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Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator As of November 2014 I became the official Coordinator for Rodney Neighbourhood Support which covers the area of the Rodney Police District. During the past year I have had the privilege of meeting many of you as I delivered our Magazine and updated our membership as well as introducing Neighbourhood Support to many new households and streets. A few Statistics for the last twelve months: •

There were 1,157 phone calls made or received.

Our car covered over 9,000 km.

Emails in and out totalled 23,158

Membership increased from Nov. 2014 of 400 Groups to 598 Groups.

Some are one household, the largest Group is 300

We have 4660 household members across Rodney Police District which includes all of the Rodney Local Board Area as well as the Hibiscus part of the Hibiscus Bays Local Board and Mangawhai. It is a pleasure to work with my supportive Committee and the many Street Contacts who have not only supported me by looking after their local area, sending me their street updates but also by taking part in Neighbours Day 2015 held during March.

I would like to invite households not already belonging to Neighbourhood Support, the opportunity to join: Email: Phone: 0800 9420 111 or 021 258 3737 Write: C/- Mahurangi Policing Centre, 1 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach 0920 Margaret Faed Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator

Also for sending many of the articles for this 2015 magazine. Check out our website - it has some very informative links not just to the Police but other sites that may be of interest to you: Page 7

Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015  
Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015