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One of Texas Largest Parades

Tarrant County Vets Council to Host Veterans Day Parade pg 11

Hill Villa Retirement Center Veterans to pg 24 be Recognized on Veterans Day

photo by Bill Hollingsworth Veterans Memorial Airpark, in conjunction with OV-10 Bronco Association, acquires additional planes for display at Airpark. pg 28

photo by John Gilliland

photo by John Gilliland Turn to page 11 for information on this year’s Ft. Worth Veterans Day parade along with the parade route.

Congresswoman Kay Granger discusses events of the day at the Navy Ball with Commander U.S. Navy (ret) Rick Ricco. pg 8

★ MILITARY EVENTS TO REMEMBER ★ Submitted by John M. Elkins, BG TMF and CMSgt., USAF, (Retired) Nov. 1, 2006

NUMBER XXVIII, ISSUE 11 Editorial Board Bill Hollingsworth Editor/Publisher

Tommy Franks Nov. 3, 1969

Four Star General General, United States Army (Ret.)

Richard Carey Lt. General, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

Nov. 3, 2006

Kathy Frost Major General United States Army (Ret.) posthumous

Michael Bevill

Nov. 11, 2006

Master Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Charles R. Bond, Jr.

Nov. 11, 1956

Maj. General, United States Air Force (Ret.); Former Commander of the Flying Tigers

Andy Birdsong President Tarrant County Veterans Council

Nell Coleman Dept. of Defense Liason Senior Life/NAS News

William “Bill” Lawson Brigadier General USAF (Ret.)

Herbert Foster Commander American Legion Post 14

William H. Gossell Maj. General, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

Robert Smith Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Ret.)

Nathan Vail Brigadier General, United States Army (Ret.)

John Elkins Brigadier General Texas Guard (Ret.)

Phil T. Vaughn Captain Texas State Guard

Our Staff June Spadachene Managing Editor

Chuck Owen V.P. Marketing

Rosalyn Royal Special Features Editor

Phillip Strand Special Features Manager

Willard Thomas, Mjr. USM (retired) Senior Military Editor

Jack Caldwell Chief Photographer

John Gilliland Photographer

Phil Hampton Photographer Military Veterans

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Senior Life Magazine

Naval Air Station News and Senior Life Magazine are the Voice of Veterans, the only publications that cover in full color all aspects of the armed forces in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex; as well as activities and stories from the Senior Citizens of this area. We go from the NAS JRB FW, VFW, American Legion and Amvets to the veterans councils, and anywhere else we need to be to cover the issues that affect the active military, veterans and seniors lives. We give voice to news and pictures from local meetings to events that affect our readers on a national level. We invite the business and professional people of the Metroplex to share their message in the pages of the Naval Air Station News and Senior Life Magazine.

Nov. 12, 1942 Nov. 13, 2001 Nov. 24, 1944

We the people of these United States of America are in our eighth year of the war in Afghanistan fighting world terrorism. We are also almost seven years into operation Iraqi-Freedom. More than 5,000 killed In Action in Iraqi Freedom. More than 750 Killed in Action in Afghanistan. More than 5,500 have been Wounded In Action , many maimed for life. OUR PRAYERS AND OUR SUPPORT MUST CONTINUE FOR OUR ARMED FORCES! The Air Force issues requests a proposal for a new bomber to meet its advanced manned strategic aircraft requirement. Its designation will be B-1. ELECTION DAY. Please vote REAL CHANGE in the make up of both Houses of Congress. VETERANS DAY (ARMISTICE DAY). Let us remember all of our comrades who made the supreme sacrifice during past 233 years since 1776. First flight of the Convair XB-58A Hustler takes place at Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas. The delta-winged B-58 is the Air Force’s first supersonic bomber. Some 116 were built and used by Strategic Air Command for more than sixteen years. Naval Battle of Guadalcanal commenced. A decisive U.S. Naval victory. However, it resulted in 993 U.S. GI’s Killed In Action. Taliban forces, hammered hard by airpower, abandon the Afghan capital of Kabul. B-29 Super forts commenced regular bomb runs on Tokyo from their bases in the Mariana’s.

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Veterans Keep Us In Business by Willard Thomas On November 11, most people will be taking care of business, but not the business they should be taking care of. Most people will consider November 11, just another sale with another big rebate on cars, drastic markdowns, and other marketing tricks that actually increase the overall cost. It won’t even be a national holiday. A few, a very few, will participate in a parade or meeting, that even fewer will observe, but, all in all, it will include less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the population of this nation. Even fewer may hang a flag in front of their home or business or wear a flag lapel pin. A few schools will mention

it, and even fewer will have an assembly. These few of the few know that what veterans have done, are doing and will do, is critical to our past, present and future. However even these patriotic, almost sideline activities, are not the business that should be being taken care of. It’s sort of like going to a football game and thinking that the cheerleaders are what is important and yelling with them and not seeing what is going on on the field. The business that we should be taking care of on November 11th is actually taking care of veterans. That’s the name of the day or of the game. It may have started out as Armistice Day, but even then, the real purpose was to recognize veterans and their special needs. It is the day for taking care of those veterans who are still alive as opposed to Memorial Day, which is to remember those no longer with us.

Price of Ignoring is Destruction

1st Marine Division fighting Japanese

Senior Life Magazine

The price of ignoring what living veterans need, so that they can be prosperous and functioning members of a society, is the eventual destruction of that society. It is ironic that societies that grow great from the success and sacrifice of their men and women standing guard and defending it’s values, always fall because they do not

Preparing to move a wounded man on Iwo Jima take care of those men and women during and after their service. It usually takes a couple of centuries or so, but it will happen. We are in our second century. I have been studying military history for over 60 years now since my first exposure during World War II. I have studied the rise and fall of western societies from the Sumerians 7,500 years ago through the Hebrews, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Vikings, the Europeans and the Americans up to the present time. In all instances the rise and fall of that society

followed a similar trajectory.

Same Story Over and Over A group of people would need to cooperate to manage the irrigation network and/or the natural resources extraction and processing. This cooperation normally started as a democratic group who mutually solved problems. As they became successful, forces outside the system that wanted what they had built attacked them. There are always those who would rather take by force than build from scratch.

continues on page 17

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Nuggets of Faith By Tony “T-Bar” Barnes, SMSgt (ret) He was a curious kind of man. I met him in the early 1990s in a Military Airlift Command (MAC) terminal at Dover Air Force Base, DE. I was trying to catch a “military hop”(flying on a military flight for free on a space available basis) in an attempt to get back to Germany. He was probably in his early 70s and had retired from the Air Force about 25 years earlier. He described his ministry as a “military hop ministry”. Unfortunately, in the years since I have forgotten his name. For 10 months out of the year, this aging veteran traveled on military hops. God had led him to a ministry of reaching out to military members and their families. He had a backpack full of gospel tracts and small pocket sized Bibles. When waiting on military hops, you can easily spend long hours and several days in an attempt to get that hoped for flight. This evangelist to the military would pray and seek God’s leading on who to approach in the flight terminal. He would sit and talk with people and share the love of Jesus Christ. A church in the Midwest was his spon-

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Senior Life Magazine

soring church. His costs were relatively low as he would either stay in the terminal overnight with his fellow sojourners or he would check into the billeting rooms on base to have access to a shower and a soft mattress for the night. Our roving evangelist didn’t care if he ended up in Germany, Kuwait or Japan. As long as there was a military member to encourage and share Christ with, this servant of the Gospel was content to be walking by faith. He did relate that he would stay home for 2 months every year. But, near the end of the 2 months his wife began to get anxious for him to get on the road again. He said it took him about 60 days to get the “honey-do list” completed. This veteran of the Air Force was faithful to the calling Christ had placed upon his life. He was not ashamed of the gospel and believed intently that the people he encountered needed to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I pray that we all learn to share Christ as faithfully as this ambassador for God. As I mentioned, I have long since forgotten his name. But, I do look forward to spending more time

with him in heaven hearing of the faithfulness of God as he crisscrossed the globe. Consider this man’s example as you encounter your realm of influence. Tell someone about Jesus Christ and His love that took him to the cross. Tell them about how the love of Christ compelled a

man to live out his life in military airplanes and MAC terminals. Tony “T-Bar” Barnes is the founder and president of The Master’s Torch Ministries. He can be reached at tbarnugget@yahoo. com and is available for speaking engagements by appointment.

Social Security Advice By Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Admin. At Social Security, we honor our nation’s veterans not only on Veterans Day, but every day of the year. In fact, military service members receive expedited processing of their disability applications from Social Security. Under an agreement initiated by Social Security, the Department of Defense now transmits information to us that allows us to quickly identify military personnel injured in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The expedited process is available for any military service member who becomes disabled during active duty on or after October 1, 2001, regardless of where the disability occurs. Depending on the situation, some family members of military personnel also may be able to receive benefits, including dependent children and spouses. If you, or someone you know, were wounded while on active duty in the military, find out more about what Social Security can do by visiting our website designed specifically for wounded warriors: There, you will find answers to a number of commonly asked questions, as well as other useful information about disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Please pay special attention to the fact sheets available on that website, Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors and Expediting Disability Applications for Wounded Warriors.

You’ll also find links to useful Veteran Affairs websites, such as the “Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom Home” link and the “Veterans ONline APPlication” website. Although the expedited service is relatively new, military personnel have been covered under Social Security since 1957. Even people in the service before 1957 may receive special credit for some of their service. Military personnel are covered for the same Social Security retirement, disability and survivors benefits as everyone else. A person’s Social Security benefit depends on earnings, averaged over a lifetime. Generally, the higher your earnings, the higher your Social Security benefit. Under certain circumstances, special earnings can be credited to your military pay record for Social Security purposes. The extra earnings are for periods of active duty or active duty for training. These extra earnings may help you qualify for Social Security or increase the amount of your monthly benefit. To learn more about Social Security for people who have served in the military, read a copy of our publication, Military Service and Social Security. You can find it online at html, or call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1800-325-0778) to ask us to mail a free copy to you. On Veterans Day and every day, we at Social Security salute the service of those who have worn the uniforms of our military.

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Retirement Community

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A Simple Thank You Doesn’t Do Our Veterans Justice Kenneth Fisher reached out to veteran organizations and community members in a call to action, asking them to do more than just thank wounded warriors. The Association of the United States Army honored Fisher, chairman of the board of trustees and chief executive officer of the Fisher House Foundation, with its highest award, the 2009 George C. Marshall Medal. "It's a sense of great pride that I have been entrusted with overseeing an organization that has such an impact on young lives," said Fisher in his acceptance speech at the dinner which ended this year's AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. "And I honor and I respect that trust every day," Fisher added. Fisher accepted the award on behalf of the volunteers, the community and all of the doctors, nurses

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Senior Life Magazine

and healthcare professionals who do work caring for veterans and Soldiers. He also thanked the donors for being the lifeblood of the program and its mission. Fisher's late uncle Zachary Fisher started the Fisher House Program 19 years ago, after a need was brought to light for temporary housing of family members when servicemembers were hospitalized. The foundation has 43 houses now with at least one house near every military medical facility in the United States. It houses more than 10,000 families free of cost to the family. To date, the Fisher House Foundation has made available more than 3 million days to military families. Fisher said the foundation dedicates everything they do to the nation's military and their families. "Our service to them is a

credit on the ledger that we can never balance," the Fisher House CEO said, "We owe

them literally more than we can ever pay." In his speech, he said that veterans should know that their sacrifice is never ignored, and that their wounds -- whether mental or physical -- will be healed. "We are united in saying to the bravest among us thank you for your service," he said. "Thank you for our service is just not enough anymore. Fisher said that although the deployed setting is stressful for servicemembers, it is much worse when they return home, especially after sustaining a life-threatening injury. Soldiers suffering a critical injury have a 95 percent chance of survival, but that doesn't mean that their path to recovery will be easy, Fisher said. The road to recovery is long and arduous, and equally if not more so for families, he added. Through the Fisher House Foundation, families are given the opportunity to stay close to their wounded warrior, he said, and assist in their recovery without having to stress about extensive financial responsibilities, including housing. Fisher also called on organizations to get together for one agenda, and stop fighting each other for turf when it comes to veteran care. "Philanthropic organizations need to spend more on programs and not promotion," Fisher said. "In the DoD and VA, ways must be found to streamline a system that is suffocating under the weight of its own bureaucracy." An issue Fisher was extremely passionate about was healthcare for veterans. "The backburner is no longer acceptable," he said. In the future, the Fisher House Foundation will continue to assist military veterans and families rebuild their lives, he promised. The foundation plans on adding 12 houses in 2009. "In these very tough times, they don't quit on themselves," Fisher said about veterans, "and neither should we."

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2009 Navy Ball Celebrates Navy’s 234th Birthday by Rosalyn Royal, Special Features Editor, photos by John Gilliland At the 234th United States Navy Birthday Ball Celebration which took place Oct 17th, the brass turned out in full force, the attire was stunning, the "entertainment" was enthralling and moving, the venue was perfect, the food was no less than delicious, and a fantastic time was had by all.

reenactment, and films of the Navy from before the Declaration of Independence was signed until now. The Naval heritage of 234 years was proudly celebrated. The costumes were wonderful and the "actors" our nation's finest. There was romance in the air - even a marriage proposal! A retired Navy officer

NAS JRB Commanding Officer Captain Smyers enter Navy Ball on a horse.

Patriotism was alive and well in all its glory and awe at the Military Ball - with an inspirational Navy Living Memorial

got down on one knee in the middle of the room after dinner and proposed to his girlfriend of 5 months!

Military Memorabilia Inc. Featuring one of the largest selections of military memorabilia, and accessories in the Southwest.

The River Ranch (in the Stockyards) was the ideal setting for the 600+ guests and dignitaries. Purple Hearts on proud uniforms were displayed. Giveaways, door prizes, and scholarships were all part of the evening, and a lucky person at each table took home an original matted piece of art by Texas artist Janet Krueger. Many hours were donated by tireless volunteers and generous sponsors to make this night a resounding success. The night's agenda included: cocktails, cigar rolling expo, arrival of the official party, presentation of the colors/Fort Worth Sea Cadets, singing of the national anthem, invocation by Chaplain Jeff Tisdale, Commanding Officer NAS Fort Worth-JRB Captain T. D. Smyers' opening remarks, Commander Rich Augenstein and Mr. Allan Paddack carrying out the duties of masters of ceremony, and Congresswoman Kay Granger's remarks proudly proclaiming that Fort Worth is getting a ship named for her in 2012, the USS Fort Worth. Also included were the Arlington Heights High School and Joshua High Schools NJROTC drill teams, the Honor Table ceremony, the bell ceremony, the playing of

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Call Brian 817-657-5462

"Taps," the fitting "toasts," the abovementioned Tribute to Navy Heritage program, the birthday cake ceremony, and the service anthem medley. Among others in attendance were First Command (corporate sponsor), Fort Worth Air Power Council, and Lockheed-Martin representatives. And finally, a live band and dancing ended a lovely evening.

Congress woman Kay Granger describes a new navy ship, the USS Fort Worth The United States Navy traces its origins to October 1775 when two armed vessels were dispatched in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America. Altogether, 50 ships with approximately 20 warships, were at maximum strength during the war. The United States Constitution, ratified in1789, authorized Congress "to provide and maintain a Navy." Acting on this authority, Congress ordered the construction and manning of six frigates in 1794. The Department of Navy was established April 1798. The Chief of Naval Operations has directed that the Navy Birthday is one of two inclusive Navy dates to be celebrated annually. Contact information is NAS Fort WorthJRB/U.S. Navy League Fort Worth, phone: 817-782-6229, e-mail:

continues on pg 9

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photos by John Gilliland

2009 Navy Ball, continued from page 8

“I salute those who have served and those serving now. And I pledge to continue working with all of you to protect our country and respect our veterans”

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Tarrant County Veterans Council Hosts Veterans Day Parade by Andy Birdsong, President Fort Worth Veterans Council, photos by John Gilliland Fort Worth will host one of the largest Veterans Day Parade in Texas, starting at 10:00AM in downtown Fort Worth on Nov. 11th, 2009. Thousands are expected

to view this salute to America’s heroes the veterans of our Armed Forces. This spectacular event will be announced by Nationally renowned, Channel 8 sports anchor , Dale Hansen. More than fifty veterans groups, Lt. Col. Luther Berry’s, three thousand Jr. ROTC marching cadets, at least five high school marching bands along with military bands will march. The 301st fighter wing will perform a fly over. All of the wartime eras will be specifically represented (from WWII to Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan). The parade grand marshals are: U.S. Navy Capt. Paul Paine, (ret); USAF Col. Charles Kucera, and U.S. Navy Capt. T.D. Smyers.

Parade Route

Parade Route

Senior Life Magazine

Starting at 10:00 A.M., the parade will begin at LaGrave Field, go south to the Courthouse, continue to Houston St, south to 5th st.; turn east on 5th , then north past the reviewing stands back to LaGrave Field. (See map) Veterans council president, Andy Birdsong, as chairman of the 2009 Parade, extends thanks to the many volunteers

who have contributed to the success of this event: Cindy Norcross the parade board secretary is the primary planner; Hubert Foster co-ordinates the aircraft flyovers; Andrew Fontenot, former mayor of Westworth Village; Martin Agee, Antonio Gil Morales-past national commander American G.I Forum; Ken Cox, Mike Pixler, Maj Phil Vaughn, LTC Larry Simpson, and Sgt. Jesus Villegas for their roles in coordinating with the parade board for the deployment of approx. three thousand

JR.ROTC marching cadets. Roland Paquette , John Hill (with the DAV Bluebonnet Chapter) for coordinating the line up of participants. Commander, Capt. T.D. Smyers and his team of military personnel that coordinate military participation along with Col. Kevin Iiams, LTC Chris Scharf of Marine Air Group 41 and the Air Force 301st Wing. Flyovers by privately owned military aircraft: USAF B25 and C47.

continues on page 13

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Photo Memories From 2008 Veterans Day Parade See pg 11 for 2009 parade information

photos by John Gilliland

Senior Life Magazine

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Healthy Aging/ Mental Wellness by June Spadachene Possibly it has come to your attention that a large percentage of people seem irritable, jumpy, stressed out, worn out and prone to mood swings that make Saddam Hussein look like Mr. Rogers. Frankly ,on many days their volatile behavior annoys the pants off you. Are you feeling tired, stressed, maybe evan a bit irritable and cranky yourself, Bunky? Did you gulp down several cups of coffee and eat a sugary snack for breakfast? Maybe you had lunch or maybe not? What you ate or didn’t eat this morning will profoundly effect how you feel this afternoon.

Eat Right to Feel Well We’re talking major impact on brain chemistry–eat the right foods at the right time, and your brain chemistry balances and you feel great, eat the wrong foods and you upset this chemistry, causing depression, fatigue, insomnia and (you get the idea). A tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread won’t finish a project for you but it

Senior Life Magazine

Why Does Everybody Annoy Me

might help produce the calm and focus that allows you to do so. There’s no doubt a healthy diet can have a tremendous impact on how you feel. Best of all, using food to improve your mood is simple. No weird foods, no zones, no strange dietary directions–just food you already have in your kitchen, and the simple know-how required to correctly apply them. Let’s apply Mom-speak, didn’t she always say, "eat a breakfast that sticks to you"? We’re talking a wholewheat waffle toped with blueberries; or any fresh fruit with whole wheat toast; Cheerios with skim milk topped with sliced bananas. Ease up on too many cups of coffee, you get short term alertness, but often some variation of headaches, muscle tremors, irritability, and the certainty that in short order, you will vault right out of your skin. For a start to reducing stress, start eating the right foods. The temporary high you get from sugar, chocolate, soft drinks and caffeine often end with a crash in mood and energy. You have heard this information many times,

when do you plan to pay attention to it? (O.K. I still haven’t given up chocolate, but I have cut down to just a "slightly too much" amount).

Manage Stress Dr. Oz tells us that stress management isn’t about eliminating it, some stress can be good for you."It’s all about regulation, turning the dials of your emotions so you can best handle what life tosses at you". It doesn’t have to send you right to the ice cream tub. Focus on the moment, pay attention to the present and try to get out of the gears of the past and the future. Do a body scan: Lie down, close your eyes and notice your posture. Think about the natural flow of y our breath, focusing on air filling and leaving the lungs. Notice your toes, move up to thinking about your feet, heels and ankles all the way through the knees, thighs and pelvis. Continue each body part going through both the front and back of your body as you work your up–finishing with the throat, jaw, tongue, face and brow. Focus on your muscles by tensing and

relaxing as you work your way up you body. Instead of shutting yourself in, go out. Rather than letting your emotions determine what you do take control and choose how you feel. There is much more to read and study about stress, but I’m so relaxed now I have to go lay down and take a nap. Maybe more about stress at a later date.

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Honor, Don’t Ignore, Our Veterans this Veterans Day, continued from pg 3 To survive the successful society developed a part-time, cooperative militia system that defended them. This defense allowed them to be more successful, but the more successful they were, the more they attracted attack, and soon men started leaving their farms to serve full time, and military leaders developed who after a few centuries became kings. Because there was a full time military force, those who did not have to serve full time could spend more time taking care of their farms or mines, and soon were too busy and wealthy to serve at all. Then when the wounded or old soldiers came back they found that the land had been purchased or seized by those who stayed behind and got rich. Now, there is nothing wrong with staying behind and getting rich if you recognize and understand that the reason you could was because some others didn’t. If you think that you got rich because of your hard work or good looks or some other reason, you or your children or grandchildren are about to get poor.

by Willard Thomas

What happens next is the rise of the military leaders. They see the wrong being done their solders and sailors and want to do something to repay them for their service. If the rich resist, the democracy falls and then after a few years of tyranny the society falls because men and women don’t fight well or long for tyrants. The most famous examples are Julius Caesar and Rome, or Napoleon Bonaparte and France, or Adolph Hitler and Germany, but I can name hundreds of others.

It’s Already Starting Here The United States has prolonged the process because it relied on its militia until the 20th century. It could shortchange those who served in the Revolution and all the wars up through Vietnam because most served only a few years and went back to the farm or factory. With the end of the draft and the almost continuous deployment of the militia (Reserves and National Guard) the age-old process is beginning to play out in this country. If you don’t know that a number of leg-

islative actions to change the benefits for veterans, to make them as good as those for bureaucrats, were killed this year because a number of our legislators tacked on a few hundred million in pork barrel spending and the only way to get the war funded was to stiff the veterans, you are not alone. In other words greed won and the veterans lost, and if you are not aware of it, you lost too. Few focus on the essential business of long-term national security. So, instead of going to the parades and flag ceremonies on Veterans Day, get a tablet or get on the computer and write a brief note to Barak Obama, John McCain, Kay Granger, Kay Hutchinson, and John Cornyn or any of the legislators who have editorials in this paper and tell them that you consider pork to be much less important than the veterans bills that they killed or allowed to be killed. If you can’t see why you should be doing this for veterans, think about your children and theirs. The letter should be dated and say something like: “Dear (Name); Thank You for your support of our nation and our veterans in the past, but in the last few sessions of Congress, our Veterans and Military were sidelined again by pork and politics. Please stand up

for America and us. Thank You.” Then sign your name and address, and get a few others to do the same. Start your own parade downtown or at the local shopping center, and get a petition signed. This will be the most patriotic act you can perform.

The Message is the Message Then mail it, fax it or email it to the local office of the elected official and wait. The address is in the phone book or on line. See if you get a response. Most likely you will, but it will tell you how great they are and what they have done in the past, with little commitment for the future. However, they will get the message if we get them enough messages. If you want, send a copy of your note to this paper and we will publish the names (but not the addresses) of those who did something to help secure their nation’s future – the true patriots. The real business of a democracy is taking care of those who kept it going and will be needed to keep it going. Those who fight for veterans are as critical as those who fight to protect the society. Be one of them.

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Upcoming Events/Meetings To Have Your Event Included Call (817) 516-0662 or Email AARP CHAPTER 4116 Arborlawn United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. 5001 Briarhaven Rd., Ft. Worth, TX 76109 817-294-2111 Call for next meeting and aditional information 2ND INF. (INDIANHEAD) DIVISION ASSOC. & AUXILIARY meets the 2nd Sunday of the month at 2pm. For further information call (972) 276-0221. 301ST FIGHTER WING Regular meetings the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Ryan's Steak house on Cherry Lane in White Settlement. For more information please contact Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.) Jack Thetford or wife Barbara at (817) 444-6685 or email 3RD MARINE DIVISION ASSOC., Lonestar Chapter, 2nd Sat., 1pm social, 2pm meeting at the DAV Building, 8630 Thurgood Ln, Dallas, Tx. Call (972) 2257012 for info. USAF SECURITY POLICE ASSN., Billie Renfro Chapter, 2nd Sat., 1030 Hrs, Sports Bar, Base Bowling Alley, NASJRB. For more information, call Rick Maitland 817-379-6133. AIR FORCE SERGEANTS ASSOC., Chapter 1073, Dallas. Meets last Sunday of each month at 1400 Hrs., at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, 6911 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, Tx. 75209 Contact: Kennard Bowen, 214-371-9614. AIR FORCE SERGEANTS,Chapter 1055, 3rd Thursday, 1900 Hrs., Bldg. 1654, NAS Fort Worth JRB, Carswell Field. For more information call Travis Claridge. (817) 737-9100.

AMERICAN EX-PRISONER OF WAR, Dallas Metroplex Chapter, 3rd Tuesday, 6:30. VFW Post 8796. AMERICAN LEGION DISTRICT 12, 1st Thursday, 7pm, 1245 North Industrial, Fort Worth. AMERICAN LEGION POST 111, meets 1st Wednesday of the mo., 952 N. Hwy 67, Cedar Hill, TX @ 7pm. For additional information call 972-291-8111 AMERICAN LEGION POST 135, Bob/Doc Kutzner, Vice Commander (817) 4224008 AMERICAN LEGION POST 321, Post/unit/Squadron meets 3rd Thursday each month,7pm-Post; Auxiliary meets 4th Thursday each month; 1236 J Ave., Plano, 75074. AMERICAN LEGION POST 368 940 E. Beltline Rd. in Richardson. AMERICAN LEGION POST 569 400 W. Felix Street in Fort Worth. AMERICAN LEGION LADIES AUX. JACKSON-HUGHES UNIT #368, Richardson, meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. Also, a home cooked meal is offered the 2nd Friday of each month at affordable prices. 940 E. Beltline, Road, Suite 136, Richardson, Texas (972) 479-1505. AMERICAN LEGION POST 297 8201 Old Benbrook Road, Benbrook 76126. Active Military members dues paid by Post if stationed at NASJRB. Post & Auxiliary meetings 2nd Tuesday 7:00 PM, Sons meeting 1st Monday 7:00 PM. Steak night is the last Saturday of the month from 6 - 8 PM. Call (817) 2492791 for information.

AMERICAN LEGION POST 379meets 3rd Thursday at 1245 North Industrial Blvd, Bedford. Exec. Board meets 3rd Thursday. Call (817) 571-9319 for information AMERICAN LEGION POST 491 meets at 7pm, 1st Tuesday at 2409 Davis Road, Granbury. Call (817) 326-5145 for information AMERICAN LEGION POST 516 6801 Manhattan Blvd. Fort Worth 76120 (on East 820 service road, Mapsco 66P).Restaurant open for breakfast and lunch Tues. – Sat. Post open 7 days.Call or visit us at (817) 451-7222 or for Legion, SAL, Auxiliary and Legion Riders information. AMERICAN LEGION POST 597 meets at 7pm, 2nd Monday at 1010 Elm St in Carrollton. Call (972) 242-5650 for information. AMERICAN LEGION POST 838 & AUXILARY meets at 11am, 1st & 3rd Sat., 1250 Mansfield, Ft. Worth. Call 817-3380034 for information. BATTLE OF THE BULGE CHAPTER #50 meets 3rd Sunday, at 2pm at 8630 Thurgood Lane, Dallas, 75238 Mapsco 27 for information call (972) 285-0488 or (214) 343-8643. BLUEBONNET DET MARINE CORPS LEAGUE meets 2nd Thursday, 1930 hours at VFW Post 8235, 5333 White Settlement Road at Roberts Cutoff, Fort Worth. For more information contact Jason McManus (817)-649-8006 ext 202. CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP, 2nd Tuesday, 7:30-9:30pm at the Lewisville

We Participate in the State of Texas Amplified Telephone Program We provide FREE amplified listening devices, including many different telephone styles to the hard of hearing members of our community.*

Medicaid We welcome new Medicaid patients. Two Area Locations

Marlene - 817-605-1053 2905 Brown Trail, Ste Q, Bedford Frankie - 817-870-2500 5800 Camp Bowie, Ste 126, Ft. Worth *Note - Good only at participating Sonus locations. See store for details. " Hearing aids cannot restore natural hearing. Success with hearing aids depends on a number of factors, including hearing loss severity and ability to adapt to amplification."

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Senior Activities Center, 1950 S. Valley Parkway, Lewisville. Free program. For more information, contact Sylvia Mychnya at (972) 436-8076. CARSWELL RETIRED OFFICER WIVES CLUB meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1100. Call for location. Usually, Green Oaks Inn, Desert Storm Club or the base bowling alley. Wives invited. For information or reservations for a luncheon or membership call Lois DiBartiomeo (817)-346-8931 or Aimee Krause (817)-236-8669. DALLAS COUNCIL of the NAVY LEAGUE, 4th Friday, 11:30am, Park City Club, 5956 Sherry Lane, Dallas. DALLAS COUNTY VETERANS SERVICE BOARD, 1st Monday, 7:30, 2377 North Stemmons. DEDALLIANS, 3rd Thursday at 6:30, Holiday Inn, 360 & Brown Blvd., Arlington. DAV BLUEBONNET CHAPTER 20 & AUXILIARY meet 4th Monday at 6:30pm, 431 Fulton, Fort Worth, Texas 76104. For information call 336-1881. DAV BUDDIES CHAPTER #11 HAS MERGED WITH DAV CHAPTER 42 GRAND PRAIRIE, For more information about DAV Grand Prairie call 972-262-8600 DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS ARLINGTON CHAPTER 157 meets third Sunday of every month at 3pm in the Senior Citizens Center at 1815 New York Ave. Arlington, for information call (817)561-6462 DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS BIG “D” CHAPTER #57 meets 1st Saturday, 1pm at 8630 Thurgood Lane, Dallas 75238. For information call (214) 3438643. DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS & AUXILIARY GRAND PRAIRIE #42 Meets 4th Tuesday of the month, 4:30pm at Senior Citizens Center, 925 Conover, Grand Prairie. For more information please call 972-262-8600. DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS GARLAND CHAPTER # 137 meets the 1st monday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Garland Activities Center, 600 W. Avenue A, Garland, Texas. For more information call Gene Allen at (972) 635-9293. DOWNTOWN SINGLES Sunday School meets 10:45am each Sunday at First United Methodist Church, 800 W. Fifth St., Fort Worth. Non-denominational fellowship offers various activities and a monthly calendar of events. For information call (817) 588-1841 or visit EX-POWS DALLAS, 3rd Tuesday at 6:30pm VFW Post 6796, on north side of Garland Rd, 1/3 mile west of Buckner Blvd. (Loop 12). FIRST MARINE DIVISION ASSOC., DALLAS CHAPTER, 3rd Sat. each month, VFW Post 8627, 1010 Hampshire Lane, Richardson. FLEET RESERVE ASSOCIATION (FRA), First Wednesday of each month at 1900, VFW Post 8561, 3221 Howell Street, Arlington, TX. Two blocks south of East Abram Street between Highway 360 and Great Southwest. (MAPSCO 84L). For more information, contact Howard Poole, 972-285-1865, Fax 972-289-9809 or email: FLEET RESERVE ASSOCIATION (FRA) BRANCH AND (LAFRA) UNIT 96 meet on the Fourth Sunday of every month at “old Dallas Naval Air Station. In bldg. 8003, 43rd Engineering Group ‘A” Company 980th. For more information

contact Walt & Juanita Wagener, 972264-4946. FLEET RESERVE ASSOCIATION (FRA) LONE STAR BRANCH 11 AND LADIES AUXILARY, Fort Worth, meet on the third Saturday of every month at 1000, VFW POST 8235, 5333 White Settlement RD., Fort Worth, TX 76114 817-731-8231. For more informatioin contact Arthur McAvoy, 817-782-5701 email, FW CHAPTER OF THE NAVY LEAGUE For more information contact Kirk Kirkpatrick 972-603-23990 or email: FORT WORTH QUILT GUILD meets the third Tuesday of each month at the White Settlement Senior Center from 79pm, 8211 White Settlement Rd., White Settlement, TX 76108. GREAT SOUTHWEST VIETNAM VETERANS, 3rd Thursday at 7pm VFW Post 8561, 3221 Howell St., Arlington. For information call Mike Comer, (817) 277-9093. GREATER DALLAS VETERANS COUNCIL, meets 4th Monday 7:30pm even months at Dallas Veterans Hospital Community Building, odd months at Dallas County Veterans Service Bldg, 6th Floor Auditorium, 2377 North Stemmons Freeway Dallas. KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOC., GENERAL WALTON H. WALKER CHAPTER 215 meets at 1pm every third Saturday of the month at the Martin Sprocket and Gear Building, 3100 Sprocket Drive in Arlington. DMZ Veterans are encouraged to join. Anyone Interested may attend. For information call Jack Cooper at (972) 641-2642 or Dick Predmore at (817) 3990103 or e-mail KOREAN WAR VETERAN ASSOC. SAM JOHNSON CHAPTER 270 invites all veterans that served in the Korean War and DMZ Veterans after the war to join us each month, the second Saturday of the month at the Richardson Senior Citizens Center, 820 Arapaho Rd, Richardson. For information call Tilford Jones (972) 233-7263, email or J.D. Randolph (972) 359-2936, e-mail LONE STAR CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION See website for upcoming events and additional contact info. LONE STAR WAVES #43, 3rd Wednesday every month, 11am, American Legion Post #453, 2755 Bachman Drive, Dallas. Call (214) 368-0542 for info. All retired military women welcome MARINE CORPS LEAGUE BIG D DETACHMENT, meeting 4th Tues-day,6pm social, 7pm meeting at the Elks Lodge, 4201 Gus Thomasson Rd, Mesquite, TX 75150. For information contact Ken Watterson,972-524-7026. MARINE CORPS LEAGUE BLUEBONNET DETACHMENT, meeting 2nd Thursday, 1930 hrs, VFW Post 8235, 5333 White Settlement Road,Fort Worth, TX, 76114 For more information call 817 649 8006 ext 202 MARINE WOMEN, National Order of Purple Heart, 3rd Monday at 6:30pm VA Post 6796. MARTIN HOCHSTER MEMORIAL POST 755 For more information visit the website: MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOC. OF AMERICA GREATER DALLAS CHAPTER Meets 4th Tuesday of even numbered months at Park City Club, Dallas. Contact LCDR Glenn Wamble for meeting and membership info. 972-437-2345

MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOC. OF AMERICA, LONE STAR OFFICERS CLUB CHAPTER, Monthly Dinner Meeting, 3rd Wednesday. Social Hour at 6, dinner at 7, Ridglea Country Club, 3700 Bernie Anderson Avenue, Ft. Worth, TX. Info & reservations 817-560-0632 MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOC. OF AMERICA NORTH DALLAS CHAPTER Dinner meeting at the DFW Airport Marriott Hotel, 8440 Freeport Parkway in Irving. Cost is $28.00 per person. Cash bar. Social hr 6:30, dinner at 7:00. For info & reservations call Steve Purdy 817-545-7888, or MILITARY ORDER OF THE PURPLE HEART, Chapter 1849 meets the third Saturday of each month at 11:00, Luby’s Cafeteria, 251 University Dr, in Ft. Worth. All Purple Heart recipients, spouses, and family are invited to attend. For information call the MOPH at (817) 831-2005 or Commander Waymon P. Faulkner at (817) 834-4181. MILITARY ORDER OF WORLD WARS, DALLAS CHAPTER Meets the first Tuesday each month at Park City Club, 5956 Sherry Lane, 17th Floor, Dallas, TX, 75209. Meetings begins at 11:30am. MILITARY ORDER OF THE WORLD WARS, Pinson Memorial Chapter, 2nd Tuesday, 11:00, New Panda Cafe, 2535 W. Airport Frwy, Irving. For information contact Capt. Reggie Robinson, 972717-9299. MILITARY ORDER OF THE WORLD WARS, Fort Worth Chapter, meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at the Woodhaveb Country Club. For reservations or information contact Adjutant Cinda Thomas 817-705-5895 or enmail at NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED AND CURREBT FEDERAL EMPLOYEES Chapter 30 of Fort Worth, Texas meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10AM in the Fellowship Hall at Broadway Baptist Church, 305 W. Broadway. Membership is available to all current or retired Federal Employees. For more information contact Peter Wersal, President. 817-457-0995 NATIONAL ACTIVE AND RETIRED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ASSOC. (NARFE) CHAPTER 2329 of Burkburnett, Texas meets the 2nd Monday of each month at the Secord home, 1432 Cherokee Circle, Burkburnett, Texas at 12:00 noon. Pot luck lunch. Membership is available for any current or retired federal employee. All visitors are welcome. For more information call Foster T. Secord, President at (940) 569-2585. NATIONAL ASSOC. OF RETIRED AND CURRENT FEDERAL EMPLOYEES Chapter 1454 Garland, Texas meets the 2nd Wednesday each month at 1000 hours at Furr’s Cafeteria, 1404 Northwest Highway & Saturn Road, Garland, Texas 75041. Membership available for any current or retired Federal Employees. All visitors welcome! For more information contact Bruce A. May, President, at (972) 4957835 or visit or the local website NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIFORMED SERVICES (NAUS), Fort Worth Metroplex Chapter meets 1st Saturday of every month at 11:00AM in the Bowling Alley NAS-JRB Fort Worth. All services welcome. Stay on top of issues effecting our benefits. Contact: Pres. John Urbank (817)731-3170 or Sec Ms. Hildegard Sharp (972) 206-1188.

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Events/Meetings Continued For Additions or Changes Call (817) 516-0662 or Email NAVY LEAGUE, DALLAS COUNCIL meets at 11:30 a.m. on the last Friday of the month at the Park Cities Club. For information and reservations contact Nick Ricco at 214-293-3606 or email NORTH DFW MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, is associated with the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and meets bimonthly in the south Denton county/NE Tarrant county area. The MOAA is an organization of active duty, retired and former officers of the seven U.S. uniformed services. Membership is open to active duty, retired, National Guard, Reserve, former commissioned officers, and warrant officers. For more information and reservations, contact Rose Marie Vickery at 972355-8359 or email NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER MILITARY ORDER OF THE WORLD WARS (MOWW) Lunch meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month. Swan Court Restaurant, 2435 Central Expwy, Richardson, TX. For information call Dick Belmore 972-208-4744 or Juan Lopez 972-690-3485 NORTH TEXAS OLD GUARD BUNCH FORT WORTH For informatin, call John at (817) 446-5877 or Joe at (817) 460505, email OFFICERS WIVES CLUB, Desert Storm Club at NAS JRB Fort Worth. For more information, please contact Pam 292-6842. ORDER OF DAEDALIANS 23rd Flight of military pilots meets at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of every month at Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington, I-30 and Cooper Street. A military aviation speaker/program is held during every meeting. Reservations for the dinner meeting

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can be made by calling (817) 421-4617 or (817) 868-1872. PARALYZED VETS OF AMERICA, Board Meeting 3rd Wed., 11am 3925 Forrest Ln., Garland, (972) 276-5252. PROFESSIONAL ARMED FORCES RODEO ASSN. (PAFRA) Every Friday and Saturday night. For more info see website or contact Ray 817-233-3373 RETIRED MILITARY WIVES CLUB meets on the second Thursday (11:30 am), at the Fort Worth Elks Club, located at 3233 White Settlement Road. For more information, please call Dorothy (817) 737-7408, or Judy (817) 266-0167. We cordially invite all wives/widows of career military men with a valid I.D. card to attend. SOCIETY OF MILITARY WIDOWS, BLUEBONNET CHAPTER 32, Meetings are held the 4th Wed. of each month. SMW is affiliated with the National Assoc. for Uniformed Services. NAUS is working to protect our benefits such as healthcare, commissary privileges, etc. Widows of Career Military men with valid I.D. card are welcome. For reservations or information call Jo at 817 283-0416. SUB VETS INC. If you qualified to wear the Submarine Dolphins, you are Qualified for membership in the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (SubVets). For information on the local chapter, the Forth Worth Cowtown Base, call Rich Nelson (817-715-9287) or Jim Fox (817-709-7379). For the Dallas Base, call Wayne Standerfer (972-2988139). TARRANT COUNTY DETACHMENT MARINE CORPS LEAGUE meets every 4th Tuesday, 7:30p.m. at 6801 Manhattan Blvd., Fort Worth. Commandant Walter Barber; Al McCluney, Judge Advocate

TARRANT COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL meets 1st Wednesday at Coors Brewery, I-35 North. (T.R.E.A) THE RETIRED ENLISTED ASSOC. Chapter 87 and Auxiliary, 2nd Saturday, 1000 Hrs., VFW Post 8235, 5333 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth. For more information call Jack Dempsey, (817) 275-7047. T.R.E.A THE RETIRED ENLISTED ASSOCIATION, BIG D/CHAPTER 97 located in Dallas, Texas. Meets 6:30 pm, 2nd Thursday each month, at CharcoBroiler Steak House, 413 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas. Contact: Don Witherspoon, 972-617-8951 or Email: TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF VIETNAM VETERANS (T.A.V.V.) Dallas Chapter. Monthly meeting 3rd Saturday, 6:309:30pm at VA Medical Center (Dallas), 4500 S. Lancaster Rd., 8th floor Conference Room, Bldg. 2. Contact line, (972) 285-9257. TIN CAN SAILORS OF TEXAS Meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Coors Hospitality Room, 2550 McMillan Parkway, Fort Worth, Texas at 1900 hours. For more information call 817237-9401. TRI-COUNTY VETERANS HONOR GUARD, Royse, Texas. Meets the 3rd. Tuesday of every month at 6:00 P.M., Royse City Senior Nutrition Center at 234 E. Main St. Royse City, Texas. For more information contact Gene Allen at (972) 6359293. TRINITY VALLEY QUILTERS' GUILD meets the third Friday of each month beginning at 10am (9:30am for social time) at Central Christian Church, 3205 Hamilton (at Bailey), in Fort Worth. Visitors and new members welcome. Website is

U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILLIARY, Flottilla 51 meets 3rd Saturday, 0900 hours, at High Point Children’s Academy, 711 West Arbrook Blvd, Arlington. Seeking new members. Retired Military welcome. For more information call Fred Hoffman, Flottilla Commander, at (972) 237-9978. U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOC., Fort Worth Chapter meets 3rd Tuesday for Lunch at Old Country Buffet at Ridgmar Meadow, 1130-1245, (817) 7316350. VETERAN VOTING LINE For more information, contact Andy Fontenot at 817978-2177 or (817) 737-4402. VVL usually meets 2nd Thursday each month. VFW BENBROOK MEMORIAL POST 10429, meets 2nd Thursday at 7pm, 1000 Stevens Road, Benbrook, TX 76126, Steak Dinner first Saturday 6-8pm. (817)249-6470. VFW POST 2494, 3375No. Beltline Road Irving, TX Contact: Marge Hoeing, Pres.972-790-8440----VFW Commander, Lester Gamble :POST Meets the first Thursday of every month Auxiliary meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wed. Call for Times and further info. 972-7901611 VFW POST 2544 & AUXILIARY meets 1st Thursday of the month at 1900 hrs, 2313 Handley Drive, Fort Worth, 76112. Members night 3rd Thursday at 1900 hrs. For more information contact Bill Higgins, Commander VFW Post 2544, 817-446-4160. E-mail VFW Post 2494 meets the first Thursday of every month. The Ladies Auxiliary to VFW 2494 meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. 3375 North Beltline Road in Irving - just south of

Shady Grove. Post telephone number is 972-790-1611. VFW POST 4477 & AUXILIARY, 1st & 3rd Thurs. at 300 S. Smith St., Dallas at 8pm. Call (214) 339-5800 for more information. VFW POST 576, 2nd & 4th Tues., Ladies Auxiliary 1st Tues. at 1906 E. Miller Rd., Garland. VFW POST 5074 meets 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7pm, lunch every Wednesday 11 am-1pm. 705 N. Oak - PO Box 1250, Roanoke, TX 76262. 817-491-9081, VFW POST 6111 meets 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm on. 1200 Harris Road, Arlington, 76010. For more information contact (817) 465-1124. VFW POST 8923 meets 1st Tues. at, American Legion Post 597, 1010 Elm St., in Carrollton at 7:00 PM. Call (972) 2425650 for more information. VFW POST 6796 meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 7pm at 9179 Garland Rd., Dallas. Fridays dinner and dance 5:45-midnight. For Information call Cecil Griffen at (972) 285-0488. VFW POST 6796 LADIES AUXILIARY meets 1st Thursday. For information call Cecil Griffen at (972) 285-0488. VFW POST 6796 MENS AUXILIARY meets 3rd Thursday @ 7pm VFW POST 8235 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS meets 2nd Tuesday. 5333 White Settlement Rd., Ft. Worth. Very active post. For infor. call (817) 731-8231. VFW POST 9299 meets 2nd and 4th Saturday, infomation, contact 817-7838787. VFW Post 9299 Ladies Auxiliary meets 2nd Saturday, 10:30AM at 6372 East Hwy 67, Alvarado. VFW Post 9299 Men's Auxiliary meets 2nd & Saturday, 3PM at our Post Home in Alvarado.

VIETNAM VETERAN OF AMERICA NEW CHAPTER Meets 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 at Inglewood Methodist Church, 1737 S.W. 3rd St., Grand Prairie, TX. For information contact Bill DeLeon 972-2379042 or 214-202-8301 VIETNAM VETERAN OF AMERICA CHAPTER 330 Meets 2nd Thursday, 7:30 at American Legion 516, 6801 Manhattan Blvd., Fort Worth. For information call (817) 817-536-8994, Fax (817) 5352792. VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA #137, 3rd Tuesday at 7pm, at DAV Building, 8630 Thurgood Ln, Dallas. Call (972) 262-0610 for info. WIDOWED PERSONS SERVICES (WPS) The Widowed Persons Support Group (WPS) will hold its monthly dinner and program at Brookhaven Country Club on Tuesday, November 10. The social hour begins at 5PM and the buffet dinner begins at 6PM. All widowed men and women are invited to attend. The Brookhaven CC is located at 3333 Golfing Green Dr. in Dallas. New members are always welcome. For info. call Beth at 972-462-0092 or the WPS office at 214358-4155. (WAC) VETERANS ASSOCIATION #61 (OVETA CULP HOBBY CHAPTER) Regular meetings every 3rd Saturday each month. Held at 10:30am at the DAV Big “D” #57, 8630 Thurgood, Dallas. All former and present military women of all branches of service are welcome.

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Ross Perot Asked to be Guest of Honor at Marines Birthday Ball by Sgt. Lisa Rosborough This year the "Rangers" of Marine Air Refueler Squadron 234 (VMGR-234) aboard NAS Fort Worth JRB will hold a celebration of the 234th Marine Corps Birthday Ball on Nov. 14 at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. The Guest of Honor will be Texas billionaire businessman, H. Ross Perot, Sr. I spoke with the officer-in-charge of VMGR-234, Maj. Dan Burton, about the decision on choosing Mr. Perot as their distinguished guest and what special meaning this year's Marine Corps Birthday Ball has for his squadron. MAG-41 PAO: Whose decision was it to choose H. Ross Perot as Guest of Honor for your Marine Corps Ball and why? Maj. Burton: The CO (commanding officer), Lt. Col. Garcia made the decision based on a list of candidates drawn up by the squadron Birthday Ball Committee. The committee is made up of 12 Marines, SNCOs and officers with the CO as chairman. The CO made his decision based on Mr. Perot's inspiring superior record of service to this nation's service men and women. MAG-41 PAO: What was the visit with Mr. Perot like when you and your Marines went

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to his place of business and presented him with the invitation to the Marine Corps Ball? Maj. Burton: Mr. Perot personally greeted us and led us on a tour of his office which includes many fascinating artifacts and original works of art, most of which had a naval or military theme. Gracious and personable, he kept us entertained with anecdote after anecdote of many of the events that he has shaped over the years including freeing his employees from an Iranian prison and providing support to American POWs in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. MAG-41 PAO: Explain the significance this year's 234th Marine Corps Ball has in regards to your squadron in particular. Maj. Burton: This year VMGR-234 is holding our very own Ball to celebrate a special anniversary and homecoming for all former VMGR Marines. The sun is rapidly setting on the Marine Corps "Legacy" KC130 era and with it the special bonds between officers and enlisted that are unique to our crew concept and maintenance community. As this is the 234th anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps and because VMGR-234 will be the very last

H. Ross Perot, Sr. accepts invitation as Guest of Honor from Marines with VMGR-234 to the 234th Marine Corps Birthday Ball. "Legacy" KC-130 squadron in the Marine Corps, the CO wanted to mark the occasion with our own "Legacy" KC-130 Ball and welcome home all former squadron members and Legacy KC-130 alumni to be recognized to celebrate our unique bonds with one another.

A limited number of tickets are available to retirees, veterans, and other civilians at $75.00. Cocktails start at 6 pm and the ceremony will begin at 7 pm. If interested in attending, please contact Gunnery Sgt. Michael Packer at 817782-2905.

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Lt. Col. & NAS Columnist Back to Iraq for Second Tour Column continued from previous month’s issue

Lt. Col. Rita Schell, USAF So, long story short (sorry I got so wordy), there I was on the C-130, crammed in between 2 big people who kept falling asleep and leaning into me, and I'm thinking "what am I doing going back to Iraq?" I'd just been in Iraq for a year from May 2006 to May 2007 and now I was in the progress of going back to spend another year of my life in that hot, dirty country. On the aircraft were all branches of the military and various contractors who go to Iraq to make a few bucks...were they wondering the same thing I was? But while my eyes kept roaming those in the web seats, they kept being drawn back to the boxes in front of my feet. I had been sitting across from these boxes for several hours and while it would have been more comfortable to prop my feet up on them, for some reason I didn't. After a while, I took a closer look at the shipping label: Human Blood. "Do not expose to extreme temperatures. Keep cool." That's why I was going back. To see if somehow through the work I'd been sent to Iraq to do, I could make a difference in keeping the men and women safe and bring them home quickly.

How It Was The last time I was here, there was a surge going on and the violence in the streets was at its highest since the war had begun. American Forces and our coalition brother and sisters (especially the Brits and Aussies) were fighting and dying in increasing numbers. I was reminded of this daily when I'd either see or hear the medical evacuation (medevac) helicopters coming and going from the Combat Support Hospital (CSH), their red crosses clearly visible. The other indicators were the consistent gunfire I could hear coming from outside the Green Zone or the deep boom of an IED going off or the announcement of a "duck and cover" when mortars would shower over our walls and in to the Green Zone.

Changes Now that I was on my back to Baghdad for my second year, I wondered what changes had happened while I was gone. I'd heard things were quieter with less indirect fire and mortars; I'd heard there were fewer of us over here and we were no longer a coalition force; I'd heard all combat forces would be gone by August 2010. After arriving, I did notice we didn't come under attack as often as when I worked at Saddam's presidential palace in the Green Zone. But I found it didn't completely end as I headed home to my trailer one night after work around 9:30--I got the $h!t scared out of me as mortars screamed over my head. I also noticed that while there were a few contracted workers from other countries working here, the "Multi-National Force" was now a force of only US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. We'd lost our closest allies and were on our own for the duration. And as far as us sending combat troops home by August 2010, well, that was true also. We now had to come up with a plan to get them home by that time and then follow it up with a plan to send

home the remaining US Forces by the end of 2011.

More of the Same Lots had changed, yet it hadn't changed. Just on 25 October, 2 suicide car bombers detonated themselves outside one of the Iraqi ministry offices, killing over 140. Fortunately, this time the fatalities were not ours but their own. While I wouldn't wish anyone dead, I was glad to read that

none of those killed were from the US. This war has been going on a long time and while I shouldn't say it I will: I'm afraid of what's in store for the future of this country and the relationship with the United States. We work, we plan, we what end? This was a short note. Next time I'll compare the two palaces I've worked in: the Presidential Palace and the Al Faw Palace.

Fighting the Global Flu Proliferation Dr. Vinay Goyal is an MBBS, DRM, DNB (Intensivist and Thyroid specialist) having clinical experience of over 20 years. He has worked in institutions like Hinduja Hospital , Bombay Hospital , Saifee Hospital, Tata Memorial etc. * The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible not coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is. While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps, not fully highlighted in most official communications, can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu): 1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications). 2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or sleep). 3. Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don't trust salt). H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same effect on a healthy individual that

Tamiflu has on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.. 4. Similar to 3 above, clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water. Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but blowing the nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population. 5. Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C (Amla and other citrus fruits). If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption. 6. Drink as much of warm liquids as you can. Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

DIRECT CREMATION $795 VETERANS SERVICE W/CASKET, VISITATION, COACH, AT DFW National Cemetery $2995 We are proud to be veteran, family owned and operated Senior Life Magazine

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Veterans Council President Andy Birdsong to Speak at Hill Villa Retirement Center

photo by Lori Sulak (Seated left to right) Jerry Strom, Army WWII-7th Cav., Korea, Vietnam; James Warner, Army WWII - tech 3rd grade-1941 to 45; John Richmond, Army 1st LT.-Korean war–Europe 50-52 (Standing l to r) Jim Williamson, Army Reserve-Fireman 1st class-Philippines 45 46; Victor Anderson, Air Force WWII 41-46-Captain, Far East; James BrownCaptain WWII-Army 21st–medical unit–Atlantic; Bill Brodeur – Navy- Radio Operator-3rd class, USS Kephart; Ray Bufford, Air Force PFC Alaska 54-55; William Virag, Army Air Corp. WWII airborne 101st. -tech 5t;h grade; Jerry Waller- Navy-Korean War–warrant officer 1st class AD Colwell, Army pfc 24th division–Korean war, Pacific-occupation Japan Patrick Lawrence, executive director at Hill Villa retirement center in Fort Worth, will commence events on Nov. 11th, Veterans Day, by introducing, guest speaker, Veterans Council President, Andy Birdsong. After each Veteran has been introduced, Birdsong will present a certificate to each Veteran recognizing their service to our Country.

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Senior Life Magazine

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Senior Life Magazine

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Senior Life Magazine

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Patriotism in Full Force at Veterans Memorial Air Park by Rosalyn Royal, photos by Bill Hollingsworth "The Mission of the Veterans Memorial Air Park (VMAP) is to restore and protect the aircraft and memories connected with Fort Worth, Texas, and to educate the public as to the contribution of both man and machine in protecting our freedom." Patriotism in action! The OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. was founded in 1998 to preserve the proud history of the OV-10 Bronco, and the people who designed, built, flew, and maintained the aircraft from its inception to now. The Association takes responsibility for upholding and safeguarding the history of the people and events associated with the OV-10 Bronco, as well as the amazing history of the aircraft itself. Stars and Stripes personified! The Veterans Memorial Air Park plans to illuminate and educate the public about this history. Not only military and their families but the public at large is expected to be highly interested in this endeavor when the museum holds its grand opening soon. Children from area schools will be welcomed to visit and learn of this time in history. The history of aviation in Fort Worth and North Texas will be on display. It will be a thrilling time for us all! Five acres include the museum, administrative

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Senior Life Magazine

offices, storage, etc. The two aircraft recently recovered are the 16th and 17th for the VMAP collection. Both of these planes had been on static display at the air base since the late 1980s. They became available to the VMAP through an aircraft loan program with the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL. The Veterans Memorial Air Park and its parent, the OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc., is a 501c(3)non-profit organization. The OV-10 Bronco Association provides recognition and support to all past and current contributors, suppliers, and operators of the aircraft. Volunteers and members are needed and much appreciated. Among active volunteers are patriots, children whose fathers gave their lives in America's wars, retired military, ordinary citizens, senior citizens, etc. - all are welcome! For further information, contact Executive Director Jim Hodgson (phone: 817-2916101) e-mail: Websites: and Address of the museum: 3300 Rose Avenue in Fort Worth (North area); mailing address: P.O. Box 161966, Fort Worth, TX 76106. Phone: 800575-0535: Fax: 817-488-8170.

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National Hot Rod Assoc. Sponsors Army Recruiting Event by Phil Strand Students at Grand Prairie High School recently participated in an event which included active duty recruiters, Army displays, and an opportunity to explore options for their future.

Sponsorship The National Hot Rod Association’s Youth and Education Services program sponsored this event, which was presented by the U.S. Army under the title “21st Annual Career Opportunities Fair,” in conjunction with the “Strength in Action-Hispanic Heritage Month.” Principal Joseph Showell, in his third year at Grand Prairie High School, provided initial review of the proposed program. He approved and forwarded it to JROTC Senior Army Instructor, CW4 Thomas Knedler, who agreed this would be something they could do. Planning for the event began in June 2009. Showell identified a highlight of the event as students having the “opportunity to be exposed to something new,” but he chose not ride in the flight simulator because “he had to work the rest of the day.”

Army on Display Army displays set up in the parking lot near the student activity center were available to all students. Rock climbing proved to be very popular as students were fitted with the appropriate harness to allow a safe ascent to the top and back down. Staff assisting the climbers could be heard advising “Push with your legs” during the downward descent. Authentic-looking “dog tags” were also issued to interested students. Two flight simulators occupied space on a flat bed trailer used to transport them. Lengthy lines of students snaked around metal barriers, awaiting a turn for a

swirling, spinning ride that resembled something from the midway at the State Fair of Texas. JROTC Cadet 1st Lt Taylor Smith, Gopher Battalion Adjutant and Color Guard Commander, and fellow student Lizbeth Saucedo noted they were having fun, and the simulator “spun around like crazy.” JROTC Cadet Major Dustin Ackermann is the Executive Officer of the Gopher Battalion. He described the day’s event as “amazing,” and was impressed that activities were open to all students, not only those in the JROTC. The climbing rock was his favorite. His plans following graduation next spring include attending Texas A & M University where he wants to be in the Corps of Cadets.

Speed Machine Another popular venue was the Armysponsored dragster. Tom Fitzpatrick spends about 240 days a year away from his Indianapolis home in his role as the transport rig driver, and as a mechanic for the team. Students and recruiters alike crowded around as Fitzpatrick pointed out features of this now-retired drag-racing speed machine, capable of generating 8000 horsepower, the fastest around.

Role Modeling Inside a classroom, SSGT Angel Nunez, a nine year army veteran, with two tours in Iraq under his belt, talked about the importance of positive role models in the life of a young person, and how recruiting helps him reach young people who may not have been exposed to such. SGT Andy Zepeda, a medic who has been a recruiter for ten months, pointed out past accomplishments of Hispanics in the military service, noting many young people are unaware of such things, or perhaps even

Capt. A.J. Rivas, Company Commander, US Army Recruiting Company, Joseph Showell, Principal, Grand Prairie High School, CSM(R) Larry Parker, Sr., Recruiting Operations Officer their own future potential.

JROTC in Action CSM Larry Parker, Sr., Recruiting Operations Officer for the 5th Brigade in San Antonio, is a 25 year veteran who served with the 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum, NY. Circulating through the crowd of students, he pointed out he gets excited by this type of event because he is “surrounded by young kids who want to do something, but don’t know what to do.” He believes they need mentors who can show them by positive example what it takes. His mother was an important role model, as was a senior sergeant from the medical corps from who Parker could seek counsel. CW4 Knedler is retired from the Army as are his two assistant instructors, SFC Robert Rios and SFC Malcom Smith. All worked cooperatively to prepare for the day’s activities. Knedler pointed out the JROTC is “A building block for something else,” assisting students develop life skills needed to be successful once they cross the stage and graduate. He is honored by, and

proud of the fact, all 25 of last year’s seniors in the JROTC graduated. With over 160 in the JROTC program, and 72% Hispanic, his students search for something which provides an entertaining yet challenging learning experience. He commended SFC Rios who initiated the “Honor Board,” which is comprised of students and cadre to dispense discipline if needed. SGT Rios also holds primary responsibility for the award winning color guard, drill team, and the yet to be formed rifle team. Rios finds his greatest personal reward is derived from “watching students work as a team to accomplish the task set out before them.”

Something for Everyone Chief Knedler summarized by saying “There is something here for everyone.” Though military service is not necessarily for everyone, through events such as this, students have the opportunity to see role models who may have come from the same type of background as their own, and realize there are many more things within their reach than they may have thought.

CW4 Thomas Knedler, Senior Army Instructor, Gopher Battalion, JROTC, Grand Lizbeth Saucedo, 10th Grade Student, and JROTC Cadet 1st LT and Color Commander Taylor Smith in flight simulator Prairie High School, alongside the Army Show Car Senior Life Magazine

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AAFES Popular Revamped Layaway Program Makes it Easier to Shop Now and Pay Later Visit your local exchange and it soon becomes apparent that reports of layaway’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, Army & Air Force Exchange Service BXs and PXs are reintroducing and, in some cases, expanding layaway options. “Clothing, handbags and shoes are still eligible for 30-day layaway, but full payment on many other categories can be put off for up to 60 days when shopping the exchange,” said AAFES’ Chief Operating Officer Mike Howard. Military shoppers whose Families’ holiday wish list included something that sparkles or shines were able to begin making arrangements as far out as Sept. as fine jewelry can be put on layaway for up to 120 days at AAFES. Delaying full payment might even be mom and dad’s secret weapon in keeping presents under wraps this year as toys can be put on layaway up until Christmas Eve. “Let the kids look in the attic, under the tree or even your car trunk,” said Howard. “Keeping the toys on layaway, and in the exchange’s back room, can really take a lot of stress out of the holidays.” Any purchase of $25 or more is eligible for layaway at AAFES. A 15 percent deposit on the total purchase price is required to hold a product. Merchandise excluded from AAFES’ layaway program includes clearance merchandise,

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Senior Life Magazine

computers, peripherals, major appliances, furniture, mattresses, exercise equipment, electronics $299 and up as well as seasonal and outdoor living products. In addition, AAFES and Sandberg & Sikorski by Firestone are getting into the holiday spirit as they try to stuff more than $3,000 into three lucky shopper’s stockings. Drawing will take place on or about Jan. 27, 2010. Authorized exchange shoppers can confirm their exchanges participation by calling the numbers listed on the store locator link


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Newly Renovated Serrano Ranch Apartments Fosters Family Living Serrano Ranch Apartments are more than a place to live; these newly renovated apartment homes offer an enriched lifestyle that fosters family living and a real since of community. In April 2009, Darcorp Management Company assumed the Serrano Ranch property management assignment and has since spent nearly $2 million in interior and exterior rehab.

A substantial portion of the budgeted dollars are being poured into transforming and renewing Serrano Ranch Apartment

Senior Life Magazine

Homes. Community amenities include an all new water park, a playground, two pools, a new soccer field, Kids Room (a recreation center for children), a fitness center and three laundry facilities. Serrano Ranch boasts completely renovated one, two and three bedroom Apartment Homes. Interior renovations include both maple wood and white cabi-

netry, new black and white appliances, built-in microwaves, new lighting and ceiling fan fixtures, new wood-like plank floor-

ing and new carpet throughout the units. Exterior renovations include gated community, fresh paint, new roof, solar screens, plus more. Serrano Ranch Apartment Homes are conveniently nestled in Western Fort Worth with exceptional accessibility to the Joint Reserve Naval Base, three major highways I-30, I-20 and I-820, Ridgmar Mall and Fort Worth Independent Schools. The Kids Room Foundation has a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of children, individuals and families at their home! Kid’s room offers an on-site community center a reading corner for kids, a Computer Business Center with printers for those who need computer access, a "Homework Zone" with computer access for young people, a health/nutrition center, a pool table, workout equipment, plus more! Darcorp Management Company serves not only to provide quality, safe and fair housing to its residents but to provide community for kids and their parents to call home. Darcorp Management Group is a full service property management and real estate

investment company. Darcorp specializes in multi-family properties in DFW since 1989 and has owned and/or managed more than 5,000 units in four states. Darcorp believes in providing quality affordable housing that enhances the lives of the people that call their properties ‘HOME’. For more information, please visit us at

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CONCRETE Absolute Leveling Solutions 817-707-5555 “Serving all of Texas”





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"Clark" Janatorial Equip. Sales Great Retired Job call 817-2697808

One carat white gold diamond ring. Round, brilliant cut, clarity VS2. Appraided value $13,115.00, asking $9,450.00. Esther 757-817-7344

FOUNDATION REPAIR Dallas or Fort Worth Foundation Repair & Drainage Specialists. $125 $199 per pier, free estimates, lifetime warranty 817-540-FIXX(3499) 469-272-FIXX(3499) 0810 Foundation Repair Transferable Lifetime Warranty, Free Estimates



FUNERAL SERVICE Direct Cremation $

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ON ALL MORNING & MID DAY GREEN FEES Offer valid 7 days a week for all active military and active reserve. Must show valid military ID to take advantage of this discount. Not valid with any other specials/discounts. Offer subject to change without notice.


10 Green Fee


at all courses (with exception of Pecan Valley “River” Course Green Fee is $15 at Senior Rate); Valid weekdays anytime, weekends & holidays after 11am (winter); 1pm (summer). At the following locations: Pecan Valley (817-249-1945) Meadowbrook (817-457-4616) ZBoaz (817-738-6287) Rockwood (817-624-1771)

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Lovell Farms - Located in Caddo Co. OK. Bermuda/Big Round. 2000 bales $65.00 per bale, will deliver Mike Lovell 580-583-4920 1010

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Naval Air Station News Magazine, November 09 issue

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