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Trenchbreakers When cold weather comes one of the first worries is the pipeline. Water can freeze when the temperature drops. The freezing can block pipes and create a real problem for the homeowner. To prevent this from happening many homeowners are having their pipes protected with insulating foam. This new product is great for creating a barrier around the pipe so that it will not freeze up. What is a good idea is to have the entire length of pipe leading to your house insulated. When water is in a main pipe coming from the city it is a much larger pipe. But leading up to your house it is much smaller and prone to freezing in cold weather. Also, in hot weather such as is common in the Southwest with temperatures 110-124 causes undue stress on pipes. Insulating foam, trenchbreakers, keeps the heat from affecting the pipeline. It protects and surrounds the pipe with a barrier. This protective barrier will be there for many years and keep any fluctuations in temperature from causing disasters at your house. Using spray foam is easy to do and gets in the tiniest of crevices. You can spray it around large and small pipes and even use it to insulate bare pipelines. Some pipes come with a wrapped insulation already but this spray foam can be added along with that to seal any cracks in the wrapped insulation that would let in cold or heat. Protecting your pipes is vitally important in the North. Freezing bitter winters are made even worse when the pipes freeze and there is no water. With spray foam insulation there is no need to remove pipes to wrap them. Instead, just spray the foam directly as the pipe lays and with the smaller tip get into and around the pipe leaving no areas exposed. Spray foam is a wonderful invention to keep pipes protected in harsh weather. Whether it’s baking in the sun or drifts of ice and snow it affects your pipes. Taking the time to protect them will reap you great rewards. It removes the stress of wondering if this will be the year when the pipes burst in the middle of winter. Kool Foam provides spray foam insulation for pipelines and ditches, to keep pipes well insulated and protected from the elements. Don’t let the weather or corrosion affect pipes. Install trenchbreakers with the help of Kool Foam and never worry again.