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FEATURE STORY / Hott Off The Press Just when you thought it couldn’t get any HOTTer this summer, HOTT MC brings you a blazing event, The 8th Annual HOTT Mid Summer Bike Bash at Viginia Motorsports Park

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Editor-In-Chief Dionne Harris

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Stephanie Harris

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Health/Fitness Editor Erica Sparrow


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Dear Loyal Readers,

My favorite time of year is upon us… track season! For me, there is nothing like the sights and sounds of motorcycles racing down a ¼ mile track in the heat of summer to get you amped up! As a result, Urban Burnout is proud to sponsor two of the biggest track events in the NC/VA area every summer. This month, we feature the 8th annual HOTT MidSummer Bike Bash, a jam-packed 2 day event hosted by HOTT MC of Richmond, VA, long-time supporters of Urban Burnout. We invite you to visit our booth at Virginia Motorsports Dragway July 13-14. Please be sure stop by and say hi to your favorite UB contributor, sign-up for our mailing list and register for giveaways. See you at the track!

Editor-In-Chief, Dionne Harris CEO & Founder Urban Burnout, LLC

“ The views and opinions expressed in articles within this magazine are those of the authors and interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Urban Burnout Management”.

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This is the part of the magazine where we take a break from the bike scene and talk about what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s the entertainment, sports and/or MC world, we say the things out loud that you are only thinking. Sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s business, either way, these are the things that make you say Hmmmmm, Are You Serious??? I’mjussaying, I Know...Right, etc.


(In my Joe Pesci voice from Lethal Weapon)


Ok, ok, ok…You are in an MC and yet you don’t have a bike?




Ok. Let’s go back to #2. Are you one of the nonmotorcycling visitor that Wikipedia is referring to? It’s ok to raise your hand if you are.



Hmmmm, HAM [Hot Ass Mess] IJS[I’mjussaying]


[I Know...Right]

AYS[Are You Serious?]

THOUGHTS By Stephanie Harris

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia about “Black Bike Week”. It is also sometimes called Black Fillin-the-Blank Week, because it has evolved to attract many non-motorcycling visitors who come for music, socializing and enjoying the beach. Why do we have to wait so long in between a season finale and the next season? Act like you know I’m talking about Scandal.


I don’t care what anybody says, this cannot be comfortable?


Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a fan of Al Pacino. God Father, Scarface, Heat…. But this right here…I can’t get with. Really Al.




IKR. Deep.

Hell…since we went back to #2 we might as well go back to #1. How come?

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Are You

HYD RATED The Benefits of Drinking Water By Erica J. Sparrow, BS NSCA-CPT

It’s a good idea to stay well hydrated all year long. It is especially important during the summer months when the temps are high and people are sweating more. Though it’s common to hear we should be consuming anywhere from 6-8 cups of water per day, the amount of water we need is really dependent on such variables as age, weight, gender and the amount of activity we do in a day. As a personal trainer, I typically advise my clients to consume half their bodyweight in ounces per day and more if they are participating in strenuous activity for 90 minutes or more.

Why is drinking water so important? Research has shown the benefits of water include:

1. Supporting weight loss

2. Regulating body temperature

and speeding up the metabolism

3. Moisturizing the skin and hair 4. Aiding in digestion and preventing constipation

5. Helping the body eliminate toxins and waste

6. Lubricating the joints 7. Carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells

How do you drink more water? While there’s no magic formula for incorporating more water in your diet, some tips and tricks to make it easier include:

1. Make it convenient. Carry a water bottle all the time

2. Add flavor to your water to give it more personality

3. Drink water before, during and after a meal

As you can see, drinking water is critical for optimal health as it accounts for approximately 60% of the human body. But one last word of advice; don’t drink huge quantities before bed, unless you like waking up several times throughout the night. Happy Hydration!

References: The Water Cure http://www.watercure. com/wondersofwater. html

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By Ty-Dow

Dear Santa,

After this past weekend antics, I would like for you to remove me from your “good” list. I don’t feel it is appropriate that you visit me in the coming holiday season. I’m sure you are overly excited to visit my home and come down my brick chimney for the usual 2% milk and rainbow sprinkled sugar cookies, but I feel that it is no longer appropriate. I have recently taken out a restraint order with the local authorities, and you should not be within 500 yards of my presence. I know you will be disappointed as well as many kids within the immediate vicinity, but I know it’s for the best. If you deem it necessary to still shake your oversized belly anywhere near me, or I hear the sounds of bells, flying deer & sleigh, or the infamous Ho, Ho, Ho I will have to take immediate precautions! I CAUTION YOU that this may result in the extermination of one pork belly, white mangled bearded, multi-color wearing, overly jolly kid loving pedophile! Sincerely, One Bothered Brother, Ty

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art back up and st ld u o sh I e b So may h a few 12:30pm, wit at ch n lu r fo “Latino’s” s, it m ind the cloud eh b m o fr t u o peeking Mini W ht of Frosted ig el d g in rn o usual m the eater s and can see et re st e th g cruisin red costu and trimmed en re g in ed dress ly and l rabbed his bel back. Santa g y qu April, but wh the month of h aurant with a lot of the rest rons, just a empty. No pat y friend sa Either way, m d laid a fe restaurant an fortable, get more com attention the floor, my male voic tone, sultry fe must have Wow, it g up from th began lookin ad iends that I h two female fr at lped out loud around and ye y!! eir baby dadd wants to be th



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an, I think San “Well young m : ta an S anted fo {continued} and im what you w h u ld en to m e th er looking ov sit on the w sitting and I’m too big to t o l, u n o el e ab ar “W s g u in f o lk Me: We are ta o So the three s and entrees. But I’ll play al . er s? iz re id o et k p m e y ap th an s, e k ar g drin rk? How began orderin uld like a happen at wo at h W ? ’s see…. I wo ay down. We et d le L r tt u se yo to as d w ee t; “Ty, you n normal. How , GI Joe ain! Some ing statemen en army men ag ry re p g o g al e su w u e e er th ry Oh boy, h Followed by Xbox and Ker h a nice girl!” dates it ew d n w n e li p B u th u e. m yo ti k oo e topic this are going to h d wrapped away from th dates. d em n li th b t Kelly Rowlan er em iv th d ll to ca ed ey ag th to fil way I man is a reason at’s a tall order nearly blind for me. There “Th e g b in : to ta th e d an o av S o h g e tim ce me to I’d are never a do. But for th iends introdu erting n fr al ca y es m im en ch m r o ort verse, we hea Most of the w of you a big N f us ntinue to con o e e co re re e th w th l as al o d S h! lishment an to go out wit mm, I do g to the estab ed in ss en ra p ar o “Ummmmm b is r em o d o e: d an M e ed th ll es employe male that ye are Sant But since you p. The same fe s and his toy u u k la o C lo ta y sl an u S Look! It’s simultaneo is tim wait a y along…. th pointed, “Hey la d ey p H an ! ed d u am lo t re e chuckling ou me earlier sc words from m rlier on of us started se e ea o s re th te th h u e it in w Th m o S !” w about 30 making elves ta bends had characters I sa e e sh m at sa h ng Santa. San e w ci t th fa u e r o ar ai ab e t ch es y en Th m m minute? with excite , Santa e ous, “Ho, Ho nd screamed l aroma) and o ie m h fr fa y co in al m is g h er n t ft u ro A st the road. to co and letting o he was trying bing his belly ted giggling b d ar ra st an g s u ay an f o aw eg e s b pas on n, the thre seen, Santa g this e hug lingers ybody!” Agai in th er y t u la ev b p as s, st k m ju st an r ri o h him th toxicated Ho, Merry C is man be his rockers, in is three h ff o d an er th ta you know th ei an o is S D y ? e! u g re ed is k th l th as al because man ( bination of rown-behind I’d bet a com out another g ” . e ts g “T le n e d ra th st an to is ts t th Santa par ht sh . Santa poin ad from our direction ing on my rig h y I in cr e g il is in ) d sm es s ea v u h el by same devio elves began giggling lik now has this s at this er ta rk an o S !” -w o and they are co H s y ! d o m n H ie to ! fr o g in “H rr jolly, usually tually refe d moment and ing if he is ac ks). Santa an e er ea d th fr n o at e w p er el w ’m h ls (I ir earlier it feel ew them g ps behind me. ound me and reference? Kn o st ar o” d p ri “H an g e t d h th n g h ie ti point wit ing y my first fr w I’m squirm r and walks b n some adult o o se N o g cl in e. e p m p ar f si e o g n t ou es have bee his entoura out 30 sec ta and his elv walking so an e S er t! w h g ey inally after ab ri F th as . er p w d ri I n g , o an w m o Oh f alcohol! N t his antic are reeking o hen I though w ey t h Th ig ! R es ag bever arse burly cold co is h h it w ce ! fa w dang slo o k. Starting fr ee ch y !” m an f o m e g d si un ! Ho! Ho! Yo to the edg Santa: “Ho ?” y aa ht eye, close aa g ri aa k y h m h h O h? Me? el the ’s lap and Me: “Hu #%!? I can fe to sit on Santa e f@ k s li u u rc ci yo ld u you! Wo ly ta Santa: “Yes . I immediate Christmas?” r ce fa fo t y m an f w o u yo orkers tell him what id from my f y frisky co-w m re su m I’ e oozing liqu t th u b , u yo k ”No than Me: aughty lap!” sit on your n to e v lo ld u o w By Ty-Dow

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the up and punch se ri ld u o w k that you g! I was in skin. You thin te la co g so disgustin o in ch h k et m mil so g in aint do ed me like a S someone for f ck o li t u st o ju ap ad cr h living ta Claus hhhhhhh an playing San m u ld o yo if is it th ow beat the sh n ve at I lo th o ld D u ck ! o o d w le sh ta al n Do I let ed and app e me forever? ! I was stunn o! Ho! Ho!” at g h H o ! d d as d rl o m ar w st n ri e er h B or C e kids in th us? Will all th m not a child la I’ C . ta ta an an S S f p o la t ou n your those weird here. up as one of it m o k fr al u ch yo d ll an it go ong and te more I ox, some b ch n e world? The lu th o in o s D g y in b o th co aS ers, mising s, Transform arted compro st action figure son & ut loud, , Rosario Daw with myself o y Washington bow!” friends igantic purple g e n o the more my in p u d I at e wh g up ! But I will se were crackin ll young man l al to give erically! ta would like laughing hyst me being, San friend The one loud th Pole hug!” ? en m n grow us was out hugging that was with on’t know ab d an rt o d sp f her ould be a goo literally out o ta, I guess I sh n the seat rolling o me.” in and turn Claus from the table floor! Santa e, I scoot out e th f o st bla g away I get the full begins walkin s down (Now e v ti la ward I just had a re g. He heads to e k in li h g e u m la s ce embra d tell elves , with his evil on the back an ea im ar h ar at b p e I th e. onsole m K,” I lungs, the top of his ta? Are you O at an S g , n ti m u m o m sh on. “Umm mas at, Merry Christ lder? Oh gre ! u o o H sh ! y o m H ! n o o “H d egins crying od night!” , accompanie it su ta an nd to all a go S A ll l, fu al a to in ed (dress m not going y two k with this, I’ looking at m ec w h o n e m Th I’ ! houlder are no ! What was ol girls! They and take that o e h er sc h e t d si ra to g jump as a ke two 2nd about this? I holic Santa h ry co er al m ld g o is an d Th so om me, h y never are!! chair away fr eeze the breat e u th sq g in to g sh n u ti p ar up, on the ls as if he is st f his jolly lass of water g o t a u o er v et o g g to in ying knock . I g in my seat tr d the four men s) he lets go. in te u eh b in y m rr 0 u 1 e sc felt lik table. I ne conds (which shoulder of o tches my e u th cl n en o d th an ta h over, San place my e up, right cs were finally e right th n o g o y size 15 sho d m a e e k is li ra e d m an s elf lick milk e hands and e corner of t Nick’s butter th n ai to S p ’ u le O ay d w behin all the om my chin eling flying av tr e ass and…. th in at ! Wh biscuit eating th u o m y m f o e ge wn the sid a running do v li sa t is o m warm egin wiping . y shirt and b m f Dear Santa… o e v ee sl el m ake the ra elting my ca ic waste is m x to if as , ce fa

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THE PLATINUM DREAMS MC Club Name: Platinum Dreams MC Website: Date Established: December 2003

Anniversary Weekend Date: July 19-21st = 10th Anniversary Weekend

Mother Chapter Location: Washington, DC

Officers: President – Hellified 1 Vice President – Midjet Sgt @ Arms – 2 Strand

Mission/Purpose: In December 2003, the Platinum Dreams Motorcycle Club (PDMC) was birthed from ideas shared by its founders and was established as an all-female motorcycle club in the DC, MD and VA area. The goal of PDMC is to offer an organization for female motorcycle enthusiast to promote a safe riding environment, a positive image of the motorcycle community, and a common social environment to share in the camaraderie of riding a motorcycle. We accomplish our mission through club activities that foster positive friendships/ sisterhood and promote unity and respect among fellow bikers, and most importantly, through participation in community service affairs.

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Treasurer – Breezy Secretary - Rasberi

To contact the Platinum Dreams MC: Stacey “Hellified 1” Clark 202-391-9830 or





What are some of the charities & events that you support or sponsor? • Proceeds from our 10th Anniversary charity ride will benefit the Fire Fighters Burn Camp • ­Adopt families for the holidays and provide food and/or toys for the children • ­ Support numerous charitable fundraisers and functions given by various clubs throughout the MC Community • ­ 2004-2006 Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Walk

What does your club bring to the MC Community?

What is the meaning of your club’s name?

What sets your club apart from other M/F/Co-ed clubs?

What was the reason for starting your club?

Each member in Platinum Dreams owns and rides their own bike, we accept nothing less. You will seldom see us towing one of our bikes, as a matter of fact if it’s being towed it’s probably on the way to the mechanic for some We have rode to NC, SC, GA, NJ, NY, OH, MO, NV and the list goes on. So what do we bring you asked...A DIEHARD GROUP OF LADIES THAT RIDE!!!

We (the founders) wanted a name that we could all relate to; a name that would prove to have meaning for us years down the road, something that reminded us to keep moving forward. Seeing platinum in your dreams symbolizes success, prosperity and wealth. Your achievements and accoplishments are attributed to your determination and drive.

It seems like joining or starting a club is the “in thing” to do now. I don’t see as much passion in some of the newer clubs. I see a need to rush to get colors made, recruit to get numbers up and have parties to make money. We don’t consider ourselves to be an “old head” club however, 10 years in the community has earned us a lot of respect at home and when we travel. We believe that members of motorcycle clubs should own a bike and ride their bike. Platinum Dreams is a 100% riding club, consisting of sport bike and cruisers and that is the way we will always be.

In 2001, prior to starting Platinum Dreams, the President and former Vice Present rode from sun up to sun down together. They were constantly being stopped by other females that either always wanted to ride, currently rode or where looking for other ladies to ride with. So they decided to start down the long path of creating a motorcycle club that welcomed those ladies that were looking for others to ride with and a family to join. We committed the next 1 1/2 years to leg work and homework. We were sponsored by some great riders/clubs (Speed Divas, Down N Dirty, Millenium Sportbike Riders, DC Sportbike Riders and Straight Riders)....and here we are. Why is community service so important to your club? Everyone in the club has experienced life altering circumstances at one time or another. Whether it was one of us or one of our family members, so we give back and we reach back. We are passionate about setting a good example for our impressionable young ladies. Mentoring has become our main focus lately.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any HOTTer this summer,

HOTT MC brings you a blazing event,

The 8th Annual HOTT Mid Summer Bike Bash at

By Dionne Harris

Year after year, HOTT brings their A-game with not only a day full of racing trackside, but a day full of events pitside!

The 2013 event, to be held July 13-14, is no different. Come see the fastest man on 2 wheels, Larry “Spiderman” McBride and witness Grudgement Day – Ty vs. Cecil at this 2-day jam-packed event. Pitside events include the annual car & bike show, stunt competition and the ever popular bikini contest, likely because first place is $1,000, second place is $500. There will be prizes and giveaways throughout the day, including the $4,500 club challenge. As if that’s not enough, the highly anticipated MC club racing competition takes place pitting Presidents vs. Presidents among many other races.

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What Makes them During a trip to Myrtle Beach, the six founding members got together to start HOTT MC, the club first known for its annual Halloween Bash that grew so large, finding a location big enough is a challenge year after year! Past HOTT MC President, The Sleeper, envisions the club becoming better known and even more respectable in the


With over 20 years riding experience, one of the founding members, Kurve Killa, helped to organize the club because he wanted to have a real connection with other riders.

community. Members of HOTT MC already given generously of their time and resources to various charities including the Virginia Arthritis Foundation and theVirginia Breast

The event will also feature a Fun Run, bike rodeo, motorcycle games, a “Twerk” contest and Live DJs, including Sam-The Beast from the East, DJ Drake, DJ King Tutt and DJ Foot! Tailgating is widely popular and FREE and all vendors and RVs are welcome! HOTT invites you to “Beat the Heat” with track side air conditioned suites and reminds you to stay for the after party from 11pm-2am under the big tent! Check out this clip from the 2011 HOTT Bike Bash courtesy of Bike Paparazzi: The Annual HOTT MidSummer Bike Bash is sponsored by Extreme Powersports and Urban Burnout.

it best when he said ‘it’s easy to lose track of time when on a motorcycle’. When in a club with others you share similar interests with, it’s like being with family. Members of HOTT include police officers and firefighters and come from all types of professions. They serve and protect together, and like their motto says, they ride ‘em hard, but ride with sense together.

Cancer Foundation, Child Savers Organization and a Sickle Cell Ride. They participate in numerous walk-a-thons, help cook food for charitable events as well as donate money and encourage others to do the same. Currently, HOTT MC supports a Relay for Life. As with any club, members of HOTT MC enjoy riding together and the rush of adrenaline while {continued on page 26} riding. A past member put

Urban Burnout Burnout 21 ||Urban


HOTTOfF {continued}

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Hard on the Throttle Motorcycle Club, Inc. is an organized and exclusive motorcycle club located in Richmond, Virginia. Six founding members established this bike club in 2001. The purpose of this organization is to aid the community in conjunction with other charitable organizations. The club consists of men and women of different ethnic and occupational backgrounds, uniting as one to enjoy the ultimate thrill of the sport of motorcycles. The members work as team players to organize and take part in various charitable and fundraising events in Richmond and the surrounding areas, both inside and outside the state. They promote their organization through positive interaction with their peers and community. Their motto is “ride ‘em hard but ride with sense, there’s a time and place for everything.” The colors of the club are red and black. For more info on HOTT MC, visit



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| Urban Burnout

SFMC is a general guideline to traditional biker protocol that can be used in contemporary biker settings and environments.



MC Bikers, Riding, Brotherhood. Ain’t shit else.

Visit SFMC on Facebook to learn how to be a Sucka Free MC.

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May 31- June 2

June 7-9

June 21-23

Soulful Riders 35th Anniversary Savannah, GA

Front Runnerz Mother Chapter 9th Anniversary Atlanta, GA mileSTONEZ MC — Anniversary Weekend

Professional Lady Riders “M6 3 Day Event” Party Detroit, MI

Triple S Divas 4th Anniversary “Dukes & Boots” Chattanooga, TN

Rochester, NY

High Rollaz Bronx MC Newark, NJ

DC Sportsbike Riders — 14th Anniversary DMV

Knight Riders MC ­— Annual Party Decatur, IL

Liberty Riderz MC ­— 8th Anniversary Jacksonville, NC

#1 Stunnas 7th Anniversary “Classic Swag” Laurel, MD

Braveheart Ryderz MC — 6th Anniversary Rocky Mount, NC

Ice Cold Lady Rydaz MC 5th Anniversary Weekend Chester, PA Turning Point Motorcycle Club 10th Anniversary Durham, NC

203 Ryderz ­— 6th Anniversary Hamden, CT June 14-16 Jer-z Jewelz — 10th Anniversary New Jersey Poise N’ Ivy SC — Anniversary Richmond Area Vixen Ryders MSC — Anniversary Columbia, SC Regulators MC — Anniversary Greenville, SC Lets Get It Ryders MC — 6th Anniversary Chester, SC Friends of Fallen Riders 9th Anniversary “Ride & Reunion” Jackson, MS Flaming Knights MC Anniversary Weekend Capitol Heights, MD

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Any City Ryders MC — 10th Anniversary Hampton, VA Soldiers United MC “Anniversary & Bike Rally” Hinesville, GA Lyfers & Lady Trendsetters 2nd Anniversary “Inferno Unity Weekend Cleveland, OH 1st Off The Line MC/SC — 9th Anniversary Farmville, VA June 28-30 Exclusive Ryderz MC 6th Anniversary Greensboro, NC Millennium Sport Riders “Annual Bike Rally” Weekend Forest, VA Smokin Curvz — ­ 3rd Anniversary Fredericksburg, VA Ladies1st Bik-Hers MC 13th Anniversary Bike & Car Show Gastonia, NC Cuse Dawgz MC — wAnnual Summer BBQ Syracuse, NY Premium Riders MC — Anniversary Charlotte, NC

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