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Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade

If you dial 111 for an ambulance, don’t be surprised if the fire truck pulls up and firemen come to your door first! The men and women of the Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade are trained as First Responders and are often called upon to provide first aid and medical services until the ambulance arrives. The local fire brigade provides an essential service to the community and attends almost 200 callouts a year just in this area – fires, medicals and other types such as broken gas lines. There is now a board on the front of the fire station building which shows a running total of the callouts for each type of incident. Have a look next time you’re passing. Being a volunteer firefighter is a big commitment. As well as being available for callouts at any time of the day or night, there are regional and national courses to attend at weekends, training evenings every Tuesday night and station duties to be done

every Sunday. As well, brigade members are involved in giving presentations to local community groups, checking smoke alarms and fund-raising. Fund raising is a big part of a volunteer’s role. On Friday nights, there are raffles run at the local pub and once a year, in October, the brigade has its annual collection. Envelopes are delivered to every household in the area the brigade covers and on the Saturday afternoon of Labour weekend, the firemen go from house to house to collect them. The money raised is used to fund extra equipment and resources not provided by the Fire Service. At the Mahurangi East Volunteer Fire Brigade, there are 25 dedicated people who give up a lot of their own time and family time to be a volunteer and protect the lives and property of local residents. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. They enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team and love being able to help whenever someone in the community is in need. Page 57

Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015