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GUIDE Published June 2011, Ed.1-01


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What You’ll Get (Sample) FINVIZ is a website specializing in easy visualization of stock market data. The most popular free stock market tools on the site are the stock screener and market heat maps. The free stock screener allows you to instantly filter through both a stock’s fundamental financial data and technical condition, making FINVIZ screener useful for investors, traders, and anyone whose strategies fall in between. The FINVIZ screener allows you to set many fundamental and technical conditions to create a real time watchlist of stocks that meet your criteria (see stock market guide: screeners & scanners). The watchlist results are shown with FINVIZ’s unique stock charts, allowing users to visually compare the different stocks that resulted from the screener search.
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FINVIZ Homepage (Dashboard News. Aggregated stock market and business news from the top news sources such as Reuters, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal and more. Also, article headlines from the most trusted blogs Stock & Data screener. Maps. Visual representation of stock and sector performance using heat maps Groups. Simple sector relative performance graphs. Portfolio. Track your portfolio with the benefit of the FINVIZ screener tool. Insider. Comprehensive data of insider buying and selling Futures. Heat haps of futures markets performance and automatic technical charts

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Forex. Heat haps of forex markets performance and automatic technical charts Collaborate. Forums and customizable private groups to discuss and share market analysis. Search by ticker, company, or profile Accessible anywhere via No software downloads

Review (Sample Only) is an online stock market analysis tool best known for its intuitive visual representation of stock market data, everything from overall market internals to sector heat maps and insider trading records. Like all good stock market websites nowadays, you can also track your portfolio on FINVIZ as well as interact with other investors in a stock market community forum. FINVIZ is very comparable to Yahoo! Finance, with much of the same quality company information, but displayed in with both numbers and intuitive visual charts/colored graphs. Even though I'm a full-time trader, numbers just don't speak as well to me as pictures do. One glance at how FINVIZ displays things gives me a great feel for how the markets are doing in no time at all. FINVIZ also has great live charts and displays for Futures contracts and all major Forex currency pairs. […] *SAMPLE ONLY. DOWNLOAD FULL REVIEW GUIDE FREE

FINVIZ Free Stock Screener and Stock Market Data Brochure  
FINVIZ Free Stock Screener and Stock Market Data Brochure  

Product profile of free stock screeners, market heat maps, and stock market data from Visit our site for full comparisons with s...