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RightAnswer Joins Society of Chemical Manuf acturers and Af f iliates (SOCMA) 20 13-0 4 -24 0 1:25 :37 (GMT ) (Wire dPRNe m - Busine ss, Pre ss Re le ase s) 0 4/22/20 13 (pre ss re le ase : Inbo und Marke t ing PR) // Denver, Co lo rado , USA // Glen Markham RightAnswer just anno unced their new alliance with SOCMA (So ciety o f Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates), which will help the o rganizatio n strengthen ties within the EHS co mmunity. SOCMA represents a variety o f chemical co mpanies that pro duce and distribute co mmercial and co nsumer pro ducts; thro ugh this unio n, RightAnswer will be able to o ffer its in-depth chemical and regulato ry info rmatio n to mo re perso nnel within the batch, custo m, and specialty chemical industry, including access to its co mprehensive Kno wle dge So lut io ns. SOCMA plans to pro vide RightAnswer and o ther new members a wealth o f info rmatio n that will help their businesses succeed. Fro m advo cacy to netwo rking and regulato ry suppo rt, the So ciety will leverage its members to gain visibility in and benefit fro m the vast netwo rk o f SOCMA alliances within the enviro nmental, health and safety industries.

RightAnswer sees this as a netwo rking o ppo rtunity that will bring increased expo sure to its pro ducts and services. “Thro ugh o ur new partnership with SOCMA, mo re attentio n and visibility can be bro ught to o ur Kno wledge So lutio ns, a pro duct that pro vides EHS experts with up-to -date and accurate chemical, MSDS, repro ductive risk, and regulato ry co mpliance info rmatio n,” said Glen Markham, at RightAnswer. With mo re publicity and attentio n garnered thro ugh the RightAnswer and SOCMA partnership, a larger audience can gain access to and benefit fro m the co mprehensive che m ical dat a (o ver 40 0 ,0 0 0 substances) that RightAnswer pro vides.

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Abo ut RightAnswer Fo unded in 19 9 6 by chemical industry experts, m began as a custo m so ftware develo pment and co nsulting firm. To day, they are a leader in o nline regulato ry co mpliance systems serving Enviro nment, Health, and Safety (EHS) markets all o ver the wo rld. As an industry leader in Internet-based So ftware-as-aService, RightAnswer delivers reliable data so lutio ns and co st-effective do cument systems to help custo mers meet Enviro nment, Health, and Safety (EHS) requirements. RightAnswer co ntinuo usly analyzes pro cesses, metho do lo gy, pro cedures and standards to ensure the usability and quality o f its pro ducts.. Abo ut SOCMA SOCMA, the So ciety o f Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates, Inc., is the o nly U.S. based trade asso ciatio n dedicated so lely to the batch, custo m and specialty chemical industry. SOCMA plays an indispensable ro le in the glo bal chemical industry by pro ducing intermediates, specialty chemicals and ingredients used to develo p a wide range o f co mmercial and co nsumer pro ducts. These pro ducts are essential to the life, health and well-being o f peo ple everywhere. SOCMA suppo rts the industry with pro grams that maximize co mmercial and netwo rking o ppo rtunities, increase public co nfidence and influence the passage o f ratio nal laws and regulatio ns.

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SOCMA represents a variety of chemical companies that produce and distribute commercial and consumer products; through this union, RightAnsw...