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Face Driven Dentistry in London Orthodontics doesn’t just stop at teeth straightening. These dentists go beyond teeth, and can now reconstruct an unhappy, self-conscious face and replace a low self esteem with confidence and satisfaction. Face Driven Dentistry is the new form of orthodontics that go the extra mile with your treatment plan. It is no longer just about your teeth, they take into consideration your entire face, bone tissue and lip and muscular structure.

Naturally straight teeth is a very rare occurrence. To achieve the perfect straight smile, you need the helping hand of a qualified, experienced orthodontist. With a range of different treatments available, it is down to you and your orthodontist to decide what type of brace is best for you. Choices range between the standard brace, to Invisalign, lingual braces, and the up and coming ‘smart bracket’, the microchip treatment that detects the force needed on the tooths interface in order to straighten and align the teeth. It is rather impressive. Dentistry in London is flourishing and is now expanding its services further to deliver face driven dentistry which is becoming increasingly popular. Most surgeries now offer treatments that avoid mouth wrinkles, the reduction of smile lines and giving lips a fuller, plumper look. A beautiful smile is no longer just teeth, it is the face they belong to.

When teeth are straightened and retracted, this takes its toll on facial aesthetics and balance. If the jaw is not aligned properly overbite may still be present. Face-driven treatment considers the face and smile as a whole. This treatment focuses on long term facial balance and position of the teeth and jaw. The face dentistry in London is concerned with how a patient will look in forty years rather than just after one year of treatment. Stable results are achieved because the treatment delves deeper into the cause, and does not just focus on the symptoms. Many teeth problems are hereditary, so you may find your dental problems are very similar to other members of your family. This type of dentistry is a reliable, treatment guaranteed to give results that last. Sometimes braces are not enough and, by undertaking this treatment, you are thinking ahead into the future. So if you feel embarrassed with your teeth and feel the alignment affects not only your mouth but your facial structure, this type of treatment is something to consider. Like all other dental treatments, thorough research and gathering information is always recommended but the best port of call is always a conversation with your dentist or orthodontist to see what can be done. For more information Click here

Face Driven Dentistry in London  
Face Driven Dentistry in London  

The face dentistry in London is concerned with how a patient will look in forty years rather than just after one year of treatment.