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The glowing protein incubators act as spectacle luring customers in from the street. Meanwhile scientists work feverishly to examine the customers nutritional levels.

The nested energies are used to create an outdoor market that is comfortable all year.

In the foreground he raised cook stations represent a module where the energies necessary for public or private classes has been activated.

Looking through the fine dining restaurant where you see undesired energies being prevented from entering patron’s dining space.

Each unit contains a large personal patio space which functions as the backyard for the tenants.

During winter months the living room is thermally isolated from the exterior environment while allow the suns warmth to permeate into the units.

In the summer the glass wall can open allowing the living room can extend onto the patio space.

The sliding panel facade can be opened to maximize natural lighting, ventilation, and it’s connection to the outdoors.

The sliding panel facade can be closed giving the unit more privacy and shading as needed.

The sliding panel facade is closed giving the couple privacy for more intimate moments.

The view looking across the interlocking modules that form the space.

Traveling upward through the main entry into the office building

Looking down into the different pockets of the space formed by ramps and nested floors.

The view of the tower as you approach it from water. The interior volumes are glowing in the night sky.

Mark Cunningham's 2012 UIC Architecture Portfolio  

The selected academic work of Mark Cunningham. He is currently a master's of architecture canidate at UIC.