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Mattson Money Custodians: Schwab Institutional, Trust Company of America, or US Bank Programs: Mark Matson is founder and CEO of Matson Money, managing over $2.7 billion (as of Sept. 29, 2010) for investors nationwide. Mark has a unique talent for bringing together complex investing issues and solid, down-to-earth values that make sense to people. Mattson is more than just an asset management platform. It is a program for advisors to assist in them in growing their business and marketing their services. The marketing and coaching component is key to Mattson. On the asset management side, Mattson Money offers 3 proprietary mutual funds, which are a fund of other mutual funds. All of the underlying mutual funds are DFA funds. The Mattson funds are as follows: RBB Free Market International - FMNEX composed of 10 DFA funds (internal expense 1.26%) RBB Free Market Fixed Income - FMFIX composed of 5 DFA funds (internal expense .98%) RBB Free Market US Equities - FMUEX composed of 5 DFA funds (internal expense 1.04%) All mutual funds include a management fee of 50bps. Mattson then uses a combination of these three funds to create four basic mutual fund wrap models: Aggressive, Long-term Growth, Balanced, and Income and Growth. These models are rebalanced quarterly. Another main component of this program is advisor and client education. Advisors are required to attend four seminars. There is an initial mandatory $7500 fee to gain access Mattson’s program and models. This is a cost to the advisor for the coaching program and the four required seminars.

Minimums: $10,000 though exceptions can be made Fees: Schwab Institutional

Trust Company of America

US Bank




There is no program fee, since Mattson is receiving 50bps on the internal fund expenses

Contact Information: Mattson Money 5955 Deerfield Blvd Mason, OH (513)204-8000 For general platform information, contact Kenny at 513-204-8217.

Key Points:   

Uses only DFA funds No platform fee to client Offers access to 2 funds closed by DFA (micro-cap fund and small value fund) within their mutual funds

Overview of Mark Matson Programs  

A few key points of programs offered by Mark Matson.

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