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Your concepts...Our reality

Can you guess what we’re cutting? Enjoy our Arcadia puzzle below and examine each piece carefully.

waterjet cutting 5-axis lasercutting

You’ll find that the science of waterjet cutting technology has been Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, with no thermal distortion

taken to a new level with Arcadia. Regardless of the substrate,

or heat-affected zone. Our process combines high-pressure water with

Arcadia is helping designers and architects to discover the creative

abrasive garnet to produce a clean cut, such that you can eliminate

possibilities that abrasive waterjet cutting offers. Talk to Arcadia

expensive secondary finishing processes such as grinding and polishing. And because materials can be closely nested and sometimes stacked, you save both time and materials while significantly reduce waste.

today to see how your visions can be come reality.

Arcadia Waterjet Capabilities  

Presentation for Disney Imagineers resulted in a first contract of $2 million

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