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Follow Safety Signs as “Forewarned is Forearmed” All the traffic signs have come into existence keeping in mind, the increasing number of accidents occurring every day. The signs are designed to warn the people in case some construction is going on or in case there is a U turn ahead which should be told beforehand. This is because; the U turns are most prone sites for accidents. Apart from these safety signs, the parking signs are also created to assist the people while parking their vehicles. No parking signs are being constructed in front of the buildings and at times to coordinate the flow of traffic implying that the parking is not allowed in this specific area. There are different signs which are made according to various purposes. The most commonly used signs are: Conventional No Parking Sign: this is a simple signboard which shows “no parking “written in red colour. The colour is bright and thus can be seen from a distance. No Parking “Anytime” signs: these signs are made in two colours, red and blue. Blue is again a bright colour and is well visible from a distance. These signs imply that there can’t be parking at any time of the day contrary to the other no parking signs boards which are kept only at specific times in a day. Signs for Tow Zones: for tow zones also, no parking sign is available. It is also painted in red colour to show the criticality of the sign. No parking between signs: these signboards are put when some road is getting constructed or the traffic needs to be regulated. The signs come for both right and left directions making it more specific and clear for the people to follow the correct direction. So these are some of the signs which are considered to be no parking signs and should be taken care of while driving. Most of the times the traffic is too much and it becomes difficult for the traffic controllers to take care of the situation and that is when they take help of these signs. The signboards are made of aluminium which gives it strength and they come with pre drilled holes for mounting them at the desired place. SupplyLineDirect is one such online store which is dealing with the supply of parking as well as other traffic signs. They have been providing sign boards of excellent quality and thus have been a leading supplier. They take online orders and have provision of shipment and delivery to the desired place. The products are categorised in an easy manner and complete information regarding the make of the sign boards, their usage and price is mentioned which makes it easier for the customer to choose the desired product and place the order online.

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Direct traffic & mark hazards with barricades, speed bumps, & barrels while also communicating other important information in parking lots a...

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