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Mark Donatelli vma105wb Week 10 Part 1 (15%): Answer the following in Microsoft Word. (2.5%) What does it mean to "Lock a layer?" When you lock a layer, no obekects on that layer may be modified until you unlock it. When a layer is locked you will see a lock symbol to the right of layer (2.5%) How would you create a Layer Group? By selecting each layer so that they are highlighted and then hitting the folder icon at the bottom of the layers panel or hitting command G (2.5%) How would you change the stacking order of layers? Select whichever layer you want to move and drag it where you would like in the layers panel (2.5%) Mention 2 benefits of a Layer Group? 1. If you have a group made up of images in a design you can move all together when they are in a group. 2. If you needed to change the blend mode or opacity for numerous objects you could do them ALL AT ONCE if they are in a group. (2.5%) What is the Fill setting in the layers panels? Used to fill actual contents of a layer. If you have text on an image you could fill that and ONLY that will be affected.

(2.5%) What is the importance of Merging layers? When you have finished with you work on numerous layers you can merge them together to keep layers panel neat, reduce the file size of the image, also if you have an image that has many layers when you merge them you could potentially move the image and all the changes you made together. If you need to make changes to one of the layers you can open the group and do that also.

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