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Is Swing Trading or Day Trading More Profitable 1. Good day traders this is Roger Scott from Market Geeks, and today I’m going to discuss both swing trading and day trading. 2. I want to give you the upside and the downside to each one so you can get a good feel for the method that may work best for you. 3. Many traders who are just starting out what to know which trading style they should focus on, some traders prefer day trading while other traders prefer swing trading, and quite often traders like to mix it up a bit and trade both styles simultaneously. 4. The most important thing to keep in mind before making any type of decisions, especially those you may end up regretting down the road is to is to examine the pro’s and con’s of each type of trading style and see how they impact you personally. 5. Day Trading is when all your trades are opened and closed within the same trading day. There are many benefits to this as well as many detriments as well. 6. Day traders must watch the markets all day long – Some traders regardless of what time frame they use, prefer to be glued to the markets during the trading day. They prefer to watch the markets instead of watching TV or reading books and they never seem to get bored of it. 7. Day Traders must have relatively quick reaction – Since day trading involves short term trades and short term means short term, you need to have very quick reflexes and reaction time so that you can have enough time to enter and exit the market before the trading set up is gone. 8. The major benefit to day trading, when the day is over it’s really over. You don’t have to think about the next trading day because you don’t have any positions in the market. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about market risk.

9. Now let’s talk a bit about swing trading. Generally, swing traders hold positions anywhere from 2 days to 7 days. The detriment of this is increased risk but the upside to this is potential increase profit. 10. Swing traders don’t have to watch markets all day long, they can set their stop and limit orders and forget about the markets till the next 11. After speaking with many day traders and swing traders, there is no right or wrong answer in this regard. It all comes to your personality, which is the key to trading. Some traders love day trading and some cannot do it no matter what. Others prefer swing trading and day trading seems like an athletic event to this crowd. You have to match your personality to your trading style and that’s the real key to all of this. That’s the real answer to the question, is day trading or swing trading more profitable. 12. That’s it for today’s lesson, please check back soon. Please check for more trading information and click the link below to receive our Special Trading report. The latest report talks about gaps and proprietary gap strategies. Don’t miss out click below to get your report today.

Swing Trading or Day Trading - video transcript - Get Your Free Trading Report. Market Geeks offers swing trading and day trading education. This report talks about...

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