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How to choose the unique real agency in Bhubaneswar? Acrux Realcon Pvt. Ltd. deals with premium Real Estate in Bhubaneswar offering life style and luxury apartments, flats, villas condominiums and more. A platter of unmatched properties with world class amenities and facilities, where you can live your dream in premium urban dwellings. Our 5 Luxury and innovative ongoing projects includes Acrux Acropolis - Acropolis is a medley of tranquility and sophistication. It takes you inside a complex with great environment, salubrious surroundings and hilly scopes. Its design spells out a great life style with attention to every detail creating a tailor made home for its inmates. Acropolis is the Acrux Realcon’s largest real estate projects at Bhubaneswar. Acrux Neon - The Complex is about to live up to its name with a dramatic transformation to the skyscape of Bhubaneswar as a bustling hub of luxury with aesthetics. The striking modern architecture of the edge with its design and landscape is an upcoming landmark of the area with 2-BHK, 3-BHK, 4-BHK and penthouses with terraces and balconies overlooking the landscape. Acrux Chitra - Acrux Chitra at Patia, Bhubaneswar is a thriving neighborhood with all modern conveniences and amenities. Here is a personal haven where everybody will love to come back again and again. Acrux Sankalp - Acrux Sankalp, located in the heart of the city at BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar. Elegance at its best where each element blends to celebrate life in a royal way. Kalinga Residency - Each Element here blends to Celebrate life inherently valueing space, nature, style and aesthetics. At Ghatikia, bhubaneswar the Architectural beauty of the apartment symbolizes purity and integrity with its design. Investing in any of our apartments in Bhubaneswar, real estate at Bhubaneswar, commercial complexes etc is a decision well made and well taken, strong holding the dreams of your secure future. Our properties are BDA approved, well ventilated, hassle free and clean, covered parking with the perfect harmony and ambience to live a life of peace and comfort. We are Odisha's #1 leading real estate and builders and help you in your search for an exclusive apartment, flat, condo etc. Heading the ship of Acrux Realcon is the captain, Architect Ramesh Chandra Swain, spearheading the reshaping of Bhubaneswar skyline of tomorrow and has left a footprint which aesthetically puts his signature in each and every structure built. Acrux Realcon proudly marches ahead with the support of talented young architects and a group of creative minds that plans, creates and builds wonder apartments, flats and condos. Keeping in mind the comfort, accessibility, eco friendliness and the small little desires that every home maker wants, Acrux Realcon caters to its customers every little desire.

A footprint of Acrux Realcon tells the story of trust, success, and a relation to be there forever. We present unmatched choices, ideal investment properties and clean dealings, what more can be desired!! Want a luxury flats in Bhubaneswar, integrated apartments, duplex, villas and etc. Then Acrux Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is the right source for you. Contact us today Ph: 0674-2554038, 2550094, Mobile: 9040095500/9040095200/9337792150.

UTOPIAN THINKING IN ARCHITECTURE: ACRUX REALCON PVT. LTD. Rahul Swain, Director Acrux; the enigmatic son of Architect Ramesh Swain (Managing Director, Acrux), is an architect in his own right.

Ar. Rahul Swain completed his Bachelor’s in Architecture before going on to receive a Post Graduate Studies in Management.

In a chance meeting with Architect Rahul Swain, Indian Express tried to find out the relationship between him and the subject of Architecture in an exclusive conversation

How did you get into architectural profession? My dad is an architect and was instrumental in me becoming an architect. The pleasure of seeing my father working on projects like Fortune Tower, BDA etc. inspired me to take up architecture as a career.

Do you feel that Indian architecture has been successful in responding to changes in the social, technical, political, intellectual and economic scenario?

Of course I do feel that way. The changes happened in recent years in metropolitan cities, even in Bhubaneswar and to some extend these changes can be attributed to changing lifestyles of people living in these cities. In the last few years many shopping malls have cropped up. In earlier times we used to go for shopping to mini markets at our neighborhood. So this new concept of Mall Culture has really brought a huge change in our lifestyle.

The green concern and sustainabilityrelated issues are primarily discussed in the realm of architecture. How do you see the future of architecture in an overall green agenda?

Yes the green concern is an important aspect during the design process of a building. It’s very important that we should think about green aspects while designing any project. We plan to take the environmental aspects of all projects very seriously. They will certainly induce better living conditions and cleaner environment. I would advise all the architects and developers to follow green norms seriously so that we will able to create greener and cleaner spaces for our future generation. Which of your companies project do you consider as a ‘complete one’ where you have been able to transmute all your beliefs and ideas into built form? Every project, whatever we do we do it with all the respect. Both I and my father give priorities to environmental issues, sustainability, the end-user who is going to actually use the product, although we know profitability is a key factor for everybody but as architects and builders we are responsible for the building, for the public and for the environment. So we never compromise on that Could you please share with us about some of your future projects? Any information you would like to share.

We are into all sorts of projects like residential or commercial. Acrux is currently working on a new upcoming development, a premium residential apartment at Rudrapur, across an expanse of over 1.96 acres and another premiere township at Raghunathpur, with area spread over 35 acres. This township is planned to have International style Architecture As a young architect how you would describe Indian architecture 20 years from now? The interesting thing about Indian architecture is for different places, climates and cultures there has been different ideas behind it. Every city has its own history of construction which has been the strength of Indian architecture. One thing that will certainly become more dominant is climate-sensitive and energy-efficient buildings. The Utopian mode of thinking in Architecture may be one form that might come in‌.

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How to choose the unique real agency in bhubaneswar  

Acrux Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted real estate company in Bhubaneswar. We provide an innovative era of real estate properties, ap...

How to choose the unique real agency in bhubaneswar  

Acrux Realcon Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted real estate company in Bhubaneswar. We provide an innovative era of real estate properties, ap...