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Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Objectives The Objectives for which the Association is established are: 

To govern, foster and develop the game of Volleyball in Western Australia.


To foster affiliation and coordination among independent bodies playing the game of Volleyball in Western Australia.


To provide and assist in providing opportunities for people of all ages and of both sexes irrespective of creed, colour, class, or political belief, to enjoy Volleyball within Western Australia.


To support and participate in activities of the Australian Volleyball Federation Inc.


BOARD OF MANAGEMENT REPORT At the 2009 VWA AGM, the membership of VWA voted in the following persons to the Board of Management. Trevor Williams – President, Damian Oldmeadow – Vice President, and Rob Perisic – General Member. During the year, the elected Board of Management then appointed Stuart Davis and Wendy Hyatt to the Board of Management (as per the VWA Constitution). Wendy Hyatt sought a leave of absence from the Board of Management during the year. One of the major tasks undertaken by the 2009 Board of Management was the repriortising of the Association’s Strategic Plan. Over a number of meetings the Board reevaluated the current Strategic Plan and made some significant changes to this plan.

The Board believes that the growth of most of VWA’s programs are reliant on increasing the participation base. The way identified by the Board to achieve this goal is to increase the number of participants at a high school level. As such the Board has directed the Executive Director to completely change the staffing structure at VWA and implement new high school development plans. The Association’s staffing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been adjusted to reflect this change of priorities. In the year 2000, the newly appointed staff of Volleyball WA were faced with a substantial amount of unreconciled accounts receivable in the Association’s financial accounts. During this period the staff have worked to either receive this outstanding money or to allocate profit to “off set” this amount of “bad debts”. In 2009, the Association has finally reduced this amount to zero. Considering that the Association works on close to a zero budget, this is a significant achievement and will provide a financially stable platform for the Association to hopefully invest in new programs throughout WA. The Association was close to running insolvent prior to the change of staffing and it is a credit to all the Staff and all the previous Boards of the Association as well as all the members for leading the Association into some financial security. The Association has as a major goal and strategic direction to always make a financial profit so that this money can be spent on growing the sport. With the above objective achieved any future profits can be allocated by the Board of Management to be spent on new developments and resources.

Some of these goals and objectives have been hampered with the staffing problems that have plagued the Association for the past 18 months. However, we hope that this situation will stabilize and that the Association can move forward to the achievement of these strategic goals. The Board would like to take this opportunity and thank all the staff of Volleyball WA who work so diligently for the Association. During the year the staff have effectively been one full time person (or 20%) short. In this time, all the same VWA programs have been delivered at increasingly high levels of performance and some new programs have been implemented. The existing staff members of the Association have worked tirelessly to deliver these outcomes and the last twelve months have been a horrendously busy time for them. A very special thank you on behalf of all of the WA Volleyball community to Marta Makuch, Marielle Theberge and Gavin Lewis who tirelessly kept volleyball running for a period of twelve months when the office was undermanned. It was a very difficult time and the staff made this period appear seamless. The Board of Management would like to welcome Vivienne Chan to the position of Office Administrator and to Max Wason to the position of Development Officer. Vivienne has been with the Association for a few months and has shown her value to the organization. Max only joined the Association in 2010 but he is fitting in very well and we believe he will be a major asset to Volleyball WA. The Board of Management is aware that Mr Gavin Lewis will be thanking all contributors to Volleyball in his Executive Director’s Report. The Board would sincerely like to echo his sentiments and thank all of the Association’s key stakeholders, including State Government and the Department of Sport and Recreation, Healthway, all sponsors, club committees, all volunteers, members and any other supporters of WA Volleyball. Congratulations to all those involved in WA Volleyball for a very successful year and we look forward to further growth in our great sport. 4

Board of Management Report

Two of the most significant changes made to the plan was the high prioritization of High School Volleyball and the future financial stability of the Association. The Board believes that the future growth of Volleyball in WA is to come from the growth of High School aged students. To allow for resources to be put into this area, the Board of Management has put a lower priority on Mini (Primary Aged) Volleyball.

During the year the Board of Management has spent some time on stabilizing the Association’s working committees. These committees provide advice and guidance to the staff of Volleyball WA and have been invaluable. One major advancement is the adoption of best practice models. This included the new regulation that no one applying for any positions, including volunteer positions such as State Coaches, may be on the Committee which advises about these appointments.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

WA Pearls 2009 Women’s Australian Volleyball League Gold Medalists

Action from the Drug Aware WA Beach Volleyball Tour 2009/10

Tara West 2009 Most Outstanding Australian Female Indoor Player of the Year

Action from the Drug Aware WA Beach Volleyball Tour 2009/10 5

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT After a difficult 2008 for the Australian Volleyball Federation (AVF), 2009 can only be described as a stabilization year. The AVF had a regular staffing list (after a number of staff left the AVF in 2008) and these staff worked on a number of key projects which filtered down to the State Volleyball Associations.

To all the staff of the association, from our full time staff members to our coordinators and referees a big thank you for all your efforts throughout 2009. Without all of these staff’s commitment and dedication to volleyball the association would not be able to develop the sport of volleyball. The membership of Volleyball WA is very fortunate to have such a talented crew working for them; towards the betterment of the sport. My congratulations to all staff members in recognition of their work ethic, professional attitude and ongoing support. 2009 saw Volleyball WA (VWA) complete the second year of the new Strategic Planning period (2008 – 2011). This new Strategic Plan will guide the Association for the next four years and is readily available for perusal and comment by any volleyball member. The annual review at the end of 2009, established that the Association had achieved most of it’s outcomes from the Strategic Plan. The Board of Management has redirected some priorities and is focusing on Junior Volleyball in High Schools (as opposed to Primary Schools) and on the growth of financial sustainability of the Association. These two areas have been assessed in the new 2010 Operational Plan.

As a testament to the dedication of the VWA staff members, not one existing Volleyball program was not conducted in 2009. From a stakeholder point of view, these programs ran seamlessly. In 2009 VWA appointed Vivienne Chan to the position of Office Administrator and in 2010 Max Wason to the position of Development Officer. In their short time with the Association they have shown themselves to be very worthy assets to the Association. The challenge for VWA is to find ways that we can retain these staff (and existing staff members) on a sustainable basis.

2009 also saw for the second year in a row the stability on the Board of Management. The stability of the VWA Board meant that the Board could focus on establishing key plans and goals for the executive to create and follow. The Board has worked very well together and as indicated above have already done a lot of work in setting the future strategic direction for the Association.

Ms Marta Makuch continued in her role as VWA’s Operations Manager. Marta has been able to build on the great work done by herself in her new position from 2008 and her programs flourished. Marta worked well beyond the boundaries of her role in 2009 and between herself and myself basically took on the full time position of Development Officer whilst still maintaining her own job and achieving the outcomes associated with her own position.

I would like to personally thank the Board of Management for their efforts throughout a very busy year. The Board has shown great support to myself and the staff of the Association. Very few people recognise the time and effort that the Board puts into the development of our sport and on behalf of the Association I would like to thank them all.

Ms Marielle Theberge continued in her role as VWA Social Competitions Coordinator and her hard working attitude and achievements throughout the year must not be underestimated. Marielle has increased numbers across the board in social volleyball and has really developed the Royal Park venue as a key social, recreational sporting facility in WA.

In addition to the staff and Board of Management, volunteers help run our sport. Volleyball WA like any sport, depends a great deal on volunteers. In WA we are “blessed” with keen, positive and energetic volunteers. I would like to thank all the volunteers who have donated so selflessly to the sport of volleyball. These volunteers work on all levels of volleyball including association administration, club administration and event organising. Their efforts, skills, knowledge and work has resulted in the im-

Finally, I continued in my role as Executive Director of the Association.


Executive Director’s Report

From a purely WA perspective, 2009 was a very difficult time for Volleyball WA (VWA). The Association has not been with a regular staff member in the position of Development Officer for close to 18 months. The two people appointed to this position (during this period) worked for a couple of months each and then, for various personal reasons, resigned from the position. In comparison, VWA had only three Development Officer’s in the position for the previous 9 years. In addition, during the year the VWA Receptionist left the Association (also for personal reasons). This has resulted in an extremely busy year for the two remaining full time staff members. This was a very difficult time for the office and volleyball in WA should be very grateful for the hard working efforts of these people during a period of nearly eighteen months.

provement in all aspects of volleyball in WA.

(ABVT) and the Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships (AJBVC) and for Indoor Volleyball this is the Australian Volleyball League (AVL) and the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (AJVC).

I would like to mention that as everyone’s personal lives become busier, volunteers become harder to find. I would encourage all volleyball supporters to please consider volunteering some time to our wonderful sport, from Board of Management members to refereeing a junior game or two.

The AVF has struggled to secure a major beach volleyball sponsor. Without a major sponsor for the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour, the AVF were not able to conduct a National Beach Volleyball Tour. This was very disappointing, especially considering the huge inroads the National Body made in the last few years with increasing the profile of the National Tour.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

As mentioned earlier, the VWA run programs have been very successful in 2009. The year started off with Volleyball WA’s Drug Aware Beach Volleyball State Series. The State Series was a great success with team numbers maintained from previous years. The volunteer based WA Beach Volleyball Committee worked extremely hard over winter and summer to help the VWA staff provide a sensationally organized and run event, which is arguably Australia’s best local State Series for Beach Volleyball. In addition the Beach Committee and some keen VWA Members provided some volunteer time to build and install a number of new beach volleyball poles on some of Perth’s beaches, providing more opportunities for the public to play our wonderful sport.

As a ‘temporary’ solution, the AVF have negotiated with every State that our own State Championships should be deemed a “leg” of the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour (ABVT). The AVF assisted each State in the delivery of this event and provided some prize money as an incentive for athletes to come to Perth. The Perth round of the ABVT (ie the WA State Open) was a very well run event and received praise from the AVF and participants as the best run event on the Tour. The event attracted some of the best athletes from around Australia and of course pitted these athletes against WA’s finest athletes.

In addition to the regular tournaments provided by Volleyball WA, VWA provided training opportunities for Beach Volleyball athletes that wanted to further their volleyball experience by developing their skills.

The long term goal of the AVF and the ABVT is to secure a major sponsor and run a completely separate National Tour which sits above all State Tours. WA sent a large number of teams to the AJBVC. Beach Volleyball is becoming more and more popular for our elite Junior athletes and in the 2009 – 2010 season, WA achieved the remarkable result of having all semi finalists in the U/21 Men’s Division from WA. In addition WA won medals in other divisions. A big congratulations to all these teams on their passion and dedication to the sport of Beach Volleyball.

The Indoor Volleyball season (Perth Volleyball League – PVL) was well participated in and the support of spectators and sponsors during the final series really paid tribute to all the hard work from the Association, the Clubs, the referees, the coaches and most importantly the athletes. 2009 saw the Association’s first full year, moving back to the Loftus Recreation Centre as the main venue that the league is played in. The year also saw a record number of teams participating in the PVL season. The two elite divisions were won by Southern Cross Volleyball Club (defeating Rossmoyne Volleyball Club) for the men and in the women’s competition the UWA Volleyball Club defeated the Balcatta Volleyball Club to reclaim the title.

VWA have continued our involvement in the men’s and women’s AVL season. The women’s State team – WA Pearls, after a number of years of not making finals, went through the season undefeated and won WA our third Gold Medal in National Women’s Senior Championships. Congratulations to Pauline Manser (Head Coach) and all the players and coaches for this remarkable achievement.

The above two competitions are the two pinccale programs that VWA runs for Beach and Indoor Volleyball, however, most energy and resources are spent on the underpinning programs. For a full description please read the rest of the Annual Report which discusses all these programs in greater detail.

The WA men’s senior team – WA Hornets made the finals for the first time in well over a decade. The team overcame a number of hurdles to win the bronze medal. This is a great achievement for the men’s team and we congratulate Head Coach Darrin Pike and all his players and assistant coach on the bronze medal achievement.

One major strategic direction is for Volleyball WA to provide opportunities for all athletes aspiring to further their volleyball development with the opportunity to play in the National Events run by the AVF. For Beach Volleyball this is the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour

In 2009 WA maintained a very high participation rate at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (AJVC). The increase in participation levels of high quality State 7

athletes over the last three years has been the result of some key strategic plans that we have implemented in the previous Strategic Plan. Congratulations to the U/21 men and the U/19 men for winning a bronze medal at these Championships. In 2010, the AJVC will be hosted in Perth and VWA will showcase this event as a major event for the year.

Volleyball WA would like to welcome 92.9 as our official media sponsor. 92.9 is one of Perth’s most listened to radio stations and the exposure our sport gets on the radio is tremendous. Please see the back of this report for a complete list of all sponsors that have assisted Volleyball WA in 2009.

Finally, I would like to mention that 2010 will be Volleyball WA’s 50th Anniversary. This is a great achievement. The Association will look at holding a number of key events during the year to showcase this achievement and celebrate this milestone.

In the past year Volleyball WA maintained extremely good relationships with the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR). The DSR supports Volleyball WA through a number of vehicles, including various working seminars and meetings, distribution of various resources and the provision of a financial grant. In 2009/2010, Volleyball WA maintained our level of funding from previous years. The continuation of the DSR support will be based on VWA’s success in the areas of increasing participation.

Gavin Lewis Executive Director

The relationship with the DSR is an essential part of Volleyball WA and without their assistance the association would not be able to function. I would like to thank the whole department for their support; financially, ethically, and resource wise. Mr Ron Alexander (Executive General) and Mr Kevin Watts (Consultant) have supported us greatly. And the whole Association looks forward to the continued support of the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. 2009 also saw the continuation of the sponsorship relationship with Healthway, through the health message of “Drug Aware”. Healthway has been a major sponsor of the Associations for a number of years. The support we receive from Healthway has resulted in Volleyball WA being able to provide a number of services to the general public as well as our members, including but not limited to the Drug Aware Beach Volleyball State Series and various development programs. There are a number of other sponsors who have had long standing relationships with Volleyball WA and an equal number of sponsors who have new relationships with the Association.

Mr Kevin Watts with Rachelle Brammer The 2009 Rookie Coach of the Year and The 2009 Female Indoor Player of the Year 8

Executive Director’s Report

The past year has been an extremely challenging year for volleyball in WA. We have struggled with consolidating our staffing base and this has led to a very busy workload in the office and on our volunteers. In terms of “volleyball programs”, all the programs have run smoothly and many of the programs have actually grown. The Association guided by some very positive and hard working individuals was able to accept and conquer these challenges and I am confident that in 2010 we will be able to grow the Association and provide an ever growing sport to the WA community.

On a National level in terms of Australian teams participating in World Competitions, the ASC perceived lack of performances from our National Teams means that future funding could be jeopardized, and this is only compounded by the fact that a number of key National athletes have retired from the sport. The critical assessment tool is going to be Australia’s qualification processes and achievements for the London 2012 Olympic Games. We wish all National Team athletes or athletes pushing for National Team selection the best of luck in this period as the qualification of these teams to the Olympics is vital for the on going financial support of the ASC.

Board of Management



Trevor Williams

Executive Director

Gavin Lewis

Vice President

Damian Oldmeadow

Operations Manager

Marta Makuch

General Board Members

Rob Perisic

Development Officer

Michael Snart (Jan—Mar)

Wendy Hyatt John Overton (Aug—Oct)

Stuart Davis

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report


Lynda Ripley (until August) Vivienne Chan (since August)

Competitions Officer

Marielle Theberge

Patron, Life Members, Orders of Merit, Hall of Champions Patron

MLS Mr John McGrath

Life Members Linda Bawden Peter Murphy Tony Sprlyan Robyn Fittock Sue Scudds (nee Falconer)

Rick O’Brien Jack Steele Nino Canale George Hawkins John Sewell

Trevor Williams Chris Stapff Amanda Combes Ann Wells

Linda Bawden Mark Casserly Bob Dreger John Foreman Peter Huggins Norm Jackson Craig McIntyre Rick O’Brien Chris Stapff Lisa Willcocks Dennis Webb Steve Doyle Amanda Combes Linda Clayton

Sue Scudds (nee Falconer) Charles Grigio Dixie Hyatt Linda Ketteridge Connor McDonald Sue Pearce Vince Ulgiati Trevor Williams Cathy McIntyre Jan Perry Greg Blight Sharon Mottolini David Heaton Russell Hampton

Peter Hyatt Amanda Combes

Craig McIntyre

Orders of Merit Larry Bayley Nino Canale Kieran Cranley Robyn Fittock Peter Head Peter Hyatt Rob Keirnan Dave Northy Nick Randall John Vincent Andrew Wilson Anne Wells Wayne Edgeloe Yoshi Sawada Cameron Edwards Hall of Champions Linda Bawden Peter Ellery


Programs Events Once again, the WA Junior State teams entered as part of their vital match practice for the upcoming Australian Junior Volleyball Championships held in Brisbane, in July. This is the final tournament opportunity for these teams before they head interstate for the AJVC, and it helps coaches and players in the build-up to what is the pinnacle of junior volleyball in Australia.

State Invitational

The 2009 Country Champions Perpetual Shield was awarded to Busselton. This is an outstanding achievement which is a reflection of the endeavours of all Busselton Volleyball Association Committee members.

The usual strong presence of teams from Albany, Busselton and Bunbury was supported by teams from Mandurah and Collie.

The State Championship for the overall competition was awarded to ECU Chequers Volleyball Club.

RESULTS Men’s A Grade Country Champions – Busselton Metro Champions – Perth Coastal

Women’s A Grade Metro Champions – U19 Women

Men’s B Grade Country Champions – Albany Metro Champions – Feral

Women’s B Grade Country Champions - Busselton Metro Champions – ECU Chequers

Western Australian Schools Cup

has been well received and will be maintained for next year’s competition.

Over 160 school teams played almost 450 matches during five days of competition to decide who would be Champion School for the 2009 Drug Aware WA Volleyball Schools Cup.

Loftus Recreation Centre has been the only venue for this year’s competition, which was a great experience for all divisions.

The number of teams competing in the tournament has slightly increased comparing to last years event which is very pleasing. We welcomed a number of schools new to High Schools Cup and look forward to their involvement in future VWA events.

Once again, referees were supplied by Rossmoyne SHS and positive feedback was received about the consistency and professionalism shown. Many referees used the matches as assessment towards their Level 1 qualifications, and as a fundraiser for travel to the annual Australian Volleyball Schools Championships in Melbourne.

This year we have trialed a 5 day format to allow every division to play on a separate day and to avoid teachers having to spread resources over two venues as has happened in the past. It also allowed for a consistency and same set up for every age group which made it much easier for VWA staff.

Rossmoyne Senior High School, led by Program Coordinator and Teacher Robyn Fittock, took out the title as Champion School making it an astounding 18 years in a row. As per previous years, we saw teams from Mandurah Baptist College and Albany Senior High School making their way down to compete in the tournament. This shows the great job teachers are doing in WA.

We have also expanded the number of divisions to suit different playing abilities making the tournament fun and enjoyable for everyone. The change 10


Over the weekend of the 30th and 31st of May Volleyball WA held its Annual WA State Championships for indoor volleyball at Warwick and Loftus Recreation Centres. The event was attended by numerous Country Volleyball Associations and Perth Metropolitan Clubs. The Perth Volleyball League has a general bye so all local club teams can mix with the country teams. We had 35 teams competing over the weekend, which is the same amount of teams as in the previous year.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

RESULTS Division


Male Open Honours Male Open A Male Open B Male Under 16 Honours Male Under 16 A Male Under 16 B Male Under 15 A Male Under 15 B Male Under 14 A Male Under 14 B

Trinity Blue Hale 1 St Stephens Carramar 2 Rossmoyne Black Greenwood 10 Christ Church Grammar School Rossmoyne Black Rossmoyne Rossmoyne White Rossmoyne Black

Rossmoyne Mt Lawley St Stephens Carramar 3 Rossmoyne White Mt Lawley Albany SHS Aquinas #1 Perth Modern #1 Rossmoyne Black Trinity Green

Female Open Honours Female Open A Female Open B Female Under 16 Honours Female Under 16 A Female Under 16 B Female Under 15 A Female Under 15 B Female Under 14 A Female Under 14 B

Rossmoyne Mt Lawley Penrhos Senior B Greenwood Greenwood 10A St Mary’s Rossmoyne Black Rossmoyne Rossmoyne Black Mercedes College

Greenwood St Stephens Carramar 4 Mt Lawley Rossmoyne Black Mt Lawley St Stephens Duncraig #5 Rossmoyne White Greenwood 92 Greenwood 8G1 Rossmoyne Black

Runners Up

Drug Aware High School Beach Volleyball Championships The 2009 Drug Aware High Schools Beach Championships took place at the end of February. After previous year’s teachers strikes (for any extra curriculum activities) we have seen schools coming back and participating in the tournament. Many junior teams entered into the senior competition, thus we saw almost 140 teams competing on the 26th February on the sands of City Beach. Town of Cambridge has been supporting VWA nd this competition for many years now and City Beach is a permanent venue for the HS beach volleyball competitions. With the great help and support from our major sponsors, Healthway – Drug Aware, 92.9-Perth’s Hit Music Station, Water Corporation and The Great Escape, all players and teachers were provided with a great day of beach volleyball.

ment. Thank you to all the teams for showing up for their duty shifts, and to teachers for making sure that everything ran to schedule. Thanks to all the schools for their participation and we look forward to their continued involvement. Once again, we would like to thank The Town of Cambridge as well as City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club for their support and provision of the First Aid Facilities.

The standard of beach volleyball and sportsmanship illustrated the fabulous work that teachers and students have done in preparing for the tournaRESULTS

Pairs A Grade B Grade C Grade



Greenwood SHS Rossmoyne SHS Greenwood SHS St Stephens Carramar 3

Greenwood SHS St Brigid’s College Greenwood SHS St Brigid’s College 11

St Brigid’s team with their Drug Aware giveaways

Summer League


The 2009 Summer League competition saw the continuation of matches held on Sundays and Friday nights, allowing players to make the transition from the beach volleyball season into the indoor (hard court) season. The increased interest in the beach game seemed to flow over into indoor volleyball as VWA received nominations from 23 teams for the Summer League competition, which was the same as in the previous year.

Perth Volleyball League The 2009 Perth Volleyball League (PVL) was held on brand new courts at Loftus Recreation Centre in Leederville allowing all grades to play under the one roof each Sunday. The 20 round season saw a record number of 67 teams entered across 6 divisions in both men and women. This season Southern Cross met Rossmoyne in the Men’s Super League Grand Final and after last years defeat in the grand final, Southern Cross won the game in five exciting sets. In the Women’s Super League grand final UWA defeated Balcatta in three sets. We were extremely lucky to have Ms Robyn Fittock

Women’s A Grade U19 Gold Women def U21 Women MVP: Ella Pragt (U19 Gold women) Men’s B Grade U19 Gold Men def U17 Gold Men MVP: Samuel Mettam (U17 Gold Men) Women’s B Grade Southern Cross Blue def ECU Chequers Blue MVP: Michelle Reid (ECU Chequers Blue)

taking on the role of the PVL coordinator this season and we would like to thank her for her efforts and exceptional work she has done. We would also like to thank Mr Stephen Page for his IT support with the results program and all the referees who helped us out during the season, and congratulate those who upgraded their qualifications. Volleyball WA would like to thank VWA Referee Commission (Ms Danielle Francis, Mr Derek Scales and Ms Marta Makuch) for dedicating many hours to the development of referees which has resulted in a higher, more professional standard at PVL. The main focus has been on developing a group of competent, confident and experienced referees for the upcoming Australian Junior Volleyball Championships to be held in Perth in 2010.

RESULTS Superleague Men Superleague Women

Southern Cross defeated Rossmoyne UWA defeated Balcatta

Division 1 Men Division 1 Women

Southern Cross defeated Rossmoyne UWA defeated Balcatta

Division 2 Men Division 2 Women

Balcatta defeated Southern Cross Southern Cross defeated Balcatta

Division 3 Men Division 3 Women

Balcatta defeated UWA Balcatta Red defeated UWA

Division 4 Men Division 4 Women

Perth Coastal defeated Southern Cross Blue Balcatta Blue defeated Southern Cross Penrhos A

Division U17 Women

Southern Cross Penrhos A defeated Southern Cross Penrhos B

Masters Men Master Women

Balcatta ECU Chequers

PVL 2009—Super League Men’s Grand Final 12


Players who rested over the summer were keen to get back into action and the standard of competition was high across all divisions. Summer League continues to provide a great lead-in to the main winter season – the Perth Volleyball League.

Men’s A Grade Main Event Mafia def U21 Men MVP: Michael De Rossi (Main Event Mafia)

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Most Valuable Players 2009 Superleague Men Superleague Women

Rory Read (Rossmoyne) Rachelle Brammer (UWA)

Division 1 Men Division 1 Women

David Hedge (Southern Cross) Urszula Wereszczak (UWA)

Division 2 Men Division 2 Women

Samuel Halley (Rossmoyne) Cassy King (Southern Cross)

Division 3 Men Division 3 Women

Elliot Hill (Balcatta) Kate Ganz (Balcatta)

Division 4 Men Division 4 Women

Tom Murray (Southern Cross) Clare Wheeler (ECU Chequers)

Division U17 Women

Kelly Baker (Rossmoyne)

2009 Men’s Super League Winners—Southern Cross

WA State Senior Teams — AVL The 2009 AVL season was very successful for both WA’s Senior State Teams. Both teams finished with a medal.

WA Hornets Winning the Bronze Medal Match—AVL 2009

Both the Women’s and Men’s season run separately—Women play from May to July whereas the men’s season runs from October to December. The Women travelled to Sydney and Adelaide and played their third round in Perth, in front of the home crowds. The WA Pearls after an outstanding series with not a single game lost made their way to the Grand Finals winning it against UNI Blues (VIC). We are very pleased to note that Tara West (WA Pearls Captain) has been named as the Most Outstanding Female Player of the Year by the Australian Volleyball Federation and Pauline Manser have been awarded with the Joe Hiller Coach of the Year award. Three WA players were selcted on the Women’s Australian Team and represented Australia in the 15th Senior Asian Championships held in Vietnam. The players were: Tara West, Rachelle Brammer and Fleur Holmes Following the success of the women’s team, the WA Hornets (WA State Senior Men’s Team) had an exceptional season making finals and finishing it off winning in three easy sets the Bronze Medal match against UTSSU (NSW). Thank you to coaches and players for the outstanding work they have done throughout the season. Special thank you to Mr Chris Wallman for supporting WA athletes as a team’s Physio.



Tara West (Captain) Rachelle Brammer Melissa Johnson Michelle Hand Elise Chapman Amanda Robertson Amy McAllan Holly Shorter Taleah Atthowe Xanthe Hand Jenny Day Lori Tyrrell Tenille Ryan Fleur Holmes

Paul Prindiville (Captain) Joshua Wilson Shane Troy Jonathan Hague Michael Ruggiero Brett Lewington Samuel Halley Jack Halley Travis Luff Rohan Farris Craig Sibbons Rhodri Simmonds Jerome Mardon Craig Fergusson

Pauline Manser (Head Coach) Darrin Pike (Head Coach) Laurel Wentworth (Assistant) David Van Weert (Assistant) Chris Wallman (Physio) 13

Volleyball WA Awards The night was held at the Assured Ascot Quay Apartment Hotel on the 20th of November, Congratulations to all the winners listed below as well as Southern Cross for winning the honour of Champion Club.

As the indoor season came to an end, and on the eve of the new beach season, it was a time to reflect and recognise efforts of all athletes, referees, administrators and coaches at the VWA Annual Awards Dinner.


2009 Female Indoor Player of the Year 2009 Geoff McIntyre Male Indoor Player of the Year

Rachelle Brammer (UWA) Rory Read (Rossmoyne)

2009 Female Junior Player of the Year 2009 Male Junior Player of the Year

Tenille Ryan Rhodri Simmonds

2008/2009 Female Beach Player of the Year 2008/2009 Male Beach Player of the Year

Connie Byrnes Jonathan Hague

2008/2009 Female Beach MVP 2008/2009 Male Beach MVP

Connie Byrnes Jonathan Hague & Sean Yates

2009 International Player of the Year

Tara West

2009 Rookie Coach of the Year 2009 Coach of the Year

Rachelle Brammer Pauline Manser

2009 Rookie Referee of the Year 2009 Referee of the Year

Jodie Papiccio Derek Scales

2009 Trevor Williams Volunteer Administrator of the Year

Rachel Trent

2009 Champion Club

Southern Cross Volleyball Club VWA Vice President Mr Damian Oldmeadow with Jodie Papiccio—2009 Rookie Referee of the Year

VWA Board of Management From Left: Damian Oldmeadow (Vice President), Trevor Williams (VWA President), Stuart Davis and Rob Perisic 14



Australian Junior Volleyball Championships Brisbane 2009 The 2009 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships were held in Brisbane, QLD over two venues—Logan City Insports and Beenleigh Arena. Held from July 5th – 11th, the event saw 56 teams from all states competing for the President’s Trophy in U17, U19 and U21 age groups.

The WA contingent of referees again delivered a stellar performance, with excellent feedback received from other states and tournament organisers about the general quality and professionalism displayed by our officials. Special congratulations to VWA Rookie Referee of the Year—Mrs Jodie Papiccio who was named the best performing refereeing of the tournament.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Volleyball WA once again entered 9 teams, including development teams in both men and women U17 division and in men’s U19 division.

Across the board, this was a highly successful campaign with 2 medals being won by our 9 teams. Additionally, Andrew Lillywhite and Michael Snart were selected as All Stars in their respective age groups.

WA’S 2009 AJVC Entire Delegation MEDALS OFFICIALS Under 19 Men Black – Bronze Medal Under 21 Men – Bronze Medal

Danielle Francis Marta Makuch Jodie Papiccio

All Star 7 Selection: Under 19: Andrew Lillywhite Under 21: Michael Snart

Brendan Buckley Nick McKenzie Derek Scales

Trevor Williams — Head of Delegation


2009 Volleyball WA State Junior Teams Under 17 Men

Under 17 Women GOLD



Morgane Davies (C) Aimee Baker Jen Bagust Sophie Dixon Clarice Eaton Emmily Goff Jemma Kovacic Lucy Petchell Renee Stanton Marilee van der Merwe

Naomi Hutchinson (C) Tayla Beck Sarah Cole-Bowen Jessica Coshan Kate Ganz Lauren Mettam Chelsea Packham Rianne Parker Charlotte Ryan Sally Staples

Samuel Halley Nick Barry Blaine Boekhrost Ben Durant Elliot Hill Adam Lockyer Lewis McDonald Sean McLaughlin Samuel Mettam Samuel Sexton Max Staples

Jack Righton Dylan Brooks Michael Genoni Brady Garner Cameron Gillman Tim Hames Brett Hill Matt Hawkins Tyren Nagegaal Michael Song

Head Coach Gavin Lewis Assistant Coach Stacey Lindsay

Head Coach Rachelle Brammer

Head Coach David Van Weert Assistant Coach Lynsey Matthews

Head Coach Michael Prindiville

Under 19 Men

Under 19 Women



Tenille Ryan (C) Brooke Beasley Caitlin Brown Ellin Collins Brigitte Fee Millie Fee Xanthe Hand Adelaide Kohler Ella Pragt

Matt Hender (C) Cole Durant Jasper Growns Cameron Gunning Jack Halley Jeremy Hinkley Matt Hyatt Brett Leslie Andrew Lillywhite Tim Mettam Rhodri Simmonds

Cameron Dall (C) Ben Caley Stewart Campbell Michael Hall Mark Haning Rory Lowe Jade Macaulay Kable Monck Chris Prior Kyle Simpson Sebastian Terkildsen

Head Coach Connor McDonald Assistant Coach Stephen Page

Head Coach Paul Prindiville Assistant Coach Rachel Trent

Head Coach Rory Read

Under 21 Women

Under 21 Men

Holly Shorter (C) Stephanie Cunnold Kobi Evans Jess Forman

Jacqui Harris (C) Amanda Robertson Bethany Williams Sarah Wood

Michael Snart (C) Joshua Court Jayson Fox Ben Gray Casey Grice Brett Lewington

Head Coach Laurel Wentworth Assistant Coach Suzanne Williams

Head Coach Darrin Pike


Travis Luff Nick Perry Michael Ruggiero Luke Smith James Walshe



State Senior & Junior Beach Program All VWA beach squads commenced their season with try outs held in Late October. From this group 3 women’s and two men’s squads were formed. Numbers for the men’s squad started getting low as the season progressed thus at the end we had only one men’s squad remaining.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Tara Banks once again was coaching the Senior Elite Women’s Squad. Women’s Development Squads were coached by AAA beach volleyball players— Melissa Johnson and Kim Ellwood and the Men’s Squad was coached by an AAA athlete—Ryan Kennedy. Most sessions were held at Royal Park beach volleyball courts as that guaranteed significantly more stable weather then sessions at the beach.



Tara Banks (Coach)

Ryan Kennedy (Coach)

Taleah Atthowe Rachelle Brammer Carrie-Anne Cairns Tracey Hasselerharm Bianca Anghileri Larissa Kozulin Mila Vasilic Adriana Arantes Anke Scott Sophie Godfrey

Kenrick Armitage Bareth Bowen Sam Delany Cameron Furness Corry Grosser Sam Kingston Greg Mildenhall Michael North Simon O’Donell James Spight Derek Scales

DEVELOPMENT WOMEN Several athletes made the step from state to national competition as they competed in various AVF events. It is essential for the development and retention of these players that they continue to have opportunities to compete at a national level.

Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships South Australia 2010 A large group of junior athletes involved in the VWA Beach Volleyball Squads put their training into practice this season, travelling interstate to compete in the Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships. The Junior Championships were held at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide from 18th to 20th January 2010. We had a record 12 teams attending the tournament. All WA’s Men’s U23 teams met in Semi Finals and then Grand Final, with Court & Snart defeating Fox & Van Winsen.

Melissa Johnson(Coach) Kim Ellwood (Coach) Tessa Anderson Jo Falconer Melanie Fowler Ocean Graham Summar Grant Rebecca Kelly Cassy King Andrea Lambert Alex Moir Jill Muhling Kiera Robinson Cynthia Ruvidini Cat Tatam Michael Snart in action at the 2010 AJBVC

Congratulations to all athletes who competed in the event. RESULTS FOR ALL WA TEAMS Division: Players: Final placing: U17 Men Max Staples & Greg Shim 12th U19 Men Cole Durant & Jeremy Hinkley 3rd Blake Borrett & Jade Macaulay 9th Cameron Gunning & Matt Hyatt 10th Harley Howe & Sam Kingston 13th U23 Women Tenille Ryan & Kobi Evans 3rd Amy McAllan & Beth Williamson 6th Tracey Hasselerharm & Taleah Atthowe 8th U23 Men Joshua Court & Michael Snart 1st Jayson Fox & Mark Van Winsen 2nd Michael Prindiville & Mark McDowell 3rd Michael Ruggiero & Brett Lewington 4th 17

Jovana Bozic Jenna Galagher Angel Kennedy Corinne Kirry Susan Lam Elaine Lek Sasha Lightfoot Dominique Morgan Micha Venaille Vikki Wardley Natasha Hanham Claire Cloney Karen Dickson

Drug Aware WA Beach Volleyball Tour In the 2009 / 2010 season Volleyball WA held 14 beach volleyball events (including the Drug Aware High School Beach Volleyball Championships) over 17 weeks of the season, from 6th November to 7th March.

Beach Committee Members: Damian Oldmeadow Stuart Davis Darryl Fox Paul Godwin Alex Moir Mark Termeer Vikki Wardley VWA – Gavin Lewis & Marta Makuch The tour did not go to Bunbury this season, as the Bunbury Volleyball Association has made a decision of not hosting a round due to lack of sufficient funds. The association has invested in a permanent beach volleyball venue so hopefully it will result in more people playing beach volleyball. After several conversations with the association we will try to get the event back in the tour’s calendar as there is no other beach as flat and wide as Koombana Bay . With the great endeavours of Joan StrikwerdaBrown, Stuart Luff and all at the Busselton Volleyball Association, the Busselton beach tournament went ahead as scheduled, and once again proved to be a very successful event.

The 2009 / 2010 season was on a par with last year for overall participant numbers. This continuity is very pleasing as it indicates that the product we are offering meets players needs. Volleyball WA would like to thank The City of Stirling Beach Services Coordinator - Mr John Snook and Kelly Yates as well as The Town of Cambridge and City of Fremantle for their ongoing help and support of the WA Beach Volleyball Tour. The Drug Aware WA Beach Volleyball Tour was again well supported by our major sponsors, particularly Healthway and the Department of Sport and Recreation. After a very successful partnership with 96FM we have welcomed a new radio partner—92.9, Perth’s Hit Music station which has supported the tour with advertising and promotion. VWA and members are looking forward to this relationship growing and we are very pleased to be involved with 92.9.. Continued sponsorship from the Water Corporation, Volkswagen Osborne Park, The Great Escape at Hillarys Boat Harbour and Miracle Recreation Equipment also assists in our tour’s ongoing success. We have welcomed Eyres Optics as a new sponsor at the end of the season with a promise of continued sponsorship for the next season. Many thanks go to the Tournament Event staff – Emma Minear, Marie Suckling and Stephen Page as well as the set up crew. All staff contributed to making the tour a smooth and successful season for the all players.

We would also like to thank the Shire of Busselton and Pro Busselton, without whom we could not hold this extremely popular competition. This year we have recorded a change to the National Beach Volleyball Tour. Due to no major sponsor for a separate Australian Beach Volleyball Tour, the Australian Volleyball Federation has decided to include all State Opens as part of the Australian Beach Series finishing the season off with the Australian Beach Volleyball Championships held in Brisbane. The WA State Open was held at Scarborough Beach over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of March

Action from the Drug Aware WA Beach Volleyball Tour 18


The season commenced with a meeting of the Beach Committee consisting of ex and current beach volleyball players who work voluntarily to support the Tour and VWA. This group has been meeting with VWA’s Staff several times throughout the season constantly reviewing the Tour and proposing changes and/or improvements for the next round or season. In cooperation with this group VWA will review the season in preparation for the next WA Beach Volleyball Tour. We would like to thank the committee as they have done a tremendous job and we are looking forward to their continuing involvement.

and was a great success for VWA and spectators. West Australians had a chance to watch best Australian beach volleyball players competing for the winner’s title. We saw a number of AIS athletes (Australian Institute of Sport) as well as Olympians like Joshua Slack and Julien Prosser.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Drug Aware Beach Volleyball Tour—State Series Winners Drug Aware Royal Park Open 7th and 8th November 2009—Royal Park Men: Michael Snart / Martin Suan Women: Jenny Day / Fleur Holmes

Drug Aware State Series #1 28th and 29th November 2009—Scarborough Men’s: Michael Snart / Martin Suan Women’s: Tara Banks / Nikki Fake

Drug Aware State Series #2 12th and 13th December 2009—Port Beach Men’s: Michael Snart / Martin Suan Women’s: Melissa Johnson / Tara Banks

Drug Aware State Series #3 9th and 10th January 2010—City Beach Men’s: Jordan Linton / Martin Suan Women:s: Tara West / Michelle Perisic

Drug Aware State Series #4 16th and 17th January 2010—City Beach Men’s: Robert Gibbs / Ryan Glossop Women’s: Melissa Johnson / Nikki Fake

Drug Aware Pro Busselton State Series #5 30th and 31st January 2010—Busselton Men’s: Adrian Lee / Ryan Glossop Women’s: Jenny Day / Fleur Holmes

Drug Aware State Series #6 20th & 21st February 2010—Scarborough Men’s: Adrian Lee / Ryan Glossop Women’s: Jenny Day / Fleur Holmes

Drug Aware 4 a side/Corporate Cup 6th December 2009—Royal Park Winners: FREO Runners Up: Vikki’s Team

Drug Aware Mixed Doubles 7th February 2010—Port Beach A Grade: Mandy Combes / Mark McDowell B Grade: Alex Moir / Simon O’Donnell C Grade: Jemma Shaw / Priyan Perera

Drug Aware WA Juniors 19th December 2009—Royal Park U23 Men: Jayson Fox / James Clinch U19 Men: Cole Durant / Jeremy Hinkley U17 Men: Jordan Wheeler / Kieran Mullee Women: Tenille Ryan / Kobi Evans

Drug Aware WA State Open 6th and 7th March 2010—Scarborough AAA Women’s: Becchara Palmer /Alice Rohkamper AA Women’s: Andrea Lambert / Alison Mees A Women’s: Sheila Su / Regine Endres B Women’s: Shannon Robinson / Janica Bell

AAA Men’s: Sam Boehm / Chris McHugh AA Men’s: Sam Kingston / Corry Grosser A Men’s: Jordan Wheeler / Kieran Mulee B Men’s: Harley Howe / Kyle Simpson

AAA Women Winners and Runners Up with the Pro Busselton Representative and Mr Stuart Luff— President of Busselton Volleyball Association (Drug Aware ProBusselton WA Beach Volleyball Tour 2009/2010) 19

Social Competitions The WA Volleyball Social Volleyball program offered structured Indoor and Beach Volleyball competitions in 2009. These leagues are based on independent teams (non-Club), with supplied coordinators and referees. The Social Indoor Volleyball Leagues were located at various venues across the metropolitan area. Indoor Location Forrestfield Warwick Challenge Stadium

Evening Tuesday Tuesday Thursday

Format Pairs Fours Pairs/Fours in winter Drop-In Coaching

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Monday Thursday

Beach Volleyball continued its growth trend, attracting new teams and retaining the “regulars”. The Summer and Spring seasons ran at maximum capacity of teams for each of the competition evenings. In Summer, the popularity of 2 a-side competition continued to rise, with a resultant drop in the number of teams nominating for 4-aside competitions.

Action from the 2010 Australia Day - Langley Park



Forrestfield and Warwick ran at a full team capacity, whilst Joondalup as a new league increased player numbers slightly during 3 seasons, this league has been cancelled in December because of the low number of participants.

The Social Beach Volleyball Leagues were based at Volleyball WA’s Royal Park beach volleyball courts.

Development Officer’s Report

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Coaching Volleyball WA conducted three Level 1 Coaching Courses, including one for the Busselton Volleyball Association. These courses saw thirty four (34) coaches receiving National Accreditation during 2009.

Since September 2009, VWA has hosted Jinsun (Becky) Peak from Korean NESTA Foundation for a 6 month internship. During this time, among other responsibilities Becky has been involved in clinics delivery under John’s supervision. She has shared her Korean experience with participants which was well received.

All regional visits conducted by Volleyball WA staff include not only Coaching Courses, but also Referee Courses and where applicable in school coaching clinics. This way every visit offers as many volleyball development opportunities to the community as possible.

The WA Pearls (WA AVL senior Women’s Team) as also been involved in clinics delivery in remote communities.

The reviewed Level 2 Coaching Course curriculum has been submitted by the Australian Volleyball Federation (AVF) to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) for endorsement. Once the course is endorsed by the ASC, Volleyball WA will offer the course to its members. The Level 2 is an advanced course and to run it, we will be seeking AVF’s support. Congratulations to the Volleyball WA Rookie Coach of the Year for 2009. This award recognizes the high level of expertise and dedication that this coach has shown. She has been involved not only in coaching juniors and the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships, but also in representing WA in the Australian Volleyball League. Was also chosen to represent Australia as a member of the Australian Women’s team.

2009 Telfer Clinics with the WA Pearls

In March 2010, Mr Max Wason has been appointed as the new VWA Development Officer. We wish Max all the best and welcome him in the role. Max’s focus will be high school volleyball development, as per VWA’s Strategic Plan.

2009 Rookie Coach of the Year Rachelle Brammer. Refereeing The Western Australian Referees Committee continued to ensure the development and education of VWA’s officials. We have seen a large number of referees diligently working to improve their skills so that they can progress further in this field. The goal of many is to be selected as part of the WA Referee Contingent for the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (AJVC).

Clinics Coaching clinics have been delivered by various coaches including Steve Page and Jodie Papiccio. The clinics have been very well received. At the beginning of 2009 Michael Snart (VWA Development Officer) was delivering clinics under the supervision of Steve Page. After Michael’s resignation, VWA employed Mr John Overton to the position of Development Officer. During his short employment, John has run clinics and holiday programs for various communities, including Women’s Program. Pauline Manser has attended a few of those clinics and have told participants of her volleyball experience—when possible VWA ‘uses’ its members as role models.

Congratulations to all referees selected to attend the 2009 AJVC. All these referees worked tirelessly throughout the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships and must be commended for their professionalism and standard of officiating. Mrs Jodie Papiccio has gained her National A accreditation and has been awarded atheJeff Kostas Refereeing Award as the


most outstanding referee of the tournament. Two other WA referees have upgraded their qualification to the National AA which is a fantastic achievement (Mr Derek Scales and Mr Brendan Buckley). VWA would like to congratulate all referees and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. The Perth Volleyball League’s core of officials was strengthened through the ongoing ‘Referee Coaching’ program. This mentoring program assists new referees to develop their confidence, and provides weekly opportunities for Referee Assessments and upgrades.

Numerous Referee Courses were conducted during 2009 in Perth and regional centres by the VWA Referee Commission (Miss Danielle Francis, Ms Marta Makuch and Mr Derek Scales), with 78 newly appointed District Referees. VWA has observed a high demand for referee courses, especially for High School students. Two main reasons are the fact it is a part of their PE courses as well as an Australian Volleyball Schools Championships requirement. It is a great chance to attract more people into our sport. Awards 2009 Rookie Referee of the Year—Jodie Papiccio 2009 Referee of the Year—Derek Scales

Greenwood Senior High School at 2009 AVSC The AVSC is a great opportunity for players, coaches and referees to develop their skills and upgrade qualifications, but most of all is a great volleyball experience. Dani Francis was appointed as Chief Referee overseeing the officials involved in the tournament. There were a number of WA volunteers attending the event: Mrs Jodie Papiccio, Ms Tenille Ryan, Miss Jinsun (Becky) Peak and Mr Derek Scales. Many WA schools regard the tournament as a chance for their students to be exposed to this fantastic volleyball atmosphere and acquire the taste for competitive volleyball. This year we had a over 45 school teams form WA representing Rossmoyne SHS, Aquinas College, Greenwood SHS, Wesley College, Penrhos College and Trinity College as well as Hale School. Volleyball WA encourages all schools to make efforts to send teams to this great competition, and we hope to see additional schools involved in 2010.

Australian Volleyball Schools Championships The Australian Volleyball Schools Championships (AVSC) or National Schools Cup is held annually in Melbourne during early December. The 2009 event was held between the 6th and 12th of December. The huge number of teams entered, supported the opinion about this competition being the largest single-sport school event in the nation, with over 420 teams competing throughout the week. This was the highest number of teams recorded in over the 25 years history of the tournament.

Spikezone As per the VWA’s Board of Management Strategic Plan, Spikezone is not a high priority as it is believed that higher importance should be with high school programs. In 2009, VWA has offered Spikezone after school coaching clinics. Sessions were run by the VWA Office Administrator—Miss Vivienne Chan, who has club coaching experience and relevant Level 1 Coaching qualifications. We saw around 30 participants aged 8 to 14 on Tuesday afternoons in Terms 1 and 4. These beach volleyball sessions will continue to be offered to members. VWA still delivers clinics in Primary Schools so that 22

Development Officer’s Report

However, there is still an urgent need to increase the number of qualified and experienced referees working at our PVL and social competitions, particularly as many referees are also committed to playing or coaching.

primary schools kids are exposed to volleyball.

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Country/Regional Areas Each VWA regional visit includes school and / or club coaching clinics, referee course and a coaching course. The aim of this process is to have qualified personnel available locally to assist growth of the sport in the long term. The Busselton Volleyball Association and the Albany Volleyball association have been both developing large number of adult players through their social leagues. The Bunbury Volleyball Association is following their steps with their beach volleyball competitions. Ideally, Volleyball WA would like to see a representative from each of the major associations becoming a qualified coaching course and referee course presenter so as to enable more frequent delivery of courses.

Active Girls Healthy Future—Volleyball Clinics

VWA will continue to work with the regional area clubs and associations to support the fantastic work that volunteers have established. Volleyball WA strives to provide West Australians with opportunities to play, officiate and coach the great game of Volleyball, whether it be at a school, social, junior, senior or elite level.

Marta Makuch (Operations Manager) Trinity College Open Honours Boys Division Winners 2009 Drug Aware WA Schools Cup

Miss Vivienne Chan and Miss Jinsun (Becky) Peak 2009 Annual Awards Dinner


Financial Statements

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Special Purpose Financial Report for the Year ended 31 December 2009 Financial Statements

Index Auditors’ 25 Statement by Board of 28 Statement of Income and 29 Statement of Financial 30 Notes to Financial 31


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Independent Audit Report To the members of the Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Report on the Financial Report

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

We have audited the accompanying financial report, being a special purpose financial report, of Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) (the association), which comprises the balance sheet as at 31 December 2009, the income statement, and the statement by members of the Board of Management. Committee's Responsibility for the Financial Report The Board of Management of the association is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial report and have determined that the accounting policies described in Note I to the financial statements, which form part of the financial report, are consistent with the financial reporting requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act (W A) and are appropriate to meet the needs of the members. The Board's responsibilities also include designing, implementing and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of the financial repolt that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error; selecting and applying appropriate accounting policies; and making accounting estimates that are reasonable in the circumstances. Auditor's Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the financial report based on our audit. No opinion is expressed as to whether the accounting policies used, are appropriate to meet the needs of the members. We conducted our audit in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. These Auditing Standards require that we comply with relevant ethical requirements relating to audit engagements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial repOlt is free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial repOlt. The procedures selected depend on the auditor's judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial report, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity's preparation and fair presentation of the financial report in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity's internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by the committee, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial report. The financial repolt has been prepared for distribution to members for the purpose of fulfilling the Board's financial repOlting under the Associations Incorporation Act (WA). We disclaim any assumption of responsibility for any reliance on this report or on the financial report to which it relates to any person other than the members, or for any purpose other than that for which it was prepared. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Independence In conducting our audit, we have complied with the independence requirements of Australian professional ethical pronouncements Qualification The financial report for the year ended 31 December 2008 was not audited by our firm and accordingly we are not in a position to and do not express an opinion on the opening balances. Auditor' s Qpinion


Statement by the Board of Management

In our opinion, except for the effects on the opening balances the financial report of Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) presents fairly, in all material respects the financial position of Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) as of 31 December 2009 and of its financial performance for the year then ended in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act (W A).

Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Auditors Independence Declaration Under Section 307C of the Corporation Act 2001 To Members of Western Australian volleyball Association (Inc)

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, in relation to the audit of the Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) for the year ended 31 December 2009 there have been; A) no contraventions of the auditor independence requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 in relation to the audit; and B) no contraventions of any applicable code of professional conduct in relation to the au dit.


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Statement by Board of Management In my opinion: the accompanying financial statements and notes have been drawn up so as to give a true and fair view of the Association's financial position as at 31 December 2009 and of its performance for the year ended on that date.


At the date of this statement there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Association will be able to pay its debts as and they fall due.

Signed at Perth this 28th day of April 2010


Statement by the Board of Management


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Statement of Financial Performance For the Year Ended 31 December 2009 2009














National Juniors



National Seniors
















National Juniors



National Seniors







Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report


Administration Beach

Total Income



Total Expenditure

Surplus / (Shortfall) of Income over Expenditure for the Year


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Statement of Financial Position as at 31 December 2009 Note

2009 $

2008 $

2 3

278,352 0 997

151,516 26,220 997



55,224 55,224

69,356 69,356



42,719 70,508 94,980

18,344 14,500 115,835







Total Liabilities






75,106 39,033

74,194 912



Current Assets Cash Assets Receivables Inventories Total Current Assets

Property, Plant and Equipment Total Non-Current Assets


Total Assets Current Liabilities Payables Provisions Interest Bearing Liabilities Other

5 6 7 8

Total Current Liabilities Non-Current Liabilities Interest Bearing Liabilities


Total Non-Current Liabilities

Equity Accumulated Members Funds Retained Profits/(Accumulated Losses)

9 9

Total Equity 30

Balance Sheet

Non-Current Assets

Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report


Summary of Significant Accounting Policies This special purpose financial report has been prepared for distribution to the members to fulfil the Association’s financial reporting requirements under the Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc)’s constitutions and the Associa tions Incorporation Act (WA). The accounting policies used in the preparation of this report, as described below, are consistent with the finan cial reporting re quirements of the Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc)’s constitution and with previous years, and are, in the opinion of the Board of Management, appropriate to meet the needs of the members: The requirements of Accounting Standard and other professional reporting requirements in Australia do not have mandatory applicability to the Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) because it is not a ‘reporting entity’. The Board of Management has, however, prepared the financial report in accor dance with all Accounting Standards, UIG Concensus Views and other profes sional reporting requirements in Australia with the following exceptions;


Statement of Financial Performance Depreciation Financial Reporting by Segments Related Party Disclosures Accounting for Employee Entitlements Presentation and Disclosure of Financial Instruments Statement of Cashflows Financial Report Presentation and Disclosure


Basis of Accounting The financial report has been prepared on the historical cost basis and except where stated does not take into account current valuations of non-current assets.


Going Concern Basis The financial report has been prepared on a going concern basis.


Recoverable Amounts The carrying amounts of non-current assets do not exceed the net amounts that are expected to be recovered through the cash inflows and outflows arising from the continued use and subsequent disposal of the assets. The expected net cash flows included in determining the recoverable amounts have not been discounted to their present val ues.


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements d)

Revenue Recognition Sponsorship and Grant Income Grants and sponsorship received from the Department of Sport and Recreation and Healthway are recorded as revenue, according to the time period to which they relate and once control over the future eco nomic benefits has been achieved by the Association. Sponsorship Income received in advance is recorded as a current liabil ity and is only brought to account as revenue in accordance with the criteria above. Income Tax No income tax has been brought to account in the financial statements, as the Association is an exempt institution under s50-45 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


Receivables Receivables are recorded at amounts due less any provision for doubt ful debts.


Inventories Inventories are measured at the lower of cost and net realisable value.


Depreciation of Property, Plan and Equipment Plant and equipment are depreciated using the diminishing value basis so as to write off their cost over their effective working lives. Deprecia tion rates used are motor vehicles at 22.5% and office furniture and equipment at 20% to 40%. Leasehold improvements are depreciated using the straight-line basis over 15 years, which is a rate of 7%.


Leases A distinction is made between finance leases, which effectively transfer from the lessor to the lessee substantially all the risks and benefits inci dental ownership of the leased property, without transferring the legal ownership, and operating leases under which the lessor effectively re tains substantially all the risks and benefits.


Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Where assets are acquitted by means of finance leases, the present value of minimum lease payments is established as an asset at the be ginning of the lease term and amortised on a diminishing value basis over the expected economic life. A corresponding liability is also estab lished and each lease payment is allocated between such liability and interest expense. Operating lease payments are charged to expense on a basis which is representative of the pattern of benefits derived from the leased property. j)

Employee Entitlements The amounts expected to be paid to employees for their pro-rate entitle ments to annual leave are accrued annually at rates that will meet their entitlements as and when they fall due. No provisions has been made for long service leave or sick leave in the financial report.


Accounts Payable Trade Payables represent the principal amounts outstanding at balance date.


Borrowings The Town of Vincent loan is recognised in the financial statements on the basis of the nominal amounts outstanding at balance date plus ac crued interest.


Borrowing Costs Borrowing costs are recognised as an expense in the period in which they are incurred.


Comparatives Where necessary, comparative figures have been adjusted to conform to changes in presentation for 2004.


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________

Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements 2009




















2. Receivables

Trade accounts receivable


4. Property, Plant & Equipment

Office furniture and equipment At cost

Accumulated depreciation and amortisation At cost

Net carrying amount of office furniture and Equipment At cost

Motor Vehicles At cost Under finance lease


Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

3. Inventories

Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Accumulated depreciation and amortisation At cost Under finance lease

Net carrying amount of motor vehicles At cost Under finance lease

Leasehold improvements At cost

Accumulated amortisation At cost

Net carrying amount of leasehold improvements At cost

Total Property, Plant and Equipment Office Furniture and Equipment Movement during the year: Beginning of year Additions Depreciation expense End of year


2009 $

2008 $

(87,340) (5,000)

(76,011) (10,000)



24,038 7,782

25,349 12,800

















— -

6,243 (6,243)



Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements

Motor vehicles Movement during the year: Beginning of year Additions Disposals Depreciation expense

Leasehold improvement Movement during the year: Beginning of year Additions Depreciation expense End of year




38,149 (6,329)

46,646 (8,497)



31,207 (7,803)

41,533 (10,326)



0 31,282 3,743 7,694

0 2,800 8,406 7,138



30,341 11,403 7,679 4,335 2,250

0 0 0 0 0

5,000 4,000 5,500

5,000 4,000 5,500



5. Payables Trade Creditors PAYE tax payable GST payable Superannuation payable

6. Provisions Annual Leave New Computer System AVL Invoices not received Sponsorship Invoice for Beach Athlete Rental Invoice for Korean Exchange Website Development Increase in AVF Membership Fees 2008 Annual Dinner Invoice not received


Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

End of year


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements 2009








Town of Vincent loan



Total Unsecured current borrowings









Town of Vincent loan



Total unsecured non-current borrowings





7. Interest Bearing Liabilities Current Finance Lease—Motor Vehicle Total current finance lease


Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Unsecured borrowings:

Total current borrowings

Non-current Finance lease—Motor vehicle Total non-current finance lease


Unsecured borrowings:

Total non-current borrowings

The above unsecured loan was arranged with the Town of Vincent (the lender) pursuant to a loan contract dated 31 March 2000. Interest is reviewed each 30 April through to the final re payment date of 1 July 2009. The loan relates to the funding of leasehold improvements (see note 4) on the Western Australian Volleyball Association (inc) site in Leederville, as described in note 12 below.

8. Other Current Liabilities Sponsorship Income in advance Healthway



Department of Sport & Recreation






Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements 2009










9. Retained Profits (Accumulated Losses) and Total Equity

Retained Profits Balance at beginning of year

during the year

Total Equity at end of year

10. Sponsorship and Grant Income As detailed in Note 1 (d), sponsorship and grant income from Healthway and the Department of Sport and Recreation respectively are recorded in the Statement of Financial Performance on an accrual basis. The following table shows the sponsorship and grant income received by the Association and the corresponding accrual accounting treatment. 2009 Included in Income $ Expenditure Statement

2009 Included in Grant income in Advance

2008 Included in Income $ Expenditure Statement

2008 Included in Grant income in Advance





Department of Sport & Recreation
















Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

Net profit/(loss) attributable to members

Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements 11. Commitments for Expenditure

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Finance leases

The Association has acquired two motor vehicles by means of finance leases. The 1st motor vehicle is leased for periods of 48 months, ending in April 2007. And the 2nd motor vehicle is leased for periods of 48 months, ending in September 2010. The first motor vehicle was paid for in 2007 and no lease exists for it. 2009














Payable: Not later than one year Later than 1 year but not later than 5 years

Future Finance Charges

Current Liability




Non-current Liability






12. Operating Lease Commitments

The Association has entered into an operating lease to lease the premises at 180 Charles Street, West Perth. The lease is for a period of 10 years commencing 1 July 1999 with two 5 year options. The annual rental for the year was $7,423, increasing each year by any increases in the Consumer Price Index. At the expiration of the lease, Western Australian Volleyball Association (the lessee) must make good any alteration to the property caused by the Western Australian Volleyball Association (inc), during this lease period. The financial statements do not show any liability for the cost (if any) of this “make good� clause.


Western Australian Volleyball Association (Inc) Special Purpose Financial Report for the year ended 31 December 2009 ___________________________________________________________________ Notes to and forming part of Financial Statements Minimum lease payments under the non-cancellable operating lease contracted for but capitalised in the financial statements:







Later than 1 year but not later than 5 years



Later than 5 years





Payable Not later than one year

As at 31st December 2009, there was close to $40,000 in ‘outstanding cheques’ (cheques written by the Association but not banked by suppliers). Some of these cheques have been banked in 2010, however, others need to be cancelled in 2010. The Board is aware of this and will be reviewing the outstanding cheques. The effect of cancelling ‘outstanding cheques’ will be that profit is increased and the reported ‘Cash at Bank’ will also increase. There have been no events subsequent to reporting date, which affect the financial report or require disclosure.


Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

13. Events Subsequent to Reporting Date

Acknowledgments Department of Sport and Recreation West Australian Health Promotion Foundation Lottery West Health Promotion Services

Western Australian Volleyball Association Inc. Annual Report

Coaching Foundation of WA Town of Vincent Town of Cambridge Town of Cottesloe City of Stirling City of Fremantle City of Mandurah City of Bunbury Shire of Busselton WA School Sports Association WA Sports Federation WA Olympic Council Australian Volleyball Federation

Sponsors Department of Sport and Recreation Healthway Drug Aware Lottery West 92.9—Perth’s Hit Music Station The Great Escape - Hillarys Boat Harbour Miracle Recreation Equipment Water Corporation Volkswagen Osborne Park Pro Busselton Mikasa Volleyball Eyres Optics


Affiliates Metropolitan Affiliates Balcatta Volleyball Association Inc ECU Chequers Volleyball Club Northern Stars Junior Volleyball Club Perth Coastals Volleyball Club Rossmoyne Volleyball Club Inc

University of Western Australian Volleyball Club Inc

Country Affiliates Albany Volleyball Association Bunbury Volleyball Association Busselton Volleyball Association Collie Volleyball Association Esperance Volleyball Association Karratha Volleyball Association Mandurah Volleyball Association Northam Volleyball Association



Southern Cross Volleyball Association Inc

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