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Why Do We Need To Go Solar? Currently we rely heavily on fossil fuels like coal, oil and other non-renewable energy. They draw on limited resources that will eventually diminish, becoming too expensive or too environmentally damaging to retrieve. In a nutshell we have to go solar since fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy are not going to last forever. Currently, electricity is generated using these methods: 

Coal: This is the most used and common method of generating electricity. What you do is burn coal which produces thermal energy which is used to convert water to steam. The steam, in turn, spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator and produces electricity.

Hydro: Hydro power plants work on the concept of converting water’s potential energy into electrical energy. Hydro power plants work in coexistence with dams that hold back water, thus creating a big reservoir. When electricity has to be generated, water is released form the dam. It flows under the effect of gravity, which converts its PE (potential energy) into KE (kinetic energy). The water then strikes a turbine and spins it, which drives an electrical generator and generates electricity.

Renewable: There are many sources of renewable energy and they generate electricity in different ways. The main sources of renewable energy are: wind, bagasse co-generation, small hydro projects, solar, gasification & biomass power, and waste to power.

Natural gas: Natural gas power plants are the same as coal-fired thermal plants. However, the only difference is that instead of burning coal, natural gas is burnt for producing heat.

Nuclear: Nuclear power plants are the same as power plants in that they heat water and convert it to steam, which in turn spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator and produces electricity. However, in the case of nuclear power plants, the heat required to convert water to steam is produced by the nuclear fission reaction. The fuel for nuclear plants is highly enriched uranium (U-235) which is one of the few elements that can undergo induced fission reaction when a neutron is bumped into its nucleus. A pound of U-235 produces the same amount of energy that burning a million gallons of gasoline does.

Oil–Oil power plants are similar to coal-fired thermal plants. However, the only difference is that instead of burning coal, oil is burnt for generating heat. A DG (diesel generator) is a type of oil power plant and burns diesel to generate electricity. It is very popular because it is available in small capacities and is also portable. Wherever reliable power is needed and the grid is unavailable or unreliable, diesel generator is used as a reliable power source.

Studies show that as on December 31st 2013, the various sources of electricity contributed to the total electricity generated in India as per the pie chart above. Some analysis about the pie chart is as follows: Coal is the most used source of electricity generating 59% of the total electricity.

 

Hydroelectricity comes contributing a healthy 17%. Renewable energy contributes 12% of the total electricity generated. Wind energy contributes a major part of this electricity.

Nuclear power, despite all the promise that it holds and the talk that surrounds it, generates a meagre 2%! Rate of growth in electricity generation capacity hasn’t been enough because India population is 400 million & today without access to electricity; around 90,000 rural areas are not connected to the grid. Moreover, the demand for electricity is expected to increase at a faster rate – 8% to 10% - in the future. In areas that are connected to the grid, there is regular load shedding since there is energy deficit as well as power deficit, which are to the tune of ~ 10% and 12% respectively. Solar solutions reduce dependency on conventional power & contribute towards green energy. It’s a cost effective solution for modern housing societies or office/industrial complexes. About us - CenergyMaxPower is distributor of quality solar products & energy storage for India. In solar Product category we provide solar photovoltaic modules, Solar Inverters, Solar Pump Controller, Solar Charge Controller and Solar Street Light Controllers. For more details please log in to

Why do we need to go solar ?