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Five Must See Sights In Singapore Singapore is one of the world’s most interesting cities, and certainly one of the cleanest and prettiest.Here are five sites you must see when you get to this fascinating city state. Singapore Botanic Gardens

In a city that doesn’t really open for business till 11am, the 5am opening time at the Singapore Botanic Garden make it the best place to start the day. You’ll find plenty of joggers going round and round, but also the gentler rhythms of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. As the city has grown, the Botanic Gardens have remained a green heart. You’ll be reminded that this hasn’t always been a concrete jungle with some completely unspoiled rainforest to stroll through. The National Orchid Garden is one of the wonders of the horticultural world with 3,000 of these spectacular blooms to see. Enjoy traditional food in the food court, coconut jam on toast and soft-boiled eggs is a favourite local breakfast. Singapore Ritz Carlton art collections A hotel can be more than just where you lay your head. The Ritz Carlton is home to one of the best collections of modern art in South-East Asia. You don’t have to go inside to see it – there’s a huge Frank Stella piece at the door and two crystal glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly at either side of the building. Many of the pieces were specially commissioned for the hotel and include works by Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Henry Moore and Rainer Gross. So many people come to see the works that they’ve even instituted an iPod tour.

Chinatown Heritage Centre The Chinese connection to Singapore is long and deep, and the heritage centre in the city’s Chinatown is one of the gems of the city. It’s a genuine hidden delight too, not many people even know it’s there. Chinatown itself is well worth a visit, and the museum features recreated home interiors and the gift shop is wonderfully kitschy. Bargain hunting The world has shrunk massively, but it’s still possible to find bargains when you travel. Japan is where the latest gadgets are to find (increasingly in China too), but Singapore can boast the best selection of cheap electronics in the Far East. Head to Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square where you’ll find a huge selection of every kind of gizmo you can imagine and you’ll usually save at least 10% and with a bit of judicious haggling you might get even more off. Haji Street Road Shopping

Ignore the flashy boutiques of Orchard Road and head for the city’s real shopping heat in the Muslim quarter. It’s a new invention – springing up in less than a year – and not exactly an organic part of the city, but the tiny lane with its crowded-in shops and houses is meant to rival the Meatpacking District of New York or Le Marais in Paris as a cutting edge fashion destination. It works really well, with a good mix of the best designers in Asia setting up shop and some excellent Middle Eastern cuisine on the doorstep too. For more travel updates, you can visit a travel blog –

Five must see sights in singapore  

Singapore is one of the world’s most interesting cities, and certainly one of the cleanest and prettiest.Here are five sites you must see wh...

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