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I wish it weren't true but the number of adults who have to learn how to get child custody is growing by the hour. I am one of those adults who was thrown into a child custody battle and had no other option but to stand up and take control of the situation. I learned many things during my experience but the most important lesson was that when you go through a custody battle, you can't depend on anyone else to help you but yourself. Even if you hire an attorney you must take matters into your own hand and become an expert on the process of custody hearings and all of the laws that the state courts have passed. Now that I am a stronger and wiser parent, I want to help other parents who need to know how to get child custody. One of the first things you need to do is find the experts online. Next, follow these simple words of advice: 1. Unless you or your child is in physical danger from your ex, do not call the police. The less drama the better and bringing in the cops will only add more challenges during the custody hearing. 2. Do whatever you can to maintain a sense of stability in your home. If you must move, stay in the same school district so that your child does not have to feel the stress of starting at a new school where they don't know anyone. If your work schedule doesn't match your child's school schedule, ask your boss for flex time. 3. Do not trust anyone with important information until after the hearing. If your side of the story were to get out, your credibility, reputation and defense strategy in court could be ruined and it would cause you to lose custody.

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==== ==== Before spending money for an attorney; get many answers here. ==== ====

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