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Juniors living in the fast lane BY PILAR ORELLANA STAFF WRITER

In the blink of an eye, those freshmen that touched the Kugel for the first time are now wearing a cap and gown about to receive a diploma. But are students blinking a little too fast? It’s junior year and it is time to get serious. You are taking your most important classes by now and have an idea of what you want to do with your major. You are at a good pace to graduate in a year, but then there are those who have been taking 18 units each semester, summer school, and possibly even academic overloads; in other words, they have embarked on academic suicide. This is the time period where you should be enjoying the college life with your peers and learning not only what was in your philosophy class, but also about life in general. At this stage, we are over the homework, we are over the studying and just want to find a way out. So many students have decided to graduate a semester early, but this comes with catches. Allison Beard, a junior at California Baptist University, is determined to graduate early. Beard is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in Psychology. With the help of some Advanced Placement classes and summer classes she will be able to walk in the Fall 2011 commencement. She has really enjoyed her years at CBU, but by far junior year has been her favorite. She is in her major classes and is living off campus. “This is my first year off campus which I really like, and I don’t mind being a commuter. Living on campus was fun but it brought too much drama, now it’s just more relaxing,” Beard said. Her plans after graduation are to take a year off and go abroad before heading to graduate school. “I want to do volunteer work and get a chance to work with people and put what I’ve learned to test,” Beard said. Kamrie de Groot, a junior majoring in Sociology, is another who is contemplating taking the fast route. De Groot enjoys her time here at CBU, but as most of her close friends are graduating in December she wants to join them on that walk. Junior year has been her favorite thus far, but she finds herself ready to go out in the world and

start her career. “I want to work with kids or older people. I want to make a difference in people’s lives for the better,” de Groot said. Beard and de Groot, and other students, seem to feel that if they have the opportunity to finish early than why not get a head start on their careers. They would not have to worry about the extra cash they will have to pay for another semester. For every pro there is a con and graduating early is no different. Enrollment Advising Receptionist, Judy Frazier, has a different view on this graduating early craze. “College should be a four to five year plan. You should not rush it and instead just enjoy the ride,” Frazier said. Frazier sees many students every day walking in and out, trying to speed up their college experience. “Students usually do it because CBU is a private institution which is money motivated,” Frazier said. It is natural to think that graduating early will save you money, and if that was the case more people would be doing it. This does not come easy. “Most of the students are coming into their 3rd year of college and are mainly girls,” Frazier said. These students are very driven and determined to finish early, but they are losing their college experience and rushing through life. It is extra hard work that advising does not recommend for students. “These girls are rushing to get out of college and trying to get engaged,” Frazier said. This is the time when you do see a lot of your peers getting engaged, getting married, and some of the pressure may take a toll on women. Some slip into the wedding craze and want to wear that ring, look at dresses online, and watch wedding shows like “Say Yes to the Dress.” But as college students, we should not rush our youth. We have to live it day by day and not try to grow up so fast. We have our whole lives to work, to be grown ups, enjoy the now, enjoy the moment because you don’t want to wonder “what if ” or say “I wish i did…” College is a time where we learn, love, and make the most memorable experiences so we can look back ten years from now and see how much we enjoyed it.

Christian Cannon tarp surfs in the bright southern warm California sunshine.


Tarp surfing washes onto the CBU campus BY KRISTI HOWELL FEATURES EDITOR

Surf ’s up, dude! This statement has taken on new meaning to a group of students at California Baptist University. Surfing is an important part of the Southern California culture. With popular beaches such as Huntington, Newport and Laguna close by, students are able to try their luck at gliding across the salty blue seas. Although these beaches may be close, a new type of surfing has emerged on the CBU campus: Tarp Surfing. It is possible that you may have seen this happening recently on the CBU campus while walking to the Alumni Dining Commons or an afternoon class. Generally taking place on the basketball courts located by Lancer Arms, junior Christian Cannon and sophomores Geoff Gouveia, Matt Suarez and Alex Wright have turned these courts into a sea of blue tarp, riding the barrels and catching waves. “I heard about people back in the ’70s doing it and then I saw

a YouTube video, so I decided to work on getting a tarp of my own and I did it,” Cannon said. Cannon does not currently have a car on campus yet loves to surf. This desire and his love for skateboarding also led him to the alternative of tarp surfing. “Growing up by the beach and surfing, yet not being able to during the year is too hard for me,” Cannon said. Inspired by said viral YouTube video, the boys set out to create and surf the perfect wave. But how does one create the perfect wave when surfing on a tarp? “Some slight swell and wind coming out of the northeast at a good warm temperature,” Wright said. “Conditions for tarp surfing are crucial. We need wind. When that wind comes the waves are usually pumpin’,” Suarez said. Logistically, the perfect wave cannot be created without a few key elements. “You need at least a 30×30 tarp, the bigger the better. We have 30×50. Probably some weights or enough people to stand on the corners and maybe a tiny bit of wind if

Photo by Mike Sampson

any,” Cannon said. Tarp, wind, skateboards and weights. Pretty simple elements in order to create this unique and intricately crafted art form. “It’s a really fun way to turn something plain, a tarp, into something epic, a huge barrel,” Cannon said. Though nothing can compare to the power of a wave in the ocean, there are perks to surfing the sweet and simple waves of tarp. “Tarp surfing is pretty close to surfing as far as how the barrel forms and how it is when you’re riding through it. The only thing that is different is we stay dry and never have to paddle out,” said Suarez. There is also no fear of sharks, your skin does not dry out from salt and drowning is not a possibility. Tarp surfing has not seen its end here on campus. Although the cooler weather is beginning to roll in and tarp surfing conditions are not what they need to be, there is hope for bigger waves and brighter days in the future. “Tarp surfing is just getting started! As for where and when, we’ll just wait and see where the swell leads us,” Cannon said. As the fall semester ends, Cannon, Gouveia, Suarez and Wright are preparing for a gnarly spring semester.


January 28, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 8

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International day of acceptance

Celebrating the uniqueness of individuals BY TAYLOR WINCHELL STAFF WRITER

Pass the pot and grab a piece of fruit to start your day.

How-to: Beat the Daily Grind BY AJ LACUESTA

ASSISTANT CULTURE EDITOR Most students have a set morning routine. Wake up, shower, coffee and then class. Unfortunately, the stimulating start with coffee usually ends up slowing students down and a midday pick-up is required to keep going. Almost any student would want to find ways to avoid that midday “crash” so here are ways to wake up without coffee. Sleep - Getting a good night’s rest is the easiest way to stay awake every day. Getting a solid six to eight hours every night is a sure way to be energized for the following morning. - While sleeping for a set amount of time is a good start, the best way to optimize your sleep is to sleep and wake up

at the same times regularly throughout the week. According to, your circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock. An irregular sleep schedule would disrupt the circadian rhythm and would leave a “jet-lagged” feeling to someone who does not sleep with a normal cycle on a daily basis. Exercise the mind - Going for a morning run does more than just keep a person in shape, it also helps to stimulate the brain. A stimulated brain is an active brain and an active brain will be wide awake. - Read something exciting. Having a book to stimulate provoking thoughts is another way to keep the brain active. Many California Baptist University students enjoy a morning devotional to stimulate the mind and soul. Fruit

Watch the big screen on a litte budget BY BRIANNA NELSON STAFF WRITER

Friday night entertainment does not have to cost a fortune. Instead of paying $10.50 for a movie, plus the price of gas to even get to the theater, there are some cheap alternatives many are unaware of. One does not even need to leave campus to watch a movie. Netflix has a $10 per month promotion, which allows you to watch as many movies you want either instantly on your computer or on an X-Box. Netflix will also send you movies on DVD via snail mail. This is a great alternative to going to the theater because it allows you to choose from a wide variety of movies, including some new releases as well as television shows. Video rental companies allow renters to keep the movies for several days, but often the renter watches them the first night and lets the movie collect dust for the rest of

the rental period. Netflix allows you to watch movies instantly, eliminating the possibility of late fees and the cost of gas. Another cheap alternative is Redbox. This automatic movie dispenser is great for nights with nothing to do. At about $1 a night, Redbox is cheap entertainment. The dispensers are loaded with an adequate variety of movies, including some new releases. However, the downside is that you have to pay with a debit or credit card and that the dispensers do not always have the best selection of movies. Redbox also does not carry TV shows, whereas Netflix and Blockbuster do. As for the ladies of California Baptist University, Mission Grove Theater has a $5 ladies night on Tuesdays. This is a great solution for those of us who want to see the newly released movies in a theater, to still have that movie theater experience. The theater also sells tickets to stu-

Photo by Jennifer Hatcher

- Try eating an apple instead of having a cup of coffee. The natural sugar, or fructose, in apples is easier to break down into the bloodstream and provide the same energy boost as a cup of coffee, without the crash that comes with caffeine. - A glass of orange juice has a similar effect of delivering fructose to the system, but look for fresh squeezed orange juice as much as possible. Orange juice from concentrate would have added sugars that do not work the way that fructose does. Relying on coffee can be an expensive habit. However, all these tips have helped many others and just require extra dedication and practice to get used to a change in lifestyle. If there is anything that you would like to know “How-to,” email and look for the How-to section in the next issue of “The Banner.”

dents for $7.50 before 5 p.m. Lastly, Campus Activities Board (CAB) sells tickets for any Regal Cinemas or AMC Theater for $7.50, as well as for Mission Grove Theater for $5.50. These tickets can be purchased in the Game Room. This is a great alternative for those who are able to plan ahead a little bit. Although seeing movies at an actual theater is more expensive, it does allow viewers to see movies right when they are released. To save money on refreshments, consider buying them outside of the theater. Girls frequently bring purses to the movies, so why not stuff them full of candy and drinks from the local gas station or the dollar store? These shops tend to have snacks and drinks at a considerably cheaper price than the theater. There are cheap ways to watch movies and be entertained every day of the week.

On Jan. 20, 2011, the annual International Day of Acceptance took place to celebrate life with a disability and unify those of all abilities. “No other day for disability awareness attempts to include all people with disabilities AND others in our lives,” Stevie Hopkins, co-founder of the event and the 3eLove company, said. “Crossability awareness is very important…the only way we can achieve any goal, especially social goals, is to do it together. Social barriers are everyone’s barriers, not just one group of people.” Contrary to usual awareness events, there were no carnivals, rallies or keynote speakers to ostentatiously push forward their goals. Instead, the success of the day was put into the hands of those who really mattered: everyone. Anyone who has a disability or is a family member, friend, coworker, teacher or personal assistant of someone who is disabled was given the mission to spread the word. Over 50,000 people were invited in a Facebook invitation, countless of whom promised to turn their profile picture to the 3eLove’s “wheelchair-heart” symbol, wear the company’s products and/or simply tell others about the cause. According to their website, the 3E Love company is a “disability awareness clothing line and marketing company” established in 2007 by a physically disabled sister-brother team, Annie and Stevie Hopkins. When Annie Hopkins created the “wheelchairheart” symbol in 2004 and had it tattooed on her shoulder, neither founder knew their lives would soon change because of it. As a result of the positive responses and encouragement to grow this idea, they formed the company. Their mission was “embrace living life no matter the obstacles, and by doing so, educate society and empower those with disabilities to love life.” Sorrowfully, Annie Hopkins passed away in January 2009 from complications following a simple medical procedure. After informing family and friends about her passing and how she will be remembered, Stevie Hopkins was bombarded with hundreds of heartfelt responses encouraging him to carry on their work. “So I did! From there it had evolved in meaning and it grows

every day. My understanding of what it means and what it could be changes through my experiences daily,” Hopkins said. Therefore, the International Day of Acceptance was set on Jan. 20 to honor the late Annie Hopkins, an inspiring social advocate who set everything into motion. Keeping to Annie Hopkins’ original goals- “Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life.”- the company and its mission have thrived and grown all over the world. Those disabled and able alike have bought “wheelchair-heart” T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, silly bands, temporary tattoos, jewelry and more in an effort to celebrate life regardless of your disability. Or maybe even as a result of it. Yvonne Munoz, graduate student at California Baptist University, celebrated the day by wearing her 3eLove T-shirt. “Honestly I did not expect a reaction: positive or negative. But the reactions have been extremely positive,” Munoz said. “For example, while wearing the shirt people I didn’t know approached me and shared stories with me about family members and/or friends in wheelchairs and wanted to know where they could buy a shirt.” “People don’t have to feel uncomfortable around someone that is ‘different’ than them,” Munoz said. “When they are, they are missing out on some pretty incredible friendships.” The truth is that Jan. 20 is only once a year, but the message should be carried out all year long. For more information on the founders, how you can spread the word and merchandise available for purchase, check out www.threeellc. com. “In order for the positive externalities of our company to flourish, our fans and customers must also realize that the message and movement is ongoing,” Stevie Hopkins said. “The International Day of Acceptance is a by-product of 3E!” Pesonal Note: As a person with a physical disability, this journalist can attest to the fact that a little education and awareness makes all the difference in people’s lives. Some of the most amazing things have happened to me not in spite of my disability, but because of it. The kindness, acceptance and overall loving attitude of people in my life have been astounding. Annie and Stevie Hopkins’ point that there is really not much difference between the “us” and the “them” has and will continue to change people’s lives.


January 28, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 8

Photo by Chris Hardy

Panelists discuss ways to help stop human trafficking at the Freedom Summit in late January.


Sold, bought, captured and enslaved. This is what happens when a person is trapped in the world of human trafficking – one of the greatest modern forms of slavery. “There isn’t much question

about the horror of trafficking – it is well and widely documented. But allowing it to go on by ignoring it, being paralyzed by the enormity of the problem, or just being too lazy to spend the next 50 years stamping it out is also an evil I am unwilling to tolerate,” Amy Stumpf, associate professor of society and religion, said.

January was declared National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month on Jn. 4, 2010. President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation that declared January the month dedicated to such social injustices. Children, as well as adults, are captured, tricked and forced into a life of sex slavery. They are in bondage and seemingly have no way out, they are deemed hopeless and lost.

Sex trafficking can be looked at as a very daunting injustice. How can one help in the aid of saving women, children and men from such an oppressive evil? It may seem as though society will never make a dent into this atrocity; but it starts with the smallest forms of opposition. “It is hard for students who care deeply about trafficking and other social problems to figure out how to do more than just care, worry, or feel bad. Students don’t usually have gobs of money, political or social clout, or other forms of power,” Stumpf said. Stumpf encourages letting those in Congress know exactly how each person feels about human trafficking. “The very important Trafficking Victims Protection Act will expire this year, and must be reauthorized by Congress. That will mean lots of us need to let our senators and representatives that we want them to approve the TVPRA. But often I talk with students who want to break down brothel doors but don’t have the patience for the tedious works of prayer and nagging those with power. But folks, that’s the ballgame in the anti-trafficking movement.” Opposition through votes and campaigns may not be the kind of opposition against traffickers that the average person thinks of right away. But it is through voting and through especially prayer that will ultimately bring the end to human trafficking. IJM member Brooklyn Wagner,

Page B3 senior and anthropology major, believes heavily in the power of prayer. “Prayer is a big part of what we spend our time doing in meetings and we’ve heard amazing stories from IJM headquarters about what they’ve been able to accomplish through our prayer and support,” Wagner said. After January’s awareness for slavery and human trafficking, February celebrates Freedom Day. Feb. 1, 2011 will celebrate the variety of freedoms that many take for granted. This Freedom Day, pray for those who are not free but are persecuted, enslaved and seemingly hopeless. As a bond-servant of Christ, a slave to His purposes and His heart for the world, it is the Christian’s purpose to help these trapped people. Become educated on the matter. Become familiar with organizations and institutions whose mission it is to abolish human trafficking, such as The Sold Project and Children of the Night. Stumpf is also the faculty advisor for California Baptist University’s on campus chapter of the International Justice Mission. The group meets Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 p.m. to 4:3o p.m. in the Yeager Center in room B112. Justice Week will be held Feb. 7 to Feb. 11. Make sure to be on the look out for flyers and information on the weeks events.

New year, new you

Making, breaking and keeping New Years resolutions BY RILEY HAGEL STAFF WRITER

Resolutions are a typical outcome of celebrating the New Year and as many have experienced already, so is breaking them. Anyone who has made the decision to stop eating candy, give up coffee, exercise more, work less, spend more time with the family or spend less time at school knows how difficult it is to establish these habits. A new trend is emerging among California Baptist University students to avoid the disappointment and simply not make a resolution to begin with. Ashley McFarland, senior and communications major, has taken part in this trend, whether knowingly or unknowingly. “No New Years resolutions for me this year,” McFarland said. “I always make them and then I always break them, so I decided this year that I would never even make any to

begin with! It’s working out pretty well so far!” Even a short clip shown in chapel demonstrated the lack of participation in the typical New Year custom, showing a great spectrum of people who simply did not make one. Faculty and students alike showed their great disinterest in setting aside Jan. 1 as their day to start fresh. “I usually find that if I make one, I end up forgetting what it is not even a month later,” said senior Faith Holley, a music education major. Some still hold to the age-old tradition, and see the New Year as an opportunity and an excuse to come clean. “No candy, soda or coffee this year,” Hanna Wilhelm, junior and business administration major, said. “So far, so good.” Those who have made resolutions fight the ancient battle of will, self-control, memory and concentration. Plenty of motives to change

The new year brings a time of re-evaluation and list-making.

lifestyles and habits exist but for most people the will to do it runs out of stamina. “At first, I would pick up a piece of candy and almost put it in my mouth, but then I’d realize what I was doing. I just remind myself not to eat those things by asking myself if they will benefit me,” said Wilhelm.

Though the desired result of making a New Years resolution is a positive one, most CBU students still are not joining in. Most students wondered what the point was in making a resolution on just one day a year and not every day of the year. “I say, why only make resolutions at the beginning of the year?

Photo by Cayla Ames

Why not every day? Resolve every day to be happier, eat better, read the Bible more and be more of the person you want to be. That way you will never forget,” Holley said. Whether a resolution has been made, kept, broken or not even thought of, making this New Year the best it can be is a goal suited for anyone.

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January 28, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 8

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DON’T QUIT, STICK WITH IT How to find your fitness personality BY BIANCA JOHNSON


Before you workout, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Photo by Mike Sampson

The true weigh: doing fitness right BY KRISTIN DE LA CRUZ COPY EDITOR

Every January, countless goals are established across the country in the form of New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to get back into shape after a season of holiday feasts. The decision to begin a jogging routine, join a kickboxing class or to purchase a gym membership is often fueled by a fresh burst of determination, sparked by the beginning of a new year. Although this decision is commendable, if not approached properly your journey to physical fitness will be in vain. A poor workout regimen results in nothing more than injury, frustration and, ultimately, giving up. Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you to stay motivated, get into shape and start off the new year on the right foot. DON’T Focus on the scale Sometimes when the number on the scale will not budge or increases, it can cause discouragement and frustration. The scale does not always give an accurate assessment of personal health because it can confuse muscle gain for weight gain. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, which plays an essential role in fitness. Instead, focus on body fat percentage and energizing your body, rather than on weight. Cut back on meals The human body requires certain nutrients to perform properly, such as vitamins, complex carbohydrates and protein. It is important for the body to receive enough calories to sustain energy and perform well. Don’t ignore your body’s hunger signals both before and after your workout. Be monotonous Avoid doing the same workout every day. Mix up your routine in order to challenge your body, give muscle groups time to restore and to avoid boredom. Changing up your routine will add excitement and help build new muscles.

Overload yourself You are not here to impress anyone. Do not lift more than you can handle and risk straining your body. Choose weights that you can comfortably lift 12 to 15 times in a set. If you feel pain, your weights are too heavy. Talk on the phone Remember that you came to the gym to workout and accomplish a goal. The social chatter can wait for an hour. DO Use the buddy system Find someone to hold you accountable. Having a workout companion will motivate you to stick to your routine and can even add enjoyment to the overall experience. Choose a buddy that will challenge you to work harder to achieve specific goals. Set goals It is much easier to strive forward when there is a goal in mind. Set goals that present a challenge but are also realistic. Reward yourself when you reach these goals and set new ones into place. Watch your form Slouching and poor posture are the enemy of fitness. Make sure that your spine is aligned and that you are completing the exercise properly. If you are unsure how to do something, ask a friend or a personal trainer. Consider options beside the gym Although a gym membership may seem like the simplest way to strive for fitness, there are many alternatives that are effective and less expensive. Jog around the block, join an aerobics class, swim laps at the local pool, participate in a sport, use an exercise video or purchase weights to use at home. Commit to a plan and kick the year off by putting it into action. There is no better time to strive for a fresh goal than the start of a new semester. Follow these steps, avoid common mistakes and you are sure to succeed.

Now that the season of feasting like kings has come to an end, your friend plans to get back into shape and convinces you to join them on the journey to physical fitness. Together you join a kick boxing class, but after five difficult minutes of round house kicks and a combo of punches, you become tired and out of breath while everyone else is focused. At the end of the class, you are drained, sore, miserable and frustrated. In an attempt to never experience that feeling again, you attempt to find a new type of cardio training. After a couple of failed attempts to find a suitable workout, you decide to quit because it feels too much like a chore. These types of negative experiences cause most people to associate workouts with misery and pain. Sure physical fitness is work, but it is not meant to be a punishment. It is meant for self-improvement. If your workout regimen is more

negative than positive, it is because you have not discovered your niche. Everyone’s body type is different and there is no one way of getting into shape. However, with so many workout programs it is easy to not know which regimen will suit you best. Whether you plan to shed a few pounds or just tone up your muscles, here are some fitness programs to match with your personality. Outdoorsy This personality tends to be bored by routine workouts, primarily stays outdoors, competitive in sports and prefers the trail over the treadmill. Such activities that would fit are bicycling, walking, jogging, basketball and tennis. Self-Reserved You tend to focus and accomplish tasks more efficiently on your own without competition or an audience. Try activities like yoga, strength training, walking, stretching or workouts on DVD. This will allow you to achieve the results your way. Social Butterfly You love to be around people, chat

and see working out as a social event. Workouts like cardio classes, dance, pilates, aerobics, basketball or a membership to a gym would suit you best. Persistent This personality loves to challenge their endurance and stamina, relieve stress and practice repetitive strength and resistance exercises. Such beneficial activities include resistance bands, yoga, jump rope, medicine ball exercises, sit ups and weight training. Now that you have found your match, be sure to make safety your first priority before doing your workout regimen. Whether you choose to take a class or workout at home, contact your doctor if you have any health conditions. If you are not sure of the intensity of the workout, contact a licensed and experienced instructor if you plan to take a class. Choose something that you will enjoy, that way you will stick with it. However, do not feel pressured into the latest fads in fitness. Instead, work with what is beneficial to you and your health.

The importance of staying hydrated BY SHAYNA MORENO STAFF WRITER

When it comes to choosing a source of hydration, you cannot go wrong with H2O. Even though most of us have been told throughout our lives that water is the best source of hydration, it is sometimes disregarded for juice, soda, coffee and sports drinks. While most people know about the negative physical effects it has on our bodies, there is a misconception that juice is just as healthy as water. According to the article, “7 Wonders of Water” by WebMD, our body is made up of about 70 percent water. In order for our body to function to the best of its ability, we need to drink about eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day. It is important to be consistently hydrated in order to avoid stress on both the body and the mind. From “The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Winter” article by Self Magazine, the health benefits from water outweigh any other source of hydration because it is natural. Water is an essential nutrient all chemical reactions in the body depend on. It is also what keeps toxins flushed out. If there is not enough water to dilute the body’s negative products, kidney stones may form. “After my kidney stones I only drink water, I add lemons to it which adds flavor,” Amanda Gruntz, a senior, said. Fatigue, headaches and back pain may be caused by dehydration. To

Photo by Mike Sampson

Out of all sources of hydration, water should be your first pick.

avoid this, try to drink two cups of water with each meal. This will also help suppress hunger. Water can also hydrate your skin and make it look healthier and, later on in life, more youthful. Muscles also need enough water to prevent cramps. If you are not disciplined to only drink water and limit consumption of other beverages, there are other options. Real fruit juice and milk without chemical additives, artificial colors or sugars are a healthy alternative to water. Milk is a great way to get essential vitamins, proteins and minerals necessary for growth and development. “In the caf, I drink chocolate milk. The taste is awesome and it’s healthier than the other options besides water,” Rachel Jack, a senior, said. If you must drink something with flavor, choose 100 percent juice that is organic, unsweetened and fresh. These drinks do contain sugar but they are

natural and slightly healthier. However, remember to consume these tasty beverages in moderation. However, warns juice can sometimes be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It cannot be the sole source of hydration because even though juice is a good source of vitamins, it is very high in sugar which can cause dehydration and weaken the immune system. Juices can also have a negative impact on dental health. The natural sugar content can affect your teeth. The juice from lemons and oranges can wear down enamel at an accelerated speed due to citric acid. Patricia Chuey, a registered dietitian and sport nutritionist suggests that by eliminating sweetened drinks you can cut your calorie intake by 10 percent. It is fine to have some flavor, but if you deprive yourself of water you will have some serious physical effects.


Desk toys provide nostalgic entertainment.

January 28, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 8

Photo by Cayla Ames

Return to retro:Rise of the desk toy BY MARK NORTON


There is a wild world of desk toys that seem to be on the rise. A variety of these fascinating small objects are available and they allow the working population to take a trip down memory lane . Toys never become out-of-date; which seems to reveal that the inner child never dies. The toys of America’s youth will never really be replaced, instead merely improved upon and reintroduced. Observe the variety and popularity of American retro toys that appear to bring out vivid youthful memories to prove a shared desire to recall the “good old days.” As adults the desk toy gives the excuse to continue playing. Often utilized as a stress release and in confined spaces corporate America appears to be

a bit obsessed with the office toy and some contend that their use can lead to better productivity. This may also be true for the college student who is tied to a desk for study. As long as one can exercise self control and not while away too much time the toy can hold a healthy place on any desk for times of need. Assuming everyone wants to take a break and relax now and then there are endless choices to be had for entertainment right at your desk. To start searching do so in places like the New York and Nuremburg Toy Fairs which are sure places to delight curiosities and give ideas for gifting self, family, or friends. is a website where toys can be found for exciting desk-top adventures and high thrills in a contained space such as a dorm room or corporate cubicle. Go truly classic retro and look into the mystifying complexities of the Rubik’s


Deuteronomy 4:19 explains, “And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars-all the heavenly array-do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.” The thirteenth zodiac sign, caused havoc on Twitter and Facebook on Jan. 13., or the “serpent-bearer” as referred to in Greek, is a zodiac sign that has been overshadowed for over 2,000 years. The Babylonians, given credit for the birth of astrology, were in the midst of putting together a Zodiac calendar. However, with a need for a 12-month calendar, Ophiucus was discarded, leaving the 12 zodiac signs most are familiar with today. Kunkle pointed out the former known Zodiac signs, dates and calendar do not match the path of the sun in relation to the stars. “It is written in the stars. Star signs were created some 2,000 years ago

by tracking where the sun was in the sky each month. However, the moon’s gravitational pull has slowly moved the Earth in its axis, creating about a onemonth bump in the stars’ alignment,” Kunkle said. According to Kunkle’s theory, our signs have been off for 2,000 years, but it really depends on what type of astrology one follows. Western astrology follows the 12-month calendar, and Sidereal astrology acknowledges Ophiucus as the thirteenth sign. On Twitter and Facebook, users were in an uproar, questioning if they should get tattoos removed or if this whole issue was a hoax. Many speculated Ophiucus only affected those born after 2009 while others stated no one was affected because horoscopes are based off of Western astrology. Western astrology is the most common astrology used in western countries and uses the 12 zodiac signs that horoscopes are based upon. Ophiucus is considered a zodiac sign in Sidereal astrology. Some Westerns and all Jyotish astrologers use sidereal

cube. There are many kinds of desk toys, including but not limited to the Bucky Balls which are small magnetic ball bearings that can be arranged into many different designs such as the triangle sphere, the hexagon snowflake, the six-by-six cube, strings, etc. The article “Magnets—We Know How They Work” in Wired magazine December issue includes one of the editors who was a skillful arranger of these tiny magnets to the point of making a replica DNA strand. The Rubik’s Cube not only has the original six-by-six with blue, red, yellow, green, white and oranges sides but Sudoku Cube, Word Cube, Snake Cube, and the Tic Tac Toe Cube. Sudoku Cube numbers have to be arranged one through nine but they also have to be all the same direction not upside down or sideways. The Word Cube offers four-three letter words on each side going across and cross. The Snake Cube makes one continuous limbless serpent from start to finish, and the Tic-Tac-Toe Cube can be solved like a normal cube or played as the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. While enjoying the complexities of the Rubik’s cube a student might work up a sweet tooth. A brief blast to the past down the local candy aisle could help with a retro candy in the one hand and a Cube in the other. Why not temporarily escape the hectic pace of the present and the hours of countless studying. California Baptist University’s bookstore can aid on this adventure just check out the sweet appeals to nostalgic senses with any choice from Smarties, Bazooka gum, Abba-Zaba, Sugar babies, Fun Dip or a Good and Plenty.

astrology. Jyotish is the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology. At California Baptist University, many students were unaware of the changes made and did not show much concern as horoscope reading is avoided by many Christians. “Astrology is untrue anyway, so it does not even matter,” Kristina Hedberg, CBU sophomore and business major, said. Astrology was created to determine personalities and provide information about human and earthly affairs. People basically use the stories to define themselves based upon their date of birth. According to, astrology is the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs. As Christians, we should not believe in the horoscopes appearing in the newspaper or on the Internet. We should not wonder how the stars define us. God created the stars and knows each by name. He did not create these stars so that we may live by what they have been said to define us. He created them to show us how great He is.

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The True Technology of Becoming Geek Classy, sophisticated with an Urkel twist BY MARK GOMEZ SENIOR WRITER

The trend of looking and acting the geek has slowly become a part of our culture. College students most notably show a quick response to hopping on the bandwagon. There once was time when being known as a geek and wearing dark framed glasses, button-up shirts and attending a computer club meeting were looked upon as the odd activity to partake in. Now, being geek is the new cool because its role in society has taken a total turn. Many things could have sparked the rise in popularity. These instances could be due to the technological breakthroughs as well as the phases of recycled fashion statements. With media influence of shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” Geek culture shows no real signs of stepping down anytime soon. Wearing a plaid button up shirt along with a sweater vest made its way onto the fashion scene for men. Looking the part has become a huge part of geek culture. Non-prescription glasses are one of the most notably easy ways to look the part. Many college students who have 20/20 vision own a pair of nonprescription glasses since these are so easily accessible. With that said, the days of being called four-eyes are over. When it comes to owning a pair of non-prescription glasses, the style matters very much. The bigger the frames are, the more fashionable it is. When it comes to the frame color, a classic black frame does the job as well. Many students see this style as a fashion staple. “I think clothing should have a function,” freshman Matt Vecchio said. “But then again, people have the

Chris Richey embodies the fashionable “geek.”

right to choose their own clothes. I like the professional look. I think it is very classy.” People who grew up wearing prescription glasses may find the trend odd at times. These people who were once made fun of in grade school are now being praised for something they have done all along. Though the clothing is a huge part of geek culture, being enhanced in the technological side of culture is the icing on the cake. To be fully socially aware of what is going on, having a Facebook account is not enough. Keeping up with others socially depends on blogs as well. Having the latest technology at hand is also an indicator that you may be part of the in-crowd in geek culture. Carrying around an iPhone can show that you are on the cutting edge of cool. Owning a Macbook and/or an iPad does not hurt to have as well. Though being computer savvy used to be considered awkward, many may find that it is something to take pride in. According to dictionary. com, its first listed definition is being a computer expert or enthusiast as well as something that people self-reference in a prideful manner. With the technological push of the iPhone and many other technologies, there is no doubt that the image of geek culture has not only become increasingly popular, it affects everything from fashion to living a popular lifestyle. Only time will tell where it progresses next. “Because of the age of where we are at and learning everything, it is not a matter of fact that it is an option. You have get the technology today, and most people do. They either have a super cool phone or some sort of high tech computer,” freshman Mike Lennertz said.

Photo by Mike Sampson


January 28, 2011 · Volume 58 · Issue 8

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Local restaurants provide veggie options BY MEAGAN NUTT STAFF WRITER

They are hidden in napkins, held under tongues and maybe even fed to the dog. For many children, eating vegetables is simply not an option. When vegetables are found on their plates, it is seen as a challenge to dispose of as many as possible without actually consuming any. Convincing children to eat the recommended three to five daily servings of vegetables seems to be a never ending battle. This is part of the reason why it is almost impossible to find a scrumptious vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Believe it or not, some of these vegetable-abusing children have grown up and now choose to eat primarily vegetables instead of meat. There are plenty of options for vegetarians at the grocery store like tofu and other soy based products. Vegetarians like to go out to eat. However, it is much more difficult to find a restaurant that offers any variety of meatless meals without spending a fortune. Indeed, most restaurants offer a few select vegetarian options which are more often than not, bland pastas or salads. It seems that most restaurants correlate lack of meat with lack or flavor, interest and variety. There are a few restaurants here in Riverside that understand how to cook for vegetarians and offer an array of mouth-watering dishes that will not leave a hole in your wallet. The first restaurant is The Dragon House, off of Magnolia Avenue and

Tyler Street. When initially walking into the restaurant, you get the vibe of any typical Chinese restaurant. The place is full of fake flowers and plants, random Chinese trinkets and three or four golden Buddha statues. After being seated and looking at the menu, you see what sets The Dragon House apart from other restaurants. There are two pages entirely devoted to vegetarians. Anything that can be ordered on the regular menu can be made vegetarian-friendly. From chicken fried rice to broccoli and beef, everything can be made with a soy based product without losing all of the delicious flavors. Each meal comes with soup, egg rolls, a fried wonton, and a side of rice. Prices for the vegetarian meals range from six to nine dollars. For those who like to get their food fast, the service is fantastic. Food usually arrives about ten minutes after ordering. If looking for something with a more casual setting, another great option in Riverside can be found at Extreme Pita located in Canyon Crest Plaza. Extreme Pita is similar to Quiznos or Subway. The sandwich is made in front of the customer but instead of sandwich bread; they use pita pockets. What sets this place apart even more as a vegetarian-friendly place is the restaurant not only offers a pita pocket with just vegetables; they serve a falafel pita pocket. Falafel is an Arabic food that is similar to a meat ball but is made of chick peas and fava beans. The falafel pita pocket can be prepared with any sort of dressings and vegetables to suit any pallet so nobody is missing out on

Extreme Pita is one of the local restaurants that provides vegetarian options.

any of the flavors. You can get a picket pocket, chips, and a drink all for around 7 dollars. Former employee Ema Batongmalque said, “Extreme Pita is a delicious eater. They have great veggie options including falafel, pizzas made on pita bread, and chef inspired salads. Their homemade pita chips with a side of hummus or tzatziki sauce is a great snack during study time. The menu is priced appropriately, and they have a rewards point system that sends you great discounts via text message about once a week. Take it from a veteran employee, it’s definitely a place to try.” The last destination is a coffee shop in downtown Riverside off of University

Avenue and Orange Street called Back to the Grind. This coffee shop is definitely one of the most unique coffee shops in Riverside. From the unique furniture and the mini library to the array of local artist’s work being displayed, Back to the Grind is a coffee shop that welcomes all. Aside from basic coffee shop staples like mochas and smoothies, Back to the Grind offers not only vegetarian but vegan-friendly items. The shop offers simple items such as a vegan-friendly pizza or grilled cheese sandwich. “Back to the Grind not only has great coffee, but they also have sinfully delectable grilled cheese”, Jeff Paulson, a sophomore at California Baptist University, said. “I always get one if I can

get enough change.” They even have vegan cookies, brownies and cakes. All food and drinks that are served have a familiar homemade taste that keeps people coming back for more. Although they may not have as much variety because they are a coffee shop, the atmosphere and friendly faces are well worth the experience. There are no reasons that vegetarians should stay at home, or deprive themselves of flavor. All three of these places are great examples of vegetarian friendly restaurants right here in Riverside, whose appetizing menu will keep you coming back for more.

Charles Dickens comes to Riverside

guards that would march in and out of the convention center as well as the royal family telling the guests to make room for the queen. One of the most popular events that the festival featured was the ball dance, Mr. Fezziwigs Ball in the Ben H. Lewis Hall. This was an event where attendees could pay $25 to partake and dance in a 1800s styled ball as final event to close out the Saturday night evening of the event. The season of winter was a usual time for many to celebrate the works of the British Author according to Peter, one of the merchants. “Most Dickens festivals happen around Christmastime because of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and sometimes occur throughout February because it’s the month of his birthday.” Peter said. The festival continued throughout the entire weekend until its scheduled conclusion at 5 p.m. on Sunday evening.


Actors relive Dickens’ literature.

Photo by Aaron Kim

Photo by Meagan Nutt

The spirit of the literature of Charles Dickens was revived as the 18th Dickens festival took its place at the Riverside Convention Center. The annual weekend festival was held from Fri., Jan. 21 – Sun., Jan 23. It featured events and attractions that ranged from visual galleries, merchant tables, to live drama presentations. Many merchants sold items that were associated with the 19th century including tea blends from across the world, clothing, and even hats. Some of the events featured were interactive with the participants. There was a room that taught its guests to ball dance, interactive theatre, as well as a phrenology stand where guest could get a

measurement of the their head to figure out their mental personality. When it came to fine art performances, there was much music and theatre to choose from. The main stage set up set up in the Ben H. Lewis Hall at the convention center featured acts such as the riverside concert band playing Victorian Musical Pieces and drama pieces of Barnaby Rudge. In Riverside, the Dickens festival has been an annual festival for quite sometime. Along with the normal performers and merchants, many guests at the festival also arrived and wore clothing attire that was associated with the period. They also kept in character with the period as well. Many of characters in the play found a way to keep the audience on their toes, including the British

Tre Technology of Becoming Geek  

This is a culture article about the how dressing geek is becoming fashionable.

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