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GAZELLAND MAGAZINE’S MISSION IS TO INSPIRE AND CREATE FANTASIES IN PEOPLES MINDS THROUGH FASHION AND ART WHAT WE DO We bring brilliant concept art to print in the form of visually illuminating photography and loquacious editorial discussions on high quality semi-gloss paper

WHY GAZELLAND? Gazelland Magazine is first and foremost, a brand unto itself. Having trademarked the “Freak Chic” element that makes it so unique, we seek to inspire a world of panache that is not devoid of the bland nature of the same old. We deal entirely in the avant garde fashion that draws it’s inspiration from the nightlife and the club scenes. Fashion is all around us; we become inspired by fashion, and there are those by whom fashion is inspired by. We prefer to think that it is in the later part that we define our acumen into a new brand. By reveling entirely in “Freak Chic”, we seek to inspire a new level of creativity in style that will very soon become a brand-able entity. To date we are the only magazine of our kind. Gazelland is gender and sexuality nonspecific. Style does not live and breath if not on every one. We are the essence of what it means to be Freak Chic!

What Makes Us Different?

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We’re a magazine that has its beginnings and draws its inspiration for fashion, makeup, and art direction, as well as all of it’s editorial content from the original characters of the city nightlife from New York City, London, and Sao Paulo. We’ve gained much interest from notable and talented photographers, designers, stylists, makeup artists, columnists, and other industry professionals interested in seeing our brand thrive. We intend to foster our relationships with these people who contribute to our magazine, and we believe that the public has an interest in seeing more work from them. We are a fresh magazine with a fresh take on style and what it means to be stylish, unapologetically. We believe industry professionals will look to Gazelland to find new talent/ideas.


Reader Specifics (Market Profile)

Target Age: 21 - 43 with a median age of 32 Sexuality: 76% gay 24% straight Social Habits: 90% clubgoer 1x a week 75% clubgoer 2x a week 65% clubgoer 3x a week or more

Education: 92% high school graduate 63% finished college 15% post-graduate study Salary Range: $30,000 - $95,000 Dining Habits: 90% eat out once a week 70% eat out 2 -3 times a week. 10% eat out more than 3 times a week.

What does this Mean to you, the advertiser? Well, specifically, our six prior versions of Gazelland that we have released and polled have gained much interest with gay men in their 30’s that on average go out once or more per week as well as drink alcoholic beverages while they are out (both dining and at social venues). They own computers, digital camera’s, and cell phones. A bulk of our readership involves the clubgoing scene and a majority of them drink alcoholic beverages. While our interests in starting this magazine over the previous test launches were to target a market of equal homosexual to heterosexual ratio, we’ve surveyed an excessive

Our demographic of a primarily homosexual interest in Gazelland Magazine is due in part to our appearance (having a blend of material that relates to fashion as well as our overall aesthetic appeal). Our images contain a high deal of concept art and avant garde maquillage as well as fantasy sets as captured by a high volume of our homosexual fashion photography contributors, lending itself to a homosexual market with disposable income. Our other appeal to this market was due to a high incidence of our use of transgendered as well as “sexually undefined” models not typical of a predominantly heterosexual market. After 4 years of prelaunch research, we have concluded that we truly are the first of our brand, and we invite our advertisers to conduct their own research into this matter as well so as to see that investing your advertising resources to our periodical brand display an obvious benefit to corner a previously undefined market of gender and sexuality non-specific “homosexuals”. On this front, our advertising is open to pharmaceutical brands which advertise to a principally homosexual market, as well as non-profit community leadership and public health education modules. We are open to advertising agencies and ad campaigns for medications/treatments which might appeal to this population.

Drinking Habits: 88% social/casual drinkers 12% non-alcoholic drinks Technology: 82% own a computer 65% own a digital camera 98% own a cell phone

(*survey of 1,000 readers)

homosexual readership by a 52% lead favoring homosexual readership with a salary ranging from $30,000 - $95,000 with a high 70% that have dining habits totaling between a range of 67,200 - 100,800 outside dining habits per annum based solely on those surveyed (not taking into account the margin of error for our increase in readership from the 1,000 readership to 10,000, that reasonably stands to increase these statistics by 10 fold). Clubgoing and nightlife venues peak at 3x per week with an estimated 93,600 average annual clubgoers based on our survey, with the same margin of error and multiple 10 fold ratio.



2X (-10%)

BLACK AND WHITE $ 900 $1,800 $ 3,600 $ 500 $ 400

4X (-20%)

BLACK AND WHITE $ 810 $ 1,620 $ 3,240 $ 450 $ 360

BLACK AND WHITE $ 720 $ 1,440 $ 2,880 $ 400 $ 320


TWO COLOR $ 1,130 $ 2,260 $ 3,800 $ 875 $ 690

TWO COLOR $ 1,017 $ 2,034 $ 3,420 $ 787.50 $ 621

TWO COLOR $ 904 $ 1,808 $ 3,040 $ 700 $ 552


FOUR COLOR $ 1,360 $ 2,720 $ 4,000 $1,250 $ 980

FOUR COLOR $ 1,292 $ 2,584 $ 3,800 $ 1,187.50 $ 931

FOUR COLOR $ 1,224 $ 2,448 $ 3,600 $ 1,125 $ 882

COVERS $ 2,880 $ 2,880 $4,500

COVERS $ 2,560 $ 2,560 $ 4,000

COVERS SECOND (inside front cover) THIRD (inside back cover) FOURTH (back cover)

COVERS $ 3,200 $ 3,200 $ 5,000

*Cover Prices are set regardless of color aspect ratio due to different (heavier) paper stock. *Magazine is thermal bound. Inquire to for more information. Artwork submissions for advertisements should be no less than 300 dpi, with a full bleed on each side of 0.125 inches/0.317cm with crop marks offset by 12 pts. File Formats: *PDF / PDF-1A Files are preferred. Embed all fonts. Do not Downsample images. All colors and continuous tone images must be converted to CMYK prior to creating PDF. Compression should be set at JPEG-High Quality. *Proofs: It is preferred to have hard copy of all proofs (especially color proofs) at 100% created from digital file submission supplied. Final Trim size of Gazelland Magazine is 8.375”w x 10.875”h. (21.272cm wide x 27.622cm high for full page ad submissions. We will not provide prepress proofs, therefore please refer any specific inquiries to for any specific questions about your submission. All advertisements should follow aforementioned specifications for satisfaction. Publisher and printer cannot accept responsibility for submissions which are supplied in formats which require conversions.




Photography Issue

Oct 1, 2009

Oct 15, 2009

Oct 30, 2009

Love Issue

Jan 1, 2010

Jan 15, 2010

Jan 30, 2010

Pride Issue

May 15, 2010

Jun 1, 2010

Jun 15, 2010

Oct 15, 2010

Oct 31, 2010

Halloween Issue

Jul 1, 2010


Total Distribution: Contract and Copy Agreement:

10,000 print. Digital media by Zinio Digital Magazine and Books.

(a) Advertising must be inserted within 12 month period for frequency discount. Advertisers who do not complete their required advertisement placement per annum are subject to short rate and will be charged rates according to number of insertions per 12 month period whether or not account has been paid. (b) Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of the Publisher, except where premium/ preferred advertisement placement (ie., covers) are covered and agreed by contract/ terms of sale. (c) Advertisements are accepted for publication solely under the condition that the agency and/or advertiser are authorized to publish the contents thereof. Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend, and save harmless the publisher, it’s partners, and any assigns from any claims or actions based on or arising out of any matter of any kind contained in such advertising, or the fraudulent/unauthorized use of any person’s name/photograph/ likeness/sketch/trademark infringements/copyrights/ or libel in association with advertising purchased according to the terms of this rate card. (d) Content of advertisement is subject to publishers approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, or contract at any time. (e) Advertiser understands that advertisements requiring adjustments to publishers preferred/ accepted file formats that may incur loss of quality, especially in the case where proofs are not sent along with digital media submissions, are at the risk of advertiser as pre-press proofs shall not be furnished to advertiser due to print scheduling. (f) Publisher shall have the right to hold the advertiser and/or its advertising agency liable either jointly or independent of each other for such monies as are due and payable to publisher for advertising ordered and published. (g) Publisher shall not be liable for errors and omissions, or for costs and damages if publisher fails to publish an advertisement. (h) By having made a submission for advertising with Gazelland, LLC., you (the advertiser and/or it’s advertising agency) agree to the terms of this agreement by default.


Business Inquiries:

Advertising Sales:

Chief Operating Officer: Mark Anthony G. (845)-271-8788

Advertising Sales Director: Aline Pimentel (917)-561-6060 Technical:

Editorial/Fashion/Art: Editor-In-Chief: Paulo Gazelle (212)-929-0744

Ship Materials To: Gazelland Magazine P.O. Box 1822 New York, NY 10113

Gazelland Media Kit and Rate Card  

Gazelland Media Kit and Rate Card

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