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3 Classic Muscle Cars that are No Less in Terms of Luxury Americans have a soft corner for muscle cars for their powerful engine, straight-line speed, and luxurious features. Yes, you heard it right – luxury. While many picture a muscle car to have the most powerful engine stuffed in the smallest possible size, the innovative machine is much more than that. Features such as air conditioning, power windows and automatic transmission might add weight to the machine, yet provide them an edge in the competition. Owning a muscle car is a dream of many classic car enthusiasts, but luxury comes with a hefty price tag. Don’t let restricted budget stop you from chasing your dream, and start searching for junk cars for sale. We list the top three muscle cars that supersede their rivals in terms of luxury and could be found at online car auction sites.

1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7

The Ford Motor Company decided to gives its first-generation Mustang a touch of luxury. Mercury Cougar XR-7 might be a very much Mustang underneath, it has a slimmer profile, overhangs, and sequential tail lamps, which made it an irresistible purchase. The XR-7s range of Mercury Cougar came with better interiors, 390cc V-8 engine that produced 335 hp.

1988–92 Lincoln Mk VII LSC

The sleek design of Lincoln Mk VII LSC with Euro sophistication made the hot-rod the perfect muscle car with American swagger. The maker pitched Mk VII LSC as competitor to Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC coupe, which was three times pricier. The car got Mustang’s 5.0-liter H.O V-8 engine upgrade in mid-1987 and produced 300 lb-ft torque.

1967 Buick Riviera GS

While the 1963-65 make had already received a lot of compliments for its trans-Atlantic style, the 1966 Riv GS was a better-looking car for its sleek profiling and fastback roofline. The car had the same platform as Cadillac Eldorado and Olds Toronado with the difference being that these two were front-wheel-drive and Riviera GS had the

rear-wheel-drive setup. The 1967 model comes with optional Bendix disc brakes and 430 cubic inch, 360 hp Buick V-8 engine. The car is visually similar to 1966 model.

Last Few Words Many online auction sites have salvaged and wrecked classic muscle cars up for bidding. Browse through their inventory and shortlist the ones that are within your budget and meet the requirements. The next step is to inspect the car and make a list of parts that need repair or replacement. Remember to not skip any of these steps before purchasing the car.. In-depth planning and research is required, especially when you have a plan to transform the junk into a priceless model.

3 classic muscle cars that are no less in terms of luxury  

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