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Tim Keepers

SHADE, Pencil & Pen: 13 techniques and methods Light to Dark, 45 Degree Stroke, Thick Stroke, Vertical Stroke, Horizontal stroke, Cross Hatch, Edge to Edge, Gradual Value Change, Over Edge, Stripes, Dots, White Space, and Dark with White, Outline- thin/darker, and Tone line- thicker / lighter Also: I will begin to hint at techniques of shading with colored pencil, keeping it mono or duo color. This will help with and relate to the lesson two weeks from the 11th. This will give them time to begin thinking about color without actually diving into it. Shade with colored pencil is essentially the beginnings of color and a self taught intro to using colors, trial and will be the best teacher at first for them. Supplemental: Two additional sheets will be handed out to each student. These sheets will be traced during the lesson and will allow them to draw consistent images.

Class #2 Handout  

Hand out for class 2

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