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Hans J. Galutera April Featured Designer Australian native Hans J. Galutera leads BG Studio’s architectural branding projects, creating branded luxury hospitality,







recognized for his innovative designs across a range of spaces and products. His international portfolio includes residential suites, lounges, bars and restaurants, and custom






hardware. Hans’ designs reflect a flair for the dramatic, and a chaotic yet structured energy, combined with graceful







his passions for dancing and horseback riding, he infuses movement, flow and elegance into all of his projects.

“The truest form of human expression is through dance and music and this furniture collection is based on the fluidity and energetic spirit of Art Moderne.”

Spark Is All About The Energy That Ignites The Creative Process. It is the journal of movements not yet expressed and strength, grace and fluidity not yet interpreted. It is a celebration not just of the uniqueness of cultural experiences that move us, but of the captivating and mystical process that sets inspirations free and allows them to twist and turn into unforgettable art forms. In this issue, we explore the spark that allows us to communicate ideas and emotions with our body movements instead of our words. Dance. It is a language that comes from the depths of our soul and allows us to be uninhibited and expressive like no other art form allows.

Welcome to our Dance adventure. Let the rhythm set you free.

Legendary choreographer and dancer, Merce Cunningham, once defined a dancer’s ecstasy as “the possible gift of freedom, the exhilarating moment that this exposing of the bare energy can give us.� Dance is recognized as one of the oldest forms of art in the world. It connects us to one another, even if unconsciously, and is our creative inspiration for this edition of Spark. Just like dance, furniture can be an expression of ideas and emotions that begin swaying and dancing in our minds, until they solidify into a form that begins to tell a story.




E C Dancing is all about movement and expression. Being graceful is an important aspect of many forms of dance and is attained when each dancer’s step and

body gesture look effortless. With great energy and excellent posture, a dancer’s movement

will result in a spectacular performance.

CHAINÉ BED The gentle curve of the headboard acts as a cocoon, creating a welcoming feeling of an embrace. This design is inspired by the gestures made by a dancer’s arms and torso. The seam detail on the headboard is also inspired by the grace of a dancer’s asymmetrical pose.

STRENG Strength is the foundation for all dynamic movement in dance.


Words like powerful, explosive and commanding are used to describe many of the greatest dancers, and would not be possible without this integral attribute. Strength and a strong core also allows dancers to perform

at their peak, while exhibiting a sense of lightness.

BOX STEP DESK The design of this desk represents the balance of two key components to any dance performance—lightness and strength. The two legs represent a graceful extension, while the edges and hardware appear seamless, like a dancer’s transition from one position to another. The asymmetry and gently curved edges create a softness and feeling of movement.


CHASSÉ CHAIR This unique design represents the dancer’s body; its physical

strength and sinuous form. The legs are powerful elements that make a statement. Organic and free flowing, the piece maintains a sense of

structure and poise from top to bottom, with the upholstery wrapping the top of the chair to the gentle cross of the legs at its base.



RM It can be difficult to wrap your head around the many forms of a dancer. Telling a story with raw passion and every fiber

of their being can be both breathtaking and astonishing.

Every subtle or exaggerated motion can be sensual or moving and compels us to yearn for more.




This two-way mirror was inspired by the fluidity of a twirl

and tulle of a tutu. The asymmetry of the piece represents the idea

that dancing, like life, is not symmetrical. Pierre Chareau inspired the layer of stacked onyx. His designs represent elegant interpretations of basic forms and simple shapes, with depth and art deco influence.

Dance is the human body expressing a choreographed routine of leaps, turns, jumps and a series of movements. To do this, dancers require strength, endurance and agility, which when combined, allow the dancer to exhibit a fluidity that can transport an audience to another place and time.

You envision an experience for your guests. Mark David creates luxurious custom furniture that completes it. Mark David makes furniture that sparks imaginations. Our creators never stop thinking, what can turn a visit into a unique journey? What kind of furniture can we make that nobody has ever made before? People come to Mark David to be part of something different. Here, we create more than places to sit, work or stash one’s belongings. We create comfortable, superbly crafted pieces that please the sense of aesthetics and engage the sense of wonder. We are traveling companions, and we are storytellers. We are more than furniture makers. We are creative partners and experience makers.

Chai nÉ B e d SP-033

Box Ste p D e s k SP-032

ChassÉ Chai r SP-034

Pi rou ette M i r ror SP-035





W 58 ½” D 86 ½” H 68 ½”

W 72”

W 26”

W 61 ½” D 8 5/8” H 42”

Wood Specification:

Wood Specification:

Wood Specification:

Wood Specification:

Walnut Solids and Rosewood Flatcut Veneers

Walnut Solids and Rosewood Flatcut Veneers

Walnut Solids and Rosewood Flatcut Veneers

Walnut Solids and Rosewood Flatcut Veneers





Wood: Rosewood Studs: Glossy Black Polished Nickel Metal Headboard Base: White Polished Nickel Metal Rose Accent: Bronze

Wood: Rosewood Metal Legs: Glossy Black Polished Nickel Metal Base & Trim: White Polished Nickel Metal Rose Accent: Bronze

Wood: Rosewood Metal Legs & Handle: Glossy Black Polished Nickel Metal Base: White Polished Nickel Metal Rose Accent: Bronze

Wood: Rosewood Metal: White Polished Nickel



Leather: Shagreen

Leather: Shagreen

Leather: Shagreen Inside Flip Up Panel: Mirror

D 24”

H 30”

D 26 ¼” H 48”


Mirror: Two-way Décor: White Onyx


Any of the pieces created for this volume of Spark can be fully customized to meet your design needs. Please visit to download a copy of this brochure and to learn more about our company. Mark David’s luxurious custom designs are sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations. For more information, contact yo u r local sales representative:

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Spark | Dance | Volume 7  
Spark | Dance | Volume 7  

Mark David Spark Dance Brochure - Vol. VII