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Safer Plates

Safer Plates is a project of replacing the screws holding your number plates on to your vehicle with special screws. This reduces the risk of number plate theft.

of Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated provided this opportunity for the public to take part in this project at New World Car Park, Kumeu.

The Kumeu Community Patrol members accompanied by Margaret Faed Coordinator

Aotearoa Neighbours Day We had people come through Waitoki Community Facebook page, the Neighbourly website, Waitoki School email out to families, the pamphlet drop, as well as those already on the Community Support email list.

Some of us played bananagrams.

A chef who has just returned back to NZ brought a flash platter of crepes, and his business card - 'Oui Chef' !!


Packed up soon after 9pm. Lovely evening... simple and lots of people chatting and getting to know each other. Mauri ora!

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Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015