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any casual games can be played on social networking sites, allowing you to play with or against pals or loved ones who are in other locations. This also means that you have access to in-game

achievements and progress from any Web-enabled device and take your casual games with you when you’re going on a holiday or even when you get some spare time at work or at school. Many of these casual, social games don't cost anything to play as they are often paid for by advertising. Then again, there are also those that though can be downloaded for free may require you to buy in-game upgrades. These games offer us more than just short yet welcome bursts of delight during work breaks or while commuting. When played in moderation, they can also be a great way to loosen up and escape. Also, numerous games are created to help improve lateral thinking and even improve concentration and memory. And as with other cognitively stimulating activities, playing casual games often can help delay or slow cognitive decline that is associated with the normal aging process. Get candy crush 109 by clicking here. Numerous social games are addictive - Candy Crush is a good example. But what makes some games addictive? Game designers use different techniques to hook players into returning to the game. Firstly, the majority of these addictive games entail some form of progression just like playing more to unlock unique abilities, more moves, or gaining access to new items or area of the game. At first, it takes minimal effort and time to reach the next stage or obtain skill upgrades but it gets more and more challenging as you go further. This progression makes it possible for you to get accustomed to the game and the incentives you


acquire as you go along will persuade you to return for more levels. For more information on candy crush games, tap here. In addition, in-game leader boards can promote continued play. When you see how far your friends have progressed within the game, you experience a slight sense of envy. An additional reason why some games are more engaging than others is that they are made in such a way that players don’t get stuck in a particular level too long which can result to quitting. In Candy Crush, this is achieved by giving automated hints and giving players the ability request free moves or lives from friends. Numerous websites also provide secrets that help you overcome a difficult level or simply to gain more out of a specific game. By making use of those hints, you will be moving further into the game much faster and refrain from paying for extra lives and upgrades needlessly.


Why some casual and social games are so addictive  

Many casual games can be played right on social networking sites, enabling you to play with or against pals or loved ones who are in other l...