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Message from the Editorial Team Sadly, the world in which we live is not as law abiding as it was a generation or two ago which makes the work of all sorts of government and voluntary organisations vital. Neighbourhood Support is a lively, worthwhile and necessary organisation which provides avenues for neighbours and communities to socialise, and look out for each other. Our sincere thanks to the contributors of all the articles contained here. A lot of hours have gone in to making this book as relevant, useful and convenient to use as possible. This book is a vehicle for the latest news and messages of many of the above in an easy to use format. Please keep it by your phone for ready reference. The community minded advertisers represented in this book have provided the finance for its manufacture and distribution as well as critical funding for your local Neighbourhood Support groups to continue their important work.

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Published Annually December 2015 ref: N15RD Page 5

Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015