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Summer is here and where better to draw our fashion inspiration than from our warmer cousins in the south? After all, they know how to dress for summer. So, which cousins are do we mean? The Spanish. To what fashion items are we referring? Espadrilles! Espadrilles are making a big comeback in fashion circles this spring/summer season. To have a pair of espadrilles this season is to be bang on trend for footwear fashions. Historians date this most humble of shoes to the 14th century Pyrenees farmers and peasants. For all their humble begins, however, these shoes have come a long way, conquering most of Europe, Asia, and the Americas - least in fashion terms. These shoes posses many qualities that make them so popular; they are versatile and suit many different styles of clothing, but they are also comfortable too, making them the perfect choice in fashionable shoes, able as they are to strike that difficult balance between looking great and feeling even better. As a style of footwear, they tend the middle and upper classes tend to favour them, this is because they have an innate quality of elegance, class, and sophistication. Indeed, it is very common to see such examples at many of the haunts of the rich and famous: Cannes, Monaco, Barbados...Toms Espadrilles, for example, are much-loved by many of the world's most prominent celebrities. With such acclaim, it is probable that the more modest among us believes these shoes beyond our budgets, but not so. The average price of Toms espadrilles ranges from £40-£50; 'affordable luxury' is an apt description. Espadrilles are perfect for creating a chic look reminiscent of those world-leaders of fashion, the French. They make the ideal choice in elegant, yet casual, footwear. Espadrilles enable fashion lovers to design incredibly chic, yet uncomplicated styles. For instance, pair Toms espadrilles with a floating summer dress, in neutral colours and natural fabrics, to create the perfect festival get-up. Choosing the right style of espadrilles with the right style of clothing will make you feel confident, relaxed, and supremely attractive. This summer, espadrilles will help you to improve your wardrobe no end. As a shoe, they are easy to identify. They have a casual look, with flexible uppers made from natural materials, such as canvas or cotton. The soles are made of woven rope, which means they make the perfect accompaniment to this year's nautical fashions. They reach just below the ankle, which, coupled with the lightness of the uppers, makes them the ideal summer shoe. There are many designs from which to choose, in various colours and patterns. Regardless of your tastes, you are sure to find the perfect pair of summer shoes to accompany your summer wardrobe.

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==== ==== TOMS shoes are the hottest shoes around right now. Find the best deals for MENS, WOMENS, and KIDS TOMS CLICK HERE ==== ====

Espadrilles Summer's Hottest Shoes  

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