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Professional art market analysis by dealers

There are few who can respect and value art at its best.It’s not about being a lover of art but having complete knowledge about this thing gives an edge over others when using it as object of investment. This new trend, currently limited to a reserved group of society is slowly catching up with mainstream because of this shaky economy, people are looking into new and unique prospects for investing huge chunk of money. Risk is very risky especially when dealing with something new and altogether a concept about which not many know and some may consider it stupid but the fact is, those who invested and has good knowledge about it got good and highly satisfactory result which further made them to spread this in the social circle thus getting more crowd.

Art investment is our core work area at art market analysis and we are active in this field and provide financial art services. We are active in United States, Russia, and Switzerland and the best online provider of wide selection of art market indices and considered art category, art style or art price segment which displays performance of particular artist and his market valuation.

Nothing can be considered safe and risk free in this economy even big houses saw huge fall and was smashed like house of cards. People who are in this area of art or do it as hobby has very good chances of being a part of this new object of investment and has expanded horizon when it comes to investing as the smart rules says, never put all your eggs in one basket. This is done by qualified and experienced hands so that you get best and full return of your money and in turn makes you convinced that it can be way to get what you always wanted.

Art market analysis or art valuation is done in order to get a correct quote of the Product based on artists, paintings and segments thru public and private databases. Art appraisal is one complex procedure which analyse relation between certain aspects, attributes or product or service by price and as a result we measure the changes in quality and price overtime.

Our market indices are stabilized and adjusted for currency fluctuations as they can have big differences in price development or when a dollar is converted into pound. Art value is the calculation based out of historic data of art market transaction which do not fully guarantee all future real purchasing or selling art pieces. The liquidity is little inferior to those in financial markets.

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Professional art market analysis by dealers  

There are few who can respect and value art at it’s best.