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Custom Shop Over the past 40 years, the Aitkens Pewter Custom Shop has produced hundreds of specially designed and crafted pewter creations. Like you, the customers we’ve made these products for understand the importance of linking a quality product with their business or organization. Like you, they believe that originality is the hallmark not only of beauty and elegance but also of a brand that makes a powerful statement. If you have a design idea for a pewter creation that you think would perfectly reflect your business or organization, just let us know. Our talented pewter artists are passionate about doing custom work, passionate about bringing design ideas to life.

From Vision to Reality Bringing design ideas to life started with an original idea that Martin Aitken had in 1972. Martin’s vision was to create his own pewtersmithing business in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Using the skills he had gained as an understudy to Ivan Crowell, one of Canada’s leading pewtersmiths, Martin has made that vision a reality. That same spark of creativity that inspired the birth of Aitkens Pewter more than 40 years ago still inspires the design and crafting of every custom work. “Every block of stone,” said Michelangelo, “has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” That’s the way our talented pewter artists feel about their work as they bring their creations from vision to reality.

Highly Detailed Miniatures People buy based on feelings, which is why Aitkens Pewter’s highly detailed miniatures are so popular. Custom-made miniatures of symbols that relate to your business or organization communicate the “feeling” of your product or service.

Highly Detailed Miniatures From high in the sky to under the sea; and everything in between. There’s nothing miniature about the number of miniatures our custom shop has produced. In fact, we’ve developed quite a reputation for producing custom-made miniatures, so detailed that they are valued as a work of art. No matter what the product or service, the product or service is always the relationship. Open up your emotions and give some thought to how Aitkens Pewter can help you enhance the relationships you have with your customers. Sell the feeling — the experience — of your product or service with one of our superbly crafted, highly detailed, custom-made miniatures. DetailOvid moluptas et quo et mo intem

Medals, Lapel Pins, Crests, Key FOBs You’ve probably seen our work! That’s because, over the last 40 years, Aitkens Pewter has created a ton of medals, lapel pins, crests and key fobs. Chances are pretty good that that attractive lapel pin or funky key fob you noticed recently is one of our creations.

Medals, Lapel Pins, Crests, Key FOBs Our customers have discovered that products such as these are an excellent way of keeping their name out there, a good way to keep their product or service, top of mind — and top of the lapel.

Desk Pieces That attractive desk ornament you saw recently is probably an Aitkens Pewter creation as well. We believe that a desk should be a thing of beauty — an instrument of creative productivity — rather than something that just holds a computer and a telephone. Wouldn’t you agree? Clients all over North America do.

Iconic Representations A leaping salmon, a clock that has been marking time for the citizens of Halifax since 1803, and a hand plane made by one of North America’s most respected tool manufacturers are more than icons, each is a story. At Aitkens Pewter, we take great delight in creating these iconic representations, or, as we prefer to call them, Stories Told in Pewter.

Award Presentations Awards acknowledge success by recognizing not only natural ability but also the discipline required to transcend adversity, and focus that ability on a clear vision. At Aitkens Pewter, we believe that every product we create that honours achievement honours our own achievement of making the finest pewter creations in the world.

Trophys Recognizing the spirit of success is what our awards-presentation products are all about. Success and achievement, after all, are what moves the world forward. Without that drive to excel — that determination to be the best — where would we be? After more than 40 years of striving for excellence, we know how to give our customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Bas-reliefs What exactly does Bas-relief mean? You’ll be relieved to find out the answer. A Basrelief (bas means low, in French) is an image with a shallow overall depth. Coins are a good example of Basrelief. Our Aitkens Pewter artists are experts at crafting Bas-reliefs.

Recognition In our fast-paced, Facebook world, it’s easy to lose track of the important things in life — things such as saying hello to people we meet when we’re out for a walk or bike ride. After 40 years of business, we at Aitkens Pewter are always happy to provide Pewter creations that recognize, not only the important things in life, but also, the important people.

Bas-reliefs: Afghanistan War is an unfortunate consequence of freedom. Our hats go off and our hearts go out to the men and women of the Canadian Forces who have been touched by the horrors of the conflict in Afghanistan, and other conflicts elsewhere in the world.

Celebrating our Troops Creating products that celebrate and recognize our men and women in uniform is always an honour for everyone at Aitkens Pewter. It’s important that all Canadians support our troops. If you are a member of the military and would like us to create something specific for you, please contact us. Thank you for all you do for us, from the Aitkens Pewter team.

Goblets and Bowls and Mugs, Oh My! Some of our customers say that beer tastes better when you drink it from one of our pewter mugs! A terrific way of keeping your business or organization’s name top of mind is with hollowware products such as goblets, bowls and mugs. Over the years, we’ve created products such as these for breweries, restaurants and pubs. And no need to worry; Aitkens Pewter products meet all food-safety standards.

Handmade in our Shop You feel quality and craftsmanship when you hold an Aitkens Pewter creation in your hand. Our craftsmen employ the time-honoured metal-craft skills of casting and spinning. Products such as coasters, frames, jewelry and ornaments are cast from molten pewter, chased and finished. Hollowware — products such as mugs, goblets, vases and bowls — is spun on a lathe with the cast handles and stems carefully brazed into place. When each piece is completed, it’s polished by hand and carefully placed in its package.

The magic is in

the detail

Forty years of hard work and dedication to excellence have made the Aitkens Pewter touchmark — the triple A in a circle — an enduring symbol of quality and craftsmanship. But there’s more to our reputation than hard work and dedication. There’s magic too — the magic that comes from paying attention to the smallest of details. Aitkens Pewter gives you more than the finest pewter creations available anywhere, we give you magic.

The man behind the metal After more than 40 years, Martin Aitken has developed a reputation as one of Canada’s finest pewter craftsman. In 1972, at the age of 17, Martin founded Aitkens Pewter. A year later, his father Philip, a highly respected engineer, joined the business. Since that time, Aitkens Pewter has developed an international reputation for its pewter creations. Martin is proud of the team of professionals who have worked hard to help make his dream a reality.

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