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Top 5 travel Destinations in the world Australia = Beautiful country (A hot travel destination) •

Australia is no doubt one of the most beautiful and most visited travel destinations of the world. Australia is a multicultural country and welcomes people from all over the world. The people of Australia love theater, cricket and music.

Bahamas = Great fun! •

Bahamas has got the Atlantis Bahamas Resort and its one of the world’s most loved travel destinations. Bahamas is a very amazing place. You can find here playground, casino, spa, and water parks.

Belize = A must visit for nature lovers •

Belize is one of the most loved and visited travel destinations for nature lovers. You can explore the beauty of Belize and visit the jungle with your loved ones and enjoy river boating. I’m sure nature lovers will surely come again at this travel destination after their first visit.

Jamaica = Best beaches (This makes it a good travel destination) •

Jamaica has great things to offer as a perfect travel destination. You can find the best beaches, lovely women out there in Jamaica with elegant resorts for tourists.

St. Lucia •

St. Lucia is the best travel destination, you can explore the beauty of St. Lucia and kick your stress away. Most people who seek peace of mind and seek privacy visit this St. Lucia. It has a good view and you can have a great fun and good time with your friends and family.

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Top 5 travel destinations in the world  

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