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Swing Trading - How To Start On The Right Path? 1. Good day Traders, this is Roger Scott from market geeks and welcome to another short video tutorial. And before I forget, if you enjoy our videos please subscribe to our channel for frequent video updates. 2. Today, we are to address the important question How to start On the Right Path? If you ask 10 people what the first step should be you will probably get 10 different answers and many opinions on this topic. 3. When I first started almost two decades ago, I began by watching my close friend as he traded a few stocks that he was familiar with. Then I began reading some magazines and books and eventually opened an account and started trading in real time. I spent about 6 months getting ready before starting the account and

quickly realized after the fact that I went about it all wrong. 4. Let me explain where I’m going with this, Swing Trading or any other type of trading is impossible to learn by any other way other than by doing it. That’s right, you could spend $100,000 on the best trainer in the world, take the best trading psychology courses and use the best trading simulators in the world, but until you place your first order and experience your first trade, you will never know how to trade. 5. Remember when you learned how to drive a car, well it works the same way because trading works on your nervous system and without provoking your nervous system with the proper stimuli I.E. having a position in the market, your body will never get used to that particular stimuli. 6. You could read for years how to drive a car or how to ride a bike but I have never met anyone

who learned how to do either without actually doing it. Some things you just have to do and there’s no way around it, land swing trading is no exception. 7. My advice is to open a very small stock brokerage account at a firm that charges per share and not per trade, there are a few of them around, you can find them on the internet. If you prefer to use a discount brokerage firm that charges per trade, make sure you find out that charges no more than 7 bucks per trade.

8. What you want to do is start trading very small position size; I mean 10 shares 20 and no more than that. 9. You goal is not to make a million dollars trading; your goal is to experience the physical as well as the mental stimuli that comes with trading real money. When you started driving a car, I’m

sure you didn’t go on the express way the first time you started the engine. 10.

Your body needs to adjust to the stimuli and

the nervous system has to get used to this on both psychological and physical levels. Trading is emotionally draining and it will cause you to feel very different than when you were trading with paper money. 11.

Take it slow and don’t increase your position

size till you feel extremely comfortable and profitable with trading small shares. Don’t get me wrong, education is very important and will save you a lot of time and effort, but experience in swing trading is irreplaceable. 12.

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Swing Trading - How To Start On The Right Path - Video Transcript - Download Free Swing Trading Report. This short video tutorial will provide important steps to get you on the right...