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Contents About Neighbourhood Support -----------------------------------------------------------------4 Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator ----------------------------------------------7 Crime Prevention -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Rodney Neighbourhood Support AGM ----------------------------------------------------- 11 Supporting our Organisation: Donations --------------------------------------------------- 15 Street or Rural Group Coordinator ----------------------------------------------------------- 17 Muddy Tracks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 Moera Place NS Group ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 Working Together as a Team ------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Brandon Reserve Neighbourhood Support 2015----------------------------------------- 23 Settlers Grove BBQ 2015----------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 Our Website --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 Safer Plates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 Aotearoa Neighbours Day --------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 Neighbours from Beach Road, Manly Celebrate Neighbours Day 2015------------ 35 Smokey Joe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37 Waitoki Neighbourhood Support ------------------------------------------------------------- 39 Sad Signs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 39 Harassment & Abuse on Phones/Mobiles ------------------------------------------------- 41 Grooming and Online Predators-------------------------------------------------------------- 45 Sharing the Produce with Neighbours ------------------------------------------------------ 49 Retirement ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 49 Help Stop Graffiti Vandalism------------------------------------------------------------------- 51 Aqua Villas NS in Action! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 55 Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade ----------------------------------------------------- 57 Neighbours Day Aotearoa - Family Day --------------------------------------------------- 59 Gerontians Band Together --------------------------------------------------------------------- 61 Safety in the Home------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 65 Important Contact Numbers ------------------------------------------------------------------- 69

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About Neighbourhood Support

History Neighbourhood Watch was introduced to New Zealand as a crime prevention initiative in the late 1970’s. The initiative evolved to become Neighbourhood Support New Zealand, a community owned and managed organisation with a wide-ranging interest in community support, safety and crime prevention. Neighbourhood Support became an Incorporated Society in 2000. In 2001 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Zealand Police. The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between Neighbourhood Support New Zealand Incorporated and the Police. Objectives Neighbourhood Support aims to make homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live. This is primarily achieved through establishment of small cells of households known as a “Neighbourhood Support Group”, comprising anywhere from 4 to 50 residential households in a single street or suburb. Groups throughout a single suburb or a wider town or city area are co-ordinated either via a civilian co-ordinator, or through a Community Constable based at a local Police station. The main purpose of the groups is to encourage neighbours to know one another and share information on crime or suspicious activities in their area. Early contact with authorities such as the Police is also encouraged for reporting of unusual observations or unacceptable behaviour. Crime prevention information can also be shared with group members via Community Constables, or Neighbourhood Support Area Co-ordinators. A secondary objective of Neighbourhood Support is to facilitate communication between Civil Defence (Emergency Management) and the community during a man-made or natural disaster affecting residents.

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Message from the Editorial Team Sadly, the world in which we live is not as law abiding as it was a generation or two ago which makes the work of all sorts of government and voluntary organisations vital. Neighbourhood Support is a lively, worthwhile and necessary organisation which provides avenues for neighbours and communities to socialise, and look out for each other. Our sincere thanks to the contributors of all the articles contained here. A lot of hours have gone in to making this book as relevant, useful and convenient to use as possible. This book is a vehicle for the latest news and messages of many of the above in an easy to use format. Please keep it by your phone for ready reference. The community minded advertisers represented in this book have provided the finance for its manufacture and distribution as well as critical funding for your local Neighbourhood Support groups to continue their important work.

Please support these advertisers as they are supporting you! Published by Markat Promotions Ltd 120 Maces Road, Bromley Christchurch 8062 PO Box 19607, Woolston Christchurch 8241

Advertising / Articles Enquiries Phil Cowen Phone: 03 376 5124 Email:

Phone: 03 376 5120 Fax: 03 376 5153 Email:

Published Annually December 2015 ref: N15RD Page 5

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Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator As of November 2014 I became the official Coordinator for Rodney Neighbourhood Support which covers the area of the Rodney Police District. During the past year I have had the privilege of meeting many of you as I delivered our Magazine and updated our membership as well as introducing Neighbourhood Support to many new households and streets. A few Statistics for the last twelve months: •

There were 1,157 phone calls made or received.

Our car covered over 9,000 km.

Emails in and out totalled 23,158

Membership increased from Nov. 2014 of 400 Groups to 598 Groups.

Some are one household, the largest Group is 300

We have 4660 household members across Rodney Police District which includes all of the Rodney Local Board Area as well as the Hibiscus part of the Hibiscus Bays Local Board and Mangawhai. It is a pleasure to work with my supportive Committee and the many Street Contacts who have not only supported me by looking after their local area, sending me their street updates but also by taking part in Neighbours Day 2015 held during March.

I would like to invite households not already belonging to Neighbourhood Support, the opportunity to join: Email: Phone: 0800 9420 111 or 021 258 3737 Write: C/- Mahurangi Policing Centre, 1 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach 0920 Margaret Faed Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator

Also for sending many of the articles for this 2015 magazine. Check out our website - it has some very informative links not just to the Police but other sites that may be of interest to you: Page 7

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Crime Prevention Some ideas to help us to endeavor to make out suburbs and rural areas more safe and community minded. I suggest that you talk to your friends, not just in your immediate area but elsewhere about joining Neighbourhood Support, if not already in a group. I can offer signs, information packs as well as arrange to meet with them. If you are an area that has been hit by crime or an area near you has been, please contact me or your local Community Constable if you wish to hold a meeting of concerned residents. I work closely with the Police in establishing new groups. Remember if you see something suspicious is happening ring 111 If the crime or suspicious activity has already happened ring your local Police Station and they will put you through to a Crime Line to record the details. If you wish to remain anonymous ring Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111. (Your local police can also offer anonymity) Note: There is a lack of signs in some areas where I know we have members, also some signs are looking sad. I can supply both signs and stickers for your windows and or letterboxes. Send an email. As I will be delivering magazines around the whole of Rodney and Mangawhai area, the delivery of signs either to you personally or to your local Police Station can be arranged. I do believe that having the signs up on the Power Poles, stickers on the letter boxes, and taking measures to help prevent your place being vulnerable to intruders, does

help prevent burglaries. Some places have security lights that come on (although the cats or cars passing close to my driveway set mine off). Burglar alarms are useful but have a neighbour that can keep an eye if they are activated as well as a security company. (Mine has previously had every child in the street check my house). I do have it monitored. Some rural roads have clubbed together and put up security cameras. These must be looked after and the information available if required. I know of one instance where the locals did not know if the film would be available when the information on it was needed. I experienced hearing dogs barking at night, ours included, but just thought must be a possum that set one dog barking then all the others around joined in. Not so - a local farmer lost a lot of hay that night. It was lesson to be more aware of what is happening. I have tried to be encouraging and I guess I am talking to a lot of the converted who have already taken measures to protect their properties. If the above helps only one family it will be great. Let us all spread the word of Neighbourhood Support Rodney. Margaret Faed Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator. 08009420111 0212583737 Page 9

Whangaparaoa Shop 2, 719 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa • P: 09 424 9199 • Rentals: 09 424 8944 • Manager: Mark Holliday • Commercial: 09 424 6111

Orewa 294 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa • P: 09 427 9940 • Rentals: 09 427 8395 • Manager: David Carrel

Warkworth 7 Queen Street, Warkworth • P: 09 425 8742 • Rentals: 09 422 3209 • Manager: Saull Hinton • Mangawhai: 09 431 5960

Proud to help Neighbourhood Support on the Coast

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Rodney Neighbourhood Support AGM As a retiring Chairman of the NS committee this last year for Neighbourhood Support Rodney it has been an absolute joy to watch the team work together. We have had a few people who have come into the organisation for a brief time but have left a strong mark. Before they moved out of the district they strengthened their area, introduced new ideas to the committee and worked to establish a vibrant , enthusiastic team. We thank Sue Tisdall, Dan Stevens and Phil Maurice for their commitment and hope they are doing the same work for Neighbourhood Support in their new areas. We have found great wisdom and balance in Sue Bright and Gary Courtney who have been with the organisation for many years and have kept the vision with their knowledge of both the territory and population. They had served on the previous committee and took on all us ‘newbys’ with great grace and patience. Our energy source the unstoppable Margaret Faed who works 24 /7 in her position of coordinator with such passion. She is dynamic and works hard to promote Neighbourhood Support. The people skills of Lleon Downes are immediately evident as he has strengthened all the Orewa area groups and brought the concept into many of our churches . Our retiring secretary Colleen Gunn has worked hard to establish smooth agendas and accurate minutes and our very own computer expert Colin Smith has brought us into the technical world of websites etc.

Of course we cannot and would not forget the great input from the Rodney and Hibiscus Bays Local Board representative Greg Sayers who has brought his expertise and love of the community to the meetings and our enthusiastic, supportive Sergeant Steve Perris who has helped us so much with a plan of action to help us implement our Strategic Plan. A new committee will soon be establishing, and it will be wonderful to see where it goes to from here. The foundation is sound and the new committee will reap a great harvest from what started as an interim committee almost eighteen months ago. It has been a pleasure to work with this team and I thank them for their commitment and love of community. The support and enthusiasm received from our Local Area Coordinators Lesley Leversha, Vivien Pollock, Susan Beer, Sally Green and Julie Holmes has been much appreciated as has the work accomplished by our 551 Street Contacts in communicating with our 4631 households. Lesley Leversha was acknowledged for her volunteer work by receiving a Kiwi Bank, Local Hero Award. On behalf of the Committee we thank the many people and organisations including the Hibiscus Coast Bays Local Board, Rodney Local Board, The Lion Foundation, New Zealand Lotteries Grant Board, Kaipara Cat Fishing Charters, GJ Gardner and Markat Publishing who in various ways have provided the funds that have helped us to accomplish our aims and objective for the year August 2014 to 2015. Chairman Jane Jensen Coordinator Margaret Faed Page 11

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Rodney Neighbourhood Support AGM Photos and notes from our Annual General Meeting held August 2015 The meeting was well attended by our Members, our Police Inspector, Rodney Area Commander Mark Fergus, Community Constables Ian Price from Whangaparaoa, Mike Brown from Orewa, and Anthony Searle. The meeting was introduced by the Coordinator Margaret Faed. Our Secretary Colleen Gunn took the Minutes and the Annual Report was read by Jane Jensen, Chair. The Election of Officers was chaired by the Rodney and Hibiscus Bays Local Board Member Greg Sayers. The elected new Committee Julie Walles Secretary, Sue Bright, Treasurer, Colin Smith Communications, Greg Sayers from Hibiscus Bays and Rodney Local Board, and Sergeant Steve Perris, Whangaparaoa. Our Guest Speaker Police Inspector for Rodney, Mark Fergus spoke about how many households across Rodney are kept in touch by our Neighbourhood Support members. Community Constable Mike Brown our second Guest Speaker, spoke about certain ways to keep safe in our communities. Presentations were made to the Committee Members leaving at this time, Jane Jensen, Lleon Downes, Colleen Gunn and Gary Courtney. The meeting closed with Supper.

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Supporting our Organisation: Donations Rodney Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to making a difference in the community. Our organisation's mission is to create safer, more caring communities by – • • • •

Reducing the incidents and effects of criminal offending Strengthening community networks Improving the quality of life for all who reside in the region Promoting emergency preparedness, planning and response between neighbours, and Respecting people of all cultures in the region and encourage their involvement in Neighbourhood Support.

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust works alongside many organisations with the same vision of making us a

safe, connected and resilient area where community is the heart of society. In addition to forming Neighbourhood Support groups in our communities, our organisation also engages youth – our future – with the Junior Neighbourhood Support Programme that recognises positive behaviour and choices, promotes pride, safety and community spirit within communities, and supports schools in their efforts to establish strong relationships within the community and with families/whanau. Rodney Neighbourhood Support benefits from the support of over 3,500 households voluntarily advocating for the benefits of neighbourliness, building resilience and community engagement. We ask that you consider supporting our cause to expand and enhance our existing programmes that benefit our families/whanau and communities.

Donations can be made by way of the following – Direct Credit: Donations can be made via Direct Credit into the following account:

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust 12-3046-0369616-00 Please ensure you include your name in the particulars field and ‘donation’ in the reference field. Cheque: Please make cheques payable to: Rodney Neighbourhood Support Charitable Trust. These can be mailed to Neighbourhood Support, C/- Mahurangi Policing Centre, 1 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach 0920, Auckland. Once payment has cleared we will issue you with a receipt for tax purposes. We thank you for your support! Certificate of Incorporation: Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated 1636012 Charities Commission: Certificate of Registration, Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated, Registration number: CC24975 Page 15

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Street or Rural Group Coordinator


To act as contact person for Rodney Neighbourhood Support and the members of your Street or Rural Group

Maintains accurate contact details for the street and circulate these to other residents

Liaises with Area Co-ordinator as necessary

Receives and distributes newsletters

Provides information for newsletters as it arises

Encourages the street residents to participate in community social events

Encourages another to act as Deputy to share responsibilities and provide back-up.

Responsibilities •

Assists in the organisation of Neighbourhood Support within one or more streets, or a defined area of one street, or rural district. Provides appropriate emergency numbers and procedures to street residents

Encourages street residents to look out for each other

Encourages street residents to become involved in Neighbourhood Support. Page 17

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Muddy Tracks Thanks to all who participated in the identifying and apprehension of the idiot who chewed up our reserves. He (they) had a brief "go" at the Coxhead Creek Reserve but wisely decided he was likely to get stuck (probably from past experience!). He then tried the cemetery but was thwarted by the recent installation of a padlock on the gate! However he did some malicious damage where he could. Once again getting stuck was a deterrent. As you will all have seen he made a total mess of the Ashton Road Reserve and, although he contemplated attacking the bridge reserve, thank goodness he did no more than leave a couple of skid marks.

As I understand he was spotted and followed home to Barrier View Road. He and the vehicle were clearly identified and the Police have taken the necessary action. I believe this could include removing his vehicle. Special thanks must go to the observant residents who set the wheels in motion to contact Police and Council and we look forward to a suitable punishment. Who knows what other similar instances stem from the same source? Well done Neighbourhood Support members and the community at large. A Member of Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated

Moera Place NS Group There have been some burglaries and car thefts in our area in the last week.

resident and the police have got the mower back to its owner.

In addition to these incidents a thief drove up to a house in Stanmore Bay with its garage open, walked into the garage and stole a lawn mower making off with it in his car.

The moral is not to give a chance to opportunistic thieves, to keep your home locked when you are out and to always lock your car and never leave valuables in sight in the car.

Luckily the number plate was taken by the

SAFARI SPECIALISTS to East and Southern Africa

Ph: 09 4315 444

Street Contact.

Commercial Maintenance Office Fitouts P: 09 420 3363 M: 021 420 336 Page 19

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Working Together as a Team



Working together as a team to help make our communities a safe and happy place to live. The Police, Neighbourhood Support, The Community Patrol and Blue Light joined together in May 2015 in Helensville. Our aim is to make our community a great place live and work.

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Brandon Reserve Neighbourhood Support 2015

I would like to thank all the community members who have supported us in the past and continue to do so. Particularly Harcourts Manly for their continued support and the Auckland City Council (Hibiscus Bays) for the Grocery Voucher which helped with the catering costs. Safety and fun are my key requirements and I believe we achive this. We have had some fun events that involve a little practical commonsense. I look forward to some fun events and ideas for 2016 Please contact me Sue Bright your local coordinator for BRNS on 094283575 or 0212581677 or email bright-spark@clear.

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Settlers Grove BBQ 2015

In contrast to 2014 when we were rained off, the BBQ held at Settlers Grove on Anniversary Weekend Sunday, could not have had better weather. Approximately 30-40 residents attended; young and not so young as well as several dogs. Some of the children played games and climbed trees and had fun. Everyone contributed food and drinks (non alcoholic of course!) and one of the residents did a very good job with the barbecue. Our thanks go to Kevin Sutton for that. There was plenty for everyone to eat and most of us ended up taking some home.

it and decided to give chase. Fortunately the cat was a bit too quick for them and soon found the short cut to where it lived and it dived through the fence. Cat one; Dogs nil. From a Settlers Grove Neighbourhood Support Member.

This enabled most of us to meet neighbours we had not known before and a convivial time was had by all and new friends made. There was a moment of hilarity when a cat which had been minding it’s own business decided to join the owners. The dogs spotted Page 25

Page 26

Our Website In this day and age, it is almost mandatory that organisations have a website. The great thing about a website of course is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world, and is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. All you need is an internet connection. For Rodney Neighbourhood Support, our website allows us to display what we do, and to provide information so that people can contact us. We also provide details of our partners that we work with in our quest to provide a safer community for the Rodney area. Whenever an interesting event happens that is appropriate to our aims, we create a short article and publish it in our news section. If you have news that you would like to share, and is relevant to our aims, we would love to hear from you. Please email the webmaster Rodney Neighbourhood Support is always on the lookout to create new support groups. We have an impressive list of existing groups. If you would like to have a group in your area, the website provides the details on how to go about doing this, and has downloadable forms that help you get started. .nz/neighbourhoodsupport-groups/

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If you would like an overview of the latest Police Crime and Traffic news, we relay this from the official Police website onto ours. This can be reached at nz/police-news/ With the advent of modern day tools, almost anyone can setup and run a website. Our site uses Wordpress. This is free software that is easy to use, and very flexible. You download the core parts, and then with the addition of themes and plugins, you can make it look and function in just about any way that you would like. Colin Smith Rodney Neighbourhood Support Webmaster.

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Safer Plates

Safer Plates is a project of replacing the screws holding your number plates on to your vehicle with special screws. This reduces the risk of number plate theft.

of Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated provided this opportunity for the public to take part in this project at New World Car Park, Kumeu.

The Kumeu Community Patrol members accompanied by Margaret Faed Coordinator

Aotearoa Neighbours Day We had people come through Waitoki Community Facebook page, the Neighbourly website, Waitoki School email out to families, the pamphlet drop, as well as those already on the Community Support email list.

Some of us played bananagrams.

A chef who has just returned back to NZ brought a flash platter of crepes, and his business card - 'Oui Chef' !!


Packed up soon after 9pm. Lovely evening... simple and lots of people chatting and getting to know each other. Mauri ora!

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Know your neighbours

Exchange contact details and keep this sheet handy on your fridge

For neighbourly inspiration see Page 32

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Paparoa Travel Join our Travel Club online or by phoning 0508 868 776 FOR DAY TOURS, DOMESTIC TOURS, SHOWS AND INTERNATIONAL TOURS

Wynyard Wood, 27 Percy Street, Warkworth P: 09 422 2190 E:

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Neighbours from Beach Road, Manly Celebrate Neighbours Day 2015

Page 35

Page 36

Smokey Joe “Can you help me?” The call came from a lady who had moved into our area about a month previously, and her cat had gone missing. Smokey Joe was a rescue cat, and possibly due to trauma in previous times, was very timid. A message about him missing went out in a newsletter to nearby street groups, and reports of a cat matching his description came in at intervals from an area of about 1½ kms in area, however he disappeared from each site quite quickly, and was not able to be captured. One person reported him coming in her cat door and helping himself to her cat’s food! Then about 5 weeks after he went missing, a call came to me asking if “that cat”was still missing, as there was one at their place.

to keep the cat in the area, they were able to catch Smokey and take him home. Smokey has a Shitzu companion at his home, and the home he was found at also has a Shitzu. Perhaps that is what drew him to the address? This occurred about 4 months ago, and this morning Smokey Joe’s owner reports he is well and happy, and more affectionate than previously. More neighbours have met one another because of Smokey Joe! Lesley Leversha Neighbourhood Support Coordinator for Snells Beach Area.

The owner came to that address, could identify the cat, but Smokey Joe was skittery, and could not be caught. After a couple of days during which the finder put out food supplied by the owner

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Visit our website for more information: Page 38

Opening hours: Monday - Friday Service: 8am - 7pm Weekend Service: Sat - Sun 9am - 1pm Public Holiday Service: 9am - 1pm

Waitoki Neighbourhood Support Our Neighbourhood Support signs are around the village, and our group has had 3 meetings so far - one meeting with you, one with the police constable, and one community dinner. The community is growing and changing, with new homes being built and some being sold. People are keen to keep in touch, especially with the spike in burglaries over the past 6 months, so the Waitoki Neighbourhood Support, Waitoki Facebook page and the 'Waitoki Neighbourly' social network website give people choices of how they'd like to connect. We're thinking of having a barndance over the winter months, to keep us warm!

Sad Signs Do you have Neighbourhood Support signs in your street or country road. You may or may not have a Group near this sign, but I would appreciate hearing where these SAD SIGNS are so we can replace them with bright new signs and if your Group has also fell into sadly non existent, let’s work together to give your Group a make over.

Margaret Faed RNSI Coordinator 0212583737

Page 39

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volcanic eruptions


hydrothermal activity



0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) OR VISIT WWW.EQC.GOVT.NZ

Page 40

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Harassment & Abuse on Phones/Mobiles Mobile and phone harassment describes any type of voicemail, phone call or text/video/sxt/photo message that is unwanted and/or leaves the recipient feeling harassed, threatened, tormented, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise victimised.

being bombarded by a large volume of messages (e.g. over 25 a day);

offensive or upsetting photo or video messages;

threatening messages; and

persistent unwanted messages.

Adults and young people can be harassed and bullied in the same ways and all can be left distressed at times. It is important to support anyone who is being harassed or bullied in any way.


People who use digital technologies to bully and harass can leave an electronic trail, so it may be possible to investigate if their behaviour is criminal and even to prosecute them. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF THERE IS A THREAT TO MY SAFETY? Anyone threatening to physically hurt you or damage your property is breaking the law. If you feel like you are in immediate danger call 111 straight away. Once the immediate threat has passed you need to record a copy of the threat(s) and report what is happening to the police. You will need to go into a Police Station with your evidence to lay a formal complaint. You can also talk to your telecommunications provider about threatening messages or calls so they can help. HOW DOES BULLYING HAPPEN ON A MOBILE? Bullying and harassment on mobile phones can take a number of forms. It can happen through: •

mean or offensive messages – received once or repeatedly;

If this person is harassing or abusing you via electronic means, you can investigate taking out a protection order which covers all forms of communication including phone, mobile and internet. For more information contact Shine between 9am and 11pm, 7 days a week, on 0508-744-633. If the person harassing you has never been in a domestic relationship with you, you may be able to take out a Restraining Order under the Harassment Act 1997 which covers all forms of communication including phone, mobile and internet. See Harassment Act 1997 below. WHAT CAN MY TELECOMMUNICATION PROVIDER DO? There are a number of things a telco provider can do which ranges from sending a warning message to the harasser or suspending them from the network. HOW TO MAKE A COMPLAINT TO THE TELECOMMUNICATION PROVIDERS New Zealand’s telecommunication companies have agreements in place to work together to help stop mobile harassment. They also assist law enforcement agencies in severe cases and can advise you on how to block numbers. Page 41

Harassment & Abuse on Phones/Mobiles To get help from your phone or mobile provider ring them using the contact details below:

the chances of harassment and bullying this includes: •

Call 200 from your mobile or 0800 022 022. Visit the 2degrees website for help blocking a number from a 2degrees phone.

Being careful about who you give your number to and not giving someone else’s number out without asking them first;

Not replying to texts or voice mails from people you do not know;


Always asking before you take a photo of another person and checking it is okay to share before sending it to anyone else. Once a picture is sent it may be circulated to other people.

Remembering that text pictures can be manipulated by others after they have been sent, posted online or distributed to an unknown audience.

Thinking about whether something you send might make another person feel uncomfortable. Whether it is a ‘joke’ or something about another person, be aware that it might be taken the wrong way or sent on to someone else. If in doubt, don’t send it.


Call 0800 809 806 from a landline or mobile.

Vodafone Blacklist is a free service for Vodafone mobile customers. Log into My Vodafone, click Vodafone Blacklist and enter the phone number you want to block. Then simply FreeTXT these commands to 713: To add a number to Vodafone Blacklist: Vodafone Blacklist Add (mobile number) If you are receiving unwanted or harassing calls, once you have four examples the complaint can be escalated by calling 777 from your mobile or 0800 800 021 using a landline. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF A YOUNG PERSON IS BEING HARASSED?


Don’t reply: Sometimes the sender will get bored and stop sending messages if they don’t get a reply. Another reason for not replying is that if a complaint needs to be made to the telecommunications company, replying can delay the process. Often people will reply to messages if they do not recognise the number or because the content is upsetting.

Keep the evidence: Don’t delete harassing content as the police and telecommunication provider need this to help. Keep a log of the time, date and the phone number the messages

The most important thing you can do is let the young person know that you are there to support them. And remain calm! Do not isolate the victim from their social networks or take away their mobile as many young people will not report an incident if they fear their access to online technology will be removed. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO PREVENT BULLYING AND HARASSMENT ON PHONES AND MOBILES? There are a few things you can to minimise Page 42

Harassment & Abuse on Phones/Mobiles were sent from. The date and time of the message is usually contained in a ‘time-stamp’ at the beginning or end of the text message. •

Talk to someone: Encourage young people to talk to a trusted adult (parent, teacher or counsellor) as it’s important they talk to someone so support can be provided. Report it: If a message threatens to harm a person or property, the message needs to be taken to the local police station. Explain what has happened and get a police complaint number. If someone is in immediate danger call 111 straight away.


1. deter, prevent, and mitigate harm caused to individuals by digital communications; and 2. provide victims of harmful digital communications with a quick and efficient means of redress. If someone is misusing a telephone they may be committing an offence under the Telecommunications Act. NetSafe have partnered with Vodafone and The Parenting Place to develop DigiParenting. This is an online hub of articles, videos and guides to help kiwi families navigate and make sense of the digital world. Reproduced with the kind permission of Netsafe New Zealand.

In July 2015 the Harmful Digital Communications Act was introduced. This Act has two purposes:

Page 43

Page 44

Grooming and Online Predators Online grooming is when a person tries to create a sexually abusive situation through the use of technology. In July 2015, a new offence was added to The Crimes Act to tackle online grooming under section 124A, ‘Indecent communication with young person under 16’. Online groomers might find and choose their victims online or offline (e.g., asking a child in a shopping centre for their email address and then begins a relationship online to groom them). The process of grooming might be exciting and stimulating for the groomer. It might be something the groomer enjoys and finds rewarding, regardless of whether it leads to abusing the victim or not. This has been termed ‘hit-and-run’ grooming. Groomers might actually believe they are establishing genuine, caring and ‘normal’ relationships with their victims. HOW DO GROOMERS FIND A POTENTIAL VICTIM? Groomers try to establish a ‘relationship’ with a victim. In most cases they want to be seen as a trusted and respected peer or caring and understanding older person. Sometimes they might pose as someone needing help or being in distress. WHY IS ESTABLISHING A RELATIONSHIP IMPORTANT TO THE GROOMING PROCESS? If a groomer can establish a relationship with the victim, it can make the potential victim less suspicious of the groomer’s actions and intentions. It can be confusing for the victim, when they are in a trusted relationship with

someone who begins to do things that make them uncomfortable. Some victims may ask, ‘how can this be sexual abuse when they are so nice to me?’. Not only do groomers aim to get victims to believe things which are not true, but they also try to manipulate them to suspend their disbelief, and abandon their usual sense of caution and scepticism. WHAT SORT OF INFORMATION DO GROOMERS WANT FROM POTENTIAL VICTIMS? Groomers try to find out information about their potential victims so they can use it later. For example, how old they are, what they look like, their mobile number, when they are home alone, if they are vulnerable, lonely, feeling neglected by parents and caregivers, have been abused in the past, how likely is the victim to report grooming and if plying them with gifts, money, drugs or alcohol is an option. Some groomers use viruses or Trojan programmes to control aspects of their victim’s computers in order to get more information. Some have even used a virus to turn on their victim’s webcam, so that they can watch and take pics and videos of their victims without them knowing. WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE DO GROOMERS TARGET? All young people using the internet unsupervised can be vulnerable to common cybersafety risks such as harmful content and online predators. Children who seem neglected, alienated from immediate family, are not easily Page 45

Grooming and Online Predators your back”

believed by adults, or have been abused before, may also be particularly vulnerable and attractive as victims.

This is because children and young people who have physical and or psychological challenges might find it more difficult to report abuse.

A groomer may also manipulate the victim by saying they “need” them.

WILL TAKING AWAY TECHNOLOGY PREVENT MY CHILD FROM BEING GROOMED? Potential victims who feel that reporting abuse or anything suspicious online will lead to their devices (both computer s and/ or mobile phones) being taken away are less likely to tell their parents/caregivers. This makes them more attractive as potential victims for the groomer and they may be sent replacement devices to carry on communicating. If a young person has been told not to engage in chat with a stranger because of the potential dangers and does it anyway, they might not tell a parent/caregiver as they do not want to get into trouble. So it’s important to keep talking to kids about the type of experiences they are having online. DO GROOMERS ISOLATE THEIR VICTIMS? Yes, they do. This is because it makes the victim more reliant on the groomer and it reduces their opportunity to talk to others about what is happening. Groomers may do this by sabotaging the victim’s friendships with peers and family members by saying: •

“Your school friends probably don’t really like you anyway, and talk behind Page 46

“Your parents don’t really care about you and how you feel. I care about you more than they do”

WILL GROOMERS BLACKMAIL THEIR VICTIMS? It’s true that groomers might use threats and blackmail to achieve compliance and control. Some common examples are threats to hurt or kill family members and pets if the victim tells someone or does not comply or threatens to tell a child’s parent their child has acted inappropriately online. DO GROOMERS EXPOSE THEIR VICTIMS TO INAPPROPRIATE AND ILLEGAL SEXUAL MATERIAL? In some cases this may occur. The exposure to inappropriate and illegal sexual material is part of the process designed to facilitate further sexual abuse and might be a crime. Some sexual material which is not illegal or age-restricted, may still be offensive, upsetting and traumatising for some people. Such materials might include: pornographic images, videos, drawings, text messages, emails, stories, sound bites and music. Some of this material will be age restricted (i.e. illegal to show or sell to those under a certain age) or illegal for all people. W I L L G R O O M E R S I N I T I AT E A RELATIONSHIP ONLINE? Some groomers will engage with a victim online. It might involve the victim engaging

Grooming and Online Predators in sexual behaviour in response to, and at the request of the groomer. The groomer might do this exclusively via the keyboard, web/ phone cam or audio technology to observe or exhibit the sexual behaviours.


One of the key things you need to do is capture all evidence that grooming has taken place.


Report the grooming or suspected grooming to NetSafe or to the police.

Here are five signs that your child might be being groomed or something else is happening online.

If grooming has happened on a social networking site or mobile app, report what happened using the site or app’s reporting system.

Your child withdraws from the family.

Your child receives mail, gifts or packages from someone you don’t know.

You found pornography on your child’s computer

Your child receives phone calls from people you don’t know or is making calls to numbers you don’t know and they won’t explain who they are talking to.

Your child turns off the computer quickly or changes the screen when you come into the room.

MORE ADVICE AND INFORMATION Your child may be extremely reluctant to end a relationship, even if the person has been exposed as an online predator. The victim may believe the person is a special friend after the groomer has established trusted relationship and the young person may continue to try and contact them. Contact NetSafe if you’d like further help on 0508 NETSAFE or nz. Reproduced with the kind permission of Netsafe New Zealand.


Neville Street, Warkworth Phone 09 425 8673 Page 47

Page 48

Sharing the Produce with Neighbours My dad Philip (known as Andy) Lewis recently moved from Inglewood, Taranaki, where he was a keen, proud gardener. He was born and raised on the North Shore and is pleased to be back closer to myself (his daughter Debbie) and his son Scott. He has joined the lovely residents of Crossley Court and loves it there, where the awesome staff look after him very well. Attached is a photo of one of his large courgettes/marrows which he donated to Crossley’s for a shared dinner. Thank you for your ongoing efforts with our local community. Debbie


What a great way to serve your community - working with the Neighbourhood Support Organisation.

If you scream will anyone hear. Well only if you have a plan in place. Putting a plan in place is so easy. Who can see your house, who can you see….well contact the local Neighourhood Support Co-ordinator and the ball will start rolling. A cup of tea later your street will benefit from your effort.

It is a creative challenge to adopt a street, get to know the home owner, their children, their pets and to unite them in friendship and connect them with awareness of how to make their lives better and safer. The Police and Civil Defence know the value of friendly streets and so do our many co-ordinators throughout Rodney.

Today with our families so scattered it is great to know that we can live on a street that will care if they don’t see us, respond if we need help and also allow us to do the same. So like many things in life it is what you make it. Start a group, become a volunteer, join the committee or even just be part of a group that can make a difference.

Do we ever retire. Well from what I can see there is never enough hours in the day.

Page 49

Award Winner “Not only am I a realtor in your area, but I am also a proud member of the community! I have lived and worked in the beautiful Rodney district for 37 years, so I am very familiar with the neighbourhood and surrounding locations�

f Page 50

Find me on facebook

Jana Mills Real Estate Specialist

Help Stop Graffiti Vandalism

Take action against graffiti vandalism The best action against graffiti vandalism is to remove it, or report it for removal, as soon as you see it. Graffiti vandalism is a community issue, which can have a negative impact on those living in the area. Graffiti vandalism can lower property values and encourage crime in the community. Visible graffiti vandalism in the area creates a perception that nobody cares and can attract more graffiti and other types of crime. Auckland Council is committed to take action against graffiti vandalism and needs your help to prevent it. If you do nothing, you are helping the graffiti vandals achieve their goal.

Report graffiti vandalism immediately to Auckland Council.

Please note: The free removal service on private property applies to immediate street frontage walls and fences on residential and small business properties. Partner with Auckland Council to remove graffiti quickly. •

Become a volunteer and receive free materials and equipment.

Be proactive and keep your property or area graffiti free.

Provide information that leads to the apprehension of graffiti vandals.

If you see a graffiti vandal in action, call the police on 111.

How can you help?

Graffiti vandalism prevention tips:

A strong community response sends a clear message to those who are involved in graffiti vandalism that it will not be tolerated.

Paint your wall or fence a dark colour.

A painted wall or fence is easier to keep graffiti-free because any further vandalism can be easily painted over.

Ways you can help:

Page 51

Page 52

Help Stop Graffiti Vandalism •

Retain any unused fence paint in case you need it to cover graffiti vandalism.

Remove graffiti vandalism immediately.

Remove graffiti vandalism from unpainted walls or fences by sanding or water blasting.

Protect the driveway and footpath from paint drops with a cloth or cover.

The chemicals in graffiti removal products can be hazardous so always wear protective clothing including a mask. Store out of children’s reach.

Fresh graffiti may be removed using methylated spirits, turpentine, paint stripper, graffiti removal products or even oven cleaner. Test first on a small area.

How to deter graffiti vandalism Graffiti vandalism has a negative impact on communities if it is not promptly removed. One tag ignored will attract more vandalism and anti-social behaviour. If your property is continuously hit by graffiti vandals, there are steps you can take to prevent it:

police immediately on 111. Adopt-a-Spot programme The aim of the Adopt-a-spot programme is to form a strong partnership between Auckland Council and communities by working together with property owners to prevent graffiti vandalism. Any person, community group or business association can volunteer to adopt a spot (any size area) in their neighbourhood to help keep it graffiti free. Volunteers will be supplied free materials and equipment for prompt graffiti removal. To join the Adopt-a-spot programme or get information about preventing graffiti vandalism contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 or visit www. aucklandcouncil. Contacts: To report graffiti vandalism, become a volunteer or seek advice call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101. If you see a graffiti vandal in action: Call Police on 111 Other contacts for reporting graffiti vandalism:

Plant a hedge, shrubs or hanging plants in front of the fence or wall.

Increase visibility at night by installing lighting.

Consider using motion sensors.

Adshel bus shelters...............0800 802 999

Install video surveillance cameras. The possibility of being caught on film is a good deterrent.

Police (non urgent):

Graffiti vandalism is a crime. If you see any suspicious activity, report it to the

Vector ..................................0508 832 867 Chorus .................................0800 222 638 Motorway ..............................09 5200 200

Waitemata District HQ ..........09 488 9750 Auckland City District HQ .....09 302 6400 Counties/Manukau HQ ..........09 261 1300 Page 53

“We’re in I T for you” PHONE 09 425 4351 MOBILE 027 264 0851 WEBSITE

Fixed Price Vehicle Servicing from $240 for Petrol, $275 for Diesel • FREE pick-up and drop-off available • FREE wash and vacuum

BOOK TODAY 09 425 1090 | Page 54

Aqua Villas NS in Action!

Aqua Villas is a delightful and peaceful community, with forty, one-bedroom units set in park-like grounds, all within easy walking distance of beautiful Orewa Beach. Although a relatively safe place to live, a recent spat of vandalism in the area over the summer months, meant a long boundary fence was subject to graffiti vandalism, and several residents became victims of criminal activity. Fortunately no-one was seriously injured or hurt. Working in partnership with the local community Police, as well as Recreational Services (who first of all removed the graffiti, and then provided the paint, brushes and advice-thank you to Lionel! ), the residents organised a working bee to paint the affected

fence. This was completed on a hot and sunny Easter Saturday and proved to be a very successful and fun filled morning for all those who participated. Hot cross buns at the end of the working bee also went down well. Following the working bee, other residents joined in for an enjoyable, lunchtime BBQ; a great way for those new to the complex to get to know their neighbours. The BBQ was also a fun way to celebrate National Neighbour’s Day - Aotearoa, with a $30 food voucher kindly donated by Rodney Neigbourhood Support/ Auckland City Council. Thanks to Margaret! Another great example of neighbours and partners working together as well as Neighbourhood Support in Action. Page 55



P (09) 836 6330


Up Across Out


Page 56

Visique Hawkins Optometrist 20/175 Millwater Parkway Silverdale. (09) 426 5308

Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade

If you dial 111 for an ambulance, don’t be surprised if the fire truck pulls up and firemen come to your door first! The men and women of the Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade are trained as First Responders and are often called upon to provide first aid and medical services until the ambulance arrives. The local fire brigade provides an essential service to the community and attends almost 200 callouts a year just in this area – fires, medicals and other types such as broken gas lines. There is now a board on the front of the fire station building which shows a running total of the callouts for each type of incident. Have a look next time you’re passing. Being a volunteer firefighter is a big commitment. As well as being available for callouts at any time of the day or night, there are regional and national courses to attend at weekends, training evenings every Tuesday night and station duties to be done

every Sunday. As well, brigade members are involved in giving presentations to local community groups, checking smoke alarms and fund-raising. Fund raising is a big part of a volunteer’s role. On Friday nights, there are raffles run at the local pub and once a year, in October, the brigade has its annual collection. Envelopes are delivered to every household in the area the brigade covers and on the Saturday afternoon of Labour weekend, the firemen go from house to house to collect them. The money raised is used to fund extra equipment and resources not provided by the Fire Service. At the Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade, there are 25 dedicated people who give up a lot of their own time and family time to be a volunteer and protect the lives and property of local residents. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. They enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team and love being able to help whenever someone in the community is in need. Page 57

jason walker P: (09) 425 9565 M: (0275) 950 229 E: W:

air conditioning refrigeration ventilation


total temperature solutions




Secure household furniture storage Clean, Dry and Well ventilated Long or Short Term Insurance and OSH approved Fully alarmed and monitored Various sized individual secure units at Competitive prices

7 day access by appointment

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Hayden Taylor 230 Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach, Warkworth P/F: (09) 425 5956 M: 021 721 133 E: Located under Snells Beach Gull

Page 58

St Dominic's Catholic College Henderson Proudly supporting a safer St Dominic's College will challenge students to achieve excellence by delivering a holistic education based on the living values of the Catholic Dominican Tradition.

P (09) 839 0380

Neighbours Day Aotearoa - Family Day Goodland Country Estate had a family day on 29 March where we ran different sporting activities, tennis, table tennis, shooting hoops, gumboot throwing, egg catching, egg and spoon race.

It was a great success and everyone was very happy. Rose

Page 59


Page 60

Gerontians Band Together One small street in Snells Beach is taking a stand against crime and antisocial behaviour. Gerontius Lane is a key street in the local area as it has both a walkway through to the much larger Fidelis Ave and an access flight of steps down to the beach – a good target for thieves you would think with multiple escape routes.

After leaving Gerontius Lane for an extended period overseas, Lynley was concerned that the network might fizzle, just as it had in the past, but instead others took the reins and NS continued to gain in strength.

However the Gerontians of Gerontius Lane have banded together to ensure the street remains quiet and without untoward incidents.

“The residents look out for each other. We have some great observers whose lounge windows give a good view of the whole street!”

In the 1990s, a Neighbourhood Watch group (as it was then called) was started up in the street, but lasted only a few years, after enjoying some measure of success. Neighbours got together for gatherings and a speaker was invited to some meetings. However, it fizzled after some time. With the new Neighbourhood Support network initiative in the mid 2000s, with its new emphasis on supporting each other in times of need and being a conduit for civil defence information and warnings, the street is again in action. This time, the movement is working well, showing it has sustainability and endurance. The first street coordinator, Lynley Smith, visited every home, encouraging the householders to join up. She had barely any refusals. All could see the point of a group to watch over and care for their street as well as providing a communication network for civil defence. Those who were weekend-only inhabitants were especially keen to have someone watch over their property when they weren’t there.

Current street coordinator Noeline McLeod says there has been very little crime or disorderly behaviour in the street over the past two years.

Noeline says there is a good mix of people in the street – many working, some families with children, and some retired couples. So there are people around the whole time. “It’s a really nice street for kids. It is a cul de sac, so there is no through traffic. The kids can get out on the street and play together.” Noeline says almost everyone, except a couple of newcomers are members of the Gerontius group. Before Christmas last year, Cathy Williamson organised a pre-Christmas street party attended by about 24 people. By popular vote, the group hopes to host another one later in 2015. One longstanding member, Denise, says she really appreciates the group. “I was one of the first residents in the street. I saw how the first group didn’t survive – but this one is different,” she says. “It is better. It is great to get the civil defence storm warnings and to know what is going on. With the advent of email and almost everyone having access to it these days, that has made Page 61

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Phone: 021 253 5512

Gerontians Band Together all the difference. We can know what is going on very quickly.” Denise says that as she works some days, she is not always home, but she is confident that all is well with her property now that NS is operating so well. “I can keep in contact with neighbours more easily and I know if there is a crisis there will be people there to help. I know who to contact and how. It’s just about being aware of unfamiliar cars spending time in the street, or people wandering down the street and loitering around.” But, she emphasizes, it is still important to have all the basic security measures in your home. NS does not mean you can leave your door unlocked when you go out. COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING & DRAINLAYING NEW CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE & RENOVATIONS FREE NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE

0800 MEERKAT (0800 633 752)

One example Denise gave of how efficient NS has been in Snells Beach was an incident several months ago when an elderly person with dementia went missing from an Algies Bay rest home, just over the hill from Snells. “We all got an email about her and were able to keep an eye out for her. She was found down by the beach unharmed, but it good that we were able to have so many people alerted about her situation before any harm came to her.” Denise really appreciates being able to work together with police through NS to keep the community safe. By Lynley Smith

Earthmovers Free advice & quotes 027 479 0974 Page 63


• Success Crowns Effort. • Inspiring Learning. • Be the best you can be.

Proudly supporting a safer Massey.

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Manly Care Chemist

The Skin Institute, 4 Silverdale Street, Silverdale, Auckland Ph 09 426 7630 or09 426 0400 m: 027 265 1077 E.

53B Rawhiti Road, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa Ph (09) 424 7708, Fax (09) 424 7427

Page 64


Here are a few simple steps you can consider to keep your home secure.

only open your door partly with security chain connected

only open your door fully after checking for identification. You can deny entry until telephoning their office to verify they are legitimate.

If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious with a visit please alert your neighbours or your local police constable.

When you leave the house: •

Always lock doors

Shut and lock all window

Turn on the alarm if you have one

Do not leave notes on the door.

When going on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour or relative: •

clear your letterbox

close your curtains at night and turn on the lights

use your clothesline occasionally

watch your home

report any suspicious behaviour.

Do NOT: •

hide keys under plants, pots or doormats

never keep large amounts of money in the house.

Responding to people at the door: You should never compromise your safety by opening the door to strangers or allowing them inside your home, unless you have established that it is safe to do so. It’s your home and it is your right to deny anyone entry.

Watch out for ‘con’ artists Scams are deceptive, uninvited contacts or promises designed to trick you into giving away your money or your personal information. If you are unsure or it’s too good to be true – free holiday, sweepstake prizes, cures for cancer and arthritis or low-risk high return investment schemes. Please contact your community constable or local police for advice. •

never talk to strangers about your financial affairs

never give your credit card, phone card or bank account number to anyone over the phone

never rush into signing anything. Always read carefully and have someone you trust to check it over

use tried and trusted trades people. You can ask these people for official identification to prove who they are and who they work for.

Here are some points to consider: •

Switch on outside lights when it is dark to see who is there and observe them by looking through the window

Be alert when out and about •

where possible, stay with other people and stick to busy well-lit streets Page 65


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ROSEBANK SCHOOL Rosebank School is committed to increasing student achievement within a reective learning culture.

Proudly supporting a safer Avondale P: 09 828 6319 |

Safety in the Home •

carry your personal belongings close to your body, not dangling by the straps

make kitchen and bathroom areas nonslip zones

if someone or something makes you uneasy, trust your instincts and leave

get rid of tripping hazards such as rugs and electrical cords

if possible, have a mobile phone available for emergency use.

consider using movement-activated lights in outdoor areas and night-lights in dark passages

keep frequently used items in easy reach

have a plan in case you fall.

How to prevent falls in the home If you are over 65 years old, you have a one in three chance of falling this year. Most falls occur in home. Here are a few points to consider to prevent falls: •

We acknowledge help from Auckland Council and the N.Z. Police for the above article.

exercise that promotes balance and muscle strengthening

Garry Campbell Contracting Garry puts his knowledge and expertise at your disposal in order to get you the best service in the Rodney area. We take pride in our work and do the best we can at every stage to ensure that your needs are met.

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Page 68

Important Contact Numbers Doctor School Police

(non emergency)

Ian Bateman 027 599 9077 Sally Brown 021 068 3721

Page 69

1. Members of our household are: 1DPH










2. After an emergency we will return and base ourselves at home if safe to do so. 3. If we can’t get home or contact each other we will meet or leave a message at: /RFDWLRQ




4. School / childcare has been advised these people may collect the children: 1DPH




5. Other people we may want to contact or check on: 1DPH






6. We will get local information during a CD emergency from any of: More FM



Website -

7. If life or property is threatened we will ring 111 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Police, Fire or Ambulance 8. Other numbers we may need are Insurances Medical Centre #WEMNCPF City Council

Page 70

Electricity .andlord



Torch with spare batteries or a self-charging torch Radio with spare batteries First aid kit Essential medicines Emergency toilet - toilet paper and large rubbish bags Water carrying container(s) A gas cooker or barbeque (keep gas bottle full) Car charger for mobile phone


Ƒ Use stored water and other drink sparingly Ƒ Use food in the order of fresh, fridge, freezer, canned or dried. H OW T O S TO RE W AT E R

Ƒ Wash bottles thoroughly in hot water. Fill each bottle with tap water until it overflows. Ƒ Store in a cool dark place and replace the water every 12 months S OU R CE S O F W AT E R

Ƒ Treat before using - Add five drops of household bleach per litre of water (or half a teaspoon for 10 litres) Ƒ Collect rain water Ƒ Rivers / streams / springs



Essential medicines & special dietary items For infants – formula, food, nappies Clothes and toiletries Blankets or sleeping bags Pet supplies Torch and radio with spare batteries Hearing aids and spare batteries, glasses or mobility aids Cash, credit cards, personal identification Important papers (insurance, banking, wills, proof of address) Mobile phones and chargers



Advise friends and family where we are going Turn off electricity, water and gas Put back page of phone book in street-facing window Secure the house Take our evacuation items and house-pets with us Page 71

0800 4 BREAKDOWN 0800 427 325 LOCAL AND RELIABLE All sizes available

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Page 72

24/7 Operation

Contact Numbers EMERGENCY DIAL 111 If you are in danger or an incident is taking place. POLICE STATIONS Helensville ...................................................... 09 420 8967 Kumeu/Huapai ............................................... 09 412 5193 Mahurangi East .............................................. 09 425 6608 Mangawhai East............................................. 09 423 1060 Orewa.............................................................. 09 426 4555 Warkworth ...................................................... 09 425 8109 Wellsford ........................................................ 09 423 8228 Whangaparaoa ............................................... 09 424 6500 Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated Coordinator .................................................... 021 258 3737 ......................................................................... 0800 942 0111 Crime Stoppers:............................................. 0800 555 111 Tell us what you know not who you are. Traffic Incidents ............................................. *555 Coast Guard ................................................... *500 Civil Defence .................................................. 09 301 0101 Kiwi Rail.......................................................... 0800808400 Citizens Advice Bureau ................................. 0800367222 Age Concern .................................................. 09 426 0916 Victim Support ............................................... 0800842846 For more organisations consult the Yellow Rodney 13/14 pages 6 to 32.

ANIMAL RESCUE AND RE-HOMING Julieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Animal Refuge: Stray and Abandoned Animals: ................... 09 422 3322 Golden Phoenix Equestrian : Racehorses: ................................................... 021 252 5487 Birds: .............................................................. 027 233 0664 Lost and found Pets: .................................... RSPCA ............................................................ 09 256 7300 Page 73

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