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Breast Augmentation – Pre and Post-Operative Care

Breast is a complex symbol that relates to a woman’s femininity, sexuality, and role as a woman and mother. Her attachment to the breasts both physically and psychologically is much more than regarding them as a secondary sexual characteristic. Although not every woman with small breasts seeks augmentation, the ones who do are invariably psychologically & socially uncomfortable with them. These concerns seem to be well addressed by breast augmentation. Thinking to have breast augmentation in Long Island to enhance your features? Great! But to get successful end results, you must strictly consider the pre and post-operative care which are listed below. Have a look, Pre-operative Care i.

Avoid Smoking – This is the first and foremost thing to consider. If you’re a smoker, stop smoking 9 weeks prior to your surgery. Smoking can decrease the oxygen levels in the blood which may delay healing.


Avoid Medications – Medication such as aspirin, Vitamin E supplements, antiinflammatory agents and more should be avoided two weeks prior to surgery as they may increase the risk of bleeding.


Avoid Alcohol – Avoid consuming alcohol three days before surgery. And also ensure that you’re well hydrated 24 hours prior to surgery as this decreases the risk of nausea and headaches.

Post-operative Care After surgery, you’re requested to follow the below instructions to avoid future complications. i.

When you get discharge from hospital, avoid car riding to home which may cause vomit. And when you reach home, find a nice place where you can sleep on your back with the head of the bed elevate to about 30 degree, and settle down.


You must not remove your supporting bras unless there is problem or you’ve been given specific instructions. Wear comfortable front openings and loose clothing at night and in the day.


In the first few days after surgery, have plenty of fluids either in the form of water or fresh juice. It is recommended to avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.


Take at least one week of bed rest. Avoid working as the body requires energy to promote healing. Also, avoid exercises to minimize risk of bleeding.


Continue to avoid smoking and alcohol for the first week after surgery. Never allow anyone to smoke in your presence, either.


Remember to take your five day course of antibiotics as prescribed for you post operatively. If you feel sick in the first couple of days, avoid taking antibiotics and consult your surgeon.


After a week of the surgery, consult your board certified plastic surgeon in Long Island to check your condition.

Follow all the pre and post-operative breast augmentation care and avoid future complications.

Breast Augmentation - Pre and Post-Operative Care