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Home Raising ď ś

Home raising is a lengthy process that involves separating a home from its foundation and temporarily raising it with hydraulic jacks. Basically, home raising means temporarily suspending a home after it is separated from its very foundations.

ď ś

Home raising is an intensive process performed for a variety of structural, safety and aesthetic purposes.

Reasons for Home Raising  A foundation can be constructed from an existing crawlspace. Foundations

significantly increase property values, and they provide extra storage and living space for occupants.  Raising home is in need to repair the foundation.  Flood protection can be added after a home is built by home raising. Usually wet

foundations are subject to mold growth, and the situation can be permanently

remedied by raising the foundation above the water table. This move can also lower flood insurance rates or ensure compliance with building codes. For homes located in special flood hazard zones, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states that homeowners must either elevate the lowest floor above the flood

protection elevation or move or flood proof their Homes.  Home raising can offset unnecessary settling.

Rebuilding Foundation ď ś Many homes are built with crawl space in constructing a foundation. In this case, as

soon as its owners have enough finances, they soon expand their space by having a foundation out of this crawl space. Remember that by having a foundation, the value of your property will surely rise. Additionally, a foundation allows you to enjoy extra storage and even living space. ď ś Old home foundation needs much repair and restoration. In this case, you can repair

and restore the foundation of your home only by lifting it temporarily. By getting home raising services from a trustworthy service provider, you can easily restore and

repair the foundations of your home.

ď ś It is important for you to remember that enhanced flood protection involves raising

your home above flood levels when possible. If you have a foundation located under flood levels, it is very likely that there would be important mold growth and wood decomposition.

ď ś This troublesome situation can only be remedied by temporarily raising your home,

and reconstructing your foundation above flood levels. You will be able to effectively raise your home above sea levels only by getting quality home raising services.

Home raising is a protecting way ď ś Nowadays, homes are raised to protect from floods and other damages. Housing units in the

low lying areas are prone to natural occurrences that can be avoided with the help of raising. Home raising is also crucial for homes that are not lying in flood hazard areas.

ď ś In this regard, elevation is a useful on-site way to protect a property. Many people using home

raising techniques to keep their properties completely safe. For people that either wish to relocate a building on the same property, modify the home's elevation or roll the house aside to allow for excavation, there is nothing better than relying on the amazing technique of home raising.

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Home raising is a lengthy process that involves separating a home from its foundation and temporarily raising it with hydraulic jacks. Basic...

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