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Uniquely Designed Modular Slim Tanks in Burton

When you have limited space to work with on your property, a modular slim tank is the perfect solution for you. These tanks provide the same benefits of a standard water tank, but they can fit in narrower spaces. You can get started with one of these tanks by calling us today.

WHAT IS A MODULAR SLIM TANK? A modular slim tank is exactly what it sounds like: a water tank that can fit in narrow spaces. We work with many customers who don’t have enough space on their property for a standard tank, so we use these.

HOW CAN THIS TANK BENEFIT YOU? Whether you get a modular slim tank or a standard tank , the benefits are the same. They both collect and store rainwater that can then be used in your home or garden. Slim tanks are simply narrower.

CALL TODAY TO GET STARTED Getting the water tank that you need is simpler than you might think. Call us today for helpful advice and to schedule a pickup, delivery or installation. We look forward to working with you.


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Uniquely Designed Modular Slim Tanks in Burton – Betta Tanks  
Uniquely Designed Modular Slim Tanks in Burton – Betta Tanks  

Looking for slimline rainwater tanks in Adelaide? Betta Tanks manufactures high quality modular slim water tanks at affordable prices. Here...