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Tips to Boost Web Application Development

5 Tips to Boost Web Application Automate Deployment Reduce Complexity Aim For Production Impact Analysis Flexible Control

1. Automate Deployment

Moving a web app to production needs to be as simple and as fast as possible. To be truly Agile and keep up with the business, deploying to production must occur frequently, or delays will stack up across the development cycle.

2. Reduce Complexity • The more complex an application grows, the harder it is to change and adapt. The solution? Split the system into smaller parts when it starts getting too big.

• It requires a technology that helps make sense of complex systems. • It helps to split the system into more manageable component.

3. Aim For Production Don’t neglect things like monitoring, scalability, logging, user management and so forth. The ideal solution for it is to build on a top of a platform that let you take requirements for granted. The vital aim should be on the production of the application.

4. Impact Analysis

5. Flexible Control To have a flexible control over development TWO things are needed :

ď ś Full Accountability.

ď śThe ability to rollback a not-sosuccessful move to production.

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Effective Tips to Boost Web Application Development  

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