had the opportunity to rejoice with the Torah at a Bat Mitzvah because of family dynamics. Beth Emeth is considering the idea of creating an adult Bat Mitzvah class to begin around the HHD 5781. If enough enthusiastic women are interested, we shall collectively decide on the format/frequency/duration of the classes and their content/activities/fieldtrips. We want to tailor this program to the desires of the participants as much as possible culminating with a fabulous and meaningful Bat Mitzvah celebration at shul. Kindly email Rabbi Morrison, rabbim@beby.org, to let him know you are interested. May you be fearless like Mordechai & Esther and flourish with all that’s good, Karla Yakobi

— 17 —



Many volunteers have gone south to avoid our cold weather. If you don’t mind the cold and if you are able to help out - even once a week for a few weeks - please contact Lisa Rae at the Volunteer Dept. of Circle of Care: lrae@circleofcare.com or 416-635-2900 ext. 284. Thanks!

The Beth Emeth mobile sign is available for rental to express your Mazel Tov wishes. For more information call Gillian at 416.633.3838 ext. 250.

THE SYNAGOGUE CEMETERY BY-LAWS have been approved by the Ministry of Government & Consumer Services. A complete copy of the By-Laws can be viewed on line at www.beby.org/cemetery. Please call Candace Vogel if you have any questions or require clarification.


Honour your loved ones and your family milestones with a sponsorship at Beth Emeth. Hashkama Minyan Kiddush $72 / 3 for $180 Congregational Kiddush Members $360; non-members $500 Seudah Shlisheet Members $180; non-members $250

Shabbat Greeters Help maintain decorum during Shabbat Services with this important mitzvah! Please contact Freda in the the office for information on how YOU can become a greeter. High school students can earn volunteer hours too! Lots of opportunities to volunteer. Email freda@beby.org

Daily Breakfast (includes eggs) Members $100; non-members $120 Upgraded menus also available.

Contact Gillian Friedman at events@beby.org or call 416.633.3838 to arrange your sponsorship.

We thank our sponsors and advertisers for their support: Two Neptune Drive Michael Levitt, MP York Centre James Pasternak, Ward 6 Councillor Carey and Sharon Rosenzweig Elder Assist CaringOrganizer

— 18 —

Share your Wierzbniker Family History Now that the Wierzbniker Society is part of the Beth Emeth family, it gives the Society an opportunity to preserve some of the stories of members and families for future generations. The idea is for members and others who had families from Wierzbnik to submit short stories and scanned photos if you have them to appear in future issues of the Kesher. The paragraph or two or more, will include information about the Wierzbnik family history--whatever you know. Who of the family survived the war, who came to Canada --either before or after, what they did in Canada, their families. So many stories get lost. This is your chance to share. Please submit by email, or if you have questions, contact Helen Lepek at helen.lepek@gmail.com MERCAZ CANADA The World Zionist Organization is holding its election which determines which Zionist organizations will sit at the table. As serious traditional Conservative Jews, we must care that representation be pluralistic and not in the hands of any monopoly. Mercaz is the Zionist wing of the Conservative Movement. The more members Mercaz has means the more that Mercaz can be represented at the W.Z.O table. I urge everyone at Beth Emeth who cares about Zionism and religious pluralism in Israel to be a Mercaz member. Please fill out the Mercaz membership form with its modest dues requirement. Be a proud member of Mercaz. Rabbi Howard Morrison

Medical Appointment Assistance and Reporting by a Registered Nurse We help clients attend: Doctor appointments Dental appointments Eye exams

Colonoscopies Endoscopies Outpatient Procedures

Contact us about our rates and service. 416-399-2526 judith@elderassist.ca www.elderassist.ca

Take the stress out of Shiva planning with

Our ShivaOrganizer tool is the country’s leading FREE resource for organizing sympathy and support during the Shiva period. • Organize Meals for the Mourning Family with our Interactive Calendar

• Find Catering, Florists, and Other Services in Our Local Directory

• Communicate Shiva Details and Family Needs Quickly & Efficiently

Learn more at caringorganizer.com Be kind. Be meaningful. Take care of your community.

— 19 —


Graduation Recognition Shabbat!

MEGILLAT HA’SHOAH (the Holocaust Scroll)


Saturday, May 23, 8:45 am

That time of year is around the corner! In appreciation and recognition to you and your children for investing in Jewish education, Beth Emeth will once again be organizing a service to recognize and honour our many graduates from Jewish education programs. The annual Graduation Recognition Ceremony will be held in the Spring. This meaningful Shabbat service relies on the active participation of our young members to help run the service, participate in Torah service and many other honours. It is a ceremony that makes us all so proud!

Holocaust Community Commemoration

Date amd Time TBA.

BROTHERHOOD CANDLELIGHTING Samuel Edelstein Children’s Garden Tuesday, April 21 at 7:30 pm


Limited seating is available on buses from Toronto. For more information, call 1-888-494-7999. Register at yadvashem.ca/ceremony

Graduates from formal or informal education programs are formally recognized as well as our shul scholarship recipients. Following services, the celebrants of the day are invited to the enhanced Kiddush to celebrate this milestone with the congregation. Any child, young adult or graduate is welcome to participate in the service. Active participation from our young members enhances the meaning of the service, and allows us to all celebrate the milestones of the next generation. Please call Freda at the Synagogue office if you have a child graduating from a Hebrew Day School or Supplementary School in 2020, and/or if your children are interested in participating in the service. Volunteer members will assist the shul office in organizing the event.


Saturday, April 25 Come and Celebrate

Israel’s 72nd Birthday! Join us for a special musical service and celebration as we enjoy a special Shabbat Service with an Israeli flavour! Enhanced Kiddush served following services. More details to follow.

Ensure your child is a part of this wonderful day.

Kelly Wood and Maureen Gottesman Chairs, Graduation Recognition Committee

Make Yom Ha’Atzmaut a real family Yom Tov! — 20 —

“Only in remembering what happened to us, can the world assure that it will not happen to others.” ~ Elie Wiesel


Global Gathering of Holocaust Survivors, Descendants, Educators and Friends

A once-in-a-lifetime event to learn, discuss, commemorate and celebrate the 75th anniversary of liberation from the Holocaust. • • • • • • •

Programming for children of survivors Programming for grandchildren of survivors Workshops and panels Keynote speakers Survivor testimonies Survivor and Rescuer recognition Non-stop films

• • • • • • •

Education Day for thousands of students Professional development for educators Community Dine-Around Cultural presentations International Tracing Service Artifacts Roadshow World’s largest Hora and so much more



— 21 —

MEMBER SCHOLARSHIPS Beth Emeth Member Scholarships Beth Emeth offers many scholarship opportunities to our members. Apply now!* Karol Family Scholarship for Limudai Torah Adults and teens of Beth Emeth who have an interest in engaging in advanced Torah study are welcome to apply. The next deadline for applications is April 2020 for study in 2021. If you are studying in this coming winter/spring semester and have missed our recent deadline, please contact in the Synagogue office. Joseph Smith Sports Achievement Award: This scholarship supports our congregants’ children and grandchildren in their extra-curricular sporting activities. Awards will next be granted in June of 2020. David and Sandra Anisman Israel Fund Scholarships These are available to members studying or attending programs in Israel. Applications are accepted and scholarships awarded on an ongoing basis but applications. MUST be submitted prior to departure. Rabbi Kelman Endowment Fund This fund offers scholarships to members for programs they will be attending which support Jewish continuity. Scholarships will next be awarded in June of 2020.

*All applications and deadlines can be found online: beby.org/scholarships.html or by contacting the Synagogue office.


eth Emeth is proud to be able to support our members of all ages through our various scholarship funds. Our four scholarship funds this year supported over 25 youth and young adults in their various endeavors from studying Limudai Torah, to Jewish summer camps, to Israel gap year programs, to high level sporting activities.

Over the years, our four scholarship funds— the Karol Family Scholarship for Limudai Torah, the Joseph Smith Sports Achievement Award, the Rabbi Kelman Endowment Fund and the David and Sandra Anisman Israel Fund—have assisted 100s of Beth Emeth members. We have supported future Rabbis, community leaders, teachers and more. We continue to encourage all members to apply to our scholarship funds. Full descriptions of the funds and applications are available online at beby.org/scholarships Please remember, the sustainability of these funds is dependent on your support. When contributing to the Synagogue, please consider donating to one of these funds to allow the Synagogue to award scholarships to more of our deserving members. For more information on how to apply to these funds please contact the Synagogue office at 416.633.3838.

— 22 —


As we mentioned in the previous Kesher, Beth Emeth member Kataniya Markus, a grade 7 student at The Toronto Heschel School, wrote an article entitled “How Can We Speak for the Trees?”, which was published in the FAll 2019 edition of the school’s THINK Magazine. Here is the article below:

“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. And I’m asking you, sir, at the top of my lungs—”


ne of my favourite stories is the Dr. Seuss story about the Lorax, who speaks for the trees. How can WE speak for the trees?

Speaking is something that comes naturally for most of us. It’s something we take for granted. But when you have a voice, you should use it! Use it to speak up, use it to VOICE your opinion. Use it because you can, and because you should. However, if we want to “speak for the trees,” this doesn’t just mean using your physical voice, it also means using your influential one. Your influential voice is silent, but loud. Not all of us were born to be activists, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be one. It doesn’t take a podium, speech, and a campaign to make your voice heard. You can just as easily sign a petition, march in protest, or even simply tell someone else your opinion on the issue. These options for making your voice heard are all things we should be doing more often, to raise awareness about things that matter! So, back to my first question. How can WE speak for the trees? Our earth is in danger, and we all know it. So it’s time that we all do something about it! While signing a petition, marching for change, or writing a speech can all be great ways to voice your opinion, sometimes it’s the smaller things—our everyday choices—that can make all the difference.

If you have a talent, now’s the time to use it! For instance, if you are an amazing cook, try cooking with food from the local farmers’ market, or from your garden! You could even try cooking meals with the goal of making as little waste as possible. If you are a talented artist or graphic designer, you can pour your creativity into posters and pamphlets about saving our Earth. You could sell your artwork and donate some of the profits to charities that are focused on helping the environment. When you do things like this, you are using your influential voice. Your influential voice is the voice you use to spark change. Your influential voice can be your literal speaking voice, or it can be the voice you use by making choices that align with your beliefs. If you are an artist and choose to donate half of what you earn from selling your art, you are using your influential voice. It’s the voice you use to influence others, and it’s the voice we all need to use more often. At my school, The Toronto Heschel School, I am the Student Council Minister of the Environment. My main job is to help people see the changes that they can make — whether by buying honey from the hives in our garden, helping out in our school garden, recycling waste, or using our school compost—that will help our environment. My committee and I help make sure we meet our responsibilities as a Platinum Certified Eco-School. So next time you need groceries, go to the farmers’ market! Bring reusable bags, containers, and bottles. When you can, walk or ride your bicycle instead of driving. Think like this, and you are on your way to becoming an activist. Use your “influential voice” and be the change you wish to see in the world.


Celebrating Pearl 12/14/2019

— 24 —


— 25 —



e at Beth Emeth are accommodating to a variety of different interests. Club Sameach meets every Tuesday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Speakers, authors, readings and of course, our popular Conversation Café with lunch and entertainment. By the time you receive this Kesher we would have enjoyed our February “ Love is in the Air” with Esther and Rudy. Our next lunch and entertainment is Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – 12:30 – 2:00 pm “Come to the Cabaret” featuring Bernice Fafin and Reuven Grajner $12.00 – a must to register. My own series continues the last Tuesday of the month. Since I didn’t go away this winter, I have been busy writing in my solitude in which I find great solace. It is my choice not to be lonely, but enjoy my “me time”. In addition I have attended so many wonderful programs. We, who are residents of Toronto, are so fortunate to have the opportunities to attend the multitude of activities and programs. I see it not as competition but rather an enhancement for us to participate and communicate with not just elders but integrate in a social milieu with all groups. We also have the opportunity to attend other senior groups. The Association for Seniors meet monthly, Thursday mornings for breakfast at 9:30 am at Shaarei Shomayim Membership $25.00 a year or $3 for each session

I am grateful to the Beth Emeth readers who have called and commented on my poems – thanks for sharing. It is truly inspiring to receive such positive feedback. A grandparent told me she saves my poems and shares them with her grandchildren. Great! Very shortly my poems will be published “A Moment in Time, A Moment to Rhyme”. You are all invited to the launch! In closing, I‘d like to suggest that you keep active by volunteering. Volunteerism is a vital activity for seniors. It keeps you connected. Studies have shown it keeps our cognition alert and prevents some onset of dementia. Here at BEBY, we have many opportunities for volunteering. Kadima’s Sunday afternoons with our challenged participants and our own Conversation Café, welcomes our seniors not only to participate but volunteer. Our Chesed Committee has a diversity of opportunities, for example, phoning the homebound, visiting senior homes or calling people who cannot attend physically and want to keep in touch. Volunteerism as an elder is an endorsement for the essence of fulfillment. In this column, I have enclosed two clippings from newspapers dated 2006 and 2010. If you have interesting information, please submit it and we will try to include it in our next Kesher. Wishing you a Happy Purim and A Healthy Pesach. Chag Sameach.

Rosalie Shadlyn Ed.D

The Neonate The neonate gazelle peers into the periglacial light Flexes her subtle glossy body, stretches, ready for flight Her fluid round bespeckled brown tawny charcoal eyes Adoringly intently focus on her mother’s protecting ties Prematurely she will be guided to shed her inherited envelopment This magnificient dignified creature is not aware of her intended development This staunch muted colony of herd with prancing grace Surround this neonate with pride in her ability to race this graceful, glorified creature with her pure soul has a profound gift To shield, to prance, to focus, to hear, to protect and to lift. Her virtue, dignity her tenacity and intense inherent awareness Encourages her community to bond, shield and protect this vast bareness In her procative, youthful enthusiasm. There are no obstacles in sight She is only affected by her perception and acceptance of a future so bright

Written by Rosalie Shadlyn — 26 —



hanks to a generous New Horizons for Seniors grant from the federal government of Canada, we have been able to run a five-session Food for Thought program again this year. The theme is the prevention of various aspects of elder abuse through education and discussion. At our fourth session on December 12, Ellen Roseman (top right), columnist, author and teacher addressed our audience. She provided important information about how we can protect ourselves from financial exploitation. She also shared some specific stories about those she has helped during her career as a consumer advocate. On January 19, we welcomed two of our political representatives, MP Michael Levitt and MPP Roman Baber (middle right), who brought greetings to our group. An interesting presentation by Julia Migounova of the Bernard Betel Centre concluded our series (bottom right). Her address focussed on de-shaming the victims of elder abuse and bringing elder abuse into the light. In this day and age, it is difficult for even the most savvy techies to avoid being fooled occasionally by unscrupulous internet scammers. As we heard time and time again, there are many predators who try to take advantage of those they think will be an easy target. These unprincipled individuals employ a variety of tools to try to scare us into acting without thinking or divulging information that can be used against us. Throughout the entire program, we have discussed a variety of issues dealing with elder abuse and ways to protect ourselves. Many of the Powerpoint presentations from those sessions are now available on the synagogue website. Just go to beby.org/foodforthought Our appreciation goes to our wonderful steering committee for their planning and dedication, to Apex Caterers for consistently delicious meals, to the caretaking and office staff for their hard work and dependability, to Mordechai Ben-Dat, our fabulous facilitator and to Lyn Ben-Dat, our amazing coordinator.

Joan Segal and Eleanor Minuk Food For Thought Part II Co-chairs

— 27 —



e are excited to inform you of the exciting upcoming programs BEBY Boomers are organizing for your enjoyment and interest:

Sunday, May 24 - Introduction to Tai Chi What are the Benefits to YOU? • Reduces stress • Increases oxygen flow • Enhances mental capacity and concentration • Reduces blood pressure • Alleviates arthritis pain • Improves balance • Helps with faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks Sunday, June 14: Laughing Yoga Laughter Yoga is a new twist on an ancient practice. Not only does it increase happiness, but it also strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and stress. Both the above programs will be facilitated by individuals with knowledge and expertise. Plan to schedule these two programs on your agenda Hold the Date for our BBQ & Movie Night scheduled on Wednesday, August 12 “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Part 2” will be reviewed. From our committee to all of you, Chag Sameach.

Co-Chairs: Marlene White and Susan Colomby


Toronto City Councillor, Ward 6, York Centre Wishing everyone in the community a Happy Purim and Passover! !‫חג שמח‬

At Beth Emeth’s “Out of the Cold” serving warm food to the vulnerable

Megillah reading at City Hall

Speaking at City Council on Anti-Semitism

416-392-1371 councillor_pasternak@toronto.ca Visit us online: www.jamespasternak.ca — 28 —



e are very excited to continue our Jewish learning together at Aleph Beit Chadash Hebrew School. We had a fabulous time together examining the miracle of Chanukah, making latkas, dreidels and even our own symbolic shields like the Maccabees carried. Moving into a new calendar year, we have some exciting up and coming events.

The Aleph Beit Chadash School @ Beth Emeth The Aleph Beit Chadash Beth Emeth Jewish LearningSchool for your@ Child

Our ShinShinim, Ori and Matan, will help us connect to Eretz Israel as we learn about the land, the seasons and the modern miracles that are happening there each day. We will have an opportunity to enjoy a traditional Israeli breakfast together when we learn how to make shakshuka and pita. Students will also be connected to the wonderful work of Keren Kayemet L’Israel - JNF as we explore the different innovative initiatives in which this organization is involved “to help build a brighter tomorrow” in Israel. This project will be tied into our “tzedakah” project later in the year. As Pesach approaches, we will learn some of the traditional blessings for this holiday as well as the significance of the Four Questions. We will continue to think critically and learn through our Passover Inquiry project, which will help students make the stories from our past relevant to their lives today. With this learning and with their personal Passover stories, students will make a kiddush cup that they can use to make their own Seders more special and meaningful. With the rise of antisemitism and hatred that we are witnessing worldwide and in our own backyards, Aleph Beit Chadash strives to inspire our students and to build their Jewish pride so that together we will strengthen the Jewish world. Registration for next year will be coming out this Spring. Remember to tell friends and family to register early for an “early bird discount.” On behalf of everyone involved with the Aleph Beit Chadash Hebrew School, we wish you all the best for Purim and Pesach.

Shauna Small Education Director, Aleph Beit Chadash NURTURING CARING CHILDREN TO HELP THEM DEVELOP THEIR JEWISH JOURNEY! Our students are engaged in their learning and in our activities and are happy to attend every Sunday

Come to see what Hebrew School can really be! Tefillot (prayers) Torah/Tanach

Our parents are thrilled with the traditional Conservative Jewish values we teach

Religious Tradition Hebrew Language

We are constantly updating and innovating our curriculum We provide a nurturing environment where all students are encouraged to think critically and apply the learning to their own lives

Jewish Tradition Israel Advocacy For ALL Elementary and Middle School Students



BEBY Youth and Young Families!

Schedule of events!


halom Everyone BEBY Youth and Families.

Family Shabbat - First Shabbat of the Month An interactive Shabbat service, with lots of singing, Purim and Pesach are participation and discussion, followed by lunch. coming up and there are no two better holidays to focus on our families. The planning Teen Shabbat - Second Shabbat of the Month for our ANNUAL PURIM CARNIVAL is well underway and it will be better than ever. This year’s theme will be DISCO to Our Teen Service followed by lunch. As always, this service is by the teens, for the teens – so let us know what you’d go along with the Purim Shpiel “Megillah Mia”. like to see! Bouncy Castles, Disco Dancing, Face-Paining, Food, and Mindfulness Minyan MORE!!! Third Shabbat of the Month Led by Rabbi David Grundland. And remember, even though we like to think of Purim as a holiday for kids, it is a holiday for EVERYONE! Let’s all get dressed up and in the spirit, both for our Carnival on March YOUNG FAMILIES DISCO PURIM CARNIVAL! 8th and for the Shul-wide megillah reading on March 9th.


After Purim, we get right into the Pesach Spirit. We will be, once again joining the NCJW for their Passover Food Drive (9:15 am on Sunday March 22). The annual Chocolate Seder will also continue, but this year as part of the Family Shabbat on Shabbat HaGadol, April 4.


There is LOTS that is happening in our Youth to Young Families Department and we are always looking for people who are interested in getting involved in making our programming as fun and meaningful as possible. I am also here for all of you and working to make BETH EMETH the BEST community it can be. Feel free to reach out and email rabbidavid@beby.org or call me at ext. 260. HAPPY PURIM! HAPPY PESACH! L’Shalom,

Rabbi David Grundland Director of BEBY NEXTgen Community contact rabbidavid@beby.org for more info on all events

Shabbat Activities GAN SHABBAT Weekly Shabbat programming and babysitting for children SK and younger, including songs, games, Jewish learning and healthy snacks. Gan Shabbat runs all year ‘round from 10 am until the end of services in the BEBY Babies room on the lower level near the parking lot side. MINI MINYAN (Jr. Congregation) Welcome to our re-imagined Shabbat and Yom Tov program for youth grades 1 and up. This interactive service consists of engaging Shabbat prayers, discussions, games and snack. Program begins at 10 am in the Inwentash Centre every Shabbat and Yom Tov. YOUTH KIDDUSH For all our participants in the Gan Shabbat and Mini Minyan, Kiddush is provided monthly following the completion of services in the Inwentash Centre. Sponsor a Youth Kiddush in honour of a special occasion such as your child or grandchild’s birthday or other milestone! Please contact youth@beby.org for further details.

— 30 —


— 31 —

Beth Emeth’s



reetings my fellow congregants and music lovers,

Once again we can look back with great satisfaction and pleasure on the success of the programs which have been presented thus far in the 2019/2020 season.

got Talent

Sunday, April 12 - Chol HaMoed Pesach

Our Cantor, David Guber, thrilled us presenting “On the Flip Side” along with the talented Reuven Grajner. (See image below) This was a program unlike anything Cantor Guber had done before. Thanks to our sponsor Randall Starr and thanks also to those who attended and made contributions to the Music Fund. Maybe we can look forward to an encore? Coming up are the following: April 12 – Chol Hamoed Pesach program presented with Special events “Beth Emeth’s Got Talent” showcasing many talented people among us May 3 - Sunday Matinee – we will be showing the film -“They Played for Their Lives” – a documentary film about Jewish musicians who survived the Holocaust by playing music. Presented in conjunction with Continuing Education. May 22 – Shabbatini with music and a special program for children with Bryna Wechsler We have many more exciting events in the planning stages and will share the information once they are finalized. We welcome suggestions as well. I take pleasure in extending wishes for a Happy Purim and a frailachen Pesach.

Bernice Levine Chair, Music Committee

— 32 —

If you have a special talent that you would like to showcase, please contact Ilene Kuchinsky at ilene_k@hotmail.com to arrange your audition! Only 12 spots available. All ages welcome. Presented by the Music and Special Events Committees

Sunday Movie Matinee Sunday, May 3 They Played for Their Lives Presented in conjunction with Continuing Education.

Shabbatini! Friday, May 22



he time has flown by since our last Kesher article at Chanukah. Our programs have educated and informed our audiences so we plan to keep up this successful formula. The next several months will bring forth some movies beyond our regular Reel and Spiel programs and interesting speakers. Here is a short list of upcoming programs for the next few months. Sunday, March 15 at 10:00 am - We are pleased to present “Growing Up Jewish In Jamaica”, a lecture by Willy Lindo about the Jews of Jamaica. Wednesday, March 25 at 7:30 pm - We are happy to introduce Terri Klein as she presents her wellness lecture titled: How To Calm the Anxious Adolescent Mind A Specialized Wellness Workshop for Parents. Sunday, April 26 – Rouhama Danto will talk about the paintings of Salvador Dali who painted many pictures of Israel. Come join us as we celebrate these works prior to Yom Ha’atzmaut. Sunday, May 3 - We will screen the movie “They Played For Their Lives”, a Holocaust film in conjunction with the Music Committee. Sunday, June 7 - Come see the newest documentary “Heading Home” which tells the story of the successful drive of the Israeli baseball team to qualify for the upcoming Olympic Games this summer in Japan. There are a number of other programs we are working on but have not yet confirmed. Watch for updates weekly on the Synagogue webpage and the Shabbat Bulletins for more information regarding dates and times for all of our programs. The Continuing Education Committee wishes everyone a Chag Sameach and hopes for special times with family and friends during this holiday period.

GROWING UP JEWISH IN JAMAICA Lecture by Willy Lindo about the Jews of Jamaica

Sunday, March 15 at 10:00 am

TERRI KLEIN How To Calm the Anxious Adolescent Mind - A Specialized Wellness Workshop for Parents.

Wednesday, March 25 at 7:30 pm

ROUHAMA DANTO The Paintings of Salvador Dali

Sunday, April 26


Perry Davis and Marlene White Co-Chairs, Continuing Education Committee

Sunday, May 3 “They Played For Their Lives” Sunday, June 7 “Heading Home”

— 33 —


• Tish and Torah with Rabbi Lipson - Learning sessions for the Parshat Ha’Shavua at 10:00 am • Rabbinics Study Group – Daf Ha’Shavua - The Weekly Page of Talmud for beginning or intermediate students of Talmud, we will explore page by page the first Tractate of the Talmud known as Masechet Berachot. We will be using the Koren Talmud Bavli Daf Yomi Edition which contains the text in its original as well as full English translation and commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. Taken from the introduction, “The primary focus of the tractate is the myriad ways in which a Jewish person expresses his faith throughout his life.”

On Shabbat afternoons, 35 minutes prior to Mincha.


• Hebrew Reading Level II: FREE. Led by Michael Kinrys. For those who can slowly read Hebrew but want practice saying and singing the Shabbat prayers.

Begins Sunday March 8, 2020 for 5 weeks. 9 - 11 am. Call the office to register.

• Tanach Study Group – Led by shul members and meeting in their homes, this interactive study group analyzes and discusses various Tanach texts. Check the weekly bulletin for dates and locations.


• The Rabbi’s Study Class at 7 pm - “The Best From The Vault” What did Rabbi Morrison study at progressive yeshivas last year?


• Study Group: Sponsored by Sisterhood – Rabbis Morrison & Lipson alternate weekly in leading this class. 10:00 -11:30 am in the Tessler Lounge.

Beit Midrash program learning with Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner Pioneers of Palestine: Founders of Modern Zionism Who were the women and men who trekked from Europe and Russia to Ottoman Syria at the end of the 19th century? What were they seeking, and what steps did they take to achieve it? What can we learn from them in Israel today? Come find out in a series of classes wth Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner,

10-11 AM on Wednesdays April 29 – May 20 (4 weeks). There is a fee of $40. Register by emailing info@torontotorah.com or calling 416-630-6772 ext. 243.



t’s hard to believe it’s almost spring time! Matan and Ori have delivered so many amazing Divrei Israel and programs to our BEBY community so far in their year of service to our community, and they have so much more to offer! From decorating sufganiyot at the annual Chanukah party to participating with our Aleph Beit Chadash Hebrew School, Matan and Ori have interacted with countless individuals and brought their authentic and unique selves into everything that they do. They are only with us until midJune (when they embark on their next part of their year of service, heading off on a summer of engagement at regional Jewish overnight camps), so be sure to come out, support them, and learn about their unique perspectives on modern Israel before their time with Beth Emeth comes to an end.

Ori and Matan leading their movie night event on January 14

As Matan and Ori’s time continues at Beth Emeth, we are getting ready to welcome two new ShinShinim in September 2020. While we don’t yet know who they will be, I am beginning to look for host families for the incoming ShinShinim – if your family is interested in the life-changing experience of hosting a ShinShin, please contact me at dale.gold@gmail.com. Purim Sameach!

Dale Gold ShinShinim Lay Leader — 34 —



hadow Strike, by Yaakov Katz, explores the behindthe-scenes diplomatic world in which Israel, in 2007, confirms the existence of and then destroys Syria’s nuclear reactor. However, Syria won’t publicly acknowledge building the facility, North Korea won’t admit providing the necessary support, Iran won’t claim any complicity, the United States won’t let on that they are aware of the construction, and Israel cannot take credit for keeping the world a little bit safer from the threat that no one will talk about. Exciting descriptions of the entire covert episode provide for a page-turner that begs the question of what threats we might be facing in 2020 had Israel not taken the initiative to destroy the reactor. Kevin Donovan, journalist for The Toronto Star, documents his reports about the bizarre and gruesome murders of Honey and Barry Sherman in The Billionaire Murders. Although few details are revealed that were not previously reported through the media, what comes to light is the gross incompetence of so many of the investigators as they work to uncover exactly what happened, who committed this heinous crime and their reasons for committing the murders. Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel, Matti Friedman brings the human element to this chapter of our history. We read about four spies who gave up their identities and their personal security to become embedded in the societies of countries at war with us. The stories of Gamliel Cohen, Isaac Shoshan, Havakuk Cohen and Yakuba Cohen are remarkable in their unwavering bravery and personal sacrifice to help forge the dream of our homeland into a reality. This book will be reviewed by Mordechai Ben-Dat for our Books and Bagels program on Sunday, March 29 and is generously sponsored by Allen Koffman of Dr. Flea’s Flea Markets. We welcome you to join us and invite you to register either on-line or through the office.

Lunch and Literature sessions continue through the winter and spring. On February 13, Philippa Sheppard reviewed The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish and on April 23, Suanne Kelman will be reviewing Dorit Rabinyan’s All the Rivers. Both of these events are generously sponsored by Qualicare Family Home Care. Please register on-line or through the office to ensure a spot for this lovely event. If you are interested in sponsoring a future book event, please contact the synagogue office for further information. On behalf of the Library Committee, I wish you and your family all the best for Purim and Pesach.

Eleanor Minuk

Lunch & Literature $25 per person for a delicious catered lunch by Apex Kosher Catering followed by the book review. Lunch begins at 1:00 pm. Please register no later than the Tuesday before the event to ensure a spot. Thursday, April 23 Suanne Kelman will be talking about Dorit Rabinyan’s book All The Rivers Generously sponsored by Qualicare



$5 per person for a bagel, coffee, danish and book talk. Sessions start at 10:00 am. Please register at the office no later than the Tuesday before the event to ensure a spot.

Cynthia Good conducted the review of Lauren Belfer’s And After the Fire on December 5, 2019 for our Lunch and Literature program. The depth of her research, both about the book and the people who were significant characters in the book, was appreciated and recognized by all. The nature of our group allows for provocative discussions about some of the themes that our reviewers explore and the questions raised about whether or not it is possible to separate the artist from his or her work proved to be another interesting layer to the event. Thanks again to our generous sponsors, Viva Retirement Home and Move by Design. We were also honoured to host, on February 2, Max Eisen, Holocaust hero, to discuss his book By Chance Alone and to talk about his vision for the future.

Sunday, March 29 Mordechai Ben-Dat will be talking about Matti Friedman’s book Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel Generously sponsored by Allen Koffman and Dr. Flea’s Flea Market

Max Eisen — 35 —

Cynthia Good



halom Everyone,

The past few months have been very exciting at the Kadima Centre. Each week the participants enjoyed programs like Challa Baking, Zumba, Bowling, Bingo and Music. We celebrated Chanukah with beautiful art projects, learnt how to make olive oil and had a great Chanukah party! Special thanks to Sheila Agasee for preparing the lovely Chanukah gift bags, to all the volunteers for their help and to our new president Malcolm Weinstein for leading our candle lighting service. I am very pleased to introduce a new music program to Kadima. “Sing Along with Rabbi B”. Rabbi Berktin, (lovingly known as Rabbi B), has become a staple in Jewish educational musical life. With his guitar in hand and a wealth of songs ranging from traditional Jewish classics to original compositions, Rabbi B engages his audience with laughter and joy. Please join us: - Friday May 1 at 6 pm for our annual “Shabbatini” a Kabbalat Shabbat of Inclusion Program. Enjoy words from our Rabbi, Board Members sing and dance with the Kadima Family! - Sunday June 7th at 2:30 pm for our annual Kadima Concert!

Margie Arosh Director, Kadima Centre 416 .841.7585 | margieskitchen@gmail.com

THE KADIMA CENTRE 2020 WINTER/SPRING SCHEDULE (MARCH - JUNE 2020) All Programs run Sundays from 2:00 - 3:30 pm unless otherwise indicated If you cannot attend a program, please call Margie at 416-841-7585. Please note: No prorgams April 12 or May 17

- March 1 – Purim Art Program, $2 - March 8 – Purim Carnival $2 - March 15 – Healthy Eating Cooking Class $2 - March 22 – Bingo & Choir Practice - March 29 – Matzah Factory Trip, Learn how Matzah is made! 1:30 PM, $2 - April 5 – Kadima Model Seder $2 - April 19 – New Music Program Sing Along with Rabbi B $1 - April 26 – Bingo $1 - Friday May 1, 5:30 PM – Kabalat Shabbat of Inclusion Program at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda. Light refreshments & Music. - May 3 – Striking for Reena at World Bowl located at 9 East Wilmot Street Richmond Hill, 12:30 PM, Free bus from Beth Emeth provided - May 10 – Mother’s Day, Cooking Program,$2 - May 24 – UJA Walk with Israel. Walk starts at 10 AM at Toronto Heschel School. Details of meeting place to follow. - May 31 – Shavuot Ice Cream Party $1 - June 7 – Kadima Annual Concert - June 14 – Father’s Day Bar-B-Q — 36 —


— 37 —


Participants and attendees of the BEBY Brotherhood annual World Wide Wrap on Sunday, February 1, 2020


urim is one of the great family events in the Jewish year, and you can help us make it better by coming to both the evening and morning Megillah readings in costume. There are many traditions to spread joy during this wonderful holiday, and bringing the family, dressed in their favourite costume is a wonderful way to bond with the kids and have a great time!

of children we received from Yad VaShem in Jerusalem to personalize the candle letters. If you have records of children that you would like us to include, please contact us and we will work to include those names in our lists. We hope you will join us in the commemoration on Yom Hashoah, by delivering Yellow Candles and by lighting the Candles to proclaim, “Never Again!” to the world.

We must spend as much time enjoying and celebrating as we do in the commemorations we hold for past events. Both Purim & Pesach mark the near destruction of the Jewish people in ancient times by evil forces, a situation that has, unfortunately, been a common one in our history as a people,

This year’s Yellow Candle was created by BEBY Member, Stan Greenspan. The event will take place the evening of Tuesday, April 21 in the Samuel Edelstein Children’s Garden at 7:30 pm.

Through the Men’s Club and the FJMC, we commemorate the (hopefully) last destruction in the Holocaust through our Shoah Yellow Candles

Stan Greenspan FJMC Honourary President/Chairman of the Board

In Brotherhood,

The Men’s Club has been busy preparing for the annual Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle campaign. We will be delivering yellow candle packages to nearly 1000 homes again this year. Each candle is delivered by a volunteer, someone from your neighbourhood who is taking time to help with this incredible project. When the Beth Emeth was founded, our synagogue had one of the highest number of Holocaust Survivors in the city. Holocaust education and observance has always been a high priority to our membership. Last year saw the introduction of a new FJMC Yellow Candle that has images of children who perished in the Shoah. Our club expanded that project with the names, cities and dates — 38 —



ashem gave us the earth “to use and protect.” (Genesis 2:15). We, in Judaism, understood the importance of caring for our planet long before most other nations. We had Tu B’Shvat, the birthday of trees long before Earth Day was celebrated and the Tree Canopy was an Earth Day project. 50 years ago on April 22,1970, 20 million Americans, 10% of the U.S. population publicly took to the streets in hundreds of cities to protest against environmental ignorance. On Earth Day, nations signed the Paris climate agreement

Refreshments will be served. Alan Bernstein will give out our door prizes. Call the office to reserve your seat.

Hilda Swirsky, RN, BScN, Med Chair, Greening Committee

Now, in about one month, we, at Beth Emeth, will be participating in those celebrations as members of the Earth Day Network.


Leonardo DiCaprio is Co-Chair of the Global Advisory Committee. Other members of the Advisory Committee include Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa of Morocco, former Secretary of State John Kerry and actor Ed Begley Jr. This year’s theme is Climate Action and the Climate Crisis. Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers stated, “Progress has slowed, climate change impacts grow, and our adversaries have become better financed.” Resilience is a word we often hear when Climate Change is discussed and increasing extreme weather events are occurring. Who, more than the Jewish people and Israel demonstrate resilience and have lessons all nations can learn from perceiving and living with resilience. Please join us for this very special celebration with an exceptional guest speaker. When: Wednesday April 22, 2020 at 7:00 pm Where: Arback Hall, Cost $5 Councillor James Pasternak will bring greetings on behalf of Mayor John Tory Rabbi David Grundland will provide us with Talmudic words of wisdom ShinShinim Maran Ben Ami & Ori Rapoport will share resilient tips to cope with Flooding and Heat Waves. Our Guest Speaker: Dr Tanhum Yoreh, Author & Assistant Professor at the University School of the Environment will discuss ideas about wastefulness, consumption, simplicity and resilience in the Jewish world and beyond. — 39 —

April 22, 2020, is as a key moment for citizens, institutions and organizations everywhere to demonstrate our shared demand for bold, transformative change. WILL YOU JOIN THIS GLOBAL MOVEMENT AS WE BUILD TOWARD THE NEXT HALF CENTURY OF ACTION FOR OUR PLANET? Sign up for updates, check our site and social media for regular updates, and get info on partner and sponsor opportunities. Global Advisory Committee for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 Earth Day Network has enlisted leaders and activists to help inspire and guide our work and engage our global audience for Earth Day 2020.

Thursday Creative Drop In


Looking for a place for all who share your love of being creative! Do you have an unfinished project? a work in progress? Do you need some time and/or advice and/or a place to work on it for a couple of hours? Bring your work or idea, schmooze and share.

Thursdays 1:30 - 3:30 pm

We regret any errors and omissions that may occur. Please call the office to make corrections.

We’ve Got Mail!

If you have an email address PLEASE share it with the office. We don’t want you to miss out on a single exciting BEBY event! Subscribe from our home page at beby. org. The Keshers are available online too! Go to beby.org and click the Kesher link.


Wednesdays evenings Beginners 6:30 pm Intermediate/Advanced 7:30 pm

$10 per class. For info, call Shoshana Frank at 905-889-9419



ĺ Ķİ Ķ ļį Ĺ


Gan Yeladim Day Care, located in Beth Emeth Synagogue since 1980, is a warm, loving day care for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Gan Yeladim offers a full day of fun and varied programming, rich in Jewish content, that will introduce your child to new experiences and foster their development. All staff are qualified and experienced ECE teachers who provide the children at the center with the education, love and support to help them grow and thrive.

and Rummikub

Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30 - 3:30 pm

Gan Yeladim provides hot, kosher, dairy and parve lunches and 2 snacks daily. SPACES AVAILABLE NOW ! For further information or to register, please contact us at 416-638-1796 or administrator@ganyeladim.com.

All are welcome. $4. Refreshments served. — 40 —



t. Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Institute of History (subdivision of the Russian Academy of Sciences) is preparing a joint Academic Conference by the subject “Jews in the World History, Culture and Politics, that will take place on April 26, 2020 in St. Petersburg.

His way to escape from the Holocaust and personal efforts in future studies in Russia and Italy and in the Mir Yeshiva in USA outstanding music and singing achievements while working as a cantor in Cleveland, USA and Toronto, Canada at Beth Emeth Synagogue where he was for about 30 years. He toured many countries described in this paper. His special role in vocal teaching of youngsters and young gifted cantors, in collecting Jewish and world music rarities is described as well. The input of everyone of those outstanding Jewish musicians, including the world-renowned Cantor Danto l”z, in the world of music and vocal culture is carefully analyzed and described in this paper. So, the academic history professionals in Russia will be made familiar for the first time with the unique personality, life story, outstanding religious and concert performances and multiple records of our dear late Cantor Louis Danto l”z!

Among the papers, accepted for presentation and discussion at this Conference and for publishing in the Book of Proceedings, is one entitled “The input of few Jewish musicians, escaped from the Holocaust, in the world music culture”, presented by professional musicologist Inessa Dvujilnaya (Grodno, Belarus) and Z. Iskanderova, PhD (Toronto, Canada). The paper is dedicated to the ways few very talented Jewish musicians escaped from the Holocaust in time at the beginning of WWll, to their life at the evacuation places, and to their post-war activities and outstanding achievements. This paper highlights, in particular, the life, hardship, sufferings as an orphan and child Holocaust survivor during WWll of a young Jewish boy from Souvalki, Poland, named Hirsh (Grisha) Marchuk, with an outstanding voice and music talent, later famous as a world renown cantor and lyric tenor singer Louis Danto l”z!

Written by Zelina Iskanderova, PHD, former Adjunct Professor of University of Toronto If you would like more information about the music of Cantor Danto l”z , please contact Rouhama Danto at rouhamadanto@gmail.com



At the Rosen Judaica Gift Shop, we have everything for your Passover needs including seder and matzah plates, matzah and afikomen covers, kiddish cups, dishes for charoset. We also carry hostess gifts from $18.00 to the sky’s the limit. Think of us first for all your purchases. Our prices are lower than most other stores and we have a no-tax policy. We are pleased to inform you that we are now carrying customized ketubahs by Rosette priced from $300.00. Please come in and see these beautiful works of art. Remember: by shopping at our store you are supporting your Synagogue. Chag Sameach!

Sonia Hendler, Gift Shop Chair — 41 —

Apex Kosher Catering celebrates 9 months of residency at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue. Wow! What a warm welcome we received from the incredible congregation. In the spirit of Passover for the first 20 orders received, APEX Kosher Catering will donate 10% of the final invoice to Out of the Cold. (See menu on following page) Together we can make a difference. Let’s show we care. From our kitchen to your table. We would love to be a part of your next simcha. Invite us to your next simcha. ‘Kissing don’t last – Good cooking does’ Please contact us at 416 901 5044 or email: info@apexkoshercatering.com Thank you, Mauricio

The Recipe Box By Reni Cuperfain SWEET POTATO CRUST QUICHE Ingredients:

• 2 sweet potatoes • 2 zucchini • broccoli • 3 tbsp Parmesan cheese grated • 3 eggs beaten • 1/2 cup milk • 1/2 tsp salt • 2 tbsp flour or matzo meal • 1/2 cup grated mozzarella


• Slice sweet potatoes in rounds 1/4 inches thick and place on bottom of pie plate. • Cut some of the potato slices in half and line up around the edge • Layer with zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms. Add peppers if desired • Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese • Mix eggs, milk, flour, or matzo meal and salt and pour over vegetables • Top with mozzarella • Bake 375 oven for about 40 minutes I usually put the pie plate with the sweet potatoes in microwave for 5 minutes to make sure potatoes get done. Chag Sameach from our family to yours!

The Cuperfain Family — 42 —

Passover Menu 2020 | 5780

Email Orders to orders@apexkoshercatering.com All Orders Must be Received by Monday March 30th, 2020 Available for Pick-Up at Beth Emeth, 100 Elder Street From 10AM to 1PM on Wednesday April 8th, 2020



Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

Matzah Breaded Chicken Roulade

With Curried Apple Chutney $16 per litre (serves 4)

Stuffed with Spinach, Pimento, Caramelized Onion Marmalade Served with Au Jus $24 per portion

Smoked Paprika Roasted Vegetable Soup

Pan Seared Chicken Supreme

$15 per litre (serves 4)

Served with Mango Peach Salsa and Au Jus $22 per portion

Chicken Noodle Soup

with Brunoise of Carrot, Celery, Onion and Diced Chicken $20 per litre (serves 4)

Citrus Glazed Salmon

Served with Citrus Pomegranate Salsa $18 per 8 oz portion

Matzah Balls

$2.50 per piece

Montreal Spiced Braised Brisket

Sweet Gefilte Fish with Beet Horseradish $4 per 4oz portion

Topped with Crispy Onion Served with Au Jus $45 per pound cooked weight

Salt and Pepper Gefilte Fish

Stuffed Turkey Breast

with Cranberry, Apricot, Matzah, Herbs Served with Turkey Cranberry Jus $24 per 2x4oz portion

With Beet Horseradish $4 per 4oz portion

Chopped Liver Paté

with Fried Onion and Matzah Crackers $18 per 1lb + 8 pieces cracker (Serves 8)

ADDITIONAL Chicken Fingers


with Ketchup and Plum Sauce $30 per dozen

Creamy Hawaiian Slaw

Fine Shredded Red and Green Cabbage, Carrots, Pineapple, Mango and Apple Cider Dressing $7 per portion


Mixed Green Salad


with BBQ Sweet and Sour Sauce $30 per dozen $15 per 500 ml

with Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin Segments, Sweet Pickled Heirloom Carrots, Honey Berry Dressing $6 per portion

Seder Plate

$20 per plate

Baby Spinach Salad

Red Beet Horseradish

With Roasted Red and Golden Beets, Balsamic Vinaigrette $6 per portion

SIDES/STARCH (average 4oz per portion)

$7.50 per 250 ml

DESSERT Frozen Lemon Cake

Herb Garlic Crisp Potato

$55 per cake (Serves 12)

$4 per portion

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Brown Sugar Honey Roasted Sweet Potato

$55 per cake (Serves 12)

$4 per portion

Chocolate Biscotti

Potato Kugel

$24 per dozen

$35 per pan (Serves 9)

Dried Fruit, Apricot and Cranberry Biscotti

Apple Kugel

$24 per dozen

$38 per pan (Serves 9)

Salted Caramel Matzah Crunch

Herb Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

$24 per dozen

$4 per portion

Grilled Vegetable Bundles $5 per portion

CLIENT INFORMATION Name ______________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________ Phone # (_____) _____ - ________ Date ____ / ____ / ___________ Email ______________________________________________________

— 43 —

Yizkor Book This year’s Yizkor Book will be published for use on Shavuot 2020. Take this opportunity to remember your loved ones by having their names inscribed in our annual Yizkor Book. Please return this form to the Synagogue office. The deadline for receipt of dedications is April 30, 2020. Please include the names of my loved ones in the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Yizkor Book. List names as they are to appear. Please print. Remembered by: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

In Loving Memory of: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Enclosed please find my donation of $ ______________________________ Visa/MasterCard/AmEx No.______________________________




Tel. No. _____________________

Prices: Name - $18 each, 1/4 page - $90, 1/2 page - $180, Full page - $360 If you require additional space, please attach a separate sheet of paper.

— 44 —

For all your charitable giving


Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda offers you several convenient ways to send meaningful gifts, celebrate special occasions and life

cycle events, and commemorate people who are important to you and your family. • Tax deductible receipts will be issued • Your gift will be acknowledged in future Kesher issues or at sponsored events (at your discretion). 1. Send a beautifully inscribed card.

2. Sponsor a Kiddush* or Oneg Shabbat:

Help support Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda with a card directed to the fund of your choice. Minimum donation $18.00. Card and postage are included with your donation and are mailed out within 2 business days of your request.

❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

Aleph Beit Chadash School Cantor Danto Music Library Cantor Guber Discretionary Fund Chesed Fund Chesed Knitters Community Assistance Continuing Education Fund Czech Torah Scroll Fund Samuel Edelstein Children’s Garden Greening Fund Barbara & Norton Grimson Chanukah Toy Drive High Holy Day Machzorim Holocaust Education Fund Israel Fund Joseph Smith Sports Achievement Scholarship The Kadima Centre Karol Family Scholarship for Limudai Torah Kelman Endowment Fund Library Fund Mitzvah Fund Music Fund Next-Gen Fund New Machzor Fund Out of the Cold (Homelessness) Rabbi Lipson Discretionary Fund Rabbi Morrison Discretionary Fund Ron Kobric Talmud Collection $100/volume Prayer Book $54 Chumash $108 Torah Maintenance * Contact the office

Hashkama Minyan $72 or 3 for $180 Daily morning breakfast from $100 Congregational Shabbat Kiddush from $360 ($500 NM) Seudah Shlisheet from $180 Mini Minyan (Jr. Cong) — Various Amounts Friday Night — Various Amounts Youth Kiddush — $36 Weekly Shabbat Bulletin - $180

3. Sponsor a Continuing Education Program. As the donor, your name will, at your discretion, be featured on all promotional literature and publicly acknowledged at the event. You will also be invited to meet and introduce the speaker. We will call you to discuss the specific program you wish to sponsor: ❑ Class or Study Group from $54 ❑ Lecture Sponsorship from $360 ❑ Scholar-in-Residence Weekend from $3600 4. Legacy Planning. These gifts may include bequests, life insurance, RRSP’s and RRIF’s, stocks and securites. Call for more information if you are interested in establishing a legacy gift at Beth Emeth. 5. Other Opportunities include: Lerman Chapel Dedications, Tessler Lounge, The Samuel Edelstein Children’s Garden and The Community Hub. Call the office for more information on these and other donor opportunities.

for meat kiddush pricing.

Invest in a World of Jewish Experience. Make Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda a destination point for your charitable giving.

— 45 —

UPCOMING EVENTS BEBY Boomers Trivia Night Saturday February 22. 8 pm

Beth Emeth’s Got Talent Sunday April 12. 1 pm.

Shabbatini! Friday May 22

Shabbat Across North America Dinner Friday February 28. 7 pm

BEBY Brotherhood Yellow Candle Lighting Ceremony Tuesday April 21. 7:30 pm

Graduation Recognition Shabbat Ceremony Saturday May 23. 8:45 am.

Hebrew Reading Level II Classes begin Sunday March 8. 9-11 am (Runs for 5 weeks on Sundays) Purim Play: Megillah Mia! Sunday March 8. Noon Monday March 9 - After Megillah Reading Young Families Disco Purim Party Sunday March 8. 1 pm

50th Anniversary of Earth Day: Benchmarking Energy Efficiency Improvements while Building Extreme Weather Resilience Wednesday April 22. 7 pm Lunch & Literature: Suanne Kelman discusses All the Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan Thursday April 23. 1 pm.

Growing Up Jewish in Jamaica with Willy Lindo Sunday March 15. 10 am.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Shabbat Saturday April 25

Club Sameach Come to the Cabaret Lunch with Music and Dance Tuesday March 17. Noon.

The Paintings of Salvador Dali with Rouhama Danto Sunday April 26

Terri Klein Lecture Wednesday March 25. 7:30 pm.

Beit Midrash program with Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner classes begin Wednesday April 29. 10-11 am (Runs for 4 weeks on Wednesdays)

Passover Workshop with Rabbi Morrison Sunday March 29. 9-10:30 am. Books & Bagels: Mordechai Ben-Dat reviewing “Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel” Sunday March 29. 10 am. Young Families Chocolate Seder Saturday April 4. 1 pm

Shabbat Itanu Shabbat of Inclusion Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbatini Friday May 1. 6 pm. Sunday Movie: They Played for Their Lives Sunday May 3

BEBY Boomers Introduction to Tai Chi Sunday May 24 Continuing Education film screening: “Heading Home” Sunday June 7 Kadima Concert Sunday June 7 BEBY Boomers Laughing Yoga Sunday June 14 _________________________ Club Sameach Conversation Cafe Tuesdays 1:30-3:30 pm February 27 March 3, 10, 24 April 7, 21, 28 May 5, 12, 19, 26 ALL REGULAR YOUTH & YOUNG FAMILIES AND BEBY NEXT-GEN PROGRAMS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 32


Blowup floats

Yummy Food

Fun Games

Light up Disco Floor

Learn how to Disco dance!

And more!!

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Introducing A New Purim Shpiel by The BEBY Players!


Dance and sing along to the tunes of ABBA as the BEBY Players take you back to Persia in a new, original Purim Shpiel Sunday March 8 @ 12:00 pm and Monday March 9, after the Megillah reading Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue - 100 Elder Street, Toronto General Admission: $5 | Reserved Tickets: $10 Purchase through the office at 416.633.3838, beby.org, or at the door. — 48 —

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Purim/Passover 2020 Kesher  

Purim/Passover 2020 Kesher