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HOTSPOT BILLING SOFTWARE Complete solution for Internet billing, download limiting, time and bandwidth management, ISP billing, hotel Internet. Used by world's leading brand Below is why Antamedia’s HotSpot Billing is the first choice of professionals, with 3X more global users than our nearest competitor

WiFi Software For Professionals ď‚—

From being easy to set up with the friendly Windows control panel, to the option to develop into a full ISP for regular local clients, HotSpot has you covered. At every point of customer contact it shows your brand, not ours. No ongoing leasing or costs means you effectively own it, keeping 100% of your profit, plus you’re not reliant upon an external web-based service.

How Antamedia HotSpot Works:

Customer’s of your business are provided with a user name and password, which can be free or you can charge. Hotspot handles all elements of this for you, including billing and accepting credit cards, or you can integrate with your existing system. Your customers never need to install any special ‘client’ software

Free WiFi Hotspot 

Allowing your guests or customers to use your WiFi hotspot for free doesn’t mean having to settle for second rate software or losing control of your resources.

Antamedia’s popular WiFi software, HotSpot, is just as powerful at creating, issuing and controlling free accounts, as paid ones. For example you can still create various different levels of account, or even

HotSpot Software – WiFi Hotspot Billing, Download and Order 

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Hotspot Internet For Your Hotel

Today’s hotel guests don’t just want an Internet connection, they’re demanding it.

This means padding revenue with premium telephone services is dying off, while the now-common “Color TV” is no match for interaction with the net.

Chances are, your guests have already checked out local attractions and services such as car rentals, before they even arrived. For phoning home they’ll use VOIP (Internet telephone) or just send an email.

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Below is why Antamedia’s HotSpot Billing is the first choice of professionals, with 3X more global users than our nearest competitor: http:/...