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Settlers Grove BBQ 2015

In contrast to 2014 when we were rained off, the BBQ held at Settlers Grove on Anniversary Weekend Sunday, could not have had better weather. Approximately 30-40 residents attended; young and not so young as well as several dogs. Some of the children played games and climbed trees and had fun. Everyone contributed food and drinks (non alcoholic of course!) and one of the residents did a very good job with the barbecue. Our thanks go to Kevin Sutton for that. There was plenty for everyone to eat and most of us ended up taking some home.

it and decided to give chase. Fortunately the cat was a bit too quick for them and soon found the short cut to where it lived and it dived through the fence. Cat one; Dogs nil. From a Settlers Grove Neighbourhood Support Member.

This enabled most of us to meet neighbours we had not known before and a convivial time was had by all and new friends made. There was a moment of hilarity when a cat which had been minding it’s own business decided to join the owners. The dogs spotted Page 25

Rodney District Neighbourhood Support, December 2015