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Mark Caballero.

10 Riverside, Birkenhead Street, London, WC1H 8BH 07946561299 1st Year Student on FdA Design for Graphic Communication at London College of Communication.

Theatre promotion. Promoting a Shakespeare play for a local theatre. A3 Poster.

Theatre promotion. Bus stop and Taxi Design.

Theatre promotion. Billboard and Tube Escalator Design.

Theatre promotion. T-Shirt Design.

Myths and Legends. A3 narrative illustration of the Greek myth “Icarus� Icarus flying high.

Myths and Legends. Icarus gets too close to the sun.

Myths and Legends. Icarus’ wings falling into the sea.

Myths and Legends. Daedalus looking for Icarus.

Camden Campaign. A3 Poster promoting a Football Club to help children get fit and healthy.

Camden Campaign. A5 Flyers

Analysis of the written word. Editorial Illustration. All Ears. “swallowed beer in great mouthfuls”

Analysis of the written word. “Set it on fire for the insurance.�

Analysis of the written word. “show her a picture of a Ferrari on their iPhone”

Analysis of the written word. “looking beadily about for trouble, like human wasps.”

Mark Caballero Portfolio  
Mark Caballero Portfolio  

this is what ive been doing for the last few years.