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Friday, December 17, 2010


WHEN it comes to undoing bras, men and women are normally poles apart – fellas become fumbling passion-killers while girls manage it with ease. But that could be about to change. Top London store Selfridges have launched the first bra with a MAGNETIC clasp. It fastens at the front, with the clips disguised by a bow. Matching knickers are also secured by magnets. But the underwear, designed by French firm Dement, will set you back £165 for a set. JOEL FOX put the new bra to the test against traditional hook-and-eye, U-loop and bow fasteners by seeing how quickly he and model Ingar Rose could undo them. Here’s how they got on.

MAGNETIC Dement bra set at Selfridges, £165: HER - 0.5 seconds HIM - 0.5 seconds JOEL SAYS: It’s easy to remove but I’d rather fumble around than pay £165. INGAR SAYS: Not practical – it keeps coming undone.

HOOK & EYE Peach bra, £25, La Senza HER - 2.5 seconds HIM - 3.5 seconds

BOW FASTENING Purple bra, £20, TK Maxx HER – 1.5 seconds HIM – 10 seconds

U-LOOP Pink bra, £20, TK Maxx HER – 11 seconds HIM – 2 seconds

THIS has to be good news for couples who are brought together by magnetic attraction but let down by frustrating fumblings. For many a promising coupling has been thwarted by the humble hook and eye. It starts as an embarrassing and inappropriate “err . . . I’ve done this before – honest”. And as she decides to recite the lyrics to I Will Survive, he pulls and pinches her back. Until she

myView By SALLY BROOK Woman Editor

eventually reaches around and up her back and in one movement magically unclips the offending item. The magnetic bra’s a good idea but the price tag will dampen steamy intentions.


44 HOOK&EYE BySALLYBROOK WomanEditor eventuallyreachesaroundandup herbackandinonemovement magicallyunclipstheoffending item. Themagnetic...