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SAVA Research remains to be the leading CRO from India

SAVA believes in Inoculating ‘Life’ into ‘Health’ and ‘Health’ into ‘Life’ ! SAVA HEALTHCARE LTD, an institution par excellence since its inception in the year 1980, has provided quality healthcare products and services dedicated to the wellness of the society.

SAVA RESEARCH, an independent arm of SAVA has been coined to remain the front end of SAVA business domain by offering an extensive range of remedies, scientific product solutions as well as expertise in analytical research, process research, dosage form research and green house turnkey research and manufacturing projects for the benefit of all health sciences customers

SAVA RESEARCH offers turnkey project where the company provides Custom Research & Process Development along with formulation and analytical development , to meet the stimulating and challenging manufacturing requirements of Pharmaceutical industry customers.

SAVA Research has Multi-locational World class manufacturing facilities certified by WHO-GMP, USDA and others. With well-recognized research and manufacturing facilities backed with demonstrated capabilities and expertise in new product introductions in the market, SAVA has gained a benevolent capability of bringing to the masses more than 500 products.

SAVA’s has been honored with multiple international regulatory accreditations including that of PAHO (USA), PIC/S (Ukraine). With more than 500 products in the portfolio and more than 400 people in the talent pool, SAVA Research remains to be the leading contract manufacturing pharma company in India.

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Sava Research Remains To Be The Leading CRO From India  

SAVA Research the leading CRO FROM INDIA meets the stimulating and challenging manufacturing requirements of pharmaceutical industry custom...