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10 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Attending... Who is the Tallahassee entrepreneur hosting TEN? Deanna A. Mims, President of MarketDone, specializes in marketing and PR management for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits. TEN was born as a meeting-place of the minds, a gathering to learn from other business owners, hone your networking ability, gain experience and contacts, identify your strengths and weaknesses and sharpen your hard and soft skills for greater success! I believe in collaboration not competition. Passionate about connecting people authentically, MarketDone and TEN create opportunities for clarity, joy and growth. I invite you to become a part of the Tallahassee Entrepreneur Community - we are building something important.

1. Meet motivated professionals, build relationships to expand your circle of influence. 2. Learn new tools to market yourself & your business. 3. Improve communication skills in your professional and personal life. 4. Find out about other networking opportunities. 5. Share business challenges and brainstorm solutions from new perspectives. 6. Celebrate your successes with others 7. Connect and collaborate with other TEN members through the Facebook page.

Deanna A. Mims 850.425.5240

8. Change your mindset about networking from awkward, superficial and dreaded to joyful, genuine and impactful! 9. Learn from others’ experience. 10. It’s fun!


What Is TEN? A dynamic every-other-month workshop and collaboration opportunity to learn new ways to build relationships and hone networking skills. Participants will apply what they learn with other professionals on site, in real time. There are new people with new energy every time, and a great number of repeat attendees! This is not your typical networking event!

How is TEN different from other networking opportunities in Tallahassee? We are a networking workshop where you’ll learn something new and then practice it five minutes after you learn it! It will challenge us (in a supportive and safe way) to get out of our comfort zone and do something different than the traditional meet and greet protocol.

What types of professionals should attend TEN?

◊ those who feel overwhelmed, nervous, or outof-place at more traditional networking events

◊ Home based business owners ◊ Anyone new to Tallahassee

Myers Briggs Personality Typing 1 Introvert v. Extrovert: Networking Notes to Play to Your Personality

Mar. 11

Myers Briggs Personality Typing 2 - Sensing v. Intuition

May 13

Myers Briggs Personality Typing 3 Thinking v. Feeling: The Decision Dance

Who will benefit most from TEN? ◊ those who want to grow their business and understand that relationships are key to success

◊ Small business owners

Jan. 14

July 15

Similar to how Toastmasters provides a safe place to practice public speaking skills, TEN provides a supportive and fun opportunity to see through new “networking eyes.”

◊ Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs

2010 Calendar

Sept. 16

◊ those who are afraid of networking or otherwise reluctant

◊ those who feel burned out, cynical or a “reluctant schmoozer”

Nov. 18

Myers Briggs Personality Typing 4 - Perception v. Judgment Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for Business Success and Improved Networking with guest presenter Mark Miller from the Upgrade Center Networking Social and Holiday Gathering - surprise guest!

Upcoming in 2011 Mastering Marketing for Small Business Owners Sweat Equity v. Dollars, Taking it to the Next Level

◊ Intrapreneurs - an employee who applies entrepreneurial principles when performing their job ◊ Sales professionals

All Events Brokaw-McDougall House

Began in 2009, with local business and life coach Elizabeth Barbour, The Inspired Entrepreneur, and previously covering “Networking for Reluctant Schmoozers” , “30 Second Introductions” and “The Power of Followup.”

329 N. Meridian St. | Tallahassee 5:30-7:30 p.m. event (incl. meal) optional networking 7:30-8:00 p.m.

only $35 early bird, $40 late bird

What is TEN? brochure  
What is TEN? brochure  

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