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DESIGNER This chic urban plot was designed for Nina Campbell by the winners of a student design competition DESIGNER PROFILE JO WHITFIELD.JONES ran a garden maintenance company for several years, before taking a course in garden design at the KLC School of Design in London. RUPERT BONSOR worked for a London-based landscape gardener ten years ago and, after a period as a private client fund manager, he returned to gardening when he also signed up for the KLC garden design course. Both graduated in 2O1O and now each runs their own successful design businesses. Rupert also offers a build and maintenance service. THE BRIEF "We entered a KlC-sponsored competition separately to design Nina Campbell's garden and we both won. Nina wanted a multifunctional garden for her staff and clients at her studio in London."

"Rupert and I entered the competition to design Nina Campbell's garden independently, but Nina and her son Max liked elements

ofboth of our deslgns,

so we worked

together on the project,"

Jo. "We

had both come up with the idea of designing the garden on a diagonal, and using pale-coloured paving slabs to explains

extend visually the tiny pIot, but my main contribution to the final design was the kitchen area close to the office, which is out of shot here. It includes a work surface, barbecue, fridge, and shed and cupboards built from marine piywood, providing the storage space Nina and Max had requested." "Nina and Max liked my idea of a built-in seating area," says Rupert. "The triangular raised beds behind the benches provide another level ofcolour and form, and also solve the problem of the root-congested soil at the base of the large tree in the neighbouring garden, Jo and I worked together on the planting designs, creating an evergreen rim of low box hedging that encloses seasonal bulbs and perennials, with decorative climbers, including Trachelospermum (scented star j asmines) and roses coverin g the trellis screens. The horizontal battens also add textural contrast to the boundaries and are painted in a Farrow & Ball shade of soft grey to complement the pastel planting scheme." 186 | MAY 2012


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catering for people, this garden also

r'l lias to accommodate two small dogs, which are regular visitors to Nina's studio. The raised beds, tough box hedges and thorny roses prevent them from trampling on the planting, while the sandstone slabs, used as paving stones, are easy to wash down with a hose."



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FACT FILE KEY PLANTS .A//um Ambassador'. . A. cristophii. . Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' (box

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hedging). , Clematis armandii. , Digitalis purpurea (foxglove). . Helteborus niger. . Pink scented lilies. . Rosa'Madame Alfred Carri6re'. . R. 'Madame lsaac Pereire'. . Trachelospermum /bsmrrordes (star jasmine). WHERETO BUY Broadlelgh Bulbs, 0]â‚Ź.23246231, Bumcoose Nurseries, o1209 860316,, 0844557 2244, David Austin Roses, 01902 376300,

LANDSCAPE MATERIALS The paving slabs are Jura limestone and the built-in benches are made from rendered bricks with hardwood ipe seats. The trellis, which is painted in Blue Gray by Farrow & Ball, is by Harrington Porter, who also built the seats and landscaped the garden. The walls behind the trellis are in Pointing, also by Farrow & Ball. The cushions and furniture are all by Nina Campbell. WHERETO BUY Farrow & Ball, 01202450.240,


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Harrington Poner, o20 7731 3552, London Stone, 01784 4ss433,

"The Nina Campbell, o20722s1011,


alliums and hellehgr6S: The same plants are then repeated in the rdised beds, with allium globes, lilies and foxgloves lifting the focus up to the leafy screens at the end of the garden. The overall _ effect is the suggestion of more space .



Jo whltfield-Jones, 07986 111573, Rupert Bonsor, Bonsor Landscapes,





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Nina Campbell's Garden for Homes and Gardens  

Nina Campbell's Garden for Homes and Gardens

Nina Campbell's Garden for Homes and Gardens  

Nina Campbell's Garden for Homes and Gardens