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Pilot Phase: Impact to Date JOBS & BASIC SERVICES

July – October 2012


3 points of sale for technologies: School | Pharmacy Textiles Company 325+ solar lamps sold; no subsidies 75+ eyeglasses sold; no subsidies 8 technologies being vetted 11 entrepreneurs sell technologies in their community $3,700+ savings from solar lights $600+ in revenue

12 local partners identified and engaged for launch

3 local partners were trained on the self-funded community bank model 180+ individuals have formed 8 local banks mobilizing $480 of their own savings to create a credit fund for their own use ~$400 disbursed in credit so far to the members of the community banks

3 existing local businesses being supported

Local client just received an eye exam and purchased eyeglasses from local partnering pharmacy.


To be launched in November 2012 “When we started this project, I thought this was the right way for us to improve, instead of having to wait until we received money from abroad. We can produce ourselves and keep part of the benefit for us, and that could help Univers grow and in the end help more people. It helps us see how we can help ourselves; it shows us how to fish. Gerald Legitime Local partner

Local people forming a selffunded community bank




Antonio, an entrepreneur and leader of local partner UJANI, promoting the solar light; Student with newly purchased solar light

Team 2012 OSIIC Team

Community Association for The MIT Ashoka Youth Enterprise Self-Funded D-Lab Venture Solutions Communities

5 local Partners in Ouanaminthe

Centro Puente & UJANI

Hermanas de San Juan

Univers Institute

Grupo M

Executive Summary  

Ashoka Fellows Initiative in Haiti

Executive Summary  

Ashoka Fellows Initiative in Haiti